Advanced LSAT Logical Reasoning Course - $350

  • Instant access to over 20 hours of online, on-demand instruction
  • 18 comprehensive lessons taught by industry-leading LSAT experts Dave Killoran and Jon Denning
  • Uses official LSAT questions from LSAC
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  • Available worldwide

Advanced LSAT Logical Reasoning Course

logical reasoning course

Completely master the LSAT Logical Reasoning sections with PowerScore's Advanced Logical Reasoning Course! Taught exclusively by Dave Killoran, the bestselling author of PowerScore's LSAT Bibles, and Jon Denning, a PowerScore senior course developer, the Advanced Logical Reasoning Course completely deconstructs the elements that make Logical Reasoning questions so difficult. The course provides detailed discussions on the importance of language, argumentation, question stems, prephrasing, specific reasoning and question types, along with a thorough discussion about timing and strategy.

The cutting-edge Advanced Logical Reasoning Course is accessible on-demand through PowerScore's unique virtual platform. The 20+ hour class is broken up into 18 lessons which delve into every element of Logical Reasoning, including specific question types and some of the most difficult logical reasoning questions ever seen. "In this course we wanted to take students into higher-level discussions of the questions and concepts, and the lessons are really geared for test takers looking to nail down the highest possible LSAT score," says Dave Killoran.

Because the discussions in this course build upon and expand the ideas used in our books and courses, students who wish to enroll are strongly encouraged to either have read the PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible or have attended one of our LSAT courses.

By using the Advanced Logical Reasoning Course, you can take your test performance to the next level!

"I would absolutely recommend this course. I scored a 165 on my first LSAT, and after taking this course jumped to a 174. This course was excellent!"
Christine La Rochelle
"I can't imagine a better course. It gave me everything a class would have but in the convenience of my home!"
Tim Knudsen
"The PowerScore class was excellent and (my instructors) were great instructors. The class was well organized, kept me dedicated and provided everything I needed to know for my upcoming test. I would recommend this class to anyone."
Russell Hansen
"The amount and type of resources included with the Virtual Course are invaluable. Being able to access the material at any time for such a long period of time is extremely convenient. I will not regret this investment."
Geanette Corbray
"The course is amazing. I really don't feel like I'm missing anything by not being in an actual classroom, and my instructors are amazing teachers."
Emily Nestor
"The structure and materials for this course were superb. With proper study and devotion, it can make a huge difference. I raised my score by 10 points!"
Cortney Vess
Carol Thetford
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