ACT Student Comments

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The following is a selection of just a few of the comments students have made about PowerScore ACT Courses:

"Renee always tries to make sure everyone understands the lessons. She always adds little tips that are outside of the book, and it's helped me look at the ACT differently. Because our class is so small, it is very personalized, and I feel like I have my tutor! The book also offers information that the other ACT prep books would never provide, such as little tips and tricks to help you! I love this class, and I feel like I'm learning something new every lesson.!"

Mary-Margaret F. - Live Online ACT Course Student

"This course better prepared me for the ACT. The materials are thorough and organized, and the instructors are helpful and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to prepare for the ACT!"

Sam McAuley - Live Online ACT Course Student

" I highly recommend taking this course to anyone interested in improving their ACT score quickly and effectively. The instructors are entertaining and the material is clearly presented in easy to understand ways. My score improved with each practice test that I took, and my understanding of the material grew exponentially. "

Brooklynn Stoupa - Live Online ACT Course Student

"Taking the Live Online Class course has not only pushed me to study for the ACT but has also helped me to understand how to break down the sections of the ACT in ways that I would have never attained except through this program. When I take a standardized test, I rarely have a confident or pleasant attitude towards it , but this program has helped me realize that tests like the ACT are not so bad after all."

Sarah Chipley - Full-Length ACT Course Student

"This course is exceptional! Its ease of use and comprehensible material really shape this course. Instructors are knowledgeable and are glad to help. It is the perfect course for ACT prep and I will be highly recommending it around to my friends!"

Kale Leisey - Live Online ACT Student

"I came in understanding minimal knowledge, and came out knowing a lot."

Brandi Taylor - Full-Length ACT Course Student - Columbia, SC

"This class helped me reach my goal score!"

Ashley Babin - Weekend ACT Course Student - New Orleans, LA

"The teacher did a great job teaching the students the "tricks" of the tests. The pre-test helped set the tone prior to attending the Sat/Sun training. Thanks!"

Weekend ACT Student - Fresno, CA

"I think this ACT class was a great refresher for the ACT test. I feel I learned a lot of new tips and tricks when taking the test. It was helpful to go over old information I had forgotten as well as learn new information."

Alyssa E. - Live Online ACT Student

I see great improvements when I do my homework. This class has helped me a lot with the math portion of the test. I struggled with the math until now. This is a great class and I love my instructor!

Anna-Kate Nelson - Live Online ACT Student


"I have loved taking the PowerScore Live Online ACT course. I think that the constant repetition will help me to raise my score and help me do my best on the ACT."
W. Sansom