The PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course - $395

  • 16 lecture hours taught over two weekend days by one of our highly-trained instructors
  • 19 hours of online lecture sessions are available, bringing the total course hours to 35
  • Instructors who have all scored in the 99th percentile and are LSAT experts
  • Licensed use of official LSAT questions
  • Exclusive and fully-tested techniques and methodologies
  • Hundreds of pages of course material including a comprehensive set of homework problems, drills, and analyses, plus access to nine official LSAT practice tests
  • Online Student Center with pre- and post-course materials for study beyond the course
  • Free e-mail assistance
  • Personal attention and unmatched student support

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The PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course

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The PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course is the most effective short-term preparation available for the LSAT. If you want fast and efficient preparation for the exam, the Weekend Course is for you. Here are a few of the reasons why:

The Best Value

The Weekend Course consists of sixteen lecture hours taught over two weekend days by one of our highly-trained instructors. After the course is over, you can review an additional 19 hours of online lecture sessions presented on the same learning platform used in our popular Live Online LSAT Course. In total, there are over 35 available course hours. The cost of the 16-hour weekend is a very reasonable $395. Given that some companies charge nearly $1200 for courses with similar hours of lecture time, this is an incredible value. The price includes the complete weekend booklet, use of authentic LSAT questions, pre-class study material and practice LSATs, nine official take-home LSATs, extensive homework, online lecture sessions, and access to our Email Assistance Program and Online Student Center, and the ability to repeat the course for free. No other company offers you so much for such a low price.

The Best Instructors

All of our instructors have scored in the 99th percentile or better on a LSAC administered LSAT. When you step into our class you can be assured that your instructor has an absolute command over the concepts that appear on the LSAT and the most effective techniques for attacking those concepts. In addition, our instructors are enthusiastic and truly enjoy teaching, and we only hire instructors who can patiently and effectively explain the ideas in our course.

The Best Material, including Licensed Use of Official LSAT Questions

The Weekend Course materials and fully-tested techniques are taken directly from our renowned full-length LSAT course. You will learn such important techniques as how to recognize and attack the major Logical Reasoning question types and reasoning structures, how to quickly and efficiently diagram every type of Logic Game, and how to break down Reading Comprehension passages thoroughly and completely. For the full listing of topics, check out our Weekend LSAT Course Syllabus. PowerScore is licensed by the Law School Admission Council (the producers of the LSAT) to reproduce questions from actual released LSATs. Since concepts tend to repeat from test to test, only by studying real questions can you get the insight necessary to attack the methods used by the test makers. Every single problem set question in the LSAT weekend and the Homework has appeared on a previously released LSAT, giving you the opportunity to closely study the concepts that appear on the test. This provides you with a huge advantage over other preparation courses and books based on simulated questions. Our course contains exclusive, fully-tested techniques and methodologies. Thousands of students have taken our courses and significantly improved their scores. We expand and update our course materials regularly, ensuring that you have all of the tools available to help you achieve your LSAT potential. Our weekend LSAT course features hundreds of pages of material. Once the course is completed, you take with you a comprehensive set of homework problems, drills, and analyses, including access to nine official LSAT practice tests! The homework section is an essential part of the course and provides you with the opportunity to develop and refine your ability to apply our techniques and methodologies. Although the PowerScore LSAT Bibles are not included in the course materials in their published form, many of the techniques and strategies contained in the Bible series are covered in the Weekend Course materials.

Online Student Center

Prior to the weekend course you will be given access to our Online Student Center, which contains a variety of pre-course and post-course preparation material. The pre-course information contains detailed sections on the scoring scale, the experimental section, test-taking strategies, and primers to help you establish a foundation for attacking the different sections of the test. The PowerScore Online Test Scoring System allows you to take a practice test prior to the course, input your answers, and receive an immediate evaluation of your performance. Online scoring is also available for each of the post-course LSATs. The online Student Center also contains expanded information on concepts you learn in class so that you can continue to prepare after the live portion of your class is completed. Examples of the post-course online information include advanced discussions of Logical Reasoning question types such as Numbers and Percentages and Must Be True questions, a discussion of Grouping Games from the Logic Games section, setups for each Logic Game from the either practice tests, and advice on how to determine your score immediately after taking the LSAT. You even have access to the Online Student Center until two test administrations after you take the course so you can get an update on test difficulty, the experimental section, and other useful test information.

Free Email Assistance

After you complete the course, our free Email Assistance program will help you with any homework questions you may have from the homework or any of the practice tests. Just send us an email with your questions and an instructor will get right back to you, usually within a few hours.

Personal Attention and Unmatched Student Support

Our service and support is the best in the industry! Give us a call and you'll talk to a real person immediately. We promise not to stick you in a class with 80 students, place you on hold for an indefinite period of time, or make you come to our office for your tests and materials.

Free Repeat

We are confident our course works, so confident that we are the only LSAT preparation company to offer a free, no-strings-attached course repeat. You can take the same course again free of charge, anytime within a year of your original enrollment!

Still Undecided? See what our students have to say about our course!

"Unbelievable! That is the only word that describes how informative and productive the weekend course was. The instructor presented the material in a clear, precise manner while also making it interesting and enjoyable. I learned so much more in 2 days at the weekend course than I did going through the entire Kaplan review book (three times). I would recommend this course to all. Kudos to PowerScore."

Patricia Reithmeier, R.N., Temple University Weekend LSAT Course Student
"PowerScore's Weekend LSAT course is an intensive intellectual boot-camp, at the end of the course my brain was hurting, but I felt infinitely better about taking the LSAT!"
Taphon Maddison
New York, NY
"I highly recommend taking any of PowerScore's prep classes. Truly an exceptional and well-worth-it experience! Thank you PowerScore!"
Mackenzie Dowtin
Richmond, VA
" After taking the PowerScore class, it was like a light bulb came on and I had a lot more clarity. Thanks so much!"
Arryn Lash
Houston, TX
"I learned more during one weekend with PowerScore than I did in months with Kaplan! "
Bethany Garcia
Birmingham, AL
"I feel far more confidant preparing for the LSAT after taking this course. It helped me gain great strategies for attacking problems on all sections. Instead of feeling pressured, I now feel empowered! "
Hannah Armentrout
Williamsburg, VA
"PowerScore's weekend class greatly helped me prepare for the LSAT. The instructor was great at breaking down the difficult problems and giving us tools that were effective in solving the problems!"
Cortney Vess
Denver, CO

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