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The PowerScore GMAT On Demand Course consists of over 40 lecture hours taught by PowerScore's senior instructor and course developer, Jon Denning. Each of the ten lessons includes over 3 hours of conceptual discussion and question analysis. PowerScore's On Demand GMAT course is the perfect solution for people with time constraints, busy schedules, and those who want the convenience of comprehensive instruction without having to travel to a class location. Available worldwide!

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Watch over 40 hours of On Demand lecture, where you'll learn everything from how to tackle the unusual environment of a Computer Adaptive Test to the strategies most effective in attacking every question type that appears on the exam. Read More

Sessions are extremely comprehensive as your instructor closely reviews each of the scored sections on the GMAT. Each lesson is 3 hours long and is divided into two sessions, each covering a different section of the test. For example, a lesson might begin with a session on Geometry, and the second session would be about Sentence Correction.

You'll learn the theories and structures that are the basis of the GMAT, and examine individual GMAT questions to reveal the concepts that the test makers frequently use. This includes recognizing and solving the major Verbal question types and structures, analyzing Quantitative questions with the perfect combination of formulas and logic, and constructing analytical essays that satisfy all of the requirements of the Writing Section. For a full list of topics covered, check out our GMAT Course Syllabus.

Because each lesson is pre-recorded, you have the ability to pause, rewind, or skip ahead during the lectures based on your specific needs. Further, each lesson can be reviewed as many times as is needed to fully grasp the concepts and explanations presented.

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Learn from a senior GMAT instructor who not only scored in the top 1% of all test takers, but also co-authored the PowerScore GMAT Course. He knows how to destroy this test, and will teach you how to do the same. Read More

The GMAT requires test takers to be proficient in a wide array of areas, including advanced mathematics, the fundamentals of English, and analytical writing. PowerScore senior instructor Jon Denning teaches each lesson of the On Demand Course, insuring consistency and continuity of style from beginning to end. Jon has not only scored in the 99th percentile on an officially-administered GMAT, but he co-authored the PowerScore GMAT Course itself, guaranteeing an unprecedented proficiency with GMAT concepts and PowerScore techniques.

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Develop the core skills the exam demands with your PowerScore GMAT course book, and measure your progress with practice tests from The Official Guide for GMAT Review. Read More

Covering nearly 30 different, commonly-tested quantitative topics, your GMAT Math materials analyze a wide range of classic question constructions and provide a number of powerful problem-solving strategies—including the most thorough analysis of Data Sufficiency available—that will help you reach your target Quant score.

Your GMAT Verbal materials will show you how to deconstruct complex argumentation, maneuver through every grammatical error, digest dense scholarly passages, and compose well-organized, well-developed essays, ensuring you're ready for both Verbal and Analytical Writing.

The PowerScore course book contains all of the information that will be covered in the ten lessons. The lessons are designed to maximize interaction and understanding in class, while the corresponding homework ensures complete retention of everything you've learned. The homework's engaging drills, extensive conceptual analyses, and challenging GMAT questions enable you to perfectly apply our techniques to every problem you encounter. And with complete lesson and homework explanations in your books the ideal approach is always at your fingertips.

In addition to the course book, you will also receive The Official Guide for GMAT Review, which includes official GMAT questions from the makers of the test. Since concepts tend to be repeated from test to test, studying real questions is the best way to recognize the patterns and consistent elements that are certain to appear on test day.

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Propel your prep from start to finish in the members-only Online Student Center, where links to practice tests and other helpful resources abound. Read More

When you enroll in the On Demand GMAT course, you'll gain immediate access to the PowerScore Online Student Center. There you'll find the On Demand Lesson videos, an Introduction to GMAT Prep that tells you about the exam and your course, Integrated Reasoning lesson videos, our GMAT Question Type References Guides, and a list of AWA Argument Topics. You'll also receive a math concepts review, plus a grammar primer, so that your fundamentals are sound from the outset.

Your homework assignments are detailed on the Online Student Center. We encourage you to do the homework which allows you to effectively reinforce the concepts covered in each lesson by working on real GMAT questions hand-picked to improve your understanding and performance.

Two practice tests can be accessed through the Online Student Center, as well.

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Send us questions via email about anything from your course and a PowerScore Senior Instructor will answer. Read More

Our Email Assistance Program is an integral part of your progress outside of class. Send a question about anything from your course books, practice tests, or the Online Student Center and you'll get an answer in no time from a Senior GMAT Instructor.

With PowerScore, instructor assistance goes well beyond the classroom.

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"PowerScore was a great prep course. It covered all topics used in GMAT and the instructor was very friendly. I would strongly recommend it compared to other higher priced prep courses."

Ada Nishe
New York, NY

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"PowerScore was a great prep course. It covered all topics used in GMAT and the instructor was very friendly. I would strongly recommend it compared to other higher priced prep courses."
Ada Nishe
New York, NY
"I couldn't be happier with the GMAT prep course. It helped reinforce skills I had previously been taught, and added strategies with the goal of making me more successful when preparing for, and taking, the test."
Dan Balchunas
Chicago, IL
"Clear and organized content. The small class size was the next best thing to individual tutoring. Jae (The instructor) was a phenomenal instructor. I am definitely glad I took the class."
Jeremy Meyer
Seattle, WA
"The PowerScore prep course was a great way to help focus my attention to better study for the GMAT."
Matthew Pimental
Philadelphia, PA
"With the help of your course, I raised my GMAT score from a 470 to a 610! Now, I can go to the school I want to go to. I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to increase their GMAT score."
Stacy Nelson