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The Integrated Reasoning Section

The Integrated Reasoning section consists of 12 questions you must answer in 30 minutes. The questions are presented in four different formats, and are designed to test your ability to interpret data presented in graphics, tables, and statements—skills determined by schools to be necessary for success in the business world.

In addition to the various types of questions, integrated reasoning questions may have multiple formats: a single prompt may have a single question or multiple questions. However, regardless of the number of questions a single prompt may have, all answer choices for any single question will all appear on the same screen, and you must respond before moving on to the next question or question prompt. You cannot return to an answered question and change your answer.

Integrated reasoning questions, even those that are all part of a question set for a single prompt, are not dependent on one another—that is, you do not need to answer one question correctly to be able to answer another correctly, and the answer choices of one question will not provide clues or hints to help you answer other questions. However, a single prompt may provide the information necessary to solve multiple questions.

Students should note, integrated reasoning questions are presented individually, but the section itself is not computer adaptive. That is, while you must answer the questions in the order that they are given, and you cannot return to earlier questions and change your answer, your performance on individual questions will not change the overall section content.