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Length 01:02:08

LSAT Podcast Episode 74: LSAT Guessing Strategy (To Guess Or Not To Guess: There Is No Question)

Guessing on the LSAT is never ideal, but if you're forced to it's best to play the odds. In this episode Dave and Jon break down guessing strategy section by section, offering statistical suggestions to help you gain every possible point.

Episode Timestamps

0:00 – Intro. One last chat before the holidays as some festive drinks are concocted. Episode song pick: The Guess Who – “New Mother Nature/No Sugar Tonight” (listen on our PodCast Picks playlist)

5:39 – This week in the LSAT world. Reminders about the January LSAT test time selection process and deadlines to register for the February test.

LSAT Guessing Strategy

13:11 – When does this apply? These strategies will specifically apply to students who can’t finish a section or can’t choose an answer to a problem. Always guess, but don’t guess randomly!

17:35 – Why it matters. The history behind finding answer choice patterns and digging through what was random and what wasn’t on past tests that lead to these informed guessing strategies.

Answer Choice Probability. Dave and Jon analyze the stats at a few different levels:

24:40 – Overall test.

26:34 – Per section.

35:17 – Final 5 questions in any given section.

48:06 – High level approach. The most effective strategies when it comes to guessing (will only work with test-takers who are already performing well and have minimal inaccuracies).

59:29 – Outro. (further reading referenced by Dave)