The PowerScore Full-Length GRE Course - $995

  • 30 total course hours-for ultimate GRE preparation
  • Extensive course materials and homework
  • Excellent instructors-99th percentile minimum requirement on an official GRE
  • Extensive online student center and four official GRE practice tests
  • Free Homework Email Assistance
  • Exclusive and fully-tested techniques and methodologies
  • Personal Attention and Unmatched Student Support

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The PowerScore Full-Length GRE Course

To many students, the GREappears to be a random collection of questions and ideas. However, the GRE isdesigned around a limited number of mathematical and verbal principles that weexamine and explain during the course. The GRE system we teach is based upon ananalysis of the concepts that appear with striking consistency on the GRE, and in class you will learn how to breakdown these concepts and recognize the principles used by the test makers. Ourexclusive techniques, methodologies, and strategies, combined with the bestinstructors, course materials, and student support, will help you exceed yourGRE goals.

Thereare a total of 10 lessons in the PowerScore GRE Course—5 lessons devoted to theMath section and 5 lessons for the Verbal section—for a total of 30 hours of in-class lecture time. The extensiveschedule allows us to cover not only the fundamentals of the GRE, but also thestrategies and shortcuts for handling those challenging problems that mean thedifference between a good score and a great score

30 LectureHours for Ultimate Preparation

  • The PowerScore Full-Length GRE Course consists of 30lecture hours taught over a period of 5 weeks by one of our highly-trainedinstructors. Each lesson includes 3 hours of lecture and class discussion.
  • Sessions are highlyinteractive as we closely review each of the scored sections on the GRE. Wewill discuss everything from how to tackle the unusual environment of acomputer-based test to the strategies most effective in attacking everyquestion type on the exam. This includes recognizing and solving the majorVerbal question types and structures, analyzing Quantitative questions with theperfect combination of formulas and logic, and constructing analytical essaysthat satisfy all of the requirements of the Writing Section. For a full list oftopics covered, check out our Full-Length GRESyllabus.

Extensive Course Materials

  • Our course contains exclusive and fully-testedtechniques and methodologies. At the first lesson you will receive twolesson books—one for Math and one for Verbal—that are yours to keep.The course books contain the information for all ten lessons in thecourse, and include comprehensive conceptual discussions as well ashundreds of sample questions. Extensive homework for each lesson isprovided in our Online Student Center, and includes a variety of drills,questions, and analyses focused on the topics discussed in class. Thehomework is an essential part of the course and provides you with theopportunity to develop and refine your ability to apply our techniques andmethodologies.
  • In addition to the course books, you will alsoreceive the The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test,which includes real GRE questions from the makers of the test. Sinceconcepts tend to be repeated from test to test, studying real questions isthe best way to recognize the patterns and consistent elements that arecertain to appear on test day.

The Best Instructors-99th Percentile Minimum Requirement

  • The GRE requires test takers to be proficient in a widearray of areas, including advanced mathematics, the fundamentals ofEnglish, and analytical writing. All of our instructors have scored in the99th percentile on a real GRE—proof that they fully understand each ofthese difficult concepts. Since they don’t have to struggle to understandthe test itself, they can focus on teaching you how to master the GRE in thesame way that they did.
  • Our instructors are enthusiastic and truly enjoyteaching, and we only hire instructors who can clearly and effectivelyexplain the ideas in our course in a fun and exciting format.

ExtensiveOnline Student Center and Four Official Practice Tests

Prior to your first lesson, you are given access to ourexclusive Online Student Center which contains a variety of valuablepre-course math and verbal primers, as well as lesson-specific homework tobe completed as you progress through the course. You will also findgeneral information about graduate school and GRE preparation.

Free Homework Email Assistance

Duringyour course, you can use our free email assistance for any homework questionsyou might have.

AnIncredible Value

The $995 price includes pre-class study materials, thePowerScore Full-Length course books, homework email assistance, a personalcopy of The Official Guide to the GRE Revised General Test, andfour official practice tests. No other company offers you so much forsuch a great price. Our main competitors charge over $1200 for courseswith fewer hours of instruction.

Personal Attention and Unmatched Student Support

Our service and support is the best in the industry!Give us a call—you’ll talk to a real person immediately. We promise not tostick you in a class with 80 students, place you on hold for an indefiniteperiod of time, or make you come to our office for your tests andmaterials.

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"I highly recommend this course to everyone! The test taking strategies are invaluable. Our instructor had a wonderful personality and was an excellent teacher."
Mary Ballard
Orlando, FL
"The course pointed out my strengths and weaknesses, letting me know what areas I need to concentrate on in my studying."
Wendi Reinwald
Kansas City, MO
"I am 100% confident that I will do well on the GRE because of this course. Saving up my lunch money for a few months to pay for the course was definitely worth it!"
Tiffany Chow
Los Angeles, CA
"The GRE prep course was worth every penny. The instructor was able to turn all aspects of the exam into layman's terms.He gave the most basic and direct methods to figure out answers which made all of the information seem less daunting."
Monique Gerber
San Diego, CA
"Not only was the instructor personable and helpful with any questions that we had, but the class flew by quickly and there was no cause for loss of attention. Gold star to PowerScore on their format!!!"
Mila Borenstein
Miami, FL
"This course helped me to understand exactly what I would be responsible for knowing on the GRE, and gave me a solid foundation of specific skills."
Haley Grabow
Chicago, IL