The PowerScore Live Online Weekend LSAT Course - $395

The PowerScore Live Online Weekend Course is ideal for someone who is looking for maximum efficiency combined with ultimate convenience. The four live sessions will provide you with crucial insights into every aspect of the LSAT, ensuring that you're ready for anything come test day. During class you'll interact with our expert instructors in the online classroom as they take you step by step through our comprehensive Live Online Weekend Course book. And if you have to miss a session or want to go back and revisit anything from class, not to worry: every minute of your course is recorded and archived for later viewing, meaning you can review at a pace perfectly suited to your unique needs, all from the comfort of home!

Here's how you'll do it:

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Attend 16 hours of meticulously-planned sessions, designed to expose you to every critical LSAT concept in an efficient, but thorough, fashion. Read More

The four sessions of our Live Online Weekend Course are four hours each and take place over two weekends, during which you will discuss every key component that you will see on the LSAT, examine a vast collection of actual LSAT questions to expose the tricks that the test makers frequently use, and learn how to apply all of the PowerScore techniques for which we're famous. Additionally, your in-class time is accompanied by supplemental homework consisting of custom drills, comprehensive concept analyses, practice questions, and thorough explanations to keep you sharp as you continue to prepare.

If you'd like to see a complete list of exactly what you'll encounter in class, take a look at our Live Online Weekend Course Syllabus.

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Receive immediate access to recordings of your class sessions. Every minute of class time is recorded and archived for later review, meaning you can revisit the lessons as many times as you need to gain full mastery of the content! Read More

One of the most powerful features of the Live Online Weekend Course is the ability to rewatch the lessons—including all of the text from the whiteboard and chat window—as often as needed and at your leisure. Missed a class? Not to worry; the entire archive is saved and waiting for you. Having trouble with a specific concept? Launch the recording and replay the discussion until it's crystal clear. With the course archives you'll never miss a moment.

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Watch over 19 hours of extra On Demand videos covering important topics such as "Test Mentality," "Time Management and Pacing," "Question Type Relationships," and a wide variety of additional concepts. Read More

These On Demand videos are an extremely powerful aid to your LSAT prep! Each discussion is led by Dave Killoran, PowerScore CEO and author of the world-renowned LSAT Logic Games Bible, and Jon Denning, head Course Developer and Senior LSAT Instructor. Sit downs with these LSAT experts give you extraordinary insight into topics like: Mental Toughness, Common LSAT Constructions and Scenarios, and the Writing Sample, as well as in-depth concept analyses of specific LSAT question types, game types, reading comprehension passage structures, and much, much more.

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Interact with the best instructors in the business: All of our instructors scored in the 99th percentile on an official LSAT. They know how to destroy this test, and they will teach you how to do the same. Read More

The LSAT is one of the most intellectually demanding standardized tests ever developed, and a top score requires true mastery of every detail. All of our instructors have scored in the top 1% on an actual LSAC-administered LSAT and are able to clearly explain the underlying principles so you can duplicate their success—no other national LSAT prep companies match this instructor standard.

But it's not just about the score. Our instructors are enthusiastic because they truly enjoy teaching; they're proficient because we put them through a rigorous training program before they ever set foot in a real class; and they know what you're up against, because they've been there themselves. When you log in to a PowerScore classroom you can be assured that you're learning from the best in the industry.

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Work through the PowerScore Live Online Weekend Course book, containing hundreds of pages of content and a wide variety of real LSAT questions, all deconstructed using PowerScore's famous methodology—a proven system sure to provide you with maximum LSAT comprehension. Read More

Since we believe it is crucial that you prepare using actual LSAT content, PowerScore is licensed by the Law School Admission Council (the producers of the LSAT) to use questions from real, previously-administered LSATs. When you take our Weekend LSAT Course you will have access to genuine Logical Reasoning questions, Logic Games, and Reading Comprehension passages from past LSATs so that your preparation mirrors exactly what you'll see come test day!

The lessons are designed to maximize interaction and understanding in class, while the corresponding homework ensures complete retention of everything you've learned. The homework's engaging drills, extensive conceptual analyses, and multitude of real LSAT questions enable you to perfectly apply our techniques to every problem you encounter. And with complete lesson and homework explanations in your books and online the ideal approach is always at your fingertips.

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Gain access to PowerScore's Online Student Center, a one-stop-shop for all your LSAT needs. The Online Student Center contains 9 additional official, full LSAT practice tests, an interactive test scoring and performance evaluation system, a vast array of lesson and homework supplements, virtual proctors for at-home testing, and so much more. Read More

You are granted access to your personal Online Student Center upon enrollment. This is where you will access the On Demand videos, lesson and homework explanations, and 9 official practice tests, each of which can be scored in our Online Test Scoring System for an immediate evaluation of your performance and progress. The Online Student Center has all the tools you need to take your score to the next level.

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I would absolutely recommend this course. I scored a 165 on my first LSAT, and after taking this course jumped to a 174. This course was excellent!
Christine La Rochelle
I can't imagine a better course. It gave me everything a class would have but in the convenience of my home!
Tim Knudsen
The PowerScore class was excellent and (my instructors) were great instructors. The class was well organized, kept me dedicated and provided everything I needed to know for my upcoming test. I would recommend this class to anyone.
Russell Hansen
The amount and type of resources included with the Virtual Course are invaluable. Being able to access the material at any time for such a long period of time is extremely convenient. I will not regret this investment.
Geanette Corbray
The course is amazing. I really don't feel like I'm missing anything by not being in an actual classroom, and my instructors are amazing teachers.
Emily Nestor
"The structure and materials for this course were superb. With proper study and devotion, it can make a huge difference. I raised my score by 10 points!
Cortney Vess
Carol Thetford
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