PowerScore Weekend SAT Course -$350

We know your time is valuable. We also know that you want the highest score possible on the SAT. That is why we have designed the Weekend Course—12 hours of entertaining, yet intense instruction, intended to teach you the secrets of the SAT. And the course is just one weekend—ideal for busy young adults like you!

  • 12 Hours of Intense SAT Instruction
  • 150 Point Score Increase Guarantee
  • Instructors Who Know the Test
  • The Best Course Material Including the Use of Real SAT Questions
  • Extensive Online Student Center
  • Free Email Assistance Program to help with your homework

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"My instructor really helped me tap into what the riddle of the SAT really was. I'm not afraid of the test, and I know that when I walk in to take that test; I will own it! It is all a trick, based on reason."
Megan Shepherd
Hilton Head, SC
"I think the SAT prep course was tremendously helpful. It taught me invaluable information that will not only help make me be a faster test taker, but will improve my confidence in my abilities."
Megan McDaniel
" My instructor was very relatable to everyone in the class. I could not have been more satisfied with the way that he was able to simplify even the hardest questions! Even after just the weekend course, I feel as though my score will greatly increase!"
Mollie Bowen
"The PowerScore SAT weekend is a great value for high school students preparing for the landmark test. The instructor was patient and personable and effective in putting me in the 2400 mindset!"
Kelly R.
Philadelphia, PA
"I loved the PowerScore Weekend Course! I would recommend the course to everyone, especially seniors who need to cram in one more SAT!"
Danielle S.
Atlanta, GA
"I feel that I have learned more from this weekend course than I have from a once-a-week class (through my school) that I have taken for the past year."
Brett Z.
Boca Raton, FL