Online courses with live instruction are probably old news to you and your tech-savvy friends, but your parents are likely wondering “What exactly is an ACT Live Online Course?” Well it’s not just a video series or a boring, pre-recorded slide presentation; it’s a real, live class, where teachers and students log into their computers at the same time and interact through an online whiteboard and instant messenger. You’ll get the benefits of a physical classroom, from the comfort of your own home.


24 hours of
Interactive Instruction

The ACT Live Online Course features a total of 24 hours of live instruction; the eight lessons are each three hours long and led by one of our ACT experts. The ACT Live Online course is both comprehensive and convenient!


Archived Recordings
of Your Class Sessions

We record and save every moment of class time, so you never have to miss a thing. These archived lessons are available 24/7 for you to revisit as often as you need to gain full mastery of the content!


Engaging 95th
Percentile Instructors

Our instructors are not only enthusiastic and skilled educators who are passionate about helping you succeed, but they have also scored higher than 95% of other participants on an officially administered exam! With the Live Online Course you'll learn the very skills that they used to dominate this test!


Comprehensive Course Books and Real Test Questions

When you enroll in the Live Online ACT Course, you'll receive two books: The Official ACT Prep Guide, the only book available with real test questions, and your Course Book, containing the material for all eight lessons of class. In total you'll have over 1450 pages of printed content, all specifically designed to get you ready for test day.


Access to the PowerScore
ACT Online Student Center

Your Online Student Center provides a vast collection of ACT resources, with test scoring and performance feedback, complete lesson explanations, detailed homework assignments, flash cards for critical concepts and vocabulary, and much, much more.


Personal Assistance After Class

As a student in our Live Online ACT Course you have access to PowerScore's Email Assistance Program, where you can get out-of-class help with any questions you have from the course, homework, or supplemental materials. We're here to help every step of the way, whether you're in class or not!


A 4 Point Score
Increase Guarantee

When you take a PowerScore Live Online course you're guaranteed at least a four-point score increase or you qualify to take the course again, FOR FREE! That's how much confidence we have in the power of this program to dramatically improve your performance.

In short, you get the best instructors, cutting-edge materials, and unparalleled student support, all at an incredible value. What are you waiting for?

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“Taking the Live Online Class course has not only pushed me to study for the ACT but has also helped me to understand how to break down the sections of the ACT in ways that I would have never attained except through this program. When I take a standardized test, I rarely have a confident or pleasant attitude towards it , but this program has helped me realize that tests like the ACT are not so bad after all.”

-Sarah Chipley

24 hours of interactive instruction delivered digitally

You, your classmates, and your instructor will log into the virtual classroom at the designated meeting times each week. Your teacher will use an online whiteboard to present topics and example questions from your course book, freely writing notes and highlighting important concepts just like on a real whiteboard. If you or your peers have any questions, they will appear in an instant messenger window for the instructor to answer either through the microphone or in the instant messenger. Check out this sample portion of an actual Live Online Course to see how interactive and dynamic the interface is:
Each of the lessons is also accompanied by a complementary homework assignment. We know-no one likes homework. But if you're serious about acing the ACT, you must practice the skills taught in class, so you will be given an assortment of problems sets and real test questions from The Official ACT Prep Guide to help you hone your approach. The more exposure you have to real test questions, the better off you'll be on test day! For more information about what we cover in class and in the homework, check out our Live Online ACT Course Syllabus.

Archived recordings of your class sessions

Imagine if, before your next high school math exam, you could go back and replay the exact moment in last week's class covering a specific point of confusion. Think how much better your understanding would be if you could time travel back and rewatch, as often as you needed, moments that remain unclear. Well with the Live Online archives, that's precisely what you'll do!

Missed a class? Not to worry; the entire lesson is saved and waiting for you. Want to brush up just before test day on a concept from an early lesson? Launch the recording and review the discussion until it's crystal clear. With the course archives, you are in total control.

Engaging 95th percentile instructors

You don't need to worry about any "brainiac" stereotypes, either; a high ACT score is just the first step toward teaching for PowerScore. We only hire the most energetic candidates who demonstrate exemplary teaching skills, and we only bring an instructor into a Live Online Course after they've established a proven teaching record in our physical classrooms. You'll work with an instructor who has destroyed the ACT, and who can give you the power to do the same.

Comprehensive Course Books and Real Test Questions

The Official ACT Prep Guide is an invaluable resource because it includes five complete practice tests, each designed by the same people who make the official ACT. You'll use this book for both concentrated review (individual sections and question types), and to take full tests under timed conditions using our online Virtual Proctor. By working with actual test content you'll know exactly how it feels to take the real thing.

The Course Book's eight lessons feature section strategies, concept reviews, interactive drills, and hundreds of practice questions. During class, your instructor will guide you step-by-step through every concept that appears on the ACT, from Quadratic Equations in Math to Comma Splices in English and countless more between, and then use problem sets to reinforce the key ideas and help you hone your skills. This combination of conceptual analysis and targeted attack is the secret to success!

Access to the PowerScore ACT Online Student Center

Upon enrollment in the course, you will be given immediate access to the Online Student Center, where you can start your preparation with fundamental pre-course primers, and even take a full diagnostic test to gauge your natural strengths and weaknesses.

After the course, your Student Center is an all-in-one stop for everything ACT: homework assignments, supplemental handouts, virtual test proctoring and scoring, parental resources and advice, and much more! The Online Student Center is where everything you've learned in class gets reinforced and perfected, and you'll have access to this extensive reserve for up to two ACT administrations after the completion of the course.