Our Live Online Course takes all the classroom essentials of an in person course—the structure and group interaction, the top-notch instructor, the live interactive lecture—and delivers them straight to you. Through our Live Online classroom interface, you are able to hear and interact with your instructor and fellow students, and because each lesson is recorded, you can review your class sessions until you've mastered the concepts.


Interactive Live
Online Instruction

Interact in real-time with your instructor and fellow students as you advance through lessons that simplify and demystify the GRE.


Recording of Every Class

Review entire lessons in your On Demand course archive, where every minute of every class session will be saved.



Interact with top scoring instructors who make maximizing your score their mission. They beat this exam and will help you do the same.


Course Books

Develop the core skills the exam demands with your PowerScore GRE course books, and measure your progress using practice tests from The Official Guide to the GRE.


Student Center

Enhance your prep from start to finish in the members-only Online Student Center, where homework, quizzes, and other helpful resources abound.



Ask questions via email and a Senior Instructor will help you with anything giving you trouble, whether from your lessons, homework, practice tests, or online supplements.

In short, you get the best instructors, cutting-edge materials, and unparalleled student support, all at an incredible value. What are you waiting for?

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comment a

“I think overall this class is amazing and I am so grateful for the recorded classes.  Not only can I review classes/topics I might have missed, but it allows me to go at my own pace.  Honestly, the instructor is so effective that I would rather be taught by a recording of his class than experience a live class with someone who might not be as good.  Thanks!”

-Melissa Wijetunga

comment b

“The Live Online Full Length GRE Course was an awesome value.  I have used PowerScore in the past for the LSAT and on both occasions I have found that PowerScore’s courses are extremely focused on the logic and tasks of the test.  There are no gimmicks.  No short cuts.  Just pure knowledge explained logically and concisely.”

-Ryan Meeks

comment c

“The PowerScore materials are excellent. Not having taken a standardized test in many years, I find the books extremely helpful in breaking down both the test and topics I have not visited since high school in a thorough but non-intimidating way. Overall, I'm very pleased that I am taking this course.”

-Barbara Chow

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Interactive Live Online Instruction

In a traditional classroom, you'll listen to a live lecture, view notes or slides on a whiteboard, and interact with your teacher and classmates. You can do all of that from the comfort of your home in PowerScore's Live Online Course.

You get to:

  • Listen to your instructor via live audio stream.
  • View exercises and explanations on a virtual whiteboard.
  • Chat via instant messenger with your instructor and classmates.
  • Ask questions, make comments, answer practice problems, and receive your instructor's feedback all in real-time!

Get a feel for the online environment by watching a sample Math lesson. If you'd like to see a complete list of exactly what you'll encounter in class, take a look at our Live Online GRE Syllabus.

Start-to-Finish Recording of Every Class Session

Your online course comes with a sweet perk: a start-to-finish recording of every class session. Need to revisit a concept? Missed some or all of a class? Everything you experience in the online classroom—the chat dialogue, the virtual whiteboard, the audio of your instructor—is stored and ready for you to replay, pause, fast forward, and rewind. Watch and rewatch as often as you like for 6 months.

Expert Instructors

You're selective about who prepares you for the GRE. So are we. Only individuals who score in the 90th percentile on an officially-administered GRE have a shot at being a PowerScore instructor, and only one-tenth of those we interview make the cut. The elite few who join our team teach with the depth, clarity, enthusiasm, and adaptability needed to ensure your success.

Comprehensive Course Books

Whether you choose to take the GRE Live Online Course, the GRE Math course, or the GRE Verbal Course you’ll be shipped a PowerScore course book (math, verbal, or both!) to use during class. For homework and after-course practice, we include a copy of The Official Guide to the GRE publication. This book includes over 350 Quant exercises, 225 Verbal exercises, 4 printed practice tests, and access to 2 computer-based practice tests.

GRE Math Book

Your PowerScore GRE Math book covers nearly 30 topics commonly tested in Quantitative. You'll be introduced to a wide range of classic question constructions plus a number of powerful problem-solving strategies that will help you reach your target Quant score.

GRE Verbal Book

Your PowerScore GRE Verbal book will show you how to parse sesquipedalian (meaning "big-word-filled") sentences, digest dense scholarly passages, and compose well-organized, well-developed essays to prepare you for both Verbal and Analytical Writing.

Online Student Center

When you enroll in the Live Online GRE Course (Math, Verbal, or Complete), you'll gain instant access to the PowerScore Online Student Center. There you'll find an intro to GRE prep, a GRE arithmetic review, and a GRE vocabulary guide. Plus, as you progress from lesson to lesson, you'll take advantage of 100 flashcards, 146 math quiz and homework problems, 136 additional verbal problems, 500 GRE vocabulary words, and written explanations for every question in your PowerScore course book.