PowerScore Weekend ACT Course - $350

  • 12 Hours of Intense ACT Instruction
  • 3 Point Score Increase Guarantee
  • Instructors Who Know the Test
  • The Best Course Material Including the Use of Real ACT Questions
  • Extensive Online Student Center
  • Free Email Assistance Program to help with your homework

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12 Hours of Intense ACT Instruction

We know your time is valuable. We also know that you want the highest score possible on the ACT. That is why we have designed the Weekend Course-12 hours of entertaining, yet intense instruction, intended to teach you the details of the ACT. And the course is just one weekend-ideal for busy students like you!

Students in our Weekend Course learn concepts and techniques to help them nail the ACT. This is not another boring class, but rather the ultimate (and fun!) way to increase your ACT score, leading to your acceptance into the best colleges.

3 Point Score Increase Guarantee-we know you’ll improve

We are so sure our Weekend Course will help you conquer the ACT, we guarantee your score will increase by at least 3 points, or you can take the course again for free! You simply have to submit your official scores, attend the entire course, and complete the required homework.

Instructors Who Know the Test

Our instructors have all scored in the 95th percentile or higher on the ACT-proof that they fully understand every concept on the test. Since they don’t have to struggle to understand the concepts, they can focus on teaching you how to answer the questions quickly and effectively.

Just like you, our instructors understand the difference between mind-numbing, tedious teachers and those educators that are fun and entertaining and make class interesting. They are committed to helping you learn the strategies and ultimately have fun with the ACT!

The Best Course Material Including the Use of Real ACT Questions

In addition to our exclusive course materials, all students receive a personal copy of The Real ACT Prep Guide™. This comprehensive publication is produced by the makers of the test and gives you the opportunity to review basic ACT concepts and questions, as well as take additional practice tests under timed conditions.

Since concepts tend to repeat from test to test, studying real questions can help you get the insight necessary to attack the methods used by the test makers. This provides you with a huge advantage over other preparation courses and books based solely on simulated questions. In total, each student receives access to over 1,000 pages of material.

Extensive Online Student Center

Before and after the class, you can explore our exclusive Online Student Center, which is loaded with math strategies, tips for increasing your vocabulary, additional problem sets, and even college admissions information. In addition, we offer class supplements specifically designed for students attempting to score a perfect 36.

$1000 Perfect Score Scholarship

Thousands of scholarships are available for academic excellence and athletic ability. But here at PowerScore, where standardized test preparation is both respected and encouraged, we want to reward you for your ACT success. Any student who receives a 36 on an official ACT-administered ACT after completing a PowerScore ACT course is eligible for a $1000 scholarship. For more information, or to claim your $1000 scholarship, please read and complete the scholarship application.

The ACT Email Assistance Program-Maximum Support and Convenience

If you have a homework question that you need more help with, email a PowerScore expert! Our staff of senior instructors are ready to answer any ACT question from the homework, practice tests, or lessons that may be causing you difficulty. You can also use the Email Assistance Program to ask general questions regarding colleges and the admissions process. And since you never have to leave the comfort of your home to get answers to your most important questions, you have access to top-notch support with maximum convenience and safety.

An Incredible Value

Given that some companies charge nearly $1100 for courses that total only 20 hours of lecture time, you might expect the Weekend Course to be quite expensive. Fortunately, that is not the case. The total cost of our 12 hour Weekend course is a very reasonable $350. This price includes the complete weekend book, The Real ACT Prep Guide™ book, use of authentic ACT questions, 95th percentile or higher instructors, our 3-point score increase guarantee, and access to our Online Student Center. No other company offers you so much for such a great price.
"It is great to see so many of our students improve their scores after taking a course with PowerScore. There is a high demand for quality test prep, and PowerScore provides that, right at our school"
Trevor Creeden.
Guidance Director
Newton Square, PA