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Custom Course

Bring a Custom PowerScore GRE
Course to your business  or school!

Schedule a custom GRE course on-site and receive a discount of 20-40 percent per student, depending on the number enrolled.

Are you interested in bringing a PowerScore GRE course to your corporation, university, or student group? Or would you like us to design a unique course and schedule for your organization or summer program? Our team of experts will craft a custom option to fit your needs. If you do not have adequate meeting space, we are happy to work with a local conference center or hotel to set up the course in their conference space.

Below are a few options for custom courses, but we are open to suggestions if you have something unique in mind!

  • The PowerScore Accelerated GRE Course

    We can send an instructor to your city to teach our very popular 16-hour Accelerated GRE Course. Once the dates have been selected (usually on a single weekend), we add the course to our website and students can immediately begin enrolling. The enrollment can be limited to just your group, or we can open it up to the community. We take care of enrollments and payments, and we'll also coordinate with the facility, instructor, and students. There is no additional cost to you or your school, and the course features and prices are the same as those advertised on our website. By setting up the meeting space, we may be able to further discount the course or provide a free course to the coordinator. We need a minimum of 6 to 8 students to run a custom Accelerated, depending on your location.

  • Adapted Accelerated GRE Course--You Choose the Schedule

    If a local instructor is available, we can adapt the Accelerated GRE Course to best suit your group's specific needs and schedules. This might translate into an eight hour class on two Saturdays or Sundays, a four week course that meets one evening per week for four hours, or a course that meets two evenings per week for two hours, over the span of four weeks. We can also add course hours to include additional lecture hours or materials. We have adapted this 16-hour course for Summer Programs at colleges with great success. The price for this course will be based on your location and specific class schedule.

  • Full Length GRE Course

    Subject to instructor availability, we can offer our comprehensive Full-Length GRE Course at your location, scheduled on dates that are convenient for your students. This course is popular in cities where we already offer courses, but the schedule or location of that specific class is not convenient for your group. If you are able to secure the meeting space, we may be able to discount the course accordingly.

  • Additional discounts are available for larger groups and we will work with your budget if your organization has funding for a preparation course.

"Well worth everyone's time and investment. PowerScore removes a lot of the mystery and doubt people may have about the test and how to manage it.  I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about taking the GRE."

Andy Page — Charleston, SC

"PowerScore  has been a wonderful experience for my students. It has been a major factor in helping to prepare McNair scholars to become competitive applicants in the graduate school application process. I would recommend this company to anyone."

Janet Thomas University of Pennsylvania, McNair Scholar Coordinator

If you have a group of students who might like a custom on-site course, contact us directly at 800-545-1750, or email It's helpful if you let us know the type of course (Weekend or Full-Length) and time frame you are interested in.

For information on our Course types, or to find a regularly scheduled class, please visit our GRE Courses page.

Visit our GRE HELP AREA or GRE Blog for articles, free materials, and advice for students, parents, and teachers.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you, your students, or your employees get accepted into the college of their dreams.