The PowerScore Live Online GRE Math Course - $495

The Live Online Math Course takes all the classroom essentials of the Full-Length Course—the top-notch instructor, the live interactive lecture—devotes them to GRE Math and delivers them straight to your computer or mobile device. No need to travel. Log in and learn wherever. And whenever. Every class is recorded, so you can watch each lesson live or later or both!

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Interact in real-time with your instructor and fellow students as you advance through 5 three-hour lessons that simplify and demystify GRE Quantitative Reasoning. Read More

In a traditional classroom, you'll listen to a live lecture, view notes or slides on a whiteboard, and interact with your teacher and classmates. You can do all of that from the comfort of your home in PowerScore's Live Online Course.

You get to:

  • Listen to your instructor via live audio stream.
  • View exercises and explanations on a virtual whiteboard.
  • Chat via instant messenger with your instructor and classmates.
  • Ask questions, make comments, answer practice problems, and receive your instructor's feedback all in real-time!

Get a feel for the online environment by watching a sample Math lesson, and check out all the topics you'll master in the course syllabus.

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Review entire lessons instantly in your On Demand course archive, where every minute of every class session will be saved. Read More

Your online course comes with a sweet perk: a start-to-finish recording of every class session. Need to revisit a concept? Missed some or all of a class? Everything you experience in the online classroom—the chat dialogue, the virtual whiteboard, the audio of your instructor—is stored and ready for you to replay, pause, fast forward, and rewind. Watch and rewatch as often as you like for 6 months.

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Develop the core skills the exam demands with your PowerScore GRE Math course book and measure your progress with practice tests from The Official Guide to the GRE. Read More

Covering nearly 30 topics commonly tested in Quantitative, your GRE Math book will detail a wide range of classic question constructions plus a number of powerful problem-solving strategies that will help you reach your target Quant score.

Your path to success will be paved with practice. You'll get 4 official practice tests plus just over 350 Quant exercises.

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Enhance your prep from start to finish in the members-only Online Student Center, where homework, quizzes, and other helpful resources abound. Read More

When you enroll in the Live Online GRE Math course, you'll gain instant access to the PowerScore Online Student Center. There you'll find an intro to GRE prep, a GRE arithmetic review, and a GRE vocabulary guide. You'll also take advantage of 100 flashcards, 150 quiz and homework problems, and written explanations for every question in the PowerScore GRE Math Book.

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Learn from dynamic, top-scoring instructors who make maximizing your score their mission. They beat this exam and will help you do the same. Read More

You're selective about who prepares you for the GRE. So are we. Only individuals with outstanding scores on an official GRE have a shot at being a PowerScore instructor, and only one-tenth of the top-scorers we interview have the rockstar teaching chops needed to make the cut. The elite few who join our team teach with the depth, clarity, enthusiasm, and adaptability needed to ensure your success.

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Ask questions via email about anything from the course and a Senior Instructor will answer. Read More

PowerScore's Email Assistance Program promotes your progress outside of class. Send a question about anything from the course, the Online Student Center, or the official GRE materials from ETS and get a swift reply from a Senior GRE Instructor.

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"I highly recommend this course to everyone! The test taking strategies are invaluable. Our instructor had a wonderful personality and was an excellent teacher."
Mary Ballard
Orlando, FL
"The course pointed out my strengths and weaknesses, letting me know what areas I need to concentrate on in my studying."
Wendi Reinwald
Kansas City, MO
"I am 100% confident that I will do well on the GRE because of this course.Saving up my lunch money for a few months to pay for the course was definitely worth it!"
Tiffany Chow
Los Angeles, CA
"The GRE prep course was worth every penny. The instructor was able to turn all aspects of the exam into layman's terms.He gave the most basic and direct methods to figure out answers which made all of the information seem less daunting."
Monique Gerber
San Diego, CA
"Not only was the instructor personable and helpful with any questions that we had, but the class flew by quickly and there was no cause for loss of attention. Gold star to PowerScore on their format!!!"
Mila Borenstein
Miami, FL
"This course helped me to understand exactly what I would be responsible for knowing on the GRE, and gave me a solid foundation of specific skills."
Haley Grabow
Chicago, IL