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My instructor was extremely helpful! I am not a math person at all and he definitely eased my concerns about the Quantitative portion of the GRE. This course was definitely worth the $395. I feel way more prepared today than I did before taking the course.

Chamara Adams
Washington, DC

Outstanding course!  The course materials are well written and very helpful in preparing for the GRE.  The instructor was very knowledgeable and prepared.  He did a wonderful job!  I left knowing what is on the test and what I need to do to get a good score.  Thank you!

Jennifer Toombs
Dallas, TX

The GRE accelerated course was WELL worth the money. I have a clear idea of what to expect on the test and I feel very confident that I will succeed. I would recommend this course to anyone, regardless of how well prepared you feel. It can help those who have barely studied, as well as those who have studied a lot.

Ashley Jacot
Raleigh, NC

Amazing class! I took the GRE a couple of months ago before taking this class and I didn't do so well on it. I wish I would have taken the class before I had taken the first one because it was a TREMENDOUS help! The instructor tells you all the tricks, hints, and tips you need in order to score high. I would highly recommend this class to anyone!

Elizabeth Boyce
Durham, NC

This test absolutely helped with my test scores. I would not have gotten into grad school without PowerScore. Thanks!

Katie Morgan
Charleston, SC

This accelerated course helped me to very clearly identify my strengths and weaknesses and allowed me to enter the exam much better prepared than I would have been without it. The materials provided were superior to all with which I had previously studied. The Socratic method of working through the problem sets was invaluable--it allowed me to critically examine how I was perceiving and answering each question.  It helped me to improve not just my answers, but also the methods with which I navigated the exam. I recommend this course to anyone who needs to review the content of the GRE questions, as well as to better understand the structure. PowerScore provided me with not only additional test-taking tools, but also more confidence entering the exam.

Greta Frost
Cambridge, MA

I was exhausted after the first day of the weekend GRE prep course. It seemed like there was so much information fit into one day that there was no way I would retain anything. But when I woke up the next day, I could clearly remember what we had gone over because my instructor taught it in a way that made it stick in my mind. The examples he used (some of them HILARIOUS) were great tools for me personally, as it was just another way I could then relate to the presented material. But don't be fooled - if you enroll in the course, you need to be prepared before you go to class. I went over the vocabulary, and looked at several math problems before going and I was still struggling to keep up at times (as I didn't put in as much prep time as I should have). The materials were AWESOME! LOVE LOVE LOVE the 'power points' at the bottom of the pages. I'm confident I won't need to invest in other study materials. Overall, this class was great. I used it as a starting point in my study line, I will now study for a couple months using the tips and tricks that PowerScore provided me with and I’m confident my scores will be where they need to be!

Sarah Butler
Denver, CO

This course was so valuable because it offered a refresher on mathematical concepts that I had long ago forgotten. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering taking the GRE. You will be amazed at what you will learn in 2 days.

Kate Moreland
Chicago, IL

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and has helped me gain see the possibilities of maximizing my GRE score. These people change lives by teaching people how to answer multiple choice questions!”

Ernesto Slater
Austin, TX

“Excellent course. The study materials PowerScore are comprehensive, and the instructor led the class step by step through the concepts. He provided best practices and supported these by providing examples. ”

Christine Hopkins-Spidell
Boston, MA

“PowerScore’s Accelerated GRE course is an invaluable tool for studying that should be considered by all students preparing for the GRE. Despite the large amounts of information crammed into two days, instructors take the time to cover all bases, listen to students' issues, and address questions and concerns they may have.”

Daniel Kelly
Boulder, CO

"Our instructor gave us many useful tips that can help get through the tough mental challenges the GRE can throw your way. I took the exam the following weekend and was surprised at how well I did. She was great! Thank you!!"

Eric Opincar
Seattle, WA