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The course was incredibly efficient; the instructor gave great strategies for tackling LSAT problems in over the shorter two-day course. She was helpful with all questions, and I felt like each student received individual attention when needed.

Michael Campbell

Should you take the two day class? If you plan to take the LSAT and you find that self-study is too distracting or confusing, enroll in a class asap! I don't feel there was one dime wasted at all. This wasn't some haphazard class where you kind of hang out, zone out, and glean only a little bit of information. From the very beginning, we hit the ground running, and continued sprinting until the end of class on the second day. For self-studiers, I'd actually recommend this 2-day class first as a jump start on studying if/when you sign up for the longer course. Attending this class has boosted my confidence, and I know I'll be ready to test when the time arrives.

Jewelle Huggins
Dallas, TX

I really enjoyed the course and found it to be a valuable learning experience. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, well spoken, and could convey the material well. The professor genuinely seemed to care about the students understand the material. This course is a great value, you are still getting your own textbook, a knowledgeable instructor, and online support. I would take PowerScore classes again and would recommend these to a friend.

Jessica Rotondo
Philadelphia, PA

The instructor was INCREDIBLE. I left the course well informed and comfortable in taking the LSAT. I enjoyed the environment with my fellow classmates. I am EXCITED about taking the LSAT.

Tanequa Strong

This course will prove to be crucially significant in my score boost on the LSAT. The problems, games, and reading comprehension process of elimination have been made so much simpler. What was once an intimidating entrance exam has now been made an easier and less stressful journey into law school.

Kimberly Burgess
Lynchburg, VA

I am confident my score will increase from the first time I took it because of this course. The instructor was very personable, knowledgeable and helpful. I will definitely be recommending this course to anyone who is considering applying for law school and needs help studying for the LSAT.

Katie Vandaveer
Kansas City, MO

I am so glad that I took PowerScore's Accelerated LSAT Course. The instructor for the course was phenomenal. I learned a lot of good techniques for tackling each section of the LSAT, especially the logic games. The PowerScore trademarked techniques were extremely helpful and I would encourage all students preparing for law school to take one of the PowerScore prep courses. After taking this course, I feel more confident about taking the LSAT.

Destiney Boyd
Springfield, IL

Absolutely loved this course! Our professor was really energetic and kept us awake for the entire class. He presented the material in a way that was easy to understand, and he took his time to explain things that we were confused about. Absolutely the best course I've ever taken - I will definitely recommend to everyone I know!

Hina Naveed

Before my LSAT weekend course - I would have considered myself as an unprepared 1 from a scale of 1 to 10. Now I can confidently say, I am a solid 7. My instructor was AMAZING! Her energy level was consistent the whole 16 hours of teaching. She was welcoming, nice and most importantly very knowledgeable in all areas of the test. I am even going to try to schedule her for tutoring. Did I mention I had to drive 60-70 minutes into Miami and I have no regrets. The course, the book and the teacher were all great and worth it.

Sandy Marcia
Miami, FL

This was such a great way for me to jumpstart my studying for the LSAT. We were able to cover so much material over the course of two days, and this breadth really allowed me to get a good feel for what to expect on the LSAT and how to target my studying over the next few months.

Los Angeles

"The accelerated course is truly a gift. I'm beyond grateful for the opportunity I had to attend. It was exciting, invigorating, intense in a great way (I dig intensity) and just invaluable. Not only did I find it extremely helpful in terms of my skills and knowledge base, but it was highly beneficial for my sense of morale and confidence. I see no circumstance where someone doesn't benefit from this intensive. I'm signed up for the full length course now and anxious to get started diving deeper into the rabbit hole with Powerscore. "

Los Angeles

I spent so much money on a full length kaplan course, but, this weekend course, was far more beneficial to me than that full length course. I learned to so much material and techniques that will be help me score much higher for sure. I can say that after the weekend course, I left the class with confidence. Thank you!


This was an amazing class. The instructor was knowledgeable, courteous, patient, encouraging, just brilliant!! I know that I am going to doing well on my test. Thank you Powerscore

Kisha Fields
Baltimore, MD

My instructor was patient and thoroughly covered the material for all three sections of the LSAT. When I came into the course, I was at first anxious about completing the logical reasoning problems. Her methodology for attacking this section has provided me with the tools to effectively attack each problem that I am confronted with. She stayed late on both Saturday and Sunday, going beyond the call of duty to explain the diagram for an advanced linear game to me and several other students. I feel privileged that I was able to gain from her LSAT wisdom.

Mark A. Baker II.

This course was fantastic. The instructor is an absolute genius who answered our questions clearly and thoroughly. I feel much better about the logic games and learned valuable strategies for all sections. Every moment of the course was engaging and the limited time was well-spent. Thank you!

Julia Neusner
Manhattan, NY

I took the course almost 4 months before scheduled to take the LSAT. The class exceeded all of my expectations and I am more than pleased. I would have never imagined learning so many strategies, tips and tricks in such a condensed, yet effective, amount of time! The weekend course was perfect length, it was not too short or too long. I don't feel like we breezed over material and we surely didn't stay on a topic too long -- which would have made the class redundant and boring. Overall the Powerscore Weekend Course is the best investment yet on my path to law school!

Bria Joshua

This course gave a great overview on LSAT material. The instructor was great, very clear and very thorough. I also really enjoyed how interactive the class was leaving very little room to get bored or distracted. Overall if your are looking for a great way to kick-start your LSAT preparation this class is an excellent way to do so.

Lydia Ali
Philadelphia, PA

The weekend course provided me with more study skills to tackle the LSAT than I could have ever hoped to figure out on my own.

Nathan McNichols
Nashville, TN

The instructor was amazing, and the course was more than worth the money spent on it. I have studied the LSAT for the past year, but I honestly learned more this past weekend. I called my husband after class on Sunday, and told him I have never been more confident to take the test. I have two degrees, and in all my years in college I have never come across a better instructor than the one I had this past weekend. I am so excited and cannot say enough about PowerScore and the instructor I had. It turned out to be one of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you PowerScore!

LeeAnn Hudgens

This course was exactly what I needed. It helped me better understand what I needed to focus on and gave me the confidence that I needed to prepare for the LSAT. I am so glad I took this course!

Carmen Garcia
Nashville, TN

Yes, the weekend course was certainly a "crash course" for the LSAT. Despite this, the course was incredibly effective at helping me better understand ALL aspects and sections of the LSAT - even those sections I thought I understood completely!

Grayson Lowery

After studying for the LSAT for about 5 months with Kaplan, I didn't see any major improvements. They made me feel inadequate and as if I were doing something wrong. After a miserable LSAT score, I ordered the bibles, and my score finally improved a little. After one weekend with PowerScore, my score improved and my confidence is restored. I feel ready to tackle the LSAT. Thank you Powerscore! I can't wait to recommend you to everyone I know!

Cosette Shachnow
New York, NY

I'm thankful I signed up for Powerscore. It was a great informative weekend class packed with extremely useful information. I chose the course because I had been reading several books from other prep courses and Powerscore was the best for my understanding. My instructor scored a 180 and I could see why in just the first few review sections. She was very easy to understand and presented herself in a way that all who attended would be able to ask any question. I highly recommend Powerscore!

Michael Troy Richardson
Tempe, AZ

The Powerscore weekend course clearly exemplified superior testing strategies that distinguished itself from any other test review course I have ever taken. My instructor was able to cover an extensive amount of information while keeping the students engaged throughout the entire two day lesson. The practicality of the testing strategies covered made the lessons useful and effective. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking for a review to lay the foundation for the remainder of their study experience. Alexander Gacos
Philadelphia, PA
I learned more about the LSAT in one weekend with Jeff than I learned in four months with Kaplan.

Cosette Shachnow

I work full time and am a mom so it is hard for me to find time to prepare for the LSAT. This class was the perfect weekend cram session. They go over everything covered in the LSAT and provide you with the tools necessary to attack the exam. The instructor was very knowledgeable and kept the class engaged to get us through two back to back nine hour days. I highly recommend this course!

Julie Lentz
Charlotte, NC

This course was incredibly beneficial to my understanding of the layout of the LSAT. Without taking the course, I think I would have been entirely unprepared for the LSAT. The instructor showed us the easiest way to tackle difficult problems in a timely manner. I believe that, if I continue to study, this course will be entirely responsible for how well I perform on the LSAT.

Christina Crouch

I did a lot of studying on my own for the LSAT, but taking the weekend course through PowerScore made everything more clear and concise. It made me really understand how to attack the material in each section. Without this weekend course I would not be as prepared as I had previously thought for the LSAT.

Olivia Kelly
Madison, WI

The LSAT Weekend Course was a great compliment to the Powerscore Bibles. I had already gone through the Reading Comprehension and Logical Reasoning Bibles prior to the weekend course, and having a live instructor was invaluable to getting through the parts I was still struggling with.

Aaron Naiditch
Nashville, TN

The class provided exactly what I needed to fully understand how to take the LSAT. My confidence has never been higher going into a standardized test.

Kevin B.
New York, NY

Extremely worth it.The instructor was great and made the test seem not only beatable, but simple.

Josh Bumcrot
New Hampshire

My instructor was absolutely incredible. I wrote a practice test the day following our final day of instruction and scored 10 points higher than I have ever scored because of the methods he taught over the weekend course.

Lucas Kokot
Toronto, Canada

This course was extremely helpful. I had used the Study Bibles but this course helped tie all of the information together. I have taken the LSAT before and I am confident after taking this course that my score will he higher.

Anthony Bounds
New Orleans, LA

The Weekend LSAT Course was a great refresher and summary of everything I need to know for the upcoming exam. I'm taking the test in two weeks and feel much more prepared. This course eliminated much stress that I experienced with self-studying.

Zachary Porfiris
Charlotte, NC

Our instructor was great at breaking down the best strategies to study and approach the test. Taking this course was crucial in understanding not only where my focus needs to be for studying, but also how to study in an efficient manner.

James Colligan
Washington DC

The course was extremely effective! I find myself using the tips given by the instructor while practicing for the timed test on my own. The instructor really took his time to make sure that we understood the concepts and to answer all of our questions. The book that was given to us as part of the course is very helpful and even comes with questions with the answers provided in the back! I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to prepare for the LSAT. They also give you the option of taking the course over if there are issues with your score! Can't argue with that!

Kimberly Charles
Baltimore, MD

PowerScore materials are so reader friendly,while also being detail oriented. PowerScore materials- -the bibles and this weekend coursebook--make picking apart the LSAT entertaining. I was thoroughly engaged in each lesson, even though I had been sitting there for 8 hours. Dan's enthusiasm and passion to empower LSAT takers really gave me momentum for studying. I feel so very confident in the PowerScore methods, more so than I did before--which is hard to believe! Excellent and enticing class--I will add the PowerScore Weekend Course to my recommendations for test prep, along with the PowerScore Bibles that I constantly promote.

Sara Fitzsimon
Davis, CA

The PowerScore weekend course truly gave me a new perspective on how to view the LSAT. With the aid I received I now believe I have the knowledge and tools it will take in order to achieve my goals with this test. Going into this weekend I had no idea what to expect, and by the conclusion of the course I was blown away with the resources and tricks I learned.

Dylan Herod
Savannah, GA

The weekend course was a great refresher and review for me! I had already taken the LSAT once before and used the bibles to study. The weekend course really helped me on my techniques and understanding of all the smaller details. I also greatly benefitted from the in-class instruction. It was worthwhile to be able to ask questions and see problems be worked out in real time. I would highly recommend the weekend course!

Caroline Parish
Nashville, TN

As someone who previously took a full length LSAT course from a competing company and actually saw their score drop, PowerScore's bibles and weekend course not only built up my confidence but has made me much more knowledgeable about the skills necessary for performing well on the test. I take the test in two weeks and feel prepared and am looking forward to receiving my score.

Katelyn Green
Davis, CA

With the PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course, students can learn nuances about the LSAT that they will not learn from self-study. It offers a great value, if the student pairs the class with hard Work.

April Vivino
Miami, FL

This course is a must! It enables anyone to gain a better understanding of the test and strategies that make it seem less daunting.

Jamie Dauch
Charleston, SC

I first took the LSAT thinking studying from books alone would help. After scoring in the low 140's, I knew I needed some extra help. With my busy schedule of being a senior in college, internships, jobs, and activities, I needed something efficient and not time consuming. I feel so much more comfortable with the 35 minute time crunch. The instructor was great and kept our attention the entire time and was very passionate about helping us get through the problems.

Summer Moghamis
Chicago, IL

I had really hit a lull with my prep, but the instructor gave us the tools that really made me believe I could succeed and improve my score. The class re-motivated me and spurred me and made me feel much more focused in my studying.

Katherine Groth
New York, NY

The Weekend LSAT Course was engaging, intensive, and provided a range of test taking strategies. In the short time after taking the course, I have completed a few more practice LSAT tests and I have already seen slight improvements in my score. I expect to see further improvement as I continue to work and apply the strategies I learned from the course. In addition to providing information about taking the LSAT, the instructor was helpful in answering questions about law school admissions and Applications.

Brittany Wightman
Los Angeles, CA

The instructor presented what I consider to be a lot of material in a focused blast. As someone who has never attended a law school course, this is the kind of pace I imagine to be the norm. I appreciated his obvious mastery of the material, his passion for the subject matter and his demeanor in presentation. My decision to take the course has resulted in an increased confidence in my own ability to achieve success in a score increase on the LSAT. I assume that many people wouldn't associate the term "fun" with the LSAT, but there was a degree of fun in this weekend course. Thank you for providing this service to us.

Geoff Gallegos
Los Angeles, CA

The course and the instructor was beyond great and made me feel extremely prepared for the upcoming test!

Jeremy B. Johnson
Savannah, GA

With the small class size, I was able to ask more questions and have answers explained to me in a deeper meaning. The instructor was more than knowledgeable about the different topics, and could even give us some hints that he learned while studying for the LSAT and going through law school. This was the best decision I have ever made for preparing for the LSAT, and I feel more confident in myself than I did before taking the course.

Jai Strickler
Kansas City, MO

I took the course three weeks before I am scheduled to take the LSAT. Having done little to no studying up to this point, the course gave me a jump start to the correct way of studying. The instructor was passionate about the course and taught in a way that made learning fun. I am certain the techniques I learned will be beneficial when I sit for the exam.

Akilah Smith

This course did wonders for introducing me to the way the test makers think. The Bibles are great, but seeing an instructor break down the questions and games in real time offered a level of insight that really took my preparation to the next level.

Lydia Middleton
St. Louis, MO

The Weekend Course was great because I was exposed to a myriad of things I will see on the LSAT. I am much more confident in my ability to study effectively on my own because I completed the Weekend Course.

Ronald Beach, II
Ann Arbor Hawthorn

As a non-traditional law student, the Weekend LSAT course by Powerscore provided me with everything I needed to know to be successful on the LSAT. It was a cost effective and time efficient decision that has helped guide me through the beginning steps of my law career.

Boston, MA

Great material, great instructor. I liked the structure of the course, and the instructor was very knowledgeable. He was willing to stay late and answer any questions we had about the test or applying to law school. He gave great advice and taught the course really well. I would definitely recommend to other people.

St. Louis, MO

The instruction during this weekend course took away the feeling of anxiety and replaced it with a calm feeling of confidence that I could do well on the LSAT.

Michael Coan
Athens, GA

This course was great! It gave the extra confidence boost I needed for my upcoming exam, and was full of great tips. I absolutely loved the instructor! She was so thorough and incredibly helpful! I learned a lot, and was very happy that I attended the course. It definitely has given my testing skills a significant boost!

Rachael Jones
Orlando, FL

I drove six hours from Memphis to Atlanta to take your weekend LSAT course. It was the best course I have ever taken in my life. I didn't know it was possible to learn so much in two days. I feel much more confident in my abilities to score well on the LSAT now and will definitely be enrolling in one of your GMAT courses in the fall. Thanks PowerScore!

Peter Brennen Reynolds
Atlanta, GA

This course, which I found on a whim on the internet, was a gem. I can't explain how good of a find it was. I have a much better understanding of the LSAT, LSAC, the entire admissions process and law school in general. I feel 1000% more confident!

Sarah Sullivan
Manhattan, NY

After completing the LSAT weekend course, I feel better prepared to tackle the test in a few weeks. The course provided me with actionable strategies to better attack questions and increase my score.

Emilie O'Toole
Washington, DC

The PowerScore Weekend course is a great value. Having been actively studying for several months, I was looking for a way to fine-tune some techniques as well as build confidence; this course was perfect for that. The instructor was clear and concise and was able to make the class beneficial for students just beginning to study as well as for students who were just looking to polish skills and learn some new tips. I am very glad I decided to spend the money on this course and I would recommend the weekend course as well as the various bible to any student looking to improve her LSAT score.

Seattle, WA

The personal attention I received was phenomenal. I felt comfortable asking questions and taking risks. I learned about the skills I would need to tackle each question type and then had the opportunity to actually apply the learning. The instructor offered to help with any other part of the law school application process as well and gave us his personal contact information to follow up! I would absolutely recommend this course!

Liz Weil
Denver, CO

I was having some trouble with solving the logical reasoning questions before taking this course. The course really took the time to explain how to identify each question and gave practical ways to solve them. It also provided me with a better and faster way to set up the logic games questions in order to answer the tricky questions quickly!

Jelena Pejic

Instructor was so great---very friendly, inclusive, respectful. Did not spoon feed us the answers. Overall great value for my money. I learned more from this weekend course than I did in a full 2-month $1100 course with the Princeton Review. Thank you!

Mariam Rashidi

I took this PowerScore weekend course at the beginning of my preparations to study for the LSAT's. I am so glad I made the investment of time! I'm strongly positioned to prepare for the LSAT's and begin my studying feeling directed and confident. The instructor was fantastic!

Jeanne Faria

This class and the power score method are phenomenal. Having taken the Princeton review 6-week course only to end up with a mediocre score on the October LSAT, this weekend PowerScore class not only has mentally given me a bit of a boost but has also completely and thoroughly helped me understand the different question types on the LSAT. Because of this I know that with studying I can get a really good score because I know how to tackle each question on the LSAT. The instructor was also wonderful - he kept up his energy and positivity and made the class fun and the LSAT understandable. You knew he knows what he's talking about because he did so well on the LSAT and even subsequent LSAT practice exams. Every question type was broken down and discussed. I can't believe just how much was accomplished in two days. Because of the wonderful teacher we were able to understand the PowerScore methods which are without a doubt the most effective and efficient.

Ami Jani
Los Angeles, CA

I've been enrolled in a number of other LSAT preparation courses, and this weekend course was by far the most helpful. I was finally able to grasp the concepts behind conditional logic and apply them appropriately.

Meghan Trahan
New Orleans, LA

Powerscore materials are great, full of tools that are extremely helpful. The instructors are held to high standards which they easily meet. My instructor was enthusiastic, helpful and truly enjoyed giving us insight and encouragement every step of the way. It is obvious that Powerscore is doing their best for future law school students to not only succeed, but thrive! Thanks a lot! Money well spent!

Jennifer J. Berlanga
San Antonio, TX

The weekend course exceeded all of my expectations, and has allowed me to confidently prepare for the upcoming LSAT. The instructor was clear, concise, efficient, and highly engaging throughout the entire weekend. The extremely small class size was also highly beneficial, as it allowed for continuous personal interaction between the instructor and students, as well as among fellow students at all times. I would extend my strongest recommendation to anyone considering attendance at this course. Thank you.

Charles Peters

More than I could have ever expected to learn! Gregory Johnson

Philadelphia, PA

Excellent instructor. Class was filled with tips and strategies on how to not only pass but succeed in LSAT. The instructor took us through the steps and mindset of how to get through every part of the test. He engaged each student on our strengths and weakness' while keeping everyone's interest! The amazing part was that everyone was at totally different points in our preparation and retake of the test! Thank you!

Boston, MA

My instructor was extremely knowledgeable and helped me obtain confidence in the areas that challenged me the most. The class was well worth it, I would recommend the course to anyone wanting to achieve a higher score and lower anxiety.

Ed Williams
(Tulane) New Orleans, LA

The LSAT weekend prep class from PowerScore was excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable of the material. He helped me understand several methods to tackle the analytical and logical reasoning sections. I am confident that taking this class has made me more prepared for the LSAT this February. I would highly recommend this course.

Mary Finley

I believe this is the best LSAT preparation available to students. This course allows for hand on learning at a very personal level. The learning environment is comfortable and each student is catered to. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable of the material and helpful. PowerScore is first-class LSAT prep.

Jordan Snedegar
Tulane University

The weekend PowerScore course opened my eyes to things I never realized about the LSAT. My instructor was amazing and I loved the small class size which allowed for a more personal level of instruction. I would definitely recommend PowerScore to anyone looking to improve their LSAT score!

Alyssa Heller
New Haven, CT

I have taken the LSAT a few times, and have consistently done poorly. I have very bad text anxiety and needed something to supplement my weaknesses and gaps. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. I cannot stress that enough. I took the Kaplan full course test prep, and this weekend course, and the PowerScore methods outdo anything that Kaplan ever taught me. I am so extremely happy that I took this course and cannot wait to take the LSAT in two weeks. I cannot stress that enough. The instructor was WONDERFUL. The way he thought out loud through each question helped me more than anything has ever helped before. He allowed people to make the wrong answer choice and have them explain why they choose that answer, and in turn, helped my way of thinking and reasoning so much. I cannot thank you enough for having a course like this. I would recommend this to anyone and everyone in a heartbeat. Thank you so much. This has given me the tools and overall, the confidence that I will need in two weeks when I take the LSAT again.

Michelle McVaney
Cleveland, OH

I went into the course not knowing anything about the LSAT and wondering if I should even write them. At the end of the weekend, I left the class feeling very confident in my abilities and was excited to write the test thanks to the enthusiastic and informative way in which the course was taught. Very Helpful!

Jeffrey Aylen

This class was extremely beneficial. I read multiple reviews of different programs (Kaplan, PowerScore, etc.), and different length classes (multi-week, weekend, etc). I have to say that I was extremely impressed with the Weekend LSAT class offered by PowerScore. As someone who has a solid grasp on most LSAT concepts, I really took the weekend class hoping to gain insight into the more complex types of questions and to find ways to be faster and more efficient in sections. A multi-week course, for someone at my point of preparation, would not have been practical and would have probably contained countless hours of redundant and unnecessary information. The weekend program did an excellent job of teaching concepts in all sections, both basic and advanced, in a short period of time so that I could quickly learn the concept, get some in-class practice and analysis, and can now refine my skills at my own pace until the LSAT. I learned several tactics to answer questions, even in the more basic question types, that I was not aware of prior to the class and I know will help me when it comes to test time.

Greg Tsonis
University Center

PowerScore is the only LSAT prep program I will ever use! I enjoyed the LSAT Weekend course and I am so grateful for the repeat guarantee. My instructor presented the strategies with passion and he made me excited to tackle the LSAT again! Thank you so much PowerScore.

Sarah Cuevas
Dallas, TX

After taking the Oxford LSAT weekend prep course, I was left feeling more confused about the LSAT. I wrote the LSAT two times, without increasing my score, and decided to take the PowerScore Prep Course in order to prepare for my third LSAT. I was blown away at the difference between the methods that PowerScore provides compared to Oxford. I strongly feel that the methods PowerScore advises will allow for greater success on my future LSAT.

Katelyn Gehring

This weekend preparation course was outstanding, and within the 16-hours of preparation study, so much was made clear and understandable. I now have far more confidence in my own abilities; in addition, the strategies and techniques taught are straightforward, easily understood, and make the LSAT questions much less intimidating.

Dennis L Landes
Dallas, TX

PowerScore's Weekend Course really helped me apply strategies in preparation for the LSAT Test. It was very effective and very informative. There is a lot of information in a short amount of time but it stays in the fore-front of your mind. The instructors are AWESOME and very concerned with student learning and preparation to make a POWERSCORE on the LSAT Test!!!

ReAzalia Allen
New Orleans, LA

If I had not taken this course before the LSAT, I would have been lost come test day. We were given great information on how to approach each situation. Thank you PowerScore!!!

Chase Gray

This prep class was great! We reviewed the structure of the entire LSAT in two days. It helped to build my confidence, made a lot of concepts much clearer, and set a solid foundation for my preparation process. Also, the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining! He definitely kept up engaged from start to finish.

Monique Caples
Dallas, TX

I thought that I had a sufficient handle on the LSAT material, however since completing the class I realized how much more I could be doing to save time. Through the strategies I have learned, I now feel that I truly have the proper tools.

Lauren Stram
New York, NY

Had I not taken this course I would have wasted a ton of time and effort trying to understand things that were presented in this course. I would have been lost without it.

Tyler Leverington
Minneapolis, MN

The course was informative and helpful considering that a great deal of material was covered in a very short amount of time. Our instructor went above and beyond in getting us to understand areas we were weak in and took the time to answer questions and clarify the material. The experience was more than worth the cost of the course.

Rudolph Singh II
Miami FL

The instructor understood the material at the level of an expert and explained every one of my questions fully and satisfactorily. It was highly informative and I appreciated his light humor while still remaining focused on the subject matter. Highly recommended.

Jacob Seluga
Portland, OR

This course really helped me organize my strategies for each section. The instructor was very knowledgeable and the information and techniques gained from this course helped me improve on each section.

Bria Altieri
Richard Stockton College

Didn't expect to gain much after scoring a reasonably high score on my first attempt, however the course gave me new and great insight that I hadn't realized before. Would absolutely recommend.

Matt Schwartz
Miami, FL

This course was everything I could have hoped for and more! I was a little worried that we wouldn't be able to cover what we needed to in only two days, but the instructor moved at an excellent pace while still stopping and thoroughly answering questions and giving examples when needed. I loved being able to look at actual LSAT questions, and while I intended to just focus on the instructional portions for the games, I think I picked up one or two questions in each of the other sections! Thank you so much, and I have been recommending PowerScore classes and materials to my other pre-law friends ever since!

Katie Watkins
Durham, NC

A perfect recap of materials to help with the last few weeks of studying before the big day.

Devin Chatterton

Our instructor did a great job of presenting the course material and was able to eloquently answer every question that we asked. His in-depth knowledge of the Logic Games and understandable breakdown of each type of question was worth the cost of the class alone. He also provided specific tips and tricks to each section that we covered. I've read through parts of two different LSAT prep books, but nothing compares to having someone that understands the LSAT inside and out breakdown the information in its entirety.

Michael Chandler
Denver, CO

It was a great comprehensive course that really helped me understand and prepare for the LSAT!

Toronto, Canada

I feel a lot more confident in taking the LSAT. The course broke down every question given on the exam and how to tackle it. The strategies taught are going to be most helpful and I am so glad that I took this course!

Machaela Fordyce
Kansas City, MO

Prior to taking the weekend course I had been doing a fair amount of studying on my own. This course was extremely helpful in linking things together for me that would have taken months to figure out on my own. The way things were explained were so clear and were extremely beneficial to my understanding. I feel strongly that in these two days I raised my LSAT score.

Greg Tainter
Minneapolis,  MN

The LSAT weekend course is the perfect option for someone who has a limited amount of study time before the LSAT, but nonetheless, wants to learn effective and clear strategies to bring with them on test day. (My instructor) was an extremely thoughtful instructor, and even stayed with the class for an entire hour of unpaid overtime to work through four extra challenging logic games. In the weeks leading up to the June exam, I feel confident that I'll be able to crystallize what I've learned over the weekend to get the best score possible!

Saige Jutras
Cambridge, MA

My instructor was extremely helpful and knowledgeable on the test material as well as the reasoning and thought processes behind the questions. I came into the class apparently clueless regarding the keys to success on the LSAT. Now I feel well prepared and will continue to study based on the PowerScore book and class material.

Zachary Pechter
Atlanta, GA

This course was 100 times better than the one I took at my school!

Ethan Siler
Charlotte, NC

The PowerScore text is the best I've come across. The instructor presented the material clearly and effectively. I would definitely recommend for anyone taking the test. I wish I had time for a full length course!

Jessica Fox
Philadelphia, PA

Phenomenal! I wish I had taken the full length course with PowerScore instead. I learned so many strategies in this intensive weekend course than I did with another full length course I took the year prior.

Heather Chavis
Charlotte,  NC

Of the three available LSAT prep courses, PowerScore is UNDOUBTEDLY the best value. You won't be sorry you chose PS.

David Tupper
Houston, TX

I have been working with the PowerScore Bible books for some time, but the Weekend LSAT Course was a great review and way to wrap up all the information! I have already noticed a huge difference in my score since starting PowerScore and would recommend it to everyone. I am actually excited about taking the LSAT.

Kara Maruszak
Cleveland, OH

I am far less stressed about taking the LSAT exam after taking your weekend LSAT Preparation Course. The instructor gave a lot of helpful hints and detailed explanation about solving the logic games. I'm ready! Thank you.

Rebecca Hire
Houston, TX

Before attending the weekend LSAT course I had no idea how to prepare for the test. I never took a practice test or even looked at a practice question at that. The weekend course really gave me a better understanding of what to expect and even made me feel confident that I can and will do well on the test. I did not think that a weekend would be enough, but I honestly think I learned more than I would have in a full length course with any other company. Our instructor was beyond amazing, he taught us in a way that kept our attention. Nine hours is a long time but it did not feel like it at all. I had two big events that were the same weekend of the course but I chose to take the course instead. By the end of the course I was extremely happy with the decision I made! I would defiantly recommend this course!

Jasmine Joseph
Savannah, GA

The Course really put the test into its perspective. I could not get that from a book or slide show. Great Work. It is by far worth the money and effort. Thank You

Paul Ward
Dallas, TX

The course was perfect for letting me go from average on the LSAT to great. My instructor provided great tips and techniques for the test as well. I would recommend the weekend course for anyone looking to bump their score a few points.

Jonathan Deluca
New Orleans, LA

I can't imagine taking the LSAT without this class. The Weekend Course is a great way for any student to prepare for their LSAT. It's affordable, practical, and unique! I am so thankful for PowerScore.

Bridgette Buchanan
Nashville, TN

If you compare the price to the value the student receives from PowerScore course, it is totally incomparable due to their high quality of their materials and instructors.

Mohammed Alhussain
Pittsburgh, PA

This class was enjoyable because the instructor was very enthusiastic about what he was talking about. It helps to learn topics that may seem boring, but the instructor genuinely has an interest in helping you understand. I would strongly recommend this as a crash course due to the short time and the amount of work that is thoroughly gone over.

Erin Orzech
Cleveland, OH

The course is definitely worth the money. I particularly liked the break down for the reasoning questions. Michael was very helpful in explaining what to look for and how to attack the questions. I would highly recommend the course to anyone wishing to take the LSAT.

John Lombrano
San Antonio, TX

The weekend PowerScore class made the LSAT seem more manageable. It allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses, and it gave me specific strategies on how to tackle each section.

Alexandra Presnal
Houston, TX

This course really changed my approach to studying for the LSAT. Thanks to the various techniques and tricks, I was able to make connections that I had been missing previously. Those who are really serious about doing well on the LSAT should take this class.

Andrew Shindi

I got more out of the weekend course than I did studying alone for 4 months!!!

Melanie Evans
Philadelphia, PA

After taking another prep course online and still feeling a bit lost, I signed up for the POWERSCORE weekend class and it was well worth it. Concepts that I had trouble with became clear and the course presented a great overall picture of the LSAT!

Jill Schroeder
Denver, CO

This course in particular reminds of Augustus Caesar's famous quote, "Make haste, slowly." The course was aggressive, yet defined, in its line of attack. It addressed many of the most effective ways to prepare yourself for the LSAT. It gave me a great attitude for going into the test.

David Estle
Savannah, GA

PowerScore's Weekend LSAT course is an intensive intellectual boot-camp. At the end of the course my brain was hurting, but I felt infinitely better about taking the LSAT. The methods outlined in the course gave me an effective strategy to tackling the LSAT.

Taphon Maddison
New York, NY

The systematic approach and problem solving methods of the program were a perfect fit for my learning style. I scored consistently in the 150s on practice tests before the full length course and steadily progressed during the course, scoring a 169 on the actual LSAT. The instructor was always available and gave great insight on solving particular problems and how to structure study methods to reinforce weaknesses and maintain strengths.

Jeffrey Sommers
Los Angeles, CA

PowerScore's weekend course made such a difference in my understanding of the LSAT and boosted my confidence 110%. I highly recommend taking any of PowerScore's prep classes. Truly an exceptional and well-worth-it experience! Thank you PowerScore!

Mackenzie Dowtin
Richmond, VA

My instructor knows what he is doing when it comes to the LSAT. He laid out a clear and concise pathway to solving the games section. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and made being in a classroom all day on a Saturday and Sunday actually enjoyable. I am glad I took this course, and I am confident the things I learned this weekend will help improve my LSAT timing and score.

Julie Koontz
New Orleans, LA

The LSAT Weekend Course, was by far, worth every penny! I learned so much in just a weekend and the instructor was very detailed in breaking down the information. I was so excited that I went home to work on some logic games and actually got 8 out of 10 right! I couldn't believe it! I am actually pumped to study and am really excited to see my score increase on the December 2010 lsat exam! This course definitely helped to boost my confidence and gave me the tips I needed to improve my score! Thanks so much PowerScore!

Elise Danh
Irvine, CA

The course was concise and clear; I felt like everything that I needed to know was covered in order for me to do well on the test. The instructor was superb and made the classroom environment one that was comfortable for each student to participate in without feeling pressured or embarrassed. I would recommend this class to ANYONE who is preparing for the LSATs!

Samantha Chu

After reading some other LSAT prep materials I was feeling a bit lost when trying to answer some of the questions on the LSAT. After taking the PowerScore class, it was like a light bulb came on and I had a lot more clarity. Thanks so much!

Arryn Lash
Houston, TX

I learned more during one weekend with PowerScore than I did in months with Kaplan. The methods finally started to click with me and my practices have increased by 6 points already.

Bethany Garcia
Birmingham, AL

Whether students need to brush up before the exam or just need a well-focused jumping off point, this course is THE best solution to fit your needs. It's incredibly beneficial and the instructor(s) are well versed in any and all questions you may ask them, providing for an efficient and thorough introduction/review. Given the class size and the pace at which the group works, there is always plenty of time to ask questions and to catch up when necessary, making the course compatible with beginners and those who are already familiar. Overall, wonderful and well worth your time and your dime!

Lane Turkle

My approach to the LSAT before was to look exclusively for right answers and I found myself bogged down by the endless possibilities for each question - losing precious time. The PowerScore method helped me understand that eliminating wrong answers is a powerful way to find the correct response. I am confident that my next LSAT performance will be much stronger than my last.

Robert Ordway
Chicago, IL

I feel far more confidant preparing for the LSAT after taking this course. It helped me gain great strategies for attacking problems on all sections. Instead of feeling pressured, I now feel empowered!

Hannah Armentrout
Williamsburg, VA

Best advice on the Reading Comprehension section I have ever gotten. The Monday after this class I had gone from guessing and getting half right to fully understanding the passages.

Eric Townsend
Washington DC

I had already taken the LSAT when I signed up for the course. I was hoping to improve my score substantially. I feel that after this weekend, I am confident that a higher score is within my grasp. The instructor was absolutely extraordinary. He took the time to explain the complexity behind the test and not just why answer choices were right or wrong. He made sure to drill us in the most important overall concepts that could be applied to any of the LSAT sections. I thought he did a phenomenal job moving beyond what was presented in the practice book and giving us some easy tricks to beating the LSAT. The workbook will be a helpful reminder of methods to keep in mind in the month before I retake the LSAT. I know with this text and my instructor's teaching I am sure to ace the LSAT this time around!

Brittany Wilson
New Orleans, LA

PowerScore's weekend class greatly helped me prepare for the LSAT. The instructor was great at breaking down the difficult problems and giving us tools that were effective in solving the problems. Thank you PowerScore!

Cortney Vess
Denver, CO

This was an awesome course! I recommend it to anyone who is getting ready to take the LSAT! Clear concise and straight to the point in what types of questions to expect on the LSAT and how to answer them. Great course!

Deborah Kallas
Orlando, FL

The LSAT weekend prep course was definitely worth the money. I have a clear understanding of what the LSAT entails which means I can better prepare to take the test and do well. The instructor was well versed in the LSAT and knew her stuff front to back with no problem explaining things in intricate detail.

Jephonne Foster
Atlanta, GA

I took the LSAT cold in June before I took this LSAT prep course in preparation for the October LSAT. After taking this course, I know that I'll do better on my next LSAT, simply because I now know how to approach the logical and analytical thinking sections. Before I did not have a plan of attack, and I think I made it harder than necessary. Now I know that I'll do better than my first score, simply because I know what I'm doing now. My instructor was also funny and made the class as stress-free and interesting as he could. I recommend this course to anyone who wants a better understanding of approaching every section of the test.

Salt Lake City, UT

PowerScore's weekend LSAT prep course provided much more than a basic overview of the LSAT. During the prep course, students were taught concepts, strategies, reasoning, and application techniques to help guide them toward identifying the correct answers with ease. Whether you've taken the LSAT before and need to get a higher score, or if you cancelled your previous LSAT score, or if this is your first glance at the LSAT, PowerScore does an effective job at helping everyone learn the necessary components to do an outstanding job on the LSAT. The possibilities are endless when students apply themselves with their newly adapted knowledge.

Tamara M. Floyd
Davis, CA

This course was amazing!! I previously took Princeton Review and it did nothing for me! I took the October 2010 LSAT and blew it. Two days of PowerScore and I now have a better understanding of the LSAT. The test does not seem as evil as I once thought it was! I should've started with PowerScore from the beginning!

Jessica C
New York, NY

My instructor was amazing and in the past week alone my speed and score have improved. I gained more from that weekend that from the Kaplan extended course or any independent studying. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in understanding or improving on the LSAT. Thanks again!

Guenevere Taylor
New York, NY

Thank you, the Weekend LSAT provided just the overview I needed. The instructor could not have been any more qualified or professional, while the Weekend materials provided a perfect foundation for preparing for the LSAT. Thanks again.

Nathan Elias
Chicago, IL

I was a little worried about taking just the weekend course, but with a full-time job and a family, this was really my only option. I have to say I was blown away with this course. The weekend course was AWESOME! I feel like it was the right fit for me and my schedule, and it was a good value for the information received. I feel I am better prepared now then I was with just self-study. Thanks!

Ernie F.
Cincinnati, Ohio

The course is fantastic and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is preparing for the LSATs!!!!

Ryan Canty
Pittsburgh, PA

After reviewing the Logic Games Bible and the Logical Reasoning Bible, I was confident in my abilities to attack the LSAT. However, it wasn't until after I took the Weekend Course that my instructor made these concepts come to life! After the course, my practice exam scores shot up over 10 points!

Jordan Redavid
Miami, FL

Considering this class was only 2 days long, I learned a lot more than I thought I would. I have greatly improved on my timing since I now know a more effective way to attack games, reading comprehension and logical reasoning. I am confident that I will be able to manage my time on this next test and thus, increase my score. I recommend the weekend course to anyone who doesn't whose schedule doesn't comply with the full length course or if they just want a boost before the test.

Lane Mobley
Atlanta, GA

Standardized tests have never come naturally to me, yet with the help of the LSAT Weekend Course and the PowerScore Bibles for each section of the LSAT I feel confident I will receive the score I desire. All the materials are very good, informative, and well-explained, and the instructors have been very helpful and actually fun to learn from. I highly suggest these courses and the books for anyone that needs to improve their score. Also, PowerScore is perfect for those like myself that simply don't think like these test do and need thorough understanding to even get started.

Louisa Drouet
Denver, CO

I was amazed. I have never been to a test prep class before so I wasn't sure what to expect. After only a few hours on the first day of the weekend course, I felt that the information I had learned had easily covered the cost. My instructor did an excellent job teaching not only the concepts that are on the test, but also providing insight into the test as a whole and several time-saving techniques.

Andrew F.
Kansas City

The PowerScore Weekend LSAT prep course is an effective, efficient way to get a firm understanding of the LSAT and all that it encompasses. The weekend session is great for those who work full time, as it gives you a strong foundation to study for the LSAT, all while allowing your work week to go uninterrupted. After the weekend session the wrong answers start to fly off the page!

Mike L.
Cambridge, MA

This was an excellent course. I feel very prepared and I view the LSAT in a far more positive light than I did before taking this PowerScore course. I think that this is mainly because my instructor brought a lot of energy and positivity to the classroom. He created a very comfortable yet well-paced environment in which there are no bad questions, no one was favored and everyone was taken very seriously, and everyone managed to catch on equally even though we were all at very different places in our LSAT studies. He was also excellent at explaining the PowerScore techniques and how they will benefit us on the LSAT, and I believe he instilled confidence in all of us students. I will certainly recommend this course to any of my friends who decide to take the LSAT!

Sabrina Rewald
Toronto, ON

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the weekend course. My instructor not only covered the process on how to attack the various problems, questions, and logic games, but also helped me put the test into a better perspective. I know that from a mental standpoint on how to view the test, his advice and instruction is priceless. I no longer look at the LSAT as some genius daunting test that is impossible to conquer. Instead, I feel more confident, aware, and know that the test makers have met their match. Thank you for going beyond the problems and helping me to look at the LSAT in the right perspective. For me, that is priceless.

Bruce Gonzalez
Charleston, SC

I have no doubt that my LSAT score will be much higher after completing the weekend course. The instructor was knowledgeable, friendly, and passionate about helping and making sure each student understood each piece of material. Before taking this course, I thought scoring in the 160's would be the highest possible for me. Now, there is absolutely no reason why I shouldn't believe my score will be 170. PowerScore provides the tools needed to master every question on any possible test. I cannot say enough good about PowerScore!

Ashley Bullock
Lexington, KY

I started my studies with Princeton Review and Kaplan and was so frustrated with my scores I was ready to give up going to Law School. A friend suggested that I purchase the Power Score Logic Games and Reasoning Bible and I felt a light turn on in my brain! There were however still some key points I kept missing so I decided to take weekend course. Our instructor this weekend "broke it down" and I now feel even more prepared to take this test on and do well. Thank you PowerScore!

Michelle Gay
New York, NY

Both the PowerScore LSAT bibles and the weekend course were very effective in helping me prepare for the test. The books laid out the material in an easy to understand format that came to life during the class presentation. I would highly recommend PowerScore prep to anyone!

Kristina Fretwell
Phoenix, AZ

I really like the Weekend Book that we were provided. It was like a snapshot into each of the books in the PowerScore Suite. Although I haven't yet taken a practice test since this weekend course, I feel that I have a better grasp on the concepts that were taught. I'm really glad that I devoted the time and energy with this course.

Deidra Clark
Austin, TX

This course was amazing!! I previously took Princeton Review and it did nothing for me! I took the October 2010 LSAT and blew it. Two days of PowerScore and I now have a better understanding of the LSAT. The test does not seem as evil as I once thought it was! I should've started with PowerScore from the beginning!

Jessica C.
New York, NY

"After the first half of the first day I had already increased my confidence so much that my friends and family could tell just by talking to me. I had calmed down and focused on the test. After the class I felt relieved and ready to attack the test with everything I had. I tend to be the type of person who freezes on standardized tests but I think I have now overcome that personal trait. Our instructor was not only incredibly helpful and extremely intelligent, he encouraged us to succeed. I know that I would not have scored nearly as well as I did without the help of Art and all of his patience. I have and will continue to recommend this course to anyone and everyone I know that is even considering law school. Thank you so much."

Jessemine Long
Kansas City, MO

"PowerScore's LSAT training program at Little Rock, AR was outstanding in all respects. The written material could not have been better. It provided excellent coverage with emphasis on important parts. It was well organized, clearly writtten and well presented. Jeff, our instructor, could not have been better. He obviously enjoys not only teaching your LSAT prep course, but also providing each attendee with helpful information concerning the subject. Jeff was well prepared and presented all material very professionally. He kept the class moving without skipping over any subject lightly. He provided emphasis where necessary. He encouraged questions and responded to all. Jeff demonstrated a sincere interest in each attendee. You could not have sent a more professional instructor. I personally received a lot from attending your class. Regards,"

James A Cook Jr.
Little Rock, AR

"When I went into this course on Saturday I was so scared to take the LSAT. I took a practice LSAT and scored very low. I didn't know how to attack any of the questions. I was about to give up law school. Once I went in and took the PowerScore course I came out Sunday a new person. I am so excited to take the LSAT and I am not scared of it at all. This course taught me so much that I know I am going to score very well on the LSAT and I look forward to applying for law schools. This is the knowledge and confidence PowerScore gives many people. The instructor was awesome he was very clear in the way he presented everything. He explains everything so well that I rarely asked any questions. Thanks PowerScore!"

Hillary Garvin
Kansas City, MO

"I took the Weekend PowerScore class after taking 6 months of Kaplan, between the two, there is no comparison! PowerScore gives you concrete rules and strategies that will enable you to achieve your top score. Kaplan prepares you to do average on the exam. I wish I had taken the PowerScore full length course instead of Kaplan."

Lynne Ashkar
New York City, NY

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough. Having looked through many books and heard a great deal about it, the LSAT seemed a daunting undertaking. This program presented information so clearly that the test started to make sense. The techniques offered during the class were very, very helpful during the test. Our instructor was great, explaining everything in great detail, and answering all of our questions. I was amazed to open the test and start sailing through the questions, which I know was related to the info from the class I attended. This was by far the best investment I could have made to help me tackle the LSAT."

Deborah Danton
Ann Arbor, MI

I was a first timer for the LSAT review course. The biggest benefit from the PowerScore Weekend course were the tools and techniques that save time when faced with the logical and analytical reasoning questions as well as the reading comprehension problems. These tools and techniques are not so much tricks as they are functional tools for thinking through to a solution. They are easy to learn and apply. Time is my killer, and PowerScore was just what I was looking for in a review course; The course ramped me up quick, the instructor was top notch, a law grad, working attorney, and LSAT 99th!

Paul Jackson
Durham, NC

The teachers are amazing. Their knowledge of the subject material and their method of conveying it to the students is unprecedented. The class was worth every penny.

James Kiernan

It was solely through the weekendcourse that I was able to raise my LSAT score by 13 points. I no longer have a mediocre LSAT score and am applying to some very reputable schools. Without the course I understood the concepts and the reasoning behind the questions but the instruction that I received helped me break the mental block that was keeping me from a full comprehension of the test. Again, THANK YOU POWERSCORE and the individual whom taught our class in Lexington, KY. It was his insights and your methods that helped me get over the block and succeed at the LSAT.

Tom Fitzpatrick
Lexington, KY

Before the weekend course, I worked through Powerscore's Logic Games and Logical Reasoning Bibles. The course was a great way to review the concepts I learned from both books. I appreciated having the opportunity to receive LSAT instruction from a great teacher and now feel much more prepared for the test!

Carrie Johnson
Washington, DC

The weekend course was efficient and incredibly helpful. I can't even imagine taking the test without all of the tips and information that I received from this course. My instructor was so knowledgeable about the LSAT, it was so encouraging to see where studying could get you. I learned more from this weekend than I have from various books over the past three months.

Kelsey Clark
Los Angeles, CA

This course greatly helped me to improve my score and to understand how to attack the questions on the lsat. In fact i raised my score 10 points from the first time that i took it. I only wish that i would have taken this course before i took the lsat the first time and i would have raised it even more. Thanks.

Michael Amend
Dallas, TX

It was unbelievable. The PowerScore Weekend LSAT class surpassed my expectations in every way.

Nathaniel Wallshein
Washington, DC

I was incredibly happy with my PowerScore experience. My biggest concern heading into the two sessions was confidence because I really didn't know too much about the intricacies of the LSAT. After this weekend, however, I am brimming with not only confidence but also with methods of attack for every section of the LSAT. I want to be a lawyer and I think PowerScore may have helped me achieve that goal.

Chris Kopech
Columbus, OH

I was unsure if an LSAT preparation class would be worth the expense and time, but just after two hours into the course I could already tell what a difference it was going to make. I am very grateful I made the decision to sign up, and am so much more confident now in preparing for the test. Thank you !!!!

Amanda Hilgendorf
New Orleans, LA

Our instructor did an exceptional job teaching the course. He was very knowledgeable about the test and taught us numerous methods to solve the types of questions that are on the LSAT. Nick gladly stopped to answer questions from the class. More than that, he was engaging, funny, and truly cared that we were learning the material. I was skeptical that a two-day course would be worth the price, but it most certainly was.

Eric Pender
Chicago, IL

"The weekend class was just the thing I needed to get my hands around the LSAT and gain a better understanding of what was expected. The instructor was immensely qualified, with impressive credentials. Well worth it."

Jeff Oyer
Columbus, OH

"Your course is extremely well organized and helpful. I have bought books from Kaplan and Princeton Review and found that they're chock full of unofficial questions with wrong answers and unclear logic. You all didn't have any of that. On top of that I wanted to say that the instructor, whose full name I never got, was very very good. I have taught courses before for SAT preparation and I never taught so well...Thanks very much!"

David Levine
Austin, TX

"The instructor was excellent! She kept the class moving at a good pace--fast enough to be a bit challenging, but taking time for questions whenever needed. Since timing is such a big part of the LSATs difficulty, I think it's important to get students used to covering questions at a realistic pace after the concepts have been understood. Having a small class was a plus. I actually enjoyed the weekend! I have used (or at least looked thru) books from several preparation companies, and while I have gathered some useful information and techniques, I think PowerScore's approach is the most efficient overall."

Edward Hawkins
Cleveland, OH

"I think that the weekend course is amazing. You have really packed the 'meat' of the LSAT test into a full focused weekend. I went in to the class knowing your methods were helpful from having worked with the Logic Games Bible, but I was still very overwhelmed with the whole test. The instructor helped break down the questions so that they are so clear to me now. The wrong answers jump off the page and the right ones are easier to find. I use to map out every games question, which was very time consuming. Now, I am certain that my set-up is correct so I no longer need to map out most questions, I have the answers staring me in the face! It is amazing how quickly I can answer the games questions now. This was where the course was the most helpful. But even with the Reading Comp section, I had terrible difficulty with the time limits. Although reading critically can't necessarily be taught, the instructor helped me understand what the main question types were, and how to diagram the passages, which made it much easier. I flew all the way from Orlando to take the class in Atlanta and it still ended up being less expensive than the popular commercial courses offered here. I only wish you had a full-length course in our area."

Christine Oweis
Atlanta, GA

"Compared to the preparation material available through Kaplan or the Princeton Review, the PowerScore materials I recieved through the Weekend Course were exponentially more helpful than anything else I have come across. The materials alone would be sufficient to prepare with, but the additional structure and organization of the course proved to be just as invaluable. Attending the weekend course also gave me the confidence to take the test that I would have otherwise been lacking. I am definitely beyond satisfied."

Meghan Dunn
Dallas, TX

"The Weekend LSAT Course far exceeded my expectations. I now feel very well prepared for the upcoming test, particularly how best to attack all of the various question types in the different sections. The material and instruction was in-depth, informative and interesting, and the course book provides a great study template to follow for the weeks leading up to the LSAT. In short, the course was a good value and well worth it."

Dean R.
New York City, NY

"I took the full Kaplan course 2 times! Yes 2 FULL courses! The information was still confusing to me and my score did NOT increase ANY!!! I knew that there had to be something for me, a different style of learning. I ordered the PowerScore Logic Games Bible to test out their technique. Because of the incredible success I had in better understanding the games, I signed up for the weekend course. I am considering postponing my test so that I can enroll in the full length class. I know for a fact that my score will increase as a result of PowerScore."

Shelley Rizzotti
Los Angeles, CA

"I took the weekend prep course for the December LSAT with Steve in Berkeley a couple of months ago. Wow. I am thrilled with my score -- 92nd percentile. I took a Kaplan course 3 years ago when I was a student considering applying to law school. I couldn't get my score above 150 in that class, so I opted not to take the test and lost a lot of confidence. After the PowerScore prep and homework, I really felt ready and was able to perform well beyond expectations on test day. I want to thank you for the skilled instruction. Steve was a phenomenal teacher. And PowerScore is truly a well-kept secret. I'm so glad I found it."

Berkeley, CA

"My confidence level has increased dramatically. Rob, the instructor, was thorough and made a point to stay in tune with each participant. He was able to to help me feel comfortable wth asking questions and getting past a block I had with my belief that I wouldn't suceed with a portion of the test. By doing the homework, I believe I will be the best prepared test taker in the room. Thanks."

Lori Lujan
Denver, CO

"The PowerScore LSAT course was phenomenal. I highly recommend it as an essential way to relieve your jitters, focus your studying, and maximize your LSAT score. Why not expand your law school opportunities with the highest possible score!?!"

Juanita Kellerman
Berkeley, CA

"I was really surprised about how much you could actually learn in a weekend LSAT course. I am so glad I took it and would definitely recommend it to others."

Amy Rush
Philadelphia, PA

"I graduated from college almost 12 years ago and I cannot imagine facing the LSAT in six weeks without having taken this course. I feel very focused now and ready to tackle the studying I need to get done to feel confident on test day. Thank you!!!"

Katherine Kinnaman
Stanford University

"The instructor was very positive, energetic and really was adept and making the text material relatable. I am much more confident about taking the LSAT, particularly as it applies to the Logic Games."

Mark De Angelis
Washington, D.C.

"The Power Score system is far superior, in the quality of the strategies and the effective presentation of those strategies, to the Kaplan system."

Binford Parker
Norfolk, VA

"The PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course really helped me gain insight on understanding every aspect of the LSAT. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the test and gave us great tips on how to tackle every type of question you can encounter. I am confident that I can score higher and it's because of PowerScore."

Jocelyn Poblete
Los Angeles, CA

"The PowerScore Weekend LSAT course was the most extensive and beneficial study session I have ever attended.

Kristin C. Mantooth
Ann Arbor, MI

"We had an excellent teacher. He had an incredible understanding of the LSAT, which, in conjunction with the Powerscore material, resulted in a very effective 2 days."

Liz Bracco
New York City, NY

"The weekend course was totally effective. My instructor broke everything down so basic and made it so easy that this test will be a piece of cake. Imagine in just one weekend being ablte to learn techniques to ace this test. I take my test in a few weeks and I am so ready for it. PowerScore will be the reason I get into a top law school. Thanks, PowerScore!"

Casey Petrillo
New York City, NY

"Prior to taking the weekend course I found much of the LSAT material to be confusing and overwhelming, but now I am more confident and feel more prepared for the test itself. Thanks, PowerScore!"

Katie Kerins
Boston, MA

"The techniques that Powerscore presents to attack every type of question on the LSAT are brilliant. I was scared to death of the logic games until the weekend course gave me a structured method of attack."

Jason Way
Columbus, OH

"I was wary of taking a prep course-- I'm always skeptical of the high prices and actual benefit-- but my weekend course was worth every last penny and would recommend it to anyone serious about getting into law school."

Jane Black
Boston, MA

"I had been studying for the LSAT for five months prior to taking your course. After taking the weekend course my score improved by almost 10 points. I was extremely pleased with the results. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who believes that they can improve their score by just studying on their own. It was worth every penny."

Heather Barnes
Denver, CO

"I am a mature student, and as usual approached the course with a little apprehension. I was amazed at the way the course was organized, specially the diagrams for the Analytical part which made things a lot clearer and fast. Thank you, and I would recommend this course to any prospective LSAT student."

Raymond Santiago
Toronto, Canada

"I am so glad that I attended the weekend course with Jennifer in Chapel Hill. She was a great teacher and explained everything very well. I had read from other people that the PowerScore course was better than Kaplan and the others so I decided to try them even though I had never really heard of PowerScore before. In my opinion the PowerScore course is excellent! It is very well organized so that you do not get tired of any area and you continually reinforce things you previously learned. It is the best $395 that I ever spent! Thanks."

Winona Pilkington
Chapel Hill, NC

"This course was excellent in teaching me the basics about types of questions, methods to attack them, and time management. Definitely money well spent! I feel much more confident in continuing to study. Thank you!"

Kelly Roth
Denver, CO

"I had taken the LSAT before and paid $1,000.00 for a test prep course through Kaplan. In comparing the two courses I am convinced that PowerScore did a much better job at presenting the material as well explaining it, if I or any of the other students had questions. PowerScore is a better use of your time and money!"

Judson Sills
Birmingham, AL

"My instructor was very intelligent, a clear & concerned communicator, very sociable. He'd taken the LSAT, scored in the top 1% and was highly credible & very effective. Class sizes were very small with lots of individual attention & active class participation. We didn't move onto the next topic until everyone's questions were answered. Yet we still covered the full range of topics. The class content was very well organized, the location was very convenient, the price was just right. I took the weekend session, but I wish I'd taken the full-length course, because time spent at Powerscore is time well spent!"

Larry Mahlum
San Diego, CA

"I had been studying for the LSATs for weeks prior to taking the course. However, it wasn't until after the weekend course that everything finally clicked. I am now ready and prepared for the test. Also, my instructor was excellent."

Lauren Pena
Washington, D.C.

"Originally, I was a little hestitant to attend the weekend program. I had been prep-testing myself since August and thought I had figured out my strategy for approaching the test. Let me tell you, I was so pleasantly surprised by the weekend course. Not only did I learn a lot of new, more effective ways to approach questions, I learned a lot about the test in general. My instructor, Megan, was awesome and fresh from law school, so she could offer advice on more than just the test. I was quite impressed by the PowerScore weekend course and would recommend it to anyone thinking about law school."

Addie Harbin
Seattle, WA

"My instructor was great. He made the challenging material enjoyable. I particularly liked his demeanor when teaching the class. He answered all questions and presented the course material straight forward, to the point and with no "sugar coating" . Because of that, I can honestly say that I have no excuse but to do well on the test since there is no way for me to say that I was not given adequate preparation. The rest is up to me. Your program was great! Thanks!"

Robert Davis
Dallas, TX

"The course was very helpful in setting the direction for me to follow in preparing for the LSAT. The instructor was sincere in his attempt to help the students. He was patient, very informative, and had an outstanding sense of humor. Thank you,"

Victoria Farrington
Chicago, IL

"Rob is an eloquent and a gifted teacher. He was well prepared to answer questions and follow-up the topic with a pertinent example. His technique gave me perspective and re-enforced the lesson. I will use the simple rules on assumptions (necessary for the argument), justification (sufficient for the argument), and strengthen/weaken arguments in daily tasks as well. It is a well rounded and worthwhile course for busy professional like me. Regards,"

Ahmer Irshad
Houston, TX

"Thank you very much for the explanation. It makes perfect sense. PowerScore is by far the most helpful and knowledgeable testprep company I have encountered. The weekend class I took was excellent, as are the LG Bible and the Setups Guide. Thanks again for everything!"

Mark Marge
New York City, NY

"The methodological approach presented in this course is what differentiates it from other prep courses. Even though I only took the weekend course, the breadth of the material we covered was still substantial. What's more, the material was covered in a systematic way, and whenever possible, links were drawn between similar approaches (with respect to several question types) that helped us to attack each question. Our instructor balanced the intensity of the course with consistently allowing for questions whenever they arose; there was always a forward trajectory. I really don't see how any weekend prep course could improve upon the one I took through PowerScore. Thank you."

Brie Richardson
Salt Lake City, UT

"I took the LSAT last December and I want to kick myself for not taking this course last year. Questions that took me forever to complete before, now seem so simple because of the tricks and strategies that I learned over this past weekend. My instructor was very helpful and funny too. She made the day flow smoothly and it was easier to retain the information we were given because we were always alert and interested. I take the LSAT in three weeks and I'm confident that my score is going to increase significantly."

Ngozi Nwaesei
Ann Arbor, MI

"The PowerScore Weekend Class was not only extremely instructional but also highly motivating. Thank you,"

Linda Agnew
Atlanta, GA

"The weekend PowerScore class, while presented in a condensed and quick manner, is an exceptional tool. I took the LSAT seven years ago, and while I did okay, I am extremely excited that I will score much higher after having taken this course. The PowerScore course showed me new ways to solve logic games and reading comprehensive problems, and provided insight into the types of answers the test providers are looking for. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is planning on taking the LSAT!"

Tina Fantozzi
Ann Arbor, MI

"This past weekend I took the Powerscore LSAT prep course offered in East Hartford, CT. Our instructor was very helpful and energetic. The 16 hours went by quickly, and I feel much more confident about tackling the LSAT. I just wanted to send this bit of positive feedback. Thank you,"

Trish Urso
Hartford, CT

"I am absolutely, positively thrilled with this LSAT course. I was very skeptical about LSAT courses in general as several of my friends have taken and did not like other company's courses. My instructor Julia and she was fantastic. There was no doubt that she knew what she was talking about. I take the LSAT in less than two weeks and know that this course will improve my score. Thank you very much. Sincerely,"

Michael Copley
Lexington, KY

"Preparing for the LSAT is very overwhelming, and before I took the weekend prep class, I was dreading the December test date. After taking the class, I feel much more confident and prepared, and I am positive that I made a wise decision to take the PowerScore class. My instructor was great; he broke everything down so that we could all understand the examples and excercises, and he really got the information across to us. It was a very long weekend, but it was also very worth it. Thank you."

Michelle Dessimoz
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"The weekend course was just what I needed - I was quite familiar with the LSAT going into the course and yet the course taught me helpful methods for solving problems even more quickly. Thank you!"

Erica Yen
Columbia University

"It's way better than Kaplan."

Latoya R. Coaxum
New York City, NY

"Mike did a great job of walking us through the games and helping us understand the importance of setting up our diagrams. In real estate, they say the three most important things to remember are location, location, and location. In the games it's set-up, set-up, set-up. I'd worked through most of the Logic Games Bible, but discussing those concepts in class and working through games step by step made the solutions more clear."

Graham Baker
Austin, TX

"The Instructor was incredibly smart and incredibly funny! It made me relax and have fun while I learned. I totally look at the LSAT with a completely new perspective."

Liliam Lopez
Chapel Hill, NC

"I enrolled in the Powerscore weekend to complement my own preparation for the LSAT. It was a tremendous value and simplified many intimidating aspects of the exam. I had taken the full-length Kaplan course, and I honestly believe this weekend was a better value. Our instructor was excellent and very clear. He moved at a fast pace due to the nature of a weekend course, but his explanations were simple and understandable to all. I was thoroughly impressed with the course, and will recommend it to anyone I know that is preparing for the LSAT."

David Monberg
New York City, NY

"I found the class very helpful. It has armed me with the materials to prepare for a test I was unsure how to approach before. The class has a definite advantage over studying only from a book in that you are able to ask questions and continue asking until you understand some of the more difficult material. I would certainly recomend this course to someone who is struggling with motivation to study or like me learns better when they are able to ask questions."

Serena Hawkin
Kansas City, MO

"My instructor could not have been better. His clear presentation made the weekend extremely informative, even enjoyable. Hats off to PowerScore for hiring Patrick. I have also been very pleased with the communication from PowerScore. I think you are a well run, efficient organization. I will recommend you to other students!"

Joy Roller
New York, NY

"I would just like to point out the outstanding job that the instructor did during the weekend LSAT prep course in New York. He was fully prepared, explained himself well, and gave the information in a down to earth and familiar way using everyday language. I would recommend him to a friend."

Laurel Dockery
New York City, New York

"I never expected a weekend class to go so quickly and smoothly. The enthusiasm of the teacher and the clear explanations provided made studying for the LSAT enjoyable. This class really boosted my confidence!"

Tricia Falkenberg
Chicago, IL

"When I first arrived in NYC to take the course I dreaded spending 16 hours of my weekend dedicated to learning in a classroom. To my surprise, the hours flew by, the teacher was incredibly charismatic, and I now find myself in anticipation for the LSAT. The weekend course extinguished any nervousness I had in taking the test, and now I view the LSAT as nothing more than a fun challenge. I sincerely can't wait to nail it."

Christina P Beale
New York City, NY

"This course gave me a better understanding of what to expect on the LSAT versus other books and materials I have viewed. Because actual LSAT questions are used for learning, review, and homework you are constantly being exposed to the wording and thought process that is necessary to do well on the test."

Brandie Ballard
Dallas, TX

"Other test prep companies seem to have forgotten that the LSAT is a timed test. Many of their 'methods' and 'tricks' are time consuming and impractical. PowerScore does not lose sight of the importance of time, and their strategies are aimed to not only improve your score, but to make sure you can get through the test effectively. I liked the intensive nature of the weekend course, and my instructor was great."

Steven Augustine
Cleveland, OH

"The PowerScore weekend course was of great help to me. It gave me great tips in order to effectively attack the problems in a timely manner. I learned to better understand the wording of the questions. They provide you with tons of preparation materials, including previous LSAT tests, so you can really get a feel for what you will encounter."

Jessica Harlan
Indianapolis, IN

"My professor knew the material inside and out. Her method of teaching was easy to understand. I felt like I received more than my money's worth. Thank you,"

Heidi R

"The course was great! I learned so much. There were numerous subjects/tips that I would have never learned on my own. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to max their score. It is well worth the price and more. Our instructor Jon was great and we were able to relate to him well. This made for a real enjoyable learning atmosphere. Keep up the great work!!!"

Sean Brodie
Hilton Head Island, SC

"I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who is preparing for the LSAT. Throughout the entire course I felt as if a light bulb had gone off over my head and made the whole test easier to understand. Anyone who feels that they need additional help with preparing should go to the PowerScore classes.

Ashley Nobile
Birmingham, AL

DO NOT take the LSAT without this course!

Selena Bachmeier
San Diego, CA

"The PowerScore Weekend course was the best 16 hours I have spent preparing for the LSAT! The instructor was well informed and receptive to our questions and concerns. I feel as if I'm ready to attack the LSAT. Thank you, PowerScore."

Susane Shani
Lexington, KY

"This course was by far the single most helpful tool in preparing for the LSAT. Although I have yet to take the test I feel 100% more confident, and know that in the next two weeks I'll be able to improve my score with the knowledge I picked up.The instructor was incredible; not only in his mastery of the test but in his sincerity and dedication to helping me achieve my desired score. He even offered his email address for further questions between now and the test.I am very satisfied with the class and don't think you could find a better value! I will definitely be recommending Powerscore to friends."Thanks,

Jason Dahlem
University of Washington

"Unbelievable! That is the only word that describes how informative and productive the weekend course was. The instructor presented the material in a clear, precise manner while also making it interesting and enjoyable. I learned so much more in 2 days at the weekend course than I did going through the entire Kaplan review book (three times). I would recommend this course to all. Kudos to PowerScore."

Patricia Reithmeier, R.N.
Temple University

"PowerScore gave me the tools necessary to be successful on the LSAT....THANK YOU!!!!"

Kathleen Vannucci
New York City, NY

I believe PowerScore is the best! Vanessa is great! Thanks!

Gina Alberto
Seattle, WA

"I ordered the Logic Games Bible prior to attending the class. I found the Bible to be extremely helpful in its explanation of how to best set up the Logic Games, and the class instruction helped expand on it even more. I would strongly suggest any future attendees of the class to purchase the Bible prior to attending the class. As compared to Kaplan's method, which I've also studied, I believe PowerScore's method is superior...My instructor, was impressive, knowledgable, helpful, humorous and enthusiastic. "

Dustin Paseur
Birmingham, AL

It is like coming into the light from the darkness of ignorance!

Constance Wright
Philadelphia, PA

"I would have to say this is the best prep course I have ever taken. I would strongly recommend it to anyone who wishes to do well on the LSAT. Thanks for being so helpful because everything else I looked at was just way too confusing and pretty much worthless."

Matt Zitrick
Dallas, TX

"The instructor that I had was wonderful. She was a great teacher and provided a lot of useful information. She was well prepared and instructed the class very professionally. I would definately recommend the class to a friend. Thank you,"

Kristen Holstrom
Orlando, FL

"Before taking the PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course I was very nervous and worried about taking the LSAT. After taking this course, I have a better understanding of what to expect and I have learned different techniques that will help me solve problems on the test. This course was amazing! The instructor very encouraging. "

Paytreen Davidson
Birmingham, AL

"Just dropping a quick line to applaud the weekend class I just took. Our instructor was great. He was patient and really tried to get us to understand the class materials. I feel the weekend course was well worth the money and time. I feel much better prepared for the LSAT than having just studied on my own. Thanks again."

Tara Bryan
Columbus, OH

"I think that the PowerScore class was the best possible prep class that I could have taken. I went in feeling so overwhelmed by the test and the entire admissions process, but I feel much more at ease now. I feel confident enough to practice on my own and the techniques that I learned in class are easy to understand and apply. My instructor was amazing. She was down to earth and extremely helpful. Thank you so much for offering this class. "

Sayward Wyatt
Chicago, IL

"My instructor was brilliant and extremely effective at conveying to me how best to approach the test."

B.N. Kenkre
New York City, NY

"The PowerScore Weekend LSAT course was well worth my time and money. The instructor presented the information in a clear and concise manner and ensured that all the students understood fully. I left the course with the confidence I need to attack the LSAT and get a great score. I have already recommended the class to three prospective LSAT takers and would recommend this to anyone wanting to take the LSAT."

Angela L. Tallo
New Orleans, LA

"I had been studying on my own, with various books and tests, but my scores weren't improving very much. I feel after taking the PowerScore weekend course I have a better grasp on how to attack the logical reasoning and analytical games sections (which were giving me the most trouble), which will help my scores. The course is laid out in an easy to follow form and our instructor, Rich, was fantastic in breaking down the problems so I could understand how he arrived at the correct answer."

Mike Pietropaolo
Philadelphia, PA

"I didn't think there was any possible way that a two-day course could leave me feeling better prepared for the test, but I feel confident that I now know all the secrets and strategies neccesary for the LSAT. Thanks!"

Rebecca Bentley
Columbus, OH

"The instructor did a fantastic job and was very professional and courteous. He offered help and assistance, asked for questions and made clarifications throughout the class."

Monica Ponce
Los Angeles, CA

"I just finished attending the weekend review course for the LSAT in Columbus, OH this past weekend. I just wanted to let you know how beneficial this class was, as well as the instructor. He was very thorough, easy to follow, and was more than willing to answer questions as they came up. I feel he is a true asset to your organization and should be commended for his way of teaching people. I will definitely refer other people for this class in the future. Thank you very much!!!"

Kim Way
Columbus, OH

"I believe that the LSAT weekend course was excellent and worth my time and money!"

Willie Hughes III
New Orleans, LA

"The class is critical for any student serious about preparing for the LSAT."

Ryan Keller
Berkeley, CA

"Our instructor did an excellent job of going through the test material. This class helped my preparation tremendously. "

Amy Adams
Kansas City, MO

"The course provided valuable insight into the structure and method of the LSAT. The approach to all the sections was methodical and systematic, rather than a collection of general test taking tips. I will recommend this course to other LSAT candidates."

David Holland
Atlanta, GA

"I thought the instructor was very good and his command of the course material was evident. I took the LSAT several years ago and this course was a good refresher for tactics in attacking the various LSAT sections."

Dino Pollock
University of Illinois

"I found the LSAT course to be very informative and extremely helpful. I would encourage anyone to take this course, it is not very expensive and it really helps one prepare for the LSAT."

Wendy Barton
University of California, Santa Barbara

"My instructor was phenomenal. He clearly was an authority on the LSATs. No question went unanswered, and his answers were always patiently and clearly given. I do not know how I would have passed the LSATs if it were not for him."

Michelle Durante
West Chester University

"The way PowerScore breaks down logic reasoning questions in to specific categories and explains the process of setting up logic games has helped to make the LSAT less intimidating."

Kevin Huelbig
New York City, NY

"It has been twelve years since I graduated from college and didn't think there was any hope at all for me to get my mind acclimated to all that is involved in the LSAT. PowerScore has given me a confidence and a totally new perspective. I have never done well on these kinds of tests but the material and instruction I received in your course has made what seemed like an impossible task a very clear task that I am absolutely confident I will achieve. I am very lucky to have found your course. The teacher I had was absolutely wonderful and made all the difference in the world. She seemed like she really enjoyed teaching and inspired a confidence and enthusiasm that I would not have found elsewhere. You guys are very lucky to have her on your staff. I will, and have, recommend this course to anybody I know taking the LSAT.Thanks, "

Scott Collins
University of Alabama

"Our instructor was awesome! He explained everything in great detail in easy-to-follow language. He never got frustrated, or made us feel as if our questions were ridiculous. There were lots of helpful hints from our instructor, and in the book, plus practice homework" for us to do once" we got back to the real world. The PowerScore program and instructors give you the confidence and skills that you need to pass the LSAT. It was definitely worth the $400!"

Lesley Maxwell
University of Southwestern Louisiana

"The LSAT weekend course was a great investment! Now I really feel confident about taking the LSAT because my instructor was very effective at explaining how to approach the LSAT questions. The homework has been so valuable and I feel that it perfectly compliments the instruction--I wouldn't want one without the other! I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to thoroughly understand how to score above average on the LSAT."

Ellen Thieleman
Washington University

"The weekend class was great for immersion in LSAT tactics. Everyone should try to take one!"

Jennifer Keser
Wellesley College

"The course benefited me invaluably. It gave me the ability to handle some of the logic games, about which I was completely lost before the class. I am much more confident now about making a strong score than I was before attending the class."

Warren Wakeland
Middle Tennessee Sate University

"Before this course, I read test-prep books on my own in search of a better understanding of the logic games and how to solve them. After this course, I now have such a better insight and understanding of how to attack and solve these dreaded logic games. My instructor taught me the way to solve these games in such a way that I now understand them and feel confident when one comes my way! Thank-you so much!"

Merridith Stanton
Rutgers University

"The instructor for the weekend course I took was one of the best teachers I have had in my entire life!"

Suzanne Hoffman
University of Colorado

"I was extremely pleased with my instructor's teaching methods and his overall performance. It was obvious that he has mastered the skill of teaching and taking this test. Thanks,"

Kevin Jones
Mississippi State University

"I had no idea what the LSAT test would look like. I can't imagine taking the test without this kind of preparation. After the weekend course I feel a lot better about tackling the test - much better prepared and no surprises."

Deb Thivierge
Toronto, Ontario

"The PowerScore Weekend LSAT course was extremely beneficial. Before the course, I did not know where to begin with my studying. I learned many strategies and techniques that will be of great assistance as I prepare to take the LSAT."

Julie Jones
New Orleans, LA

"The weekend course was a great introduction to the concepts and testing techniques of the LSAT. Of PowerScore's many strengths, I think the instructors, the class size, and the overall clarity and effectiveness of the program stand out the most. As a first time test-taker, I can't know what I would've scored without having taken the course. However, I think it would've been below the 165 I scored after taking the course."

Joseph Melugin
Houston, TX

"The weekend course was excellent! It was the best investment I have made in a long time. I left the class feeling more confident about the exam. In fact, I was so nervous about being unprepared for the exam that I have deferred taking it 3 times. Having taking PowerScore, I feel confident that I will do very well and I can't wait to take the exam in June.My instructor made the class enjoyable. He was very personable and had a great attitude. I was confident that he knew his material.Thank you!"

Leigh Le
New York City, NY

"The PowerScore weekend course was phenomenal. After taking the practice test, my confidence level was extremely low. I thought that my decision to go to law school was a mistake. The 16 hours in the weekend course have given me more confidence than I could have dreamed of, simply due to the way that Powerscore approaches the test. It is truly methodical. I am impressed. Thank you for providing such a wonderful program."

Harmon C. Swartz
Ohio University

"I was amazed at how much I got out of the weekend course. My instructor was incredible. He was extremely patient with the students. He clearly had a complete understanding of every aspect of the LSAT and, more importantly, was able to provide me (as well as the other students with whom I spoke) a much better understanding of it. I am relived that I took this course. I am so much more comfortable with the test than I was prior to the weekend because of the confidence I gained while there. It was well worth the money."

Megan Canty
Plymouth State University

"This course was hands down the best thing I have done to prepare for the LSAT. I was so impressed with the knowledge and energy of our teacher. I have taken the Kaplan course and this weekend course alone blows the $1100 Kaplan course away. Thank you very much PowerScore."

Jason Bushby
University of Mississippi

"It was refreshing to find a course that actually says something different! Before taking the PowerScore weekend course, everything I read or heard gave basic information. The organization and depth of this course allowed us to understand the minds of the test makers. Although I know that my performance on the LSAT is up to me, I felt far better prepared to take the test this Monday than I did last Friday. Our instructor was very personable, and he took the time to explain complex ideas. He sensed when people were confused by a tough concept, and he was able to phrase concepts in such a way that everyone understood. Overall, I am thrilled with the course!"

Chad Michael
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The PowerScore Weekend LSAT course provides what is undoubtedly the most productive 16 hours of instruction available to prepare for the LSAT. My instructor clearly and thoroughly conveyed the most effective techniques for mastering each section of the LSAT. His expert instruction was extremely helpful in preparing for this test. I unequivocally recommend this course to anyone preparing for the LSAT."

Jim Quinn
Johns Hopkins University

"I am writing to express my sincere thanks for your excellent LSAT review course. Although the course itself was outstanding, I would especially like to thank my instructor. He showed a great deal of dedication to teaching us the material. He was able to convey the concepts in an engaging and interesting style. He tirelessly answered our questions, even long after the end of scheduled class hours. For any subsequent questions that we might have had, he conveniently left us his e-mail address. His suggestions also allowed me to study in an effective manner after the class. I felt confident and well-prepared when I took the LSAT. My score ultimately reflected that excellent preparation. I also appreciate the fact that PowerScore counselors are experts in the law school admissions field. You were invaluable in helping me refine my personal statement. As always, the staff was personable and showed a genuine interest in helping me achieve my goals. After enjoying your course so much, I regrettably tried one of your competitors' weekend courses. Their course reminded me of the rental car commercial of "Not Exactly." Their instructor did not appear to be as well prepared or as personable. I would rather not go into all their negatives, but several students in the class expressed their similar disappointment. The comparison only highlighted the strength of the PowerScore course. Thanks again for all your help and keep up the good work."

Don Fulton, M.D.
University of Alabama

"Before going to the PowerScore weekend seminar I had worked through an entire Princeton Review book and taken several practice tests. After the first half-day session it was clear that the PowerScore methodology was very different. Their approach to the LSAT can only be described as surgical. PowerScore reduces LSAT test-taking to a science and can offer techniques and strategies to improve anyone's score regardless of initial performance."

Bruce Davis
Ohio State University

"I learned more techniques through the PowerScore Weekend Course than through the Princeton Review’s 4-week course. My instructor was an expert on the LSAT and helped me learn strategies to successfully complete the hardest of games and the trickiest of arguments. Thanks for giving me confidence and responding so quickly to all of my emails."

Janie Stoetzel
University of Florida

"I would like to thank the staff at PowerScore for their help and support in guiding me through the process of law school admissions. My first attempt at the LSAT was horrible. Through PowerScore's tutoring program and the weekend course my score rose twelve points. Even with this increase in score I could not gain acceptance to law school...I retook the weekend course and my score rose seven more points. I have been accepted and will begin attending law school this fall. Thanks again PowerScore for making my dream of law school a reality."

David Eldredge
Suffolk University

"Everything about the weekend was great. I really didn't know exactly what I was getting into, since I didn't know anyone who had taken your course. The class was well organized. The textbook was excellent. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The homework assignments provide a chance to apply what we learned. I would highly recommend to anyone about to take the LSAT."

Robert Adcox
Southern Nazarene University

"The Weekend Course was awesome! My instructor knew the test inside and out. It totally revolutionized my LSAT potential, and I am very grateful for a weekend course which enables students who can't attend or afford a full course."

Keith Anderson
United States Air Force Academy

"The class was excellent. I was originally concerned about my attention span for such an intense weekend, but the class was much more informative than I had expected. I feel much better prepared. I would additionally like to add that the instructor of the course was outstanding. He was patient, obviously very intelligent, and extremely well prepared to teach the LSAT for 8 hours a day."

Patrick Kearns
University of Minnesota

"The instructor was very knowledgeable on EVERY aspect of the test and made that very clear with complete and easily understandable explanations to all questions. Also, the class booklet is incredible, much better than the books I had previously looked at. The staff at the 800 number was also of great assistance; even though I showed up late to the area, she got in touch with the instructor and made my late entry to the class very smooth. All in all, I had a great experience and would definitely do it again."

Patrick Armstrong
University of Miami

"The Weekend Course took all of the anxiety about the test out of my mind. I feel comfortable now. It was a great course! My instructor was outstanding!"

William Chaves
Fairleigh Dickinson University

"I am generally not a good 'test-taker,' but this course enabled me to really focus and do my best. Learning LSAT techniques and strategies was essential. I would have been completely lost if I had not taken the PowerScore Weekend Course. Plus--my instructor was awesome!! I learned a lot from her!! Thank you!!"

Alexandra Hunter
Simmons College

"The materials and instructor were very impressive. I was able to absorb an enormous amount of information in two days. The instructor flawlessly explained every example. I believe that I have prepared myself in the best manner available for LSAT preparation. The course is worth EVERY penny!!"

Leslie Novosad
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

"The PowerScore Weekend LSAT Course allowed me to be confident about what was first a big concern for me. My instructor was very organized and timely. Questions were explained clearly. The overall course was well strategically structured. After the course was over I found myself reviewing everything we went over in my sleep!"

Kimberlye Windham
Shaw University

"I feel much more confident about taking the LSAT after attending the Powerscore Weekend class. My instructor knew the test inside and out and he taught me how to break down and analyze each section of the test. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is preparing to take the LSATs."

Angela Buffa
The College of New Jersey

"Invaluable--any student considering the LSAT should enroll. You just don't walk into the LSAT without any preparation. 'Undergraduate Studies' does not prepare you like PowerScore can. I feel more confident about taking the LSAT now!"

Walter M. Lucas III, D.D.S.
University of Michigan

"After studying on my own for the LSAT, I thought I would come into the Weekend PowerScore class one-step ahead of schedule. But, the class showed me how to attack the LSAT in a way studying on my own never did. I would recommend this class to anyone!"

Molly Smith
West Texas A&M University

"I greatly enjoyed taking the weekend LSAT preparation course. It helped me to better understand the structure of the test. There are so many things that I didn't know before taking this class. It is definitely a great way to success. I would recommend taking this class before the test. It gave me a different perspective on how to accurately and quickly answer the questions."

Renata Bodner
Hunter College

"I will be forever indebted to PowerScore for your superb test prep on the LSAT. You guys are the best available test prep around. I took the weekend session with a young woman that was a philosophy major at Vandy. She was great. She helped with the Logic Games (as did the Logic Games Bible and Set-up Book) tremendously. No one else comes close to what you folks provide."

Allyson Roebuck
Samford University

"I don't see how anyone can take the LSAT without attending this class."

Casey Butts
University of Mississippi

"The weekend course provided me with the necessary tools that I needed to fine tune my LSAT preparation. Our group was quite small (just under ten students). This allowed frequent interaction between students and the instructor. I found the class stimulating--rather than a dry lecture series. I highly recommend PowerScore to anyone who is preparing for the LSAT!"

Laurie Smart Evans
University of North Carolina

"This course helped me with the structure of the LSAT tremendously. I learned how to increase my speed, yet still answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. I especially want the PowerScore "people" to know that my instructor truly showed a passion and determination for helping each student with gaining valuable knowledge about the LSAT. PowerScore was a tremendous course, and I am so thankful that I found it!!!!!"

Audrey E. Shapiro
North Georgia College

"The instructor was great. She went through the material, presenting it in a very clear and concise manner. She was quick to answer any questions that we had. I feel the course will definitely be beneficial. After taking this course, I learned many things that will prove useful in taking the LSAT. Had I not taken the class and walked into the test blind, I don't think I would have passed the test."

Deborah Murphy
Kennesaw State University

"The class gave me a clearer and more defined outlook at the LSAT exam. Instructor was excellent."

George Fraga
University of Miami

"After taking your weekend course I strongly believe my LSAT score will improve by at least 10 points above my score received on the LSAT from December of 2001. I would highly recommend this class to everyone."

Todd Aanenson
Arizona State University

"I enrolled in a weekend course by another test prep provider and I requested a refund at the completion of the course. PowerScore definitely has the best prep strategies by far!"

Fernando Gonzalez
DePaul University

"I enjoyed the course and got so much out of it. Our instructor was wonderful, she added so much to the course. It was worth the money and much more."

Jennifer Sellards
Marshall University

"Before I took your course, I was very confused about the Analytical section of the LSAT, what you refer to as the Logic Games. However, after taking your weekend course, I am now not only able to understand the diagramming, but I am getting the correct answers. I now feel confident to score very well on the LSAT exams. Thanks."

Ligoria Cummins
Brooklyn College

"I just wanted to leave a note saying that my teacher Lisa was excellent, she really helped us to grasp the concepts and to understand how the test was going to be. She took her time and was very helpful."

Catherine Ongiri
Drexel University

"Since I participated in the PowerScore Weekend Course over the last weekend, I am now feeling more confident. The instructor is very helpful and experienced, and I learned a lot for the class. By the way, the material that the PowerScore provides is much better than many other preparation books on the market, it is a must for those who don't have much time to prepare themselves for the test."

Jun Wang
New York City

"I highly recommend the weekend LSAT course either as starting point for LSAT preparation, or as a way to brush up on skills and gain valuable test taking advice! The instructor was very knowledge and helpful! Great job, PowerScore!"

Nishtha Ahuja
University of Rochester

"The instructor was a complement to an obviously well-structured course. I believe that I greatly benefited from my experience and gained the confidence necessary to attack the exam with fervor."

Marc Marrocco
Bentley College

"Suddenly everything I was confused about became clear!"

Heather S. Gierhart
University of Wyoming

"The instructor and the material helped me feel MUCH more comfortable taking the test. I am confident my score will increase because of this class!"

Rachel Crawford
Mercy College

"The class was extremely beneficial. Our instructor answered all the questions she was asked in a very clear manner. The preparation book we used covered every type of question that could appear on the LSAT. The class was definitely worth the time and money. I would strongly recommend this class to anyone who is preparing for the LSAT."

Brett Derrow
Fairmont State College

"I was really impressed with our instructor. She made the material very understandable and was able to relate the material to us individually."

Emily Damron
Millersville University

"Our instructor was excellent as was the material. Using actual LSAT questions made for a realistic use of our time and the instruction was both challenging and supportive. Having an instructor with actual LSAT experience was also helpful, his strategies for the test included techniques and tips that will be very usefule in preparing for and taking the test. I feel the time and money were well spent."

Ted Hingst
Purdue University

"The course was very helpful and informative. I was having a lot of trouble with Logic because I didn't know how to "attack" the question. Also prior to taking the LSAT in June 2002, I took two other prep courses that did not focus on the stacking games, which are the more difficult games. They focused on the easy linear and circular games. Sure enough on the actual LSAT there were more stacking games...I just wish that I had more time to take the full length course."

Dunandanie Tricia Bhehaspat
John Jay College

"I thought the class was very helpful in understanding what to look for on the LSAT and how to study. I certainly feel everyone who is taking the LSAT should take this class."

Edie Lenaburg
Dallas, TX

"Our instructor was awesome. He knew so much and he was so smart. He made the class a great one and he knew how to answer questions without making you feel stupid."

Bounthay Khammanyvong
Orlando, FL