The PowerScore Full-Length GMAT Course - $995

  • 30 hours of lecture
  • Extensive course materials and homework
  • Instructors who have all scored in the 99th percentile and are GMAT experts
  • Extensive Online Student Center
  • Access to 7 Computer Adaptive Practice Tests
  • Free Homework Email Assistance

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The PowerScore Full-Length GMAT Course

To many students, the GMAT appears to be a random collection of questions and ideas. However, the GMAT is designed around a limited number of mathematical and verbal principles that we examine and explain during the course. The GMAT system we teach is based upon an analysis of the questions that have appeared on the GMAT in the last twenty years, and in class you will learn how to break down those questions and recognize the principles used by the test makers. Our exclusive techniques, methodologies, and strategies, combined with the best instructors, course materials, and student support, will help you exceed your GMAT goals.

30 Lecture Hours for Ultimate Preparation

  • The PowerScore Full-Length GMAT Course consists of 30 lecture hours taught over a period of 5 weeks by one of our highly-trained instructors. Each lesson includes 3 hours of lecture and class discussion.
  • Sessions are highly interactive as we closely review each of the scored sections on the GMAT. We will discuss everything from how to tackle the unusual environment of a Computer Adaptive Test to the strategies most effective in attacking every question type on the exam. This includes recognizing and solving the major Verbal question types and structures, analyzing Quantitative questions with the perfect combination of formulas and logic, and constructing analytical essays that satisfy all of the requirements of the Writing Section. For a full list of topics covered, check out our Full-Length GMAT Syllabus.

Extensive Course Materials

  • Our course contains exclusive and fully-tested techniques and methodologies. At the beginning of each lesson you receive a lesson booklet that is yours to keep. Each booklet contains two sections: a lesson and a corresponding homework. Each lesson is generally divided into two or three topics. Extensive homework with each lesson includes a variety of drills, questions, and analyses focused on the topics discussed in class. Answer keys with explanations are provided as well. The homework is an essential part of the course and provides you with the opportunity to develop and refine your ability to apply our techniques and methodologies.
  • In addition to the course booklets, you will also receive The Official Guide for GMAT Review, which includes real GMAT questions from the makers of the test. Since concepts tend to be repeated from test to test, studying real questions is the best way to recognize the patterns and consistent elements that are certain to appear on test day.

The Best Instructors-99th Percentile

  • The GMAT requires test takers to be proficient in a wide array of areas, including advanced mathematics, the fundamentals of English, and analytical writing. All of our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile on a real GMAT—proof that they fully understand each of these difficult concepts. Since they don’t have to struggle to understand the test itself, they can focus on teaching you how to master the GMAT in the same way that they did.
  • Our instructors are enthusiastic and truly enjoy teaching, and we only hire instructors who can clearly and effectively explain the ideas in our course in a fun and exciting format.

Extensive Online Student Center, including links to 7 Practice Tests

  • Prior to your first lesson, you are given access to our exclusive Online Student Center which contains a variety of valuable pre-course math and verbal primers, as well as our GMAT Question Type References Guides. You will also find general information about business school, GMAT preparation, plus links to seven Computer Adapted Practice Tests.
  • Five PowerScore GMAT Computer Adaptive practice tests can be accessed through the Online Student Center, plus find links to two additional practice tests.

Free Homework Email Assistance

During your course, you can use our free email assistance for any homework questions you might have.

An Incredible Value

The $995 price includes pre-class study materials, the PowerScore Full-Length course booklets, homework email assistance, a personal copy of The Official Guide for GMAT Review, The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, and The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, and seven Computer Adaptive Practice Tests. No other company offers you so much for such a great price. Our main competitors charge over $1200 for courses with fewer hours of instruction.

Compare our GMAT Full-Length Course to that of Kaplan, Princeton Review, and Manhattan GMAT.

Personal Attention and Unmatched Student Support

  • Our service and support is the best in the industry! Give us a call—you'll talk to a real person immediately. We promise not to stick you in a class with 80 students, place you on hold for an indefinite period of time, or make you come to our office for your tests and materials.
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The numbers speak for themselves...

Kaplan GMAT
- On Site
Total Course Lecture Hours
Minimum Instructor GMAT Percentile
No Minimum
No Minimum
Live GMAT Instructor Hotline Hours per Week
25 Hrs
25 Hrs
30 Minutes
Total Course Cost
Cost per Lecture Hour

Table Notes
Total Lecture Hours: These figures represent the total amount of lecture time for each course. The figures in this row may also vary by location as some Kaplan and Princeton Review courses may have fewer or greater hours.

Minimum Instructor GMAT Percentile: The Minimum Instructor GMAT Percentile is determined by the results of a GMAC-administered GMAT and corresponding percentile. All PowerScore instructors have taken an actual GMAC-administered GMAT and scored in the 99th percentile. Some other companies, including Kaplan and Princeton Review, allow instructor applicants to come to their offices to take a pre-hiring GMAT. However, since these GMATs are not administered by GMAC, and therefore do not produce national score percentiles, these companies have no minimum national standard.

Live GMAT Instructor Hotline Hours per Week: The PowerScore GMAT Hotline is a unique service offered by PowerScore. All students are entitled to call in and discuss GMAT problems and techniques with one of our instructors during the hours of the hotline.

Total Course Cost: Costs for our competitors may vary by location. The PowerScore GMAT course has a uniform national price of $995.

Cost per Course Hour: These figures are rounded to the nearest whole number. The figures show how much a student pays per hour of lecture time (total course cost divided by total lecture hours) for each company. Lower figures are preferred!

What we cover in class

The PowerScore Full-Length GMAT course consists of ten sessions of three hours each. Your course booklets contain extensive discussions of GMAT questions, drills, and analyses, and all attendees at the course receive The Official Guide for GMAT Review, The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review, and The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review, which collectively contain more than 1400 actual GMAT questions.

Lesson One

  • Course Introduction
  • GMAT CAT Format and Strategy

  • Quantitative – Arithmetic
  • Problem Solving Questions
    Powers and Exponents

  • Quantitative – Data Sufficiency
  • Arithmetic Problem Set

    Lesson Two

  • Verbal IntroductionVerbal – Critical Reasoning
  • Elements of Argumentation
    Must Be True Questions
    Main Point Questions

  • Verbal – Sentence Correction
  • Subjects and Verbs
    Verb Tense and Verb Form

    Lesson Three

  • Verbal – Reading Comprehension
  • Approaching the Passages – 6 Critical Steps
    Sample Passages

  • Quantitative – Algebra
  • Introduction
    Problem Solving – Equations
    Answer Choice Analysis

    Lesson Four

  • Quantitative – Algebra
  • Algebra Review
    Advanced Algebra

  • Verbal – Critical Reasoning
  • Weaken Questions
    Cause and Effect Reasoning

    Lesson Five

  • Verbal – Sentence Correction
  • Pronouns – Choice, Reference, and Agreement
    Word Choice – Idioms, Adverbs, Wordiness

  • Quantitative – Geometry
  • Lines and Angles

    Lesson Six

  • Quantitative – Geometry
  • Geometry Review
    Solids and Volume
    Coordinate Geometry
    Notes and Formulas

  • Quantitative – Word Problems
  • Rate
    Interest, Discount, and Profit
    Data Interpretation

    Lesson Seven

  • Verbal – Critical Reasoning
  • Strengthen Questions
    Assumption Questions
    The Supporter/Defender Assumption Model™
    The Assumption Negation Technique™

  • Quantitative – Algebra II
  • Functions Functions in Coordinate Geometry

  • Quantitative – Word Problems
  • Sequences
    Counting Problems and Combinations
    Consecutive Number Operations
    Sets and Groups

    Lesson Eight

  • Verbal – Critical Reasoning
  • Resolve the Paradox Questions
    Numbers and Percentages Problems

  • Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Analysis of an Argument Task

    Lesson Nine

  • Verbal – Reading Comprehension
  • Review
    Advanced Passages

  • Verbal – Sentence Correction
  • Parallelism
    Coordination and Subordination
    Fragments, Run-ons, and Comma Splices
    Passive and Active Voice

    Lesson Ten

  • Quantitative – Word Problems
  • Sets and Groups
    Conditional Probability
    Roman Numeral Problems

  • Final Test Strategy
  • Online Course Modules

  • Over 8 hours of Integrated Reasoning Modules
"PowerScore was a great prep course. It covered all topics used in GMAT and the instructor was very friendly. I would strongly recommend it compared to other higher priced prep courses."
Ada Nishe
New York, NY
"I couldn't be happier with the GMAT prep course. It helped reinforce skills I had previously been taught, and added strategies with the goal of making me more successful when preparing for, and taking, the test."
Dan Balchunas
Chicago, IL
"Clear and organized content. The small class size was the next best thing to individual tutoring. Jae (The instructor) was a phenomenal instructor. I am definitely glad I took the class."
Jeremy Meyer
Seattle, WA
"The PowerScore prep course was a great way to help focus my attention to better study for the GMAT."
Matthew Pimental
Philadelphia, PA
"With the help of your course, I raised my GMAT score from a 470 to a 610! Now, I can go to the school I want to go to. I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to increase their GMAT score."
Stacy Nelson