GMAT Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a deadline to sign up for the PowerScore GMAT course?

There is no official deadline to sign up for our courses, but classes do close due to size limitations. For classes starting in April, students who enroll in the course by mid-March should be able to reserve a space without a problem. If you know you are going to sign up for a class but you have not yet sent in your payment, you can always give us a call and we will place a courtesy hold on a space for you. The hold will ensure that a space in the class is still available for you when your payment arrives.

Will I lose my payment if I withdraw from the course before it starts or if I decide to take the GMAT later?

The payment for our GMAT Accelerated Courses and GMAT Full Length Courses is fully refundable minus a $50 processing fee if you notify us in writing at least ten (10) business days prior to the start of your course, and you have not yet activated your Online Student Center account.

Please note that the GMAT On Demand course is fully nonrefundable after purchase.

Can I switch PowerScore course locations?

Yes. If you need to begin classes at one location and finish at another location, you can transfer between courses. All that we require is adequate notice of your transfer so that we can have class materials for you at the new location.

Should I buy another study book to use before classes start?

Although our course provides comprehensive preparation for the GMAT, you cannot be harmed by exposure to the math and English problems contained in other books. In class you will learn a number of optimal techniques for attacking the GMAT, and that will help correct any bad habits you may have developed by studying other materials.

Why does PowerScore require all of their instructors to score in the 99th percentile on an actual administered GMAT?

Why should we, or you, settle for less? The GMAT is an extremely varied test, requiring knowledge of a broad spectrum of English and mathematical principles. Our instructors, all of whom have scored in the 99th percentile, have proven that they fully understand the test themselves, and thus are able to focus more on teaching and answering questions since they don’t have to struggle to understand the concepts that appear on the GMAT. Instructor candidates with lower scores usually received those scores because they couldn't fully grasp and apply all of the techniques that effectively attack the GMAT. If they couldn't properly use and apply the ideas themselves, it's generally going to be more difficult for them to pass along those same ideas to their students. Also, many of our students want to score in the 600s and 700s on the GMAT. If their instructor has only been able to manage a 600 or 650 on the test, how much confidence do you think that instructor would inspire in his or her students? When a student comes to one of our instructors and says, "I want to score in the 700s," our instructors can say, "All right, here's what it takes, and here's how I did it."

Our competitors with lower instructor standards often claim that teachers with high scores don't necessarily make the best instructors. We couldn't agree more, and that's why we don't hire many of the qualified applicants we interview. When selecting instructors, we look for people who can patiently and effectively explain the ideas of our course, people who can interact well with others in a classroom setting, and those who truly enjoy teaching. Finding instructors like this isn't easy, and that's why we offer one of the highest starting salaries in the industry. In addition, we put our instructors through a rigorous training program before they ever set foot in a real class. At PowerScore we demand the best and we expect our students to do the same.

What is the PowerScore class repeat policy?

Accelerated GMAT Courses: If classes are available, you can repeat the entire PowerScore Accelerated GMAT Course at no cost. The re-enrollment is free if you re-use your original material or $200 if you require new material. This policy is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of your original enrollment. Full-Length GMAT Courses: If space is available, the re-enrollment fee is $275 for the Full-Length GMAT Preparation Course. This policy is valid for a period of two (2) years from the date of your original enrollment. This fee includes a new set of materials and access to the Online Student Area.

Do I have to pay a materials fee in addition to the course tuition?

No. Unlike some other courses, there is no additional materials fee or upfront deposit for any of our courses. The course tuition that you pay includes all materials, and of course the materials are yours to keep once the course has ended.

"PowerScore was a great prep course. It covered all topics used in GMAT and the instructor was very friendly. I would strongly recommend it compared to other higher priced prep courses."
Ada Nishe
New York, NY
"I couldn't be happier with the GMAT prep course. It helped reinforce skills I had previously been taught, and added strategies with the goal of making me more successful when preparing for, and taking, the test."
Dan Balchunas
Chicago, IL
"Clear and organized content. The small class size was the next best thing to individual tutoring. Jae (The instructor) was a phenomenal instructor. I am definitely glad I took the class."
Jeremy Meyer
Seattle, WA
"The PowerScore prep course was a great way to help focus my attention to better study for the GMAT."
Matthew Pimental
Philadelphia, PA
"With the help of your course, I raised my GMAT score from a 470 to a 610! Now, I can go to the school I want to go to. I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to increase their GMAT score."
Stacy Nelson