A quick yet content-packed prep option for the budget-conscious, PowerScore's Accelerated GRE Course provide 16 hours of intensive GRE instruction in a single weekend.


16 Hours of
Live Online Instruction

Advance through 4 four-hour sessions that simplify and demystify every section of the GRE.



Learn from dynamic, top-scoring instructors who make maximizing your score their mission. They beat this exam and will help you do the same.


Course Book

Develop the core skills the exam demands with your PowerScore GRE course book, and measure your progress with practice tests from The Official Guide to the GRE.


Student Center

Enhance your prep from start to finish in the members-only Online Student Center, where homework, quizzes, and other helpful resources abound.



Ask questions via email and a Senior Instructor will help you with anything giving you trouble, whether from your lessons, homework, practice tests, or online supplements.


Free Repeat!

Repeat the in-person Accelerated Course for free within one year no strings attached. Took the course but then delayed taking the exam? Or took the exam as planned but didn't hit your target score? Retake the course for either reason or any reason on us. PowerScore wants and fully expects you to succeed with our help.

In short, you get the best instructors, cutting-edge materials, and unparalleled student support, all at an incredible value. What are you waiting for?

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“This course gave me the confidence I need to tackle the GRE.  My instructor was extremely qualified and knew exactly how to present the material to help every student understand.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone taking the GRE. ”

-Kathleen Campbell

comment b

“The GRE weekend course is a great jump-start to studying. I have taken the GREs before so I was already familiar with the material, but the course helps to clarify and makes the question look a lot easier. I am very much more comfortable with taking the exam this time around. Thanks PowerScore. ”

-Fareen Jiwani

comment c

“This Accelerated Course is intensive and at times exhausting but it is done in a very efficient manner and much credit goes to our instructor. If you're serious about preparing for the GRE this prep course is a steal and a no-brainer!”

-Mark Li

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16 Hours of Live Instruction

Intensive coverage of every section of the exam defines PowerScore's Accelerated GRE Course. The four major math types in Quantitative—Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, and Data Analysis—get a full 8 hours of review and application. You'll spend another 8 hours immersed in instruction and practice for the three Verbal question types and the two Analytical essays.

Throughout the course, you'll learn a variety of common question constructions, powerful problem-solving strategies, and effective test-taking techniques that you'll apply to set after set of targeted practice problems.

Check out all the topics you'll master in the course syllabus.>

Expert Instructors

You're selective about who prepares you for the GRE. So are we. Only individuals with outstanding scores on an official GRE have a shot at being a PowerScore instructor, and only one-tenth of the top-scorers we interview have the rockstar teaching chops needed to make the cut. The elite few who join our team teach with the depth, clarity, enthusiasm, and adaptability needed to ensure your success.

Comprehensive Course Book

Your PowerScore GRE Course book will detail a wide range of classic question constructions plus a number of powerful problem-solving strategies that will help you reach your target Quant score. To get you ready for Verbal and Analytical Writing, your course book will show you how to parse sesquipedalian (meaning "big-word-filled) sentences, digest dense scholarly passages, and compose well-organized, well-developed essays.

Your path to success will be paved with practice. In your course books, you'll get 4 official practice tests plus nearly 375 exercises.

Online Student Center

When you enroll in the Accelerated GRE course, you'll gain instant access to the PowerScore Online Student Center. There you'll find an intro to GRE prep, a GRE arithmetic review, and a GRE vocabulary guide. You'll also take advantage of nearly 200 flashcards, 300 practice exercises, a 500 word GRE vocab list, and written explanations for every problem in the PowerScore books.