PowerScore Live Online SAT Course -$495

  • 24 hours of live, interactive, real-time online instruction
  • 200 point score increase guarantee
  • Instructors who have scored in the 95th percentile on an actual SAT
  • Comprehensive Online Student Center
  • Extensive course materials - over 1,400 pages of materials, including real SAT questions
  • Free Email Assistance Program to help with your homework

The PowerScore Live Online SAT Course

Live, Interactive, Real-Time Online Instruction

The online classroom environment brings the best features of a physical class into the comfort of your home. You are able to interact live and in real-time with the instructor and fellow students, see notes and questions on the online whiteboard, listen to the instructor’s live lecture, and ask questions by instant messenger. The course is highly interactive and allows for extensive personal attention.

All online lessons are archived, and each student can access the archives and review lessons as needed. This powerful feature means students never miss a minute of instruction, even if they are late for a class or miss an entire lesson.

The course is available worldwide and access to the course materials is available 24 hours a day, seven per week. Closed captioning of the course is also available.

200 Point Score Increase Guarantee

We are so certain our classes can help you that we guarantee that your score will increase. If your pre-course practice test results do not improve by 200 points compared to your post-course official College Board test results, you can take the course again for free. You simply have to take all practice tests, attend all lessons and office hours, and complete the required homework to qualify for the free repeat.

Incomparable Instructors - 95th Percentile Minimum Requirement

All of our instructors have scored in the 95th percentile on the actual SAT and are extensively trained. PowerScore instructors are chosen not only for their high scores but also for their ability to communicate ideas and for the enthusiasm they bring to the classroom. Since our instructors fully understand the nature of standardized tests, they are able to help students understand even the most challenging SAT questions and identify the most effective techniques for achieving high scores.

Comprehensive Online Student Center

The PowerScore Online Student Center is vital to each student's success. The online center allows students to practice the concepts learned in class, and to track their progress as they score practice tests, receive personalized essay grading, and review detailed test score reports. The score reports outline the student's strengths and weaknesses, helping target areas where studies should be focused. In addition, the student center also provides homework questions along with detailed explanations of each answer, supplements, and pre- and post-course work - all designed to help maximize understanding of the ideas covered in each lesson!

Access to the Online Student Center lasts for two SAT administrations after the completion of the course. The Student Center also includes information on colleges and admissions.

The SAT Email Assistance Program - Maximum Support and Convenience

Upon enrollment each student receives his or her own lesson book that includes the content for every lesson. Lessons are generally divided into math, writing, and critical reasoning sections, which adds variety to each class and keeps the students from zoning out from studying the same subject for two and a half hours.

In addition to our exclusive course book, all students receive a personal copy of The Official SAT Study Guide, a comprehensive publication produced by the makers of the test. The book gives students the opportunity to review SAT concepts and questions, as well as take practice tests under timed conditions.

" This really helped me figure out what I did wrong the last time I took the test. I am more confident in my abilities to do well on this test now. "
Jillian Fletcher
"So far I have really enjoyed the online sat course. I think that the instructor and book have made a boring subject very interesting. I also think that I have already learned a lot about the SAT and believe my scores are going to really increase. "
Jenelle Serex
"The PowerScore class was excellent and (my instructors) were great instructors. The class was well organized, kept me dedicated and provided everything I needed to know for my upcoming test."
Russell Hansen
"Jon is really great and so thorough in his explanations that I immediately understand everything that I didn't quite understand the first time I took the SAT!"
Rachel M.
"I believe overall that this class has helped me gain a better understanding on the SAT and I really feel prepared to take the test. The instructor presented all the information in a clear way."
Mike H.
San Diego, CA
"PowerScore helped me feel so much more prepared for the SATs. I know the tricks the College Board likes to throw at us and the steps I should take when approaching each section. I would totally recommend this to my friends!"
Audrey M.
Randolph, NJ