The most comprehensive course available for conquering the Digital LSAT.

Our In Person Course provides you with the extensive instruction, unparalleled materials, and proven techniques you need to achieve your LSAT goals. This course is the most reliable way to attain the best score possible.


80+ Hours of Live Instruction

You'll attend 10 meticulously-planned, highly-collaborative classroom lectures designed to expose you to every single LSAT concept at the most opportune time. In addition to these 40 hours of lecture, you'll participate in 40+ hours of weekly live online clinics to supercharge your skills. In total these sessions give you over 80 hours of live access to the world's foremost LSAT experts!


Exclusive Weekly LSAT Clinics

Your 40 hours in class are only the beginning: each week you're also invited to online LSAT clinics led by our best teachers for over 40 more hours of live instruction! These intensive meetings are exclusive to our students and cover a wide range of topics, from concept reviews to test mentality to admissions, giving you the most all-encompassing experience imaginable.


100+ Hours of Supplemental Digital Content

In addition to the live instruction, your course includes hundreds of hours of On Demand video lessons and question explanations, as well as targeted concept drills and practice problem sets to help fine-tune your abilities. No matter the issue, there's a supplement to solve it.


The Best Instructors

Quite simply, we employ the best instructors in the business: they've all scored 170 or higher on an official LSAT, have mastered the techniques PowerScore is famous for, and will stop at nothing to help you reach your goals. They know how to destroy this test, and they'll teach you how to do the same!


Digital Practice Tests

On the LSAT, success demands familiarity, so it's crucial that your prep feels like the real thing. Your practice exams are all official LSAC PrepTests, delivered via our proprietary software that replicates the new digital testing experience, ensuring that you'll be completely comfortable when it counts.


Personalized Online Student Center

You also gain access to PowerScore's Online Student Center, a one-stop-shop for all your LSAT needs. The Online Student Center contains your Digital LSAT practice tests, an interactive test scoring and performance evaluation system that tracks your progress, a vast array of lesson and homework supplements for all ten lessons, and so much more.


Comprehensive Course Materials*

Your PowerScore course book offers cover-to-cover insights into our killer methodology, with lessons intricately crafted for the ultimate in-class experience. When paired with online homework for targeted review, you'll have everything you need always within reach. And we'll ship it right to your home or office.

*Note: The lesson book is unique and course-specific, NOT an LSAT Bible.


In short, you get the best instructors, cutting-edge materials and digital training, thousands of official LSAT questions, and unparalleled student support, all at an incredible value. What are you waiting for?

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“I took your class at UCI over the summer, and then took the September LSAT. My first practice test I took with you was scored at 156. My official LSAT score is 172, in the 99th percentile! I cannot express how much your class and books helped me, so thank you so much!”
-H.B., Irvine, CA

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“I have used materials from three of the top LSAT preparation companies, and PowerScore is without question the best. I have yet to find another company that offers such clear and concise instruction with ample sample questions and tests. Great investment.”
-Juliana P., Vancouver, BC

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“Powerscore is hands-down the best test prep company around. I went up 10 points in one month!! I can't thank you guys enough!”
-Anthony C., Hofstra University

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40 Hours of Interactive Classroom Instruction

Our in person lessons are each four hours long (including a short break), during which you will discuss every component that comprises the LSAT, examine hundreds of actual LSAT questions to expose the tricks that the test makers frequently use, and learn how to apply all of the PowerScore techniques for which we're famous.

Additionally, each lesson is accompanied by supplemental homework consisting of targeted drills, detailed concept analyses, thousands of real practice questions, and thorough explanations for everything to keep you sharp between classes. The homework's engaging drills and extensive conceptual analyses enable you to perfectly apply our techniques to every problem you encounter.

If you'd like to see a complete list of exactly what you'll encounter in class, take a look at our In Person Digital LSAT Course Syllabus.

40+ Hours of Live Online LSAT Clinics and Our Online Discussion Forum

Once per week for the duration of your course access you can attend live, online clinics hosted by our top LSAT instructors. Each clinic will be focused on a specific topic central to test and application success, and will be recorded and available to you even if you miss the scheduled session. For those able to attend, these clinics also provide an opportunity to get questions answered on the topic at hand, allowing you several hours each week of additional, out-of-class instructor guidance.

We also offer course students an LSAT Discussion Forum where you can interact with instructors, other students, and even our course authors and developers in a dynamic, collaborative environment! You can ask questions about everything from test concepts to admissions, and read through thousands of discussion threads on key techniques and strategies. The Forum provides a wealth of information that's sure to help you out as you prepare!

Hundreds of Hours of On Demand and Supplemental Instruction

You're preparing for a digital test, so it makes sense to spend the majority of your time working in a digital format. In your Online Student Center you'll have access to On Demand discussions led by Dave Killoran, PowerScore CEO and author of the world-renowned LSAT Bibles, and Jon Denning, PowerScore's Vice President, head Course Developer, and Senior LSAT Instructor. Sit downs with these LSAT experts give you extraordinary insight into crucial topics like: The LSAT World, Mental Toughness, Common LSAT Constructions and Scenarios, and Question Type Relationships, as well as in-depth concept analyses of specific LSAT question types, game types, reading comprehension passage structures, and much, much more.

The Best LSAT Instructors Devoted to Your Success

The LSAT is one of the most intellectually demanding standardized tests ever developed, and a top score requires true mastery of every detail. All of our instructors have scored 170 or higher on an actual LSAC-administered LSAT and are able to clearly explain the test's underlying principles so you can consistently replicate their success.

But it's not just about the score. Our instructors are enthusiastic because they truly enjoy teaching; they're proficient because we put them through a rigorous training program before they ever set foot in a real class; and they know what you're up against, because they've been there themselves. When you step into a PowerScore classroom you can be assured that you're learning from the best in the industry with a passion to make your results look like theirs.

Dozens of Digital Practice Tests

Practicing with official digital LSATs is essential for truly understanding what you'll face on test day. You'll become acclimated to the rigors of the actual exam, comfortable with the digital platform, and confident that your practice test scores are accurate indicators of how you'll perform when it counts.

We've created proprietary software that replicates LSAC's tablet platform and the new digital testing experience. It is compatible across all devices and machines: desktops, laptops, smartphones, and of course tablets. So there's no need to bear the additional expense of purchasing a tablet just for test prep; simply open our system on whatever hardware you already own and you'll be on your way!

After each practice test, you'll receive a comprehensive analysis of your performance broken down by question type, concept, and overall difficulty, so you'll know exactly where you're strongest, and where you could use some extra practice. And because our scoring platform tracks your results over time you can easily monitor your progress and determine how to best prioritize your continued prep.

Your Own Personalized Online Student Center

Upon enrollment you are granted access to your personal Online Student Center. This is where you will access the lesson-specific homework and explanations, On Demand videos, supplemental test sections and questions, and digital practice tests, each of which is automatically scored in our Online Test Scoring System for an immediate evaluation of your performance and progress. The Online Student Center has all the tools you need to take your score to the next level.

And because your progress is saved and tracked in real-time, it's easy to see what you've completed, what remains unfinished, where you're having trouble, and precisely what to do about it. This is truly bespoke LSAT prep, custom-made just for you!

Comprehensive Course Materials

Follow along in your PowerScore course book as you and your classmates progress through the course. The printed lessons are designed to maximize interaction and understanding in class, while the corresponding homework in your Online Student Center ensures perfect retention of everything you've learned. And with complete lesson and homework explanations online, the ideal approach is always at your fingertips.

Further, PowerScore is licensed by the Law School Admission Council (the producers of the LSAT) to use questions from real, previously-administered LSATs, and we only use official questions in the course. So you never have to worry about simulated questions or unofficial content: when you succeed in the course you know you've beaten the real thing!