The Revised GRE Is Here – Here’s What You Need To Know

Since August 1st,  2011, a new version of the GRE General Test has been administered, replacing the former GRE. The new test is a drastic departure from the former test content—everything from the scoring scale to the computerized layout to the question types has changed—so if you are taking the GRE it’s critical that you know exactly what to expect.

 Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more significant changes:

  • The new computerized version allows you navigate within a section, as opposed to the current computerized format where you cannot go back or change previous answers. The new test will also allow you to skip questions and return to them later. And perhaps best of all there will be an on-screen calculator that you can use for the two math sections, so the days of tedious scratch-paper calculations are over!

  • Both the Verbal and the Math sections have been redesigned, with adjusted timing/pacing, and a whole host of new question types.

    • In Verbal, Antonyms and Analogies have been removed, and Sentence Completion has been expanded

    • In Math the changes are less severe, and merely include the addition of a few new question formats like Numeric Entry (you input a number as your answer) and Select At Least One (where more than one answer could work and you must choose all of the options that are correct to get credit)

  • Scores for the new test won’t be released until mid-November, so if you need your scores prior to November be sure to take the GRE before it changes on August 1st! Plus, the revised test drops the old 200-800 scoring scales and replaces them with 130-170 scoring scales.

  • Registration for the revised GRE begins on March 15, 2011. And if you do decide to take the test in August or September of this year, you get 50% off of your test fee.

The test makers have released an updated Official Guide that corresponds with the new test content, and revised PowerPrep software (computerized practice tests) is available here. ETS also has some good information about the test and various deadlines/dates on their website.

We’re happy to help answer any questions you might have about the best way to prepare, and whether waiting for the revised GRE is the right choice for you. Give us a call at 800-545-1750 to get more information.

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