Advanced LSAT Logic Games Course - $350

Need more assistance with Logic Games, especially those tough ones that seem to stump everyone? Our new Advanced Logic Games Course is designed to help teach you how to destroy even the toughest games.

Need more assistance with LSAT Logic Games, especially those tough games that seem to stump nearly everyone? Our Advanced Logic Games Course will teach you how to attack and destroy even the most difficult games on the test, ensuring total mastery of the LSAT's trickiest section.

Taught entirely by Dave Killoran, the renowned author of the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible and the PowerScore LSAT courses, our Advanced Games Course completely deconstructs all of the elements that can make a Logic Game difficult. You’ll receive detailed discussions on deciphering complex game scenarios, diagramming unusual rules, making powerful inferences, answering challenging questions, and applying advanced techniques such as Numerical Distributions and Limited Solution Sets. Every trick the test makers use to confuse and overwhelm you is methodically addressed, so you’re prepared no matter what you face!

The course includes over 20 hours of lecture time presented as a series of On Demand video lessons, allowing you to work through the sessions at your own pace for up to six months, from anywhere in the world. With the Advanced Games Course you are given access to eight individual sessions that examine Games at an unprecedented level of detail, teaching you how to systematically break down every element and skillfully solve each game you encounter. The concepts in these sessions are then put into practice as Dave analyzes 12 of the most difficult games in LSAT history, including the October 1991 Hannah game, the September 1998 Panel game, the June 2000 CD Game, and the June 2009 Dinosaur game, among many others.

This course is perfect for students looking to take their performance on Logic Games to the next level.

View the 15 minute course introduction for FREE by playing the video below!

Because the discussions in this course build upon and expand the ideas used in our books and courses, students who wish to enroll are strongly encouraged to either have read the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible or have attended one of our LSAT courses.
This course is a fantastic bang for your buck. Though you do not actually have contact with a live instructor, it feels like the course progresses in a manner that is custom tailored to a 170+ test taker who just needs the extra boost in logic games.
David Benger
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