PowerScore GRE Instructors

Please use the following form to apply for a GRE Instructor position. All information provided will be kept confidential and will not be released to any outside agency.

Teaching and tutoring hours are flexible and will vary due to the part-time nature of this position.

Candidates must have scored in the 90th percentile or higher in Quantitative (165 or higher) and Verbal (162 or higher) on an official GRE. Applicants who took the exam before August 2011 need a score of 790 or higher in Quantitative and 700 or higher in Verbal OR a Quant-Verbal average of 750.

No prior GRE teaching experience is necessary as our self-directed training program will ensure that you are fully prepared for your classes and tutoring assignments. As an instructor, you will be responsible for teaching concepts and techniques, analyzing questions, and leading class discussions. Talented and dynamic individuals are encouraged to apply.

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"I highly recommend this course to everyone! The test taking strategies are invaluable. Our instructor had a wonderful personality and was an excellent teacher."
Mary Ballard
Orlando, FL
"The course pointed out my strengths and weaknesses, letting me know what areas I need to concentrate on in my studying."
Wendi Reinwald
Kansas City, MO
"I am 100% confident that I will do well on the GRE because of this course.Saving up my lunch money for a few months to pay for the course was definitely worth it!"
Tiffany Chow
Los Angeles, CA
"The GRE prep course was worth every penny. The instructor was able to turn all aspects of the exam into layman's terms.He gave the most basic and direct methods to figure out answers which made all of the information seem less daunting."
Monique Gerber
San Diego, CA
"Not only was the instructor personable and helpful with any questions that we had, but the class flew by quickly and there was no cause for loss of attention. Gold star to PowerScore on their format!!!"
Mila Borenstein
Miami, FL
"This course helped me to understand exactly what I would be responsible for knowing on the GRE, and gave me a solid foundation of specific skills."
Haley Grabow
Chicago, IL