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The online GRE course was great. Although it is 3 hours long it is very dynamic once the instructor keeps you involved with many practice exercises. The strategies to attack the GRE questions is very valuable also. I am really satisfied with the course.


I have been very pleased with PowerScore since the day I signed up. Customer service line was always accessible and super helpful. I got a response to emails within minutes. During the course, whoever is on the chat is super helpful and answers my questions and explains problems with patience. Also encourages when I click the right answer. I truly feel taken care of and I would recommend powerscore to anyone!

Ceren Oney

“The PowerScore materials are excellent. Not having taken a standardized test in many years, I find the books extremely helpful in breaking down both the test and topics I have not visited since high school in a thorough but non-intimidating way. Overall, I'm very pleased that I am taking this course.”

Barbara Chow

“The Live Online Full Length GRE Course was an awesome value.  I have used PowerScore in the past for the LSAT and on both occasions I have found that PowerScore’s courses are extremely focused on the logic and tasks of the test.  There are no gimmicks.  No short cuts.  Just pure knowledge explained logically and concisely.”

Ryan Meeks

“I think overall this class is amazing and I am so grateful for the recorded classes.  Not only can I review classes/topics I might have missed, but it allows me to go at my own pace.  Honestly, the instructor is so effective that I would rather be taught by a recording of his class than experience a live class with someone who might not be as good.  Thanks!"

Melissa Wijetunga

"I think the way the course is structured is the best I've seen. Most prep classes/books have one large section of combined review of all the relevant math concepts and then a lump quantitative practice. I love how the Powerscore book is divided up and how relevant practice questions follow each presented concept. My instructor was great at explaining that the GRE is not testing your math knowledge, but rather your quantitative reasoning knowledge through the lens of math. I like his focus on solving questions efficiently--and differently than we were taught in high school. He has really changed the way I look at this test. I am really impressed with the course as a whole."

Ellie Adair

"It's so efficient and effective to study with a class having other students and instructor push you through it and understand the material. Our instructor was impeccably knowledgable and by providing us short-cuts for advanced questions makes the GRE seem much easier and less stressful!"

Katie Ondracek