The PowerScore Full-Length LSAT Course - $1,295

  • Get two free advanced LSAT Courses Over 125 course hours including 64 live lecture hours, more than 45 hours of online teaching sessions, and 16 hours of proctored practice test time
  • Instructors who have all scored in the 99th percentile on the official LSAT
  • Thousands of pages of material
  • Official LSAT questions and practice tests from LSAC
  • Free LSAT Homework Hotline for after-hours help with homework
  • Comprehensive Online Student Center including course supplements and practice test evaluations

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The PowerScore Full-Length LSAT Course

The LSAT is one of the most important tests you will ever take. How well you score will strongly impact your choice of law schools, and ultimately your future earning power. In this competitive environment you need every possible admissions advantage. Our test professionals have designed the PowerScore Full-length LSAT Course to provide you with maximum exposure to the concepts that appear on the LSAT, access to the best possible instructors and classroom material, and the best support system to augment your studies. As a result, we have been able to increase many student scores by double digits. Here are just a few features of our Full-Length LSAT preparation course:

125 Total Course Hours for Ultimate Preparation

  • There are a total of 20 meetings in the PowerScore LSAT Course, including 13 four-hour lecture sessions, 4 practice LSATs, and 3 practice test reviews. That adds up to 64 hours of in-class lecture time, plus 16 hours for the practice tests, for a total of 80 hours of in-class time. The total cost, including all materials, is $1295. This price may be similar to that of our main competitors, but when you compare the lecture time and course length, the cost per hour is significantly lower.
  • Over 45 additional hours of online course modules presented on the same learning platform used in our popular Live Online LSAT Course.
  • In total, there are over 125 available course hours.

The Best Instructors

The LSAT is one of the most intellectually demanding standardized tests ever developed. All of our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile on an actual LSAC-administered LSAT and are able to clearly explain the underlying principles of the LSAT. None of the other national LSAT companies match this instructor standard. Our instructors are enthusiastic and truly enjoy teaching, and we only hire instructors who can patiently and effectively explain the ideas in our course. We put them through a rigorous training program before they ever set foot in a real class. When you step into our classes you can be assured that your instructor has an absolute command over the concepts that appear on the LSAT and the most effective techniques for attacking those concepts.

The Best Material, including Licensed Use of Official LSAT Questions

PowerScore is licensed by the Law School Admission Council (the producers of the LSAT) to reproduce questions from actual released LSATs, and we use real LSATs in our class materials and all practice tests. Since concepts tend to repeat from test to test, only by studying real questions can you get the insight necessary to attack the methods used by the test-makers. If you work through the material we provide, you will have encountered every licensable LSAT question released since 1991. Students receive a set of comprehensive course books that have been specially designed to present the ideas in the course in the most efficient and clear manner possible. Although the PowerScore LSAT Bible publications are not included in the course materials in their published form, all of the techniques and strategies contained in the Bible series are included in the Full-Length Course materials in depth. There is no need to purchase any additional LSAT tests or preparation books when you take the PowerScore Full-Length LSAT Course. During the class instruction you will discuss the theories and structures that are the basis of the LSAT, and you will examine individual LSAT questions to reveal the concepts that the test-makers frequently use. Each lesson is generally divided into two or three topics. For example, you might start out by focusing on Logical Reasoning Weaken questions and end by discussing Grouping games and game theory from the Analytical Reasoning section. In addition, you will learn how to effectively apply such unique PowerScore techniques such as the Justify Formula, the Supporter/Defender Assumption Model, and the Variance Test. For the full listing of topics, check out our Full Length LSAT Course Syllabus.

Extensive homework is provided for each lesson and includes a variety of drills, questions, and analyses focused on the topics discussed in class. Answer keys are provided as well as a complete explanation for every Logical Reasoning question, setups for each Logic Game along with explanations for every single Logic Game question, and passage synopses and line reference notes for each Reading Comprehension passage. The homework is an essential part of the course and provides you with the opportunity to develop and refine your ability to apply our techniques and methodologies.

Free LSAT Hotline

If you are working on your homework and have any questions not answered by the written explanations, we have an LSAT Hotline (a toll-free 800 number) that is open 15 hours a week (5 PM to 8 PM Monday through Friday EST). The Hotline is staffed by our regular instructors who can quickly answer any question that is causing you difficulty, no matter if it is from the lessons, homework, practice tests or online supplements. Because you never have to leave the comfort of home to use the Hotline, you have access to top-notch support at maximum convenience.

Extensive Online Student Center

Prior to your first lesson you are given access to our Online Student Center where you can review hundreds of pages of additional course supplements and information, including drills, discussions, and concept guides. Also included in the Student Center is access to over 45 hours of optional online course modules. The PowerScore Online Test Scoring System allows you to input your practice test results and receive an immediate evaluation of your performance, both before and after the course.

Real Practice LSATs-4 Real, Proctored Exams

The practice tests we use are previously released LSATs, and currently we use the October 2012, June 2013, June 2010, and October 2011 LSATs as our in-class practice exams. With each test, you receive a comprehensive performance analysis categorized by question type and question difficulty. Comprehensive, in-class reviews are given for the second, third, and fourth practice tests. The use of real LSATs is essential to approximating the testing conditions you will encounter during the actual LSAT, and you can be assured that your scores on those practice tests are as accurate an indicator as possible of your real test performance. To further hone your test-taking abilities, you will also receive 27 additional complete take-home LSATs, as well as dozens of practice sections, and hundreds of supplemental practice questions.

Personal Attention and Unmatched Student Support

Our service and support is simply the best in the industry. Give us a call, you'll talk to a real person immediately, not a faceless hold system. We promise not to stick you in a class with 80 students, ignore your call or email, or make you come to our office for your tests and materials.

An Incredible Value

The total cost of our 125-hour full-length course, including all materials, is $1295. The price includes the course materials, use of authentic LSAT questions, 31 actual take-home LSATs, extensive homework, the free LSAT Hotline, and access to our Online Student Center and optional online course modules. Compared to our competitors, our price is quite reasonable. Why? Because exceptional quality LSAT preparation does not have to cost $1500 or $1600. We are dedicated to providing a fun and informative course while at the same time treating you like a person and not a number.

"I took your class at UCI over the summer, and then took the September LSAT. My first practice test I took with you was scored at 156. My official LSAT score is 172, in the 99th percentile! I cannot express how much your class and books helped me, so thank you so much!"
Irvine, CA

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