Bringing a PowerScore ACT course to your school is as easy as "PIE".

Our Partners in Education Program (PIE) provides you with the following benefits:

  • We guarantee each student’s score will increase. Each PowerScore course comes with a competitive score increase guarantee. For instance, the ACT Full Length Course is guaranteed to increase each student's score by at least 5 points.

  • Students receive discounted tuition. By partnering with PowerScore, we are happy to offer your school's students a discounted rate on their ACT course.

  • Your school receives payment for providing the facility space. To cover any expenses you incur for hosting the course (i.e. electricity costs, custodian payment, etc.), we will provide your school with payment in exchange for you providing the facility space.

  • No contracts. We realize you have a number of choices for test preparation. We also understand that there is no one solution for every student, that’s why we never require schools to sign a contract to work exclusively with PowerScore.

  • Our PIE courses include all of the course features we're known for: 95th percentile instructors, comprehensive materials, and official practice tests.

"It is great to see so many of our students improve their scores after taking a course with PowerScore. There is a high demand for quality test prep, and PowerScore provides that, right at our school."

Trevor Creeden Guidance Director, Newton Square, PA

Contact us directly at 800-545-1750 or email and we will get in touch with you with more PIE Course details. It's helpful if you let us know the type of course (Accelerated or Full-Length) and time frame you are interested in.

For information on our Course types, please visit our ACT Courses page.

Visit our ACT HELP AREA for articles, free materials, and advice for students, parents, and teachers.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your students get accepted into the college of their dreams.