The PLAN Program

The PLAN Program, sometimes called the “Pre-ACT,” is a standardized test to help students gauge their performance on the ACT. The PLAN test is administered to 10th grade students by local high schools. To register, you must visit your guidance counselor.

Reasons to Take the PLAN

Most students take the PLAN in order to practice for the real ACT. Additional benefits include completing a career interest survey and receiving pertinent college and scholarship information from the makers of the ACT.

About the Test

The PLAN contains questions nearly identical to those on the ACT:




 Math Section 40 minutes 60 minutes
 Math Questions 40 multiple choice 60 multiple choice
 Math Concepts Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry
 Reading Section 20 minutes 35 minutes
 Reading Questions 25 multiple choice 40 multiple choice
 Reading Concepts Passage-Based Reading Passage-Based Reading
 Science Section 25 minutes 35 minutes
 Science Questions 30 multiple choice 40 multiple choice
 Science Concepts Data Representation, Research Summaries, Conflicting Viewpoints Data Representation, Research Summaries, Conflicting Viewpoints
 English Section One 30-minute section 45 minutes
 English Questions 50 multiple choice 75 multiple choice
 English Concepts Usage/Mechanics, Rhetorical Skills Usage/Mechanics, Rhetorical Skills
 Writing Section Not Applicable 30 minutes (optional)
 Writing Questions Not Applicable 1 essay (optional)
 Writing Concepts Not Applicable Writing skills on a persuasive essay
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