Advanced LSAT Logical Reasoning Course - $350

The cutting-edge Advanced Logical Reasoning Course is accessible on-demand through PowerScore's unique virtual platform. The 20+ hour class is broken up into 18 lessons which delve into every element of Logical Reasoning, including specific question types and some of the most difficult logical reasoning questions ever seen.

Completely master LSAT Logical Reasoning with PowerScore's Advanced Logical Reasoning Course! Taught exclusively by Dave Killoran, the bestselling author of PowerScore's LSAT Bibles, and Jon Denning, a PowerScore Senior Course Developer, the Advanced Logical Reasoning Course completely deconstructs all of the elements used to make Logical Reasoning questions so difficult. The course provides detailed discussions on the importance and usage of language, argumentation, question stems, prephrasing, specific reasoning and question types, along with comprehensive instruction on timing, anxiety, test day strategy, and the unique mentality of the highest scorers.

The revolutionary Advanced Logical Reasoning Course is accessible through a series of On Demand video classes, allowing you to work through the sessions at your own pace for up to six months, from anywhere in the world. The 20+ hour course is broken up into 18 lessons which delve into every facet of Logical Reasoning, from rare question types and structures to many of the toughest Logical Reasoning questions ever tested. “In this course we wanted to take students into higher-level discussions of the questions and concepts, and the lessons are really geared for test takers looking to attain the highest possible LSAT score," says Dave Killoran.

PowerScore’s Advanced Logical Reasoning Course will take your test performance to the next level!

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Because the discussions in this course build upon and expand the ideas used in our books and courses, students who wish to enroll are strongly encouraged to either have read the PowerScore LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible or have attended one of our LSAT courses.
As someone who chose self-studying to prepare for the LSAT, the Advanced Logical Reasoning Course was a huge help. I was beginning to feel stuck in my own line of thinking, and the Advanced Logical Reasoning Course offered a new perspective that really advanced my studying progress.
Calvin Lescault
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