The PowerScore Accelerated LSAT Course


If you are looking for the most effective short-term preparation available for the LSAT, then you've come to the right place! Our Accelerated Course is an intensive, two-day deconstruction of the LSAT that can serve as either a powerful jumpstart to your preparation, or as a final boost to your score and confidence heading into test day. Don't let the price fool you: like our other course options, the Accelerated Course features exceptional instructors, course materials, and online resources. Whether you're an LSAT novice, or looking for that one last push, there's no more efficient, cost effective way to reach your goals. Check out the course locator to see what we have coming up in your area!

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Attend 16 hours of meticulously-planned sessions, designed to expose you to every critical LSAT concept in an efficient, but thorough, fashion.


Watch over 19 hours of extra On Demand videos covering important topics such as "Test Mentality," "Time Management and Pacing," "Question Type Relationships," and a wide variety of additional concepts.


Interact with the best instructors in the business: All of our instructors scored in the 99th percentile on an official LSAT. They know how to destroy this test, and they will teach you how to do the same.

Course Books

Work through the PowerScore Accelerated Course book, containing hundreds of pages of content and a wide variety of real LSAT questions, all deconstructed using PowerScore's famous methodology—a proven system sure to provide you with maximum LSAT comprehension.

Online Student Center

Gain access to PowerScore's Online Student Center, a one-stop-shop for all your LSAT needs. The Online Student Center contains 9 additional official, full LSAT practice tests, an interactive test scoring and performance evaluation system, a vast array of lesson and homework supplements, virtual proctors for at-home testing, and so much more.

Free Repeat

Repeat the accelerated course for free within one year of your original enrollment if you'd like—no strings attached! We are so confident our Accelerated Course works that we are the only test preparation company to offer a free repeat.

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