LSAT Full-Length Student Comments

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The following is a selection of just a few of the comments students have made about the PowerScore In Person LSAT Course:

Before taking a LSAT course I studied on my own and truly thought that I understood everything I needed to know about this exam. While taking this course and after taking this course I know that I was wrong about this exam and I love every technique that I have left this class with.

Rollet Hurry

So many people had recommended PowerScore to me. People I trusted, people who were in law school, people with low GPA's that needed a high LSAT score and got that high score thanks to PowerScore. There were even students in my class that had taken other prep classes, and within two PowerScore classes, they had already established that PowerScore was better than their previous prep classes. The prep strategy is phenomenal, PowerScore left no stone unturned. From the way you approach the preparation, the test, and your attitude. The online resources from the modules, to full explanations, and a plethora of practice tests and problem sets. During my atual LSAT that i took yesterday, i honestly felt my instructor with me, I felt his voice say "good job" when I sniffed out trap answers. I felt him shake his head no when i answered a question wrong, so i would go back and re-read and see the mistake i made and change it. As crazy as it may sound I felt him there with me. The last week of the class I was really able to understand why i was consistently missing "hard" questions, and my instructor was able to show me what I was overlooking. Those tips allowed me to get at least 10 more answers correct on the actual LSAT. Thanks to everyone at powerscore, i understand why you have to charge what you do for this class because the value is incredible, and I can only imagine the amount of work, research, time, energy that goes into making this the most comprehensive prep on the market. I want to thank Dave Killoran for always responding to me on twitter. For a CEO of a company, you are very reachable.

Houston, TX

The PowerScore LSAT course really prepares you for any and every type of problem set you might be faced with. I found the classroom instruction and homework quite useful and am very glad I took the course. I also had a very energetic, funny, and knowledgeable instructor who made sure we understood the various LSAT techniques and happily answered all of our queries. I will certainly recommend this course to friends who are considering taking the LSAT in the future.

Nurray Inal
Washington, DC

I found the full-length LSAT course very effective. The course material is easily understandable and having an outstanding instructor makes it even more enjoyable. As someone who works full-time and attended classes after a long day of work, I really appreciated the liveliness and charisma of my instructor. I was happy to leave work and come to this course that was very interactive and engaging. My score from the first LSAT practice test of the course to the last increased by double digits, and my confidence increased drastically.

Abdullah Ali
Los Angeles

My instructor was great, as was the course material. I took Testmasters and didn't absorb nearly as much as I have with Powerscore. I have been singing Powerscore praises since I began taking the course, and I still wholeheartedly believe the course is the best one out there. Thank you to all of you.

Melina Minas
Los Angeles

The PowerScore LSAT prep course is the BEST prep course out there! The authors have done a really good job of interrogating the LSAT material and organizing it in such a way that is clean and polished for the student to understand. The tutorials also help you understand the material better and motivate you. The instructor that I had was brilliant, he really knew his material and delivered in an elegant manner. My instructor was always willing to help us. Keep in mind, the course does go quickly and be prepared for a lot of homework in a limited amount of time. Overall, I loved this course!

Kathy Mojsovski
Richmond Hill

The class, instructor, and my fellow students truly empowered me to believe in myself, and be more confident in my abilities to tackle challenging concepts and questions, and prepare for the LSAT. I will definitely recommend the instructor and the class to my friends and peers.

Pearl Morvarid Zare

My instructor was incredible - encouraging; patient, and kind. She took the time to chat with me outside of class; her encouraging words was the confidence boost I needed and entirely changed my perspective on conquering the LSAT. This was something she definitely did not have to do, looking forward to rest of the course and what I can learn. Also in regards to Powerscore materials - I LOVE the emphasis on positive mindset and performance psychology. That initial virtual module on test mentality inspired me to seek out additional performance psychology/positive mindset impact resources. And it is 100% true.

Cristina Orozco

I loved it, I already had a head-start in my LSAT studying prior to the class, and even with that I felt the class improved my abilities to take on the LSAT drastically. I loved the atmosphere, it was small and tight-knit, and I have the highest of praises for my instructor. Not only was he a great instructor, he was also a genuinely great guy and I can't thank him enough for how much he helped me.

Shant Vosgueritchian
Pasadena, CA

This course was comprehensive and very effective at helping me prepare for the LSAT. I had taken another LSAT prep course from another company before and saw little difference in my improvement. With this course, I saw improvement with each section. The PowerScore course gave concrete tools and techniques to use to tackle all types of questions.

Ginny Kozemczak

Taking the PowerScore LSAT course was probably the best decision I could have made in preparing for the LSAT. In the past I had tried studying on my own and even tried different courses but PowerScore definitely stands apart from other methods of study. During the course, my instructor helped me gain a solid understanding and comfortability with the test that I was unable to find with other forms of study. PowerScore made the difference for me.

Travis Howell
Dallas, TX

The course was great and had me feeling like I improved after every class. I had an excellent instructor who was always incredibly prepared and very clear and articulate in his explanations. Thank you for everything!

Leonard Olsen
Philadelphia, PA

The course helped me to not only better grasp the material, but also to build up my confidence, which proved crucial in raising my score. Facing the LSAT this September is no longer as scary; in fact I find myself looking forward to it.

Katherine Stolerman
Boston, MA

Awesome class. The instructor went over and beyond to cater to my specific needs/questions. The books for course were perfect because they had enough homework to get me accustomed to the question types. Glad I took this!


PowerScore has given me all of the right tools in preparing for the LSAT. My experience was certainly a pleasant one. My instructor was caring and informative. She presented the course material in a concise way that made it easy for my peers and I to understand. I am more confident about taking the LSAT all thanks to this course. Thank you, PowerScore!

Natasha Sawh
New Brunswick, NJ

Highly recommend PowerScore to my friends and colleagues! Our instructor knew what she was talking about, was easy to talk to, and was always willing to give us the best and most efficient ways to approach different questions. Key points are never forgotten and are hammered home throughout the whole course. Improvement was definitely shown, and I went up 10 points from my first diagnostic to my last practice test. The Online Student Center is an AMAZING resource for the students to use especially for Logic Games and additional practice! Highly, highly recommend PowerScore, would choose it all over again if given the chance.

Gaelen Molina
New Brunswick, NJ

This course was fantastic! I took the LSAT last year without the course, and this time I was able to raise my score my 7 points to the score I wanted. Thank you so much!

Rachel Farkas
Los Angeles

I exclusively used PowerScore during my LSAT preparation, and would recommend the same for anyone else who wants to earn a high score on the LSAT. Through a combination of PowerScore's full-length LSAT course and intensive self-study (with the PowerScore Logic Games and Logical Reasoning Bibles), I was able to obtain my goal score and feel completely ready to tackle law school admissions this fall. -Joe in California (170)

Joe Kurtenbach
San Diego, CA

I thought this LSAT course was very effective, thoughtfully presented, and well-taught. I previously took a Princeton Review course, and found the Powerscore course to be much better. The Powerscore instructor was great and he really knew how to teach the material. The books were very thorough and I appreciated that the homework was plentiful. From our first timed practice test to the actual LSAT, I improved my score 7 points, which I was happy with. I would definitely recommend the Powerscore course to another student.

Erin Holweger
Denver, CO

I am so thankful that I had this course to guide my studies, keep myself on track, so thoroughly cover everything that I needed to know, and most of all keep my preparation consistent. Without doing the full length course I know I would not have prepared half as much, life just always gets too far ahead. The course takes the hardest part of preparation out, which is keeping yourself consistent and constantly motivated to make time.

Hayden Putre
Athens, GA

I have used materials from three of the top LSAT preparation companies, and PowerScore is without question the best. I have yet to find another company that offers such clear and concise instruction with ample sample questions and tests. Great investment.

Juliana Pyde
Vancouver, Canada

Powerscore is hands-down the best test prep company around. I went up 10 points in one month!! I can't thank you guys enough!

Anthony Castellano
Hofstra University

Powerscore not only provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how the LSAT works and tricks for solving the problems, but also helped me to develop a strong personal strategy for attacking the test and achieving the score I desired.

Katherine Peluso
New York, NY

The PowerScore full length course helped me understand the different elements of the lsat in a classroom that fostered discussion and critical thinking. The instructor not only was knowledgeable but also FUN! It was an excellent learning experience!

Fida Khalil
Chicago, IL

Overall a great experience, I went from a 147 to a 161 during the class. My instructor was a true LSAT wizard.

Jesse Lachman
Baltimore, MD

The Full LSAT course and the PowerScore Bibles allowed me to see a 20 point increase in my score! My instructor was always helpful, showing me why I missed specific questions. Its definitely helped in my preparation for the LSAT.

Kassandra Gonzalez
Austin, TX

I don't think I could have found a better program to help me prepare and that had more material and resources to provide then I could even imagine (or get to in the few months I allotted for prep). It was a great course and the instructor was wonderful!

Malissa Konner
UC Berkeley, CA

I would highly recommend the PowerScore Full-length LSAT Course. I felt like I was given all the tools necessary to master the LSAT and drastically improve my score.

Mallory Homsey
Baltimore, MD

I have tried other LSAT prep classes before and have always had a difficult time managing some of the concepts, particularly around games. However, the format of this class was such that I quickly got the hang of it and feel that I finally got it. Great instructor as well. Explained all concepts well and answered all questions clearly. Thank you!!

Monica H.
Boston, MA

The course was excellent, I started the course with no previous studying for the LSAT and I was scoring in the 140s. With the amazing help from my instructor I have been able to achieve practice scores more than 10 points higher from my starting score. I greatly appreciate the help PowerScore has provided in getting ready for the LSAT with the excellent teaching, and wealth of resources. I now feel confident about taking the LSAT, and I would indeed recommend this course to friends.

Bobby S.
Vancouver B. C. , Canada

Powerscore helped me to increase my understanding of the LSAT, while teaching me how to effectively approach studying and test taking. My instructor was incredibly influential in building my confidence for the exam and motivating me along with the entire class to prepare efficiently and to believe in our abilities. #180train

Jenna Smith
Tempe, Arizona

My instructor provided in-depth explanations of the course material and answered all questions in a manner that made the material understandable. The course was well structured starting with the core elements of the test first and moving into more detailed strategies based on the previous lessons. Overall I felt like I learned a lot from the course.

Kim Lawson

The course was great, and I've taken other courses which do NOT even compare to PowerScore. For the first time out of 3 times I've taken the LSAT, I FINALLY understand the LSAT and I am actually excited to be taking it in a few days!!

Kelly Almonte
Hofstra University

I never thought I would actually look forward to heading to a 4-hour long LSAT class (especially after 9 grueling hours of work), but lo and behold, I did--thanks to my spectacular instructor and my wonderful classmates who all had me laughing throughout class. Aside from the fun, the class was also very professional and the material was extremely relevant. And the icing on the cake was that I could tell my instructor truly cared about each and every one us--we were more than just numbers or a paycheck for Her.

Bao-Ngan Ngo Mountain View, CA

My friend had previously taken this course and had recommended it to me, so I had high expectations going in. To my surprise, the course and the instructor exceeded my expectations by tenfold! I would definitely recommend this course to everyone who is looking for a quick way to improve their LSAT score. I applaud Powerscore on finding the best of the best instructors out there, because our experience would undoubtedly not have been the same without such a brilliant, insightful, helpful, and entertaining instructor. I will surely miss this class! Bravo Powerscore!!

Ramzia Khulmi

The LSAT full length course, online resource materials, and excellent support staff were essential in my LSAT preparation these past two months. My instructor taught the Powerscore method with great pacing that kept the class involved. The best thing about his instruction was that he kept a consistent energy level throughout the two months of class. There were some days I came to class exhausted from the day, but I still learned something new because my instructor was always on point. I also appreciated that, while he was extremely smart, he met me on my level of thinking to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Overall, great class and great instructor. I am very happy that I chose Powerscore.

Jamie Novotny

My instructor & Powerscore made coming to class three days a week worth it. I cannot imagine tackling this test without all of their help. The way Powerscore breaks things down makes understanding the logic of the test so much easier. Powerscore provides you with an immense amount of materials. Every time I thought I didn't understand something I could turn the page and expect a full explanation diagramming exactly what I needed to know. I never felt like the books lacked in breadth or explanation, nor did I ever feel like a topic wasn't covered to the extent that it should have been. Before I took the course I was intimidated and now I am confident in my ability to do well on this test. The Live class is so worthwhile – not only was the instructor able to coach us on the strategies of the LSAT, but she also talked me through overcoming my anxieties before the test. I will continue to recommend this course to anyone contemplating law school!

Emily Burke
Athens, GA

The LSAT is a very daunting test. However, once you take this course, you will feel confident and at ease knowing you are prepared and you can do it. My course instructor went above and beyond. He was there to mentor, instruct and really empower me to be a great test taker, and student. PowerScore has really great explanations of problem sets, and is where I would point anyone to who needed help and guidance. The courses themselves are really at your own pace. They have chosen a great instructor who knew how to reach each student. I believe in PowerScore and the UW class so much, and hope more students get to experience it, just as I did. It's phenomenal, and will light a spark in you. Powerscore, thank you.

Melissa Espinoza
Seattle, WA

My instructor was excellent, the materials were great, and I feel more confident about the LSAT. I would definitely recommend it!

Evie O. Atlanta, GA

My instructor put the extra effort and made sure we understood why a question was wrong and so we would not make the same mistake twice. Her instruction was clear and concise. She made logic games much easier to complete and her in class challenges helped with our time management. Overall the course was extremely useful and provided great insight into the LSAT as well as helped enhance my learning for it. I would definitely recommend this course to any future LSAT takers as I promise you will leave with feeling more comfortable and more ready than before.

Katrina Thandi
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Powerscore LSAT class is comprehensive and structured in a way that if you do the homework, your score will go up. Over the course of my practice tests, I saw a 20 point increase! I feel as if there is no question that I would be unable to solve on test day and that this course has helped my prep tremendously. This course was great, thanks Powerscore!

Jason H.
Dallas, TX

My experience with the powerscore LSAT prep class was overwhelmingly positive. The course material was useful and well organized. I found the homework to be very valuable in the beginning of the class to solidify and practice the new techniques, and I appreciated having access to the numerous practice tests later in the course. But my favorite part of the course was, by far, the instructor. She was skilled at explaining the powerscore techniques in a variety of ways to help students understand. She made herself available outside of class via text if we had any additional questions. She was warm and clearly brilliant and I would recommend her to anyone interested in taking the LSAT.

Jamie Firth
San Francisco, CA

I self-studied for three months before the first time I took the LSAT and did much poorer on the test than I had hoped. Throughout the course I watched my practice scores slowly rise to the point that I scored 15 points higher on a timed, simulated practice test than on my first actual LSAT. I'm taking the LSAT again tomorrow and I'm fully confident that I have gained the skills necessary through the course to do well.

Rainey Lankford
Nashville, TN

My instructor was able to teach the material in a way that was efficient and entertaining. In addition, he was always available after class for questions and for private tutoring. During the course I not only improved my score almost 30 percentile points, but I gained the confidence that is necessary to be successful on the LSAT.

Zachary Taylor

I had already been studying on my own for two months prior to taking the full length course, and my score was no longer improving. I was still 8 points away from earning the score I needed for my dream school. Because of this class, I got the exact LSAT score on the exam that I needed in order to get into my dream school! I am greatly appreciative.

Kalyn D Behnke

After a long day at work, it was great to sit through a class that kept me engaged at all times. In fact, my LSAT score increased by 14 points (from start to finish), which has really motivated me to continue practicing and increase my score even more (before I apply to law school).

Brankica Jakovlevski

I experienced a 12 point jump after taking this class. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve her score.

Raven Zeer

A very thorough and detailed course. I went from feeling nervous about my ability to get into a top school in my state to feeling confident I can gain entry into a top school in the country.

Peter Gibbins
Denver, CO

PowerScore gave me the tools and structure to prepare for the LSAT. Their staff is well informed, helpful and a great resource to their students. I would definitely recommend PowerScore to anyone preparing for the LSAT.

Lisa Strejilau

Powerscore's program does two things. Firstly, it undoubtedly increases your score, because you learn tools to understand anything that the LSAC can throw at you. Secondly, and most important to me, it gives you the capacity to master the test. If you take the course, you aren't guaranteed that 170+, but if you take it and plan an attack afterwards using what you learned, it gets you where you want to be. Couldn't have done it without Powerscore.

Michael Borek
New York, NY

I have learned more with my PowerScore instructor these past 2 weeks than I did in the entire 2 month long TestMasters course. PowerScore is excellent and has given me great results thus far.

Jacob Zucker
Hofstra University

The PowerScore LSAT course was fantastic. My instructor was excellent, the classroom materials were very detailed and comprehensive. The online materials were very complete, the virtual class topics were helpful for a refresher on ideas covered in the past, and the large amount of practice tests and topic questions available really enhanced studying and the homework. I made use of the PowerScore forum with its detailed answers and the homework hotline is good for when you are stuck. I would highly recommend PowerScore for test preparation, I had a great experience.

Angelique Conde

Through taking a Powerscore course, I improved my LSAT score by 10 points in only 5 weeks. My score has earned me full-tuition scholarship offers from several law schools.

Ariel Multak
Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ

The full length course was paramount to my understanding of how the LSAT is designed and therefore how one should approach the test. The instructor was passionate about helping the students learn the material and offered alternative methods of attacking different problem types. I was very pleased with the course and would highly recommend the course to anyone serious about taking the LSAT.

Ian Fraser-Corp

There is no doubt in my mind that Powerscore will be responsible for me obtaining a great score on the LSAT.

Jeffrey Keating

This class was absolutely amazing. I came into it knowing nothing about the LSAT and how to prepare for it and left with a wealth of knowledge that stemmed far past just taking the LSAT. My instructor made this class a fantastic experience. Not only did he provide comprehensive knowledge on LSAT strategies, but he also provided knowledge of working in the field of law. He gave us tips for applying to law school, where to work after graduating with a J. D. , and how to approach the test in a calm and collected manner. Additionally, he made the class infinitely more entertaining with several fun facts to go along with the questions as well as insights into subjects far ranging from just law. I have and will continue to recommend friends and family considering an LSAT prep course to go to PowerScore

Andres Vera
Greenbelt, MD

I walked in, knowing nothing about the LSAT, and got a 155 on the diagnostic test. By the time the fourth practice test rolled around, I got a 171! Absolutely worth the time and money!

Matthew Marchello
Toronto, CAN

PowerScore was a major help. The combination of having an extremely knowledgeable teacher and an abundance of resources accessible on the PowerScore website has been perfect. I'd recommend the course to anyone.

Aaron Curtis
Seattle, Washington

Before I started the class I had no clue about the what the LSAT was, but in only one month I got full understanding of what it encompasses and learned how to best attack all 3 sections of the test. I had taken test prep courses before, but I never felt like I learned anything from them - I went to class and heard the lecture, but never had the discipline or motivation to go home and do the homework, so it all went to waste! I liked PowerScore's method much better; my instructor would go over the theory and then we got to solve questions/games applying the concepts. Someone would get called on, read the question and answer it - at the same time you would do the same thing on your own. Unlike other classes where only the few who really want to participate do, EVERYONE had to participate. I left every class, feeling like I learned something and motivated to go home and practice. After my first practice test my score was very low, but it just got higher and higher :). I'm very happy with the class and would recommend it to anyone thinking about taking the LSAT!

Jennifer Barany
Coral Gables, Miami, FL

I took the test in October after studying on my own and got a 151. I devoted the following January to the Full Length LSAT course and scored a 164 on the February LSAT. I think this speaks for itself. . .

Andrea Jackson

I had heard Powerscore was the best, and now I know why. It is a great course, and our instructor was very good and very understanding of our needs, and the material provided was great as well. I heard from someone in a different company that his class was like 100 students, my class with Powerscore was of 8 students, and that helped us learn better because we are able to ask questions and participate and nobody was overlooked due to class size.

Paola Palma

For someone who finds it difficult to structure a study timeline on his or her own, the Full Length PowerScore course was a lifesaver. The course was paced appropriately, the students and instructor were equally engaged, and the instructor was able to answer any and all questions we had. The course challenged me to really uncover the secrets and patterns of the LSAT and I walked away feeling confident about my ability to score well.

Maley Sullivan
Boulder, CO

My instructor was PHENOMENAL. He is truly a genius and has, in a way, changed my life. Prior to the course I was continually scoring in the 20th percentile, I feared I would not get into law school. My last practice test I scored in the 80th percentile. My progress is truly life changing. Powerscore is making my dreams come true. Cheesy, I know, but true.

Lynsey Pickenpaugh
Boulder, CO

Powerscore will arm you with powerful techniques, helpful tips, and masterfully written and easy to understand texts, so that you can do well on the LSAT. Powerscore makes taking and preparing for the LSAT fun, less stressful, and accessible. My instructor was enthusiastic and great to learn from. He made the LSAT's sections and methodology and Powerscore's lessons, tips, and techniques clear and easy to understand.

Marko Stojkovic

This course was better than I expected. It raised my score over 20 points. The instructor was knowledgeable and took the time to answer individual questions during and after class. I would highly recommend it.

Christiane Sanicola
Los Angeles, CA

I strongly feel that this course is helping me improve my understanding of the LSAT test. My instructor is very willing to answer any questions we have and is always enthusiastic about teaching. She is very personable and easy to approach and this makes the class a very comfortable environment for learning. Even though there are about 15 people in the class, I feel like i get one-on-one attention and also feel that the class is very interactive. The way the materials progress has also been helpful because they build on each other very seamlessly. Although sometimes the homework seems like a lot, after an assignment I always feel more prepared than before. Also, the class always feels much shorter than 4 hours because I am constantly engaged and actively learning.

Anna Merritt
Athens GA

Prior to taking the Powerscore Full Length Course, I had taken a full length course with K***AN, and my score did not increase, rather it decreased. I cannot stand taking standardized tests, yet our instructor was so good that she made even the science passages fun. These folks know their business, and their business is test taking… My wife was so excited that she actually took me out to dinner.

Azat Elibol
Boston, MA

Fantastic course, couldn't have increased my score as much as I did (155-168 so far) without the help of this course!

Nicolas Thomson
Vancouver BC, Canada

I loved this class, I'm very happy I signed up for PowerScore as opposed to the other classes. I saw huge improvement in both score and in my confidence in the upcoming test.

Huzaif Mistry

The LSAT course is everything I needed! The material was well organized, the homework was a great way to add on to the lesson, and the instructor was amazing!

Manhattan, NY

I went up 14 points in two weeks, my instructor took my score very seriously and was hilarious the whole time.

Christine Kim
Chicago, IL

    I went from feeling so intimidated by the LSAT, to feeling like I have the power and potential to conquer it.

Narina Manukian
New Brunswick, NJ

My teacher was phenomenal. He had such a thorough understanding of the test and concepts discussed. He took the time to answer each and every question, even if it meant staying after class to discuss a problem with us. He made the material interesting and the class enjoyable. The Powerscore materials were very helpful and broke down the test in ways that made studying so much less daunting and my time much more effective. I improved my score by almost 20 points! I am so thankful to Powerscore and especially my teacher!

Stephanie Ozahowski
Cambridge, MA

The PowerScore LSAT course is very good. It prepares for for test day in every way. I believe that the course helped me to avoid test day fatigue, to remain confident and focused during the test. I really liked the small size of the course group. It facilitated an environment where you can learn from others as well as the teacher. Everyone was required to participate during the class and which helped solidify test knowledge.

Berkeley, CA

I came to the course with an LSAT score of 167, and I was unsure if a class could give me the tools I needed to improve beyond that. Fortunately, it absolutely could. PowerScore's method helped me understand the LSAT, identify my weaknesses, and systematically eliminate them until I was regularly scoring 177-180 on my practice tests. My instructor was one of the best teachers I've ever had, in any subject, test preparation or otherwise. His exposition of the material was helpful, of course, but even more important was his wisdom and experience with a very stressful test, which helped keep me grounded whenever I started to get overwhelmed. Logic games never came naturally to me, but with his help I learned how to stay focused and chip away at the chinks in their armor until I could finish sections with several minutes to spare. I was scared of the LSAT when I started the class; by the end, I wasn't. I couldn't have done it without you guys. Thank you so much.

Andrew Ash
New York, NY

Throughout the course I noticed myself attacking these questions in a much more focused and effective way. The powerscore full length course helped me to begin thinking like the LSAT makers expect a test taker to in order to choose the best answer within appropriate amount of time. I noticed myself feeling much more relaxed during practice tests and even on official test day. I went up 8 points!

Marc Pitts
Philadelphia, PA

This course is by far "THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!" It's worth every penny and your LSAT score will prove it. . . good luck and happy studying!

Alicia James
Manhattan, NY

Before taking the Power Score LSAT class, studying for the test was a grueling point of misery in my life. My instructor changed this completely. She actually made learning the LSAT fun! She taught me that conquering this test was within my ability and provided me with valuable skills I would have never been able to learn on my own. Furthermore, having the support of the other students in class let me know that we were all in it together, which significantly reduced my stress level. Take this course if you want to make learning the LSAT stress-free, fun, and enjoyable!

Anita Dunkel

After studying with Powerscore I achieved an 11 point improvement with my October LSAT score and am being admitted into schools I previously would have classified as "reach" schools. I also have been given several near full- tuition scholarships to schools I was considering top choices after my June test. I'm thrilled and would take the course again in a heartbeat!

Katherine Nesler

I was extremely impressed by my instructor. His wealth of knowledge and deep understanding of the LSAT played a major role in my success with the course. He helped me rise roughly 30 points throughout the period of the class. He would also stay as late as needed when students approached him with questions after class. Overall, this was a great experience and I have recommended it to my friends!

Frederick Quinn
New York, NY

I love Powerscore. My instructor by far was much better then the instructor I had for Testmasters last summer. Powerscore made the material much easier to comprehend. I would definitely recommend Powerscore to anyone who is thinking of going to law school.

Anna Lilly Zepeda
Sacramento, CA

My instructor is awesome. My logic games score has jumped from 13% correct to 98% correct!!

Jacqueline Stykes

The full length LSAT prep course was an integral part in my preparation to take the exam. I found that the course was well structured, easily absorbed and was a great help in understanding what a test writer needed to accomplish during their studies in order to succeed at the exam. Without this course my preparation would not have been focused nor directed towards strengthening my own personal weak points, nor would I have learnt the valuable skills and methods necessary to achieve a high score. Our instructor was well trained, intelligent, compassionate and personable. He truly enabled us students to work effectively in attaining our goals and was determined to ensure that we all got the most out of the course. I 100% recommend this course for EVERYONE who has decided to take the LSAT, and a special thank you to my fantastic instructor.

Alfan Rajani
Vancouver, British Columbia

I was apprehensive at first about the process of getting ready for the LSAT. Even the very thought of the test caused me to feel sheer terror. However, after the full length course with my particular instructor, my attitude has completely changed. My instructor from day one was enthusiastic, energetic, knowledgeable, compassionate, and most of all inspiring. Thanks to the course, I have a much more confident outlook and I know my target score is within my reach. I would definitely recommend PowerScore to anyone preparing for the LSAT!


I jumped 16 points from my first diagnostic test to my last full practice test in the course. I cannot recommend the course and instructor highly enough. The instructor was very knowledgeable and personable and always willing to help with even the smallest questions.

Corbett Hobbs
Washington DC

I did a lot of research into other programs available when considering paying for an LSAT Prep Course. Through reviews I chose Powerscore, because it was the only one that I could not find a negative review. Going into taking the test for the second time, I know that I am far better prepared than I was the first time when I used a Kaplan book. My instructor was truly exceptional. He kept the class entertaining and was a constant positive reinforcement for continuing to study, gauging improvement, continuing test taking confidence and pushing my scores to a higher level.

Andrew D'Amato
Vienna, VA

The course was fantastic, logic games were a massive weakness for me in the test, now they are a strength. I finish logic game sections in 15-20 mins when in the past I used to not get to the last game.

Arjun Mohoni
Falls Church, VA

An exceptional course instructed by extraordinary talent which makes the difference in securing an admission to law school. The teaching strategies utilized by my instructor to instil powerful concepts application helped me to significantly raise my overall performance and confidence.

Bobby Singh
Toronto Ontario, Canada

I enjoyed the class and got more out of it than I expected to. My instructor taught me that the LSAT doesn't have to be a bad experience. I truly appreciate his expertise. Powerscore is changing lives. . . The "reset button" as my instructor calls it!

Jana Simons
Dallas, TX

The instructor was AMAZING. The way she explained and simplified the logic games was definitely something I've never encountered before (speaking as a person who has wasted money on other courses before). I've gained my self- confidence back and I'm sure I'll rock the LSAT!

Jessica White
New York, NY

I thought this course was fantastic and definitely worth the investment. My performance increased on all aspects of the test and I improved the most in logic games which was initially the most difficult section for me. I went from taking the first practice test and barely answering half the logic games questions to getting a perfect score on our last challenge review. My instructor was extremely personable and he really helped me enjoy going to class. I would highly recommend this course to anyone!

Kayla Frederickson
San Jose, CA

After taking this class I can say I truly understand the material. With the score I received on the exam I know I will be attending a top-tier school.

Samantha Wiggins
Philadelphia, PA

I am about to take the LSAT and cannot imagine feeling more empowered to do well on this test. This course was well worth every penny and I am very pleased with the outcome. I have increased my average LSAT score a good 8 points and my target score is totally within my reach now. I have tried self-study in the past with no success. The instructor was not only informative, concise and supportive, but also managed to impose a new, fresh perspective on this test that makes it approachable and predictable. I cannot say enough about the benefit of this education nor about the quality of the instruction. Beyond in-class, the course materials were exceptional and expansive. The online resources were extremely useful in evaluating progress and strengths and weaknesses. All around, this program is an unbeatable value.

Shannon Bishop
Tampa, FL

My instructor did a tremendous job of teaching the course and was very generous with his time. My score improved with each practice test and my actual LSAT score improved 12 points as a result of the course. I couldn't be happier and would recommend PowerScore to anyone.

Kenneth Scott
Pittsburgh, PA

I just received my official LSAT results and I was extremely satisfied. I had already taken a Testmasters course and the two programs were quite similar as far as content goes, but PowerScore's mental tips offered at the beginning of the homework lessons help immensely with managing stress. The main difference was in my instructor. He brought so much knowledge and insight to the table, I could not have asked for better help. My score went from 152 to 162. A big thanks to PowerScore for all the help!

Joel Fornara
Tempe, AZ

PowerScore has changed everything that I ever thought about the LSAT and law school. PowerScore has an unparalleled ability to breakdown the LSAT into practical concepts and materials that are approachable for everyone. I have truly enjoyed my experience with the PowerScore LSAT Bibles, the PowerScore Weekend and Full Length LSAT courses, and especially, my course instructors. The LSAT can easily be overwhelming but PowerScore manages to communicate extremely dense information into manageable explanations and assignments. My instructor has been so patient and forthcoming with his LSAT and law school knowledge that the dynamic of his classroom made my LSAT preparation not only beneficial, but enjoyable as well. Thank you PowerScore!

Anesha Blakey
New York, NY

I really want to thank you all for the preparation and advantage that this course has helped me achieve. I thought the LSAT would be like any other standardized test that I have always done well on, only to find myself a bit overwhelmed with the first practice exam. With the full-length course I have been able to restore my confidence and I am feeling great about the challenge that lies ahead.

Jacob Castineira
Coral Gables, FL

PowerScore helped me better understand the different question types on the LSAT. I can say this with confidence; by far PowerScore is the best among all of the prep courses offered. They give students insightful information on how to attack the questions. I took a prep class with another company, and believe me when I say PowerScore increased my score tremendously. Thanks to PowerScore!! 

Monkonjai Bryant
New Brunswick

I had done a lot of research before selecting PowerScore to help me prepare for the LSAT. All of the reviews pointed to PowerScore as the best prep course. Now that I have completed the course, I am absolutely more confident about taking the test as I have gained a lot of valuable strategies offered by PowerScore. Our instructor, made the class very much enjoyable while he also made sure we understood every point before moving on to the next topic. I am glad I chose PowerScore and would highly recommend others to invest in a course!

Yasemin Basaran
Philadelphia, PA

I found the PowerScore course to be one of the best classes I have ever attended. The thing that blew me back the most was the professor. He was extremely knowledgeable of the test and broke the class down in such a way that anybody could understand it. I would come to his class after 8 hours of hard work and still be able to focus for the entire length of the class because of how he was able to engage my interest. I think the course was very helpful and would recommend the class to anyone interested taking the LSAT.

Christopher Chochrek
Dallas, TX

PowerScore's Full Length LSAT class was worth every penny! I felt much more confident about taking the LSAT after working with the materials and the instructor, who was amazing.

Angela Rasile
Coral Gables, FL

The LSAT is a daunting and somewhat nebulous opponent, in that - at times it may seem straight-forward and clear cut; however, other times it can be frustrating and confusing while trying to grapple with the many different and difficult components that comprise this test. One cannot simply pick up a book, commit some concepts to memory, and expect to do exceptionally well, because this is not a test of knowledge, but rather - of skill. The resources at PowerScore equip the prospective law student with the armaments needed to effectively and efficiently engage and attack each and every question on the exam. Whether you're absolutely confident in your abilities or simply just starting to study, this course is a significant step in ensuring that your performance is the best that it can be.

Andrew Bacumo
Portland, OR

After receiving quite a lackluster LSAT score on my first attempt, I decided to take a full-length PowerScore course. I had been studying on my own for the most part, and had not only developed some bad habits but also found myself making the same mistakes over and over again (no doubt these two things were linked). Taking the PowerScore course supplied me with an arsenal of better methods for approaching every section of the test. Consequently, my accuracy and speed simultaneously improved--and this, in turn, bolstered my confidence. The course is extremely well designed, and the supplemental online materials are abundantly generous. Being able to 'refresh' my memory on key concepts, game strategies or approaches to particular question types in my own time, greatly augmented my studying. Additionally, I had a fantastic teacher--passionate, engaged, brilliant and funny.

Margaux Poueymirou
New York, NY

Some people have the ability to read simple text and fully comprehend what skills they need to develop and how best to develop them without the assistance of an instructor and classroom setting. For those of us who learn better in the traditional setting and value the input of a proven LSAT master, the PowerScore class will lend you a leg up on the competition. I saw my scores increase twenty points in two months. I have yet to learn my score on the actual test, but I am very confident in my performance.

Kevin Kester  

         I made double digit improvements from my diagnostic. My teacher was very thorough with the course material and I have recommended this program to others who are taking the LSAT. Definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Veronica Guerra
Miami, FL

The PowerScore prep course pushed me to a level of preparation that I never could have reached on my own. Without this class I can't imagine spending 12 hours a week studying, but I was doing that and more with the motivation of PowerScore. I also found, when I was taking the LSAT, that certain questions triggered specific principles taught by my instructor, so I knew that I was attacking those questions the right way.

Colleen Ashley
Austin, TX    

    Before taking the PowerScore course I was only aware of a small portion of the actual test. However, after completing the course I am confident that I am well prepared and comfortable with the LSAT. Thanks to the great advice and abundant knowledge of the instructor, I have raised my score from a 154 to my current high of 169. Thank you for your help!

Matthew Cornelia Ft.
Worth, TX

I started out with a 143 but by the time I finished my full-length LSAT course I was scoring between 159-162 on practice tests!! My instructor took the time to answer all of my questions individually, which was a great bonus of the small class size. PowerScore also made me feel extremely confident in my skills and knowledge of the different types of LSAT questions.

Sarah Wolfe
Milwaukee, WI

I think PowerScore is a really high quality prep program and did a lot to help me feel comfortable with the material on the LSAT. I got a 169 on the first practice test without any studying, so I knew that my ceiling was pretty high, but PowerScore really made sure I got the practice I needed and I raised my score to a 180 on test day. Thanks a lot and I will recommend it to all my friends.

Jacob Newman
Chicago, IL

After taking a Princeton Review course last year and taking two LSATs, I was not happy with my score and decided to sign up for a different course. Many of my friends and colleagues recommended PowerScore, so I chose their full-length course. I personally believe PowerScore has the best and most efficient LSAT strategies, resources, and teaching. Now that I am finished with the class, my score has risen over 10 points (upper 160's) from my last LSATs and class, and I still have 2 months until my actual LSAT. If you are a student willing to put in the time for the homework and additional resources available to you through this course, you will, without a doubt, improve your score with PowerScore. PowerScore is an unparalleled resource for LSAT strategy and material, and I would recommend this course over any course out there. Thank you.

Chase Chesser
Washington, DC

It's a course that will give you the peace of mind in knowing what to expect come test day. All the materials are from previous tests and the wealth of information provided left me with a sense of advantage in taking the LSAT.

Richard Morris
Milwaukee, WI

The Full-Length PowerScore LSAT course allowed me to understand the structure of the exam, prepare with excellent test-taking strategies, and learn to attack the different sections of the exam with confidence. My score increased greatly into the range I am shooting for and I know that continuing preparation using what I learned in class will allow my score to increase even more.

Amy Dreisiger
New York, NY

This course went above and beyond my expectations in more ways than one. The course material was helpful, useful, and clear cut. The instructor was beyond qualified, patient, and knowledgeable. However, most importantly, this course gave me all the tools, strategies, and details necessary to increase my score significantly. Thanks!

Mona Xia
Atlanta, GA

I have looked into other prep courses for the LSAT and nothing compares to PowerScore. PowerScore really clarifies the LSAT in a way that is manageable and understandable. Instructors and additional material are great!

Sarah Gross
Davis, CA

I have been very impressed with the organization and efficiency of your company. I signed up literally days before the start date, and you were able to ship my materials in time. The course is great for the following reasons: -Excellent online materials -The audio recaps are hands down a godsend -The books are very well done and the drills in each section are most appreciated Really, I only have good things to say. Thank you for your program!

Molly McGregor
Fort Worth, TX

PowerScore has managed to dissect the LSAT into an easily digestible program for aspiring lawyers. Nothing I have encountered, to date, is as thorough or useful.

Michael D'Ambrosio
New York, NY

I am highly pleased I took the PowerScore LSAT preparation course. This course went into great detail on each question I saw on the LSAT. My instructor dissected each question and made sure I understood how to get to the correct answer. He not only makes class fun, but also treats each student like a friend and comes early and stays late to further help. My instructor and PowerScore have made me feel confident when I took the LSAT, and were the reason my score increased by about 15 points. I have already recommended 3 of my friends to PowerScore, it was worth every penny.

Leonard Leveille
Miami, FL

I don't think there is a better, more intense LSAT prep course than PowerScore!  Tons of practice material and great online support make PowerScore a tremendous value. Our instructor was spectacular! 

David Hume

Athens, GA

Prior to PowerScore I took a different LSAT prep course and I improved DRAMATICALLY from the PowerScore course. I would recommend this course to anybody who is planning on taking the LSAT!

Courtney Klaper
Washington DC

This course was VERY helpful and I am very grateful to have had an instructor that was genuine and helpful. I also appreciated the small class size and individual attention to each student.

April Mara Cristal
San Francisco, CA

This LSAT course was great. The instructor was just starting her first year in law school so she knew what we were going through. The LSAT wasn't something she had taken years ago, it was something she did very recently. Knowing she was in the same boat as me only a few months prior to class made me feel more comfortable. The material provided gave me the opportunity to not only have access to hundreds of actual test questions, but also the detailed answers to each of those questions. The student center online was a great additional tool in helping me prepare for the LSAT. Compared to another LSAT prep class I took, PowerScore gets my vote and I will definitely be recommending this company to others!

Stephanie Price
Philadelphia, PA

Haven taken other prep courses before, I now know that PowerScore is by far the best. Not only was I able to learn how to cut down on time and boost my accuracy, I had a great instructor who really knew her stuff and explained every concept until everyone in the class understood it. Yes, it did cost a lot of money but the way I see it, it was a worthwhile investment in my future. I would definitely recommend this course!

Cynthia Lei
Toronto, Ontario

This course changed my life.

Toronto, Ontario

The LSAT Full Length course is a great tool to use if you are preparing for the LSAT. When you start this journey it seems very lonely and that you have to do this on your own, but once you attend a PowerScore class you see that you are not alone and that there are a lot of other people in the same boat as you are in. The PowerScore LSAT course is broken down into 12 Lessons which drill you on different topics and help you understand the in's and outs of the LSAT. If you are scoring low and want to improve your score on all sections of the exam, this is the course for you. GO POWERSCORE!

Asim Hamid
Manhattan, NY

You definitely get your money's worth when you sign up for PowerScore.

Christopher Truong
Manhattan, NY

PowerScore's course increased my knowledge of the concepts tested on the LSAT. My instructor was enthusiastic, dedicated, and truly put the LSAT in a whole new light for me. I could not have asked for a better course!  A worthwhile investment!

Deborah Sands
Manhattan, NY

The PowerScore system truly works. Within a few months of attending the class and completing the assigned homework, I achieved scores I never thought I could. Anyone serious about improving their LSAT score should take this class.

James Valenza
Long Island, NY

PowerScore offers lots of practice to do on your own and chart your own progress. At the same time, the classes provide a thoughtful and extremely helpful teacher as well as classmates who insights can be equally valuable. A great value!

Michael Adame
Manhattan, NY

I like that there are so many homework questions on specific question types. It allows me to stumble through question sets and then see my improvement. PowerScore is definitely superior to Kaplan in its methods and materials.

T. Tuong

The PowerScore Full-Length LSAT Prep Course has been a truly wonderful resource for me in my preparations to take the LSAT in October. Halfway through the course I have already improved so much from when I began, and I am looking at the LSAT from a whole new light. I no longer view the LSAT as an impossible challenge, as something that I cannot conquer. Instead, I now view the LSAT as a conquerable obstacle, an obstacle that I can see over, I just need to push myself to successfully hurdle it.

Candace Hensley
Cambridge, MA

I learned so much from this course. I did all the homework and many practice tests and it was worth it. My instructor was an incredible teacher and helped me understand all the material. I started the course with a 140 on my diagnostic test and ended up getting a 160 on the June 2012 LSAT. I won't have to take the exam again thanks to the course and my teacher! Thank you PowerScore!

Katiana Rodriguez
Coral Gables, FL

I have truly adored this LSAT class so far and I am thankful that I decided to use PowerScore to help better my score. After 6 classes, I have learned more than I would have ever expected. The resources available are amazing and the way the book is setup is certainly conducive to success on the LSAT. I love PowerScore and I shall recommend you to all of my colleagues who need assistance in mastering a test. Thank you for your wonderful service.

Sandy De Sousa
Manhattan, NY

PowerScore offers exceptional LSAT prep courses. I learned much more than I expected from the full length course. The instructor was wonderfully helpful. As far as classes go, it was quite enjoyable. After taking the June LSAT I felt extremely confident because of the experience and tools I gained from taking the PowerScore full length course.

Sara Henderson
Tampa, FL

I loved this course. I do feel like they really simplify the LSAT for you in terms of how you should approach each question type. I enjoyed it and I would take it again if need be.

Ayana Atkinson
Manhattan, NY

My instructor took my score from the median up to the 87th percentile. He was a great instructor and I will highly recommend the Full-Length PowerScore class to anyone looking to take the LSAT.

John Reinert
Dallas, TX

I really appreciated my instructor's teaching style and her ability to clearly explain questions and concepts. She was also entertaining and made the three-hour sessions highly engaging. All in all, this course was invaluable. I went from a 157 (70th percentile) to a 166 (93rd percentile). I had no idea I could improve so much, and I'm very impressed by how much the course helped me. I will certainly recommend it to others.

Naomi Moses
Vancocuver, BC

I have previously taken an LSAT class with FIU and honestly did not get any benefit out of it. PowerScore was extremely helpful and I would strongly recommend anyone looking for help on the LSAT to enroll. The material I was given covered every aspect in detail of the exam and helped clear out any questions I had. I am very pleased with this class and feel much more confident in taking the LSAT this October.

Kristine Delsol
Miami, FL

I've loved this course. Even only half way through, I see a great deal of improvement. This class has so been worth the money. The homework and practice test explanations are also extremely clear and make it easy for me to understand everything I am doing wrong and could be doing better on the test.

Alana Byrnes
Nashville, TN

I loved my PowerScore experience. My instructor was always on time, well prepared, effective and enjoyable to be around and learn from. I would encourage anyone who is interested in Law School to start their LSAT journey with PowerScore. I just cannot say enough good things about my instructor and your course. Thank you for a great experience.

Kendall Byrer
Irvine, CA

Whether you're coming in a master of the LSAT or totally oblivious, you'll definitely learn something and boost your score.

Daniel Gonzalez
Miami, FL

Taking the LSAT prep class was the smartest step I took to prepare for the exam. I walked out much more confident and knowledgeable. I tried to self-prep, but having someone explain the material and know what they're talking about makes it much easier to understand. I recommend taking at least a weekend prep class with PowerScore!

Jennifer Pierre
Manhattan, NY 

The PowerScore LSAT class prepared me to take the LSAT better than I could have ever imagined. Our instructor was so helpful and always made time to answer our questions and address our concerns, even outside of class time.

Brea Croteau
Athens, GA

After taking an LSAT prep course from another company, I didn't score as high as I was hoping on the LSAT. I searched around for the best course and found PowerScore. I can easily say that I don't think PowerScore could have prepared me any better for the LSAT. The instructor and materials were fantastic and really helped me improve my score.

Taylor Whitlow
Austin, TX

The amount of course materials included is a great value. The course helped me learn the basics of the LSAT and how to tackle each section of the test. This course was a great beginning to my studying, and I feel more confident as I begin to actually dive into deeper studying.

Christopher Doyle

I looked at a lot of possible LSAT prep classes before settling on PowerScore, and I'm so glad I chose this one. My instructor was consistently articulate, funny, and extremely helpful, and I found myself going into my test with a calm, clear mind. The approaches PowerScore teaches help you to attack the LSAT in a logical manner and help you do the absolute best you can on the LSAT, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this class to my friends who are also interested in law school. Thanks so much for everything!

Vinitra Rangan

My instructor helped me to see the LSAT as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. I feel much more confident than I did six weeks ago. After several frustrating and impersonal interactions with another test prep company, I was pleasantly surprised to feel that I made a great investment in my future. PowerScore is the right choice.

Caleb Holloway
Charlotte, NC

The course materials are well worth the money. They are jam packed with information. The course material homeworks go hand-in-hand with the lessons taught in class. The instructor has a strong knowledge base of the material and helps navigate through the work load.

Rachelle Louidor
Miami, FL

Not only did I improve my score by over 10 POINTS!!!, but I also really enjoyed taking the course. Each lesson built on the previous one, easing me into a solid understanding of the LSAT step-by-step so that I was not overwhelmed by all of the information. Thank You PowerScore!

Candace Hensley
Cambridge, MA

My instructor is great! His energy is contagious and the four hours go by so quickly! I honestly look forward to the LSAT classes. I have learned so much already and my confidence in regards to the test have shot up! I enjoy the preparation, and although very difficult at times (those logic/grouping games can be tricky!) I know I will keep improving each time I go to class. PowerScore is very accommodating as well. I missed a LSAT class due to a job commitment and I was able to make the class up within the next week! It was as easy as making a phone call to the hotline. I would for sure recommend PowerScore LSAT prep to anyone planning on taking the LSAT. Well worth the money and time invested!

Eissa Ronquillo

The LSAT Full-Length course helped provide me with the resources and skills necessary to succeed quickly and efficiently in my preparation for the LSAT.

Steven Meehan
Drexel, PA

The full-length LSAT course was truly a life saver. I was able to raise my score 10 points, and ended up scoring better than I was hoping on the actual administration of the test! I would definitely recommend this class to someone needing help for the LSAT. My instructor was great and really wanted to see all of us succeed.

Annarose Swersey
Houston, TX

PowerScore helped me improve my score by over fifteen points. The in-class instruction was great. My instructor was thorough and helpful but also fun and engaging. The online student center and practice tests were a great way to keep up with work outside of class. Overall a great experience, I highly recommend it.

Madeline Cohen
Washington DC

The structure and discipline behind PowerScore is really what makes it great. Having taken a Princeton Review class, PowerScore was so much better at showing you how the makers of the LSAT think. If you're willing to put in the work and do the homework, the full-length class can pay huge dividends. I would definitely recommend the class to any and all who are able and willing.

Naveed Ahmad
Cincinnati, OH

PowerScore helped me to understand the LSAT. I jumped 8 points and I felt like the course just taught me what the questions were asking of me. I had the ability to do well on the LSAT, PowerScore just showed me how to master it.

Hilary Hannon
Minneapolis, MN

PowerScore helped me to understand the LSAT in a way that made the test less intimidating, and in fact completely manageable. When test day arrived, I was confident that I wouldn't be facing any surprises. PowerScore is an invaluable resource for anyone who's serious about getting into law school, and I would recommend the course to any student who wants to improve their score. The price is 100% worth it, and more than reasonable for what you can get out of it if you put in the effort. Thanks PowerScore!

Tim Forsman
Tempe, AZ

Unlike any other prep course I have taken, PowerScore's full length LSAT course actually made me enjoy studying. My instructor was funny, witty, and knew previous LSATs well enough to quote from them regularly. His excitement, dynamic personality, and obvious expertise ensured that each class was as informative as it was enjoyable. I am actually sad that the class is over; but I am partially consoled by the compendious wealth of supplementary online material available for my continued use.

Michael Turkel
New York, NY

This class was immensely useful for someone like me who had never before taken anything to do with the LSAT. My first score when I took my diagnostic test was 148, and after attending classes and writing multiple practice tests and doing the homework, I was consistently achieving over 160.

Vincent Chiu
Vancouver, BC

PowerScore does an amazing job of outlining the course by different question types and assigning relevant and specific homework to each lesson. Their organization allowed me to practice the areas in which I was weak and needed more work. The course is very organized, very detailed, has awesome instructors and most of all, is easy to follow.

Norman Mudasir
Philadelphia, PA

I think the material is fantastic, the book is great and I feel engaged in the way it talks to me. For instance, at the beginning of homework 5, it says at this point you may be feeling the problems are taking you longer, and there is too much homework: here is our advice. . .
I really appreciated that because that was exactly how I was feeling. I have already improved 10 points on my LSAT in just half the course, so I am very optimistic about my own performance and feel that it is all do to PowerScore. Thank you!

Sara Bannerman
New York, NY

I was hesitant when I was choosing a prep course since it was a big investment. I'm glad I chose PowerScore, all their practice questions actually come from real LSAT tests, unlike many practice questions by other companies. The books were concise, organized, and arrived quickly. My instructor took an individual interest in each of his students and had so MUCH energy!I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I increased my score dramatically and felt very confident in my preparation.

Jamie Leigh Baltra
Full-Length Student

PowerScore and the instructor helped me to achieve my score target. The tools in assessing, attacking, and executing questions and games were more valuable than I could have imagined. Being in the classroom was also helpful in learning from/with my peers. I would recommend this course and, at minimum, the materials to everyone taking the LSAT.

Molly Kafka

The material provided and the clear concise explanations by an extremely qualified instructor were instrumental in preparing me for the real LSAT. I recommend the class to anyone who is serious about improving their LSAT score.

Adrian Maceiras
Austin, TX

The full-length PowerScore course helped me immensely. My pre-course exam grade was a 146, and I scored a 169 on the final practice exam. Thanks!

Joe Spedale
Long Island

It's as though PowerScore has an inside hook to the minds of the test makers.

Neeraj Goyal
Houston, TX

After purchasing materials from other companies, I've found PowerScore's materials to be the most comprehensive and applicable. The teachers at PowerScore also seem to be of the highest caliber which lended a hand in my scores increasing from the low 150s during the first couple of weeks to consistently scoring in the mid to high 160s by the end. Thanks so much PowerScore!"

Corey Casbarro
New York, NY

I just wanted to personally thank you for an amazing class and a wonderful course. I improved and learned a lot, and, even though I am a very critical person, found absolutely nothing I would change about the layout and function of this course. I think that a ton of the credit is also due to my instructor who was unbelievable. He was focused smart, thoughtful, caring, on point, and overwhelmingly helpful. He really cared about our progress throughout the course and was really more like a personal tutor and friend, as well as a learned instructor. I thank you guys again, so much, for making such an otherwise painful experience fun and smooth. I will be absolutely sure to recommend PowerScore in the future to anyone who needs the help.
Thanks again!

David Zandi
New York, NY

I was very happy with the course. I reached my target score on the first practice test in class, only a few weeks into the course. I had taken the LSAT before and never performed as well as I did throughout the duration of this course. I am very glad that I took the time to research the different companies offering LSAT prep courses and went with PowerScore. My improvement in the games section increased dramatically, and I learned how to improve my reasoning score as well using the test breakdowns provided online. I hope all of the teachers are as effective as mine--a big help and great motivator. I felt confident following his instructions. Thank you PowerScore, you have literally improved my future.

Matthew McMullin
Phoenix, AZ

Taking the LSAT Prep Course at PowerScore was an amazing experience. The instructor was always clear, organized, and helpful, and had a very deep understanding of the test. Because ofthis course, I came to the exam feeling confident and very well prepared. Thank You!
Karolina Klyuchnikova

New York, NY

The course was well thought out, and in depth on all subject matter. My instructor did an outstanding job of making the material as easy to understand as was possible.

My scores went up thirteen points, and I feel that with this base, they can go higher if I choose to devote the time.

Jon Gehm
Austin, TX

I've never studied for the LSAT before I came to this course. I scored very poorly on the first diagnostic we did in class. English is not my first language, so you understand that getting a good score on LSAT was more difficult than for native speakers. I ended up with a decent score. From the first diagnostic to the actual LSAT my score went up 18 points.

Mariya Ljiljanic
Toronto, ON, Canada

The decision to take a prep course was a big one, as I had heard so much negative feedback about non-PowerScore courses. I did my research and made the plunge. It took ONE four-hour night class to change my entire perspective about this test and to assure me that I'd made the right decision. This feeling never changed. The course was amazing! The methods are not simply test-taking tips, but a new way of thinking about and approaching each and every question. Though I've yet to take my real LSAT, my practice scores have gone up significantly since I started the course. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to tackle this test. It's official; I'm a believer. Thank you PowerScore!

Leslie A. Vasquez
San Antonio

The course delivered in all the relevant areas: - Flow / Organization was logical and linked to the prevalence of the various question types on the exam.
- Materials were exhaustive; I'll finish the course with plenty work on over the next month.
- Instructor was excellent. Had enough expertise to explain every question, and the right combination of patience, dry humor, and pacing to make each class interesting and productive. Another nice thing about PowerScore is that I was always able to reach someone at the office; I had a few questions over the past few months, and each time I got a clear, polite, and helpful answer. Thanks, guys!

Daniel Faichney
Chicago, IL

My friends, who are in other courses such as Kaplan or Score Perfect, were shocked when I admitted that classes were actually entertaining and that so far I'd gone up 20 points. I would do this course again in a heartbeat.

Emily Stegich
Dallas, TX

An invaluable resource and service, definitely worth every penny. Thanks PowerScore!

Tim Forsman
Tempe, AZ

I really benefited from the LSAT full-length course. I had been studying on my own using the PowerScore bibles, and scoring within the 156-158 range. After taking the course, my score has jumped up to 166+, and I really have to thank my instructor's techniques. He worked with me on my weaknesses, gave me solid advice on how to overcome them, and I'm confident that with practice, I can do better than my current score. The materials available online are immensely helpful as well. Overall , I'm really glad I took this course as it definitely drills all the LSAT concepts and provides plenty of practice, and the teacher was wonderful as well.

Elham Shabahat
New York, NY

The course textbooks had a lot of information and great detailed explanations for questions. Instructor was very helpful. I raised my score 10 points from taking the class. Online section had tons of information!

Chris Ktenas
Chicago, IL

From the beginning to the end of the course I was able to increase my score by 21 points! Thank you PowerScore!

Grant Kirsh
Denver, CO

The PowerScore full-length LSAT course gave me such a deep understanding of the LSAT. I've increased my target score because the six weeks in the course has increased my confidence ten-fold. The instructor went above and beyond, and PowerScore provides so much material that I won't run out of questions even though my test is still four months away!

Rajvi Patel
Philadelphia, PA

Having been out of school for years I was hesitant to settle on a program, but I made the right decision with PowerScore. The instructor touched on everything I needed and taught me things I didn't know I needed. The instructor was engaged, personal and diligent. He had a genuine vested interest in seeing us all succeed. I can now look back and know no other course can come close to the caliber of instruction you get with PowerScore. Not only informative but inspiring. Thank you!

Jessica Oker
Tampa, FL

The course was very helpful. After the full length course I bumped my score up 11 points up to 169. I don't think I would have been able to make this big improvement without the critical help and motivation of my PowerScore class and teacher.

Alex Kopit
Washington DC

Very detailed and useful information. This class is clearly structured for you to win. I believe that I will certainly improve my chances of getting a good score by taking this class. This class is well taught and well put together. I really enjoy the online resources and the supplemental materials. People learn in different ways, and it appears Power Score has taken the time to cover all bases. My instructor is inspiring and extremely on top of his game. Keeps my attention and he appears to love what he does.

Anthony Jones
Austin, TX

The LSAT Full Length course was everything I hoped for and more. The course was organized very well and I saw my LSAT score go up with each practice test. The homework for each lesson definitely reinforced what the instructor had covered in that lesson. The supplemental material and tests are a reinforcement of all of the lessons and as I did those, I could see my improvement as the course progressed. So great job on all of that!

Carol Cord
Miami, FL

This was an extremely helpful course, from the beginning to the end of the practice exams I gained 12 points on my LSAT score, I haven't received my score yet but I felt very comfortable throughout.

Cory Przybilla
Minneapolis, MN

The amount of homework can be intimidating, especially when working full time. Although, I am significantly behind on the homework, there was still a dramatic increase from my first score (130) to my latest score (157). I am confident that once I complete all of the homework, I will be at my target score of 165. I am very happy I decided to take a class that ended 5 weeks before the exam, because I truly underestimated the amount of homework. In these next 5 weeks, I will be able to master the techniques provided by the course, and utilize the abundance of practice questions provided on the PowerScore website.

Janeen Thomas

"I just wanted to thank PowerScore and its employees for putting together such an incredible program. I had taken the LSAT once before and scored a 154. On the second try, after a PowerScore class taught by a most qualified instructor, I raised my score to 170. Thank you. "

Russell Jarem
Providence, RI

"I am so happy that I chose PowerScore over the other courses offered! PowerScore helped me see the LSAT as a very structured exam that could be tackled effectively. My score went up tremendously once I understood the logic of the test! I recommend this course to anyone who is considering taking the LSAT. Also, the small classes helped in allowing everyone to have time to understand each and every concept!"

Niti Vashisht
Boston, MA

"I scored 143 on the first day of class. I got a 159 on the actual test! And this was after the two month Full-Length course during which I did only 5% of the homework (stressed out and busy at a new job. My doing as well as I did is a testament to the phenomenal instructor, Eric, who I had. This young guy was brilliant. As a former teacher I must say I've never seen such teaching skill. I am honestly recommending PowerScore to all. When I get those acceptance letters I will owe a lot to PowerScore!"

Nancy Bernstein
New York City, NY

"I took the LSAT before I was in the PowerScore class and I didn't do very well. Truthfully, I sat through a Kaplan prep class before I took the test the first time. For the amount of money and time you put into the Kaplan class, it was worth about 1/4 of the PowerScore class. My teacher Aaron for PowerScore was 100 times better equipped to teach and explain concepts than the Kaplan instructor. I appreciated the order of the material presented through the course as well as the supplemental materials/homework. This class was intense, with everything packed into two months. However, I was still able to retain many of the concepts through the many hours of class. I appreciated all of the time Aaron put into teaching and the class. His understanding of the material and ability to relay the information to us was of great value. The course is quality and I have recommended it to different students looking to taking the LSAT. "

Kristin Dini
Philadelphia, PA

"The course was phenomenal. Our teacher was more enthusiastic about the course than the students, which is a great thing, because we became just as enthusiastic. I know this sounds like an info-mercial but the techniques really work. I increased my practice test score by 10%. "

Tonnjo Rayford
Atlanta, GA

"The class was very helpful. I wouldn't have known where to start in the preparation process without it. My instructor was excellent. She always had answers and was genuinely concerned that we do well on the LSAT. "

Elisha Wroten
Dallas, TX

This was an awesome course and the online support is amazing. I understood everything clearly after listening to the modules. I am sure that I will score in the high 160's or even 170's. I began at 134. I never thought that I would understand such a complicated text but I do now and it's thanks to Powerscore. Thanks again!!

Martine Lacrois
New York, NY

I took the LSAT full length course because I didn't know where to begin studying. I was impressed by the organization and details. There is so much extra work for you to do outside of the class that if you are willing to do the work and go to class it is impossible not to improve your score. I don't think self study would have provided nearly as much of a benefit as the class did. I strongly recommend POWERSCORE to anyone about to take the LSAT.

Tara Flagg
Austin, TX

The instructor definitely helped me prepare for the LSAT! There was nothing on the actual LSAT exam that I had not seen. The instructor encouraged participation and egaged the class each and every session.

John Alexander
Dallas, TX

This course was phenomenal for me as a undergraduate student with no LSAT experience whatsoever. I not only learned the basics and the hidden tricks, but a long-term study strategy to help in my test preparation, even after the course. I have already raised my score and I am actually looking forward to taking the LSAT in June!

Yekaterina Reyzis
Washington DC

At first, I didn't know what to expect from a test prep class. I must say I was astonished and very optimistic when I saw the amount of materials that I was going to use for the class. I loved the overall structure of the class. I was expecting the lessons to be sectioned off by category. The variations of the sections made it more bearable. I was afraid I was going to forget what I learned at the start of the class, but the given structure helped me retain most of the materials discussed throughout the course. The instructor, although a recent graduate from college, had many great characteristics. He definitely presented the material in a fashion that was easy to comprehend. His knowledge and experience of the LSAT was tremendously reassuring. The notion of taking the LSAT already has an intimidating feel but having an instructor that is personable and willing to help makes the class and the test more enjoyable. I have to admit, I am definitely more confident in taking the LSAT then when I first started the class. I highly recommend PowerScore for any test prep course. Thank you PowerScore!

Janice Munivong
San Jose, CA

This course has really helped me gain confidence for the test. Previously I had taken a Kaplan course to prepare for the LSAT, and most of the time I had no idea what the instructor was saying, and my score did not improve. However, with Powerscore I have been enlightened in such a manner that I will score at least 15 points higher on my LSAT. Simply put, this course is AMAZING!!!

Raymond Rushing
Norman, OK

The whole Powerscore experience has calmed my fears about the LSAT. I have gone from apprehensive to aggressive. I now have a fighter mentality toward the test instead of feeling intimidated. I feel this is a direct result of my instructor. He walks softly but carries a big stick. In a calm way he brings out the warrior in me.

Vanessa Quintana
Irvine, CA

The Powerscore course truly helped me. They have an excellent program and the depth and quality of their instructors is amazing. I raised my score a whole 11 points from my diagnostic. The structure and quality of the materials is breath-taking. Thank you.

Robert L
Boston, MA

I strongly suggest that people enroll in the PowerScore Full Length LSAT Course to maximize their scores on the LSAT. I received a 153 on my first practice test during the class and over the course my scores gradually improved. I ended up receiving a 170 on the real LSAT putting me in the 98th percentile in the nation. I owe it all to the PowerScore program.

James Dumont
Berkeley, CA

I had so much anxiety about the LSAT, I kept pushing it back due to my nervousness. Powerscore helped me feel at ease about the material and now I feel as though I am ready to face the test head on!

Kurt Pinto
Long Island

The full-length LSAT prep course was the best money I've ever spent. My instructor was well-prepared for each class and made effective use of classroom time. In addition, my instructor was incredibly personable and knew how to explain content in a logical manner.

Brooke Stedman
Atlanta, GA

The PowerScore course was really great preparation for me. The materials were so robust - I had ample problems, practice tests, and homeworks to refer to when I was studying. I never ran out of material!In addition, it really opened my eyes to what the test was going to entail. Doing practice problems on my own would have helped a little bit. But the course really brought to light techniques and strategies that I never would have picked up on my own. I think that this course was a great value and I would definitely recommend it to others looking to take the LSAT.

Alexis Wong
San Francisco, CA

The Powerscore full length course provided all of the necessary tools to do very well on the test. The books were an invaluable resource, packed full of helpful drills and thousands of real LSAT questions. My instructor was also great- he truly cared about our success on the test. My scores improved substantially, and my consistency of achieving those results also improved. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the experience I had with Powerscore!

Meaghan Jansen
Ann Arbor, MI

The class was definitely helpful not simply by teaching what the book does, but by giving each student a personal attention, discussing questions in a manner that's easy to understand, and most importantly, by providing helpful hints and tricks.

Faina Savich
New York, NY

This course was the best investment I could have made towards my future career. I learned so much and the instructor was so knowledgeable and a truly great teacher. I recommend this course to anyone who is willing to put the work in to improve their LSAT score!

Jaclyn O'Connor
Coral Gables, FL

"Understanding what you are up against with the LSAT is an important part of mastering the test. Going through the course broke down the major components so that on test day they were recognizable pieces of a larger puzzle. I especially appreciated the full-length practice exams which helped build test endurance. I would highly recommend this course."

Kari Buhmiller
University of Montana
Full-length LSAT Course Student

"I am so grateful that I took the PowerScore prep class. The personal approach and interest that my instructor provided was a huge asset in doing my best on the LSAT. My instructor truly cared about each and every one of us doing our best, and did everything within his power to enable us to do so. When it came to my LSAT testing day, everything that could go wrong did! Not only was the test building moved at the last minute, but also the desks were tiny, and there was some guy chatting away about how high his LSAT score was the first time and that this time was for kicks! Amazingly, none of this tripped me up whatsoever. Every last one of the "traumatic" incidents that occurred, I had been warned about and given coping mechanisms to deal by my instructor. I was the first student at the test center, and everything flowed smoothly from there. Those potentially detrimental factors ended up being so insignificant, that I forgot to tell my family members for two days! What a great investment!"

Richard Bunney
Portland, OR

"I had studied for the LSAT with books prior to taking the PowerScore course with minimal improvement, but once I took the course, I felt like there was nothing the test could throw at me that I didn't already learn. The confidence I got from the course has put me in a position to get into the law schools that I really wanted to get into.
If you think about it, the thousand dollars you spend for the PowerScore course is pennies in comparison the to the starting salary discrepancies between highly ranked and lowly ranked law schools. Thanks =)"

Monica Paek
Austin, TX

"I was very impressed by our instructor and her ability to explain the material in a simple and understandable manner. There is just no amount of money that would ever make me teach this course due to the number of difficult questions that our class presented to her. She handled each and every question with grace, and was never stuck on an answer! It wasn't a matter of her knowing it all, but she was very quick at pointing out any mistakes or flaws within our way of thinking. You think that you're logical and there are no flaws in the way you reason things, but I was delighted to learn a whole new dimension of thinking. If you're not taking the LSAT, you should still take the course just so that someone like her can open the different dimensions of your mind. Truly, I feel as though a larger portion of my brain has been tapped into and I now realize that what Socrates said was indeed true: the beginning of knowledge is when you begin to realize that you know nothing. "

Sunhee Lee
Irvine, CA

"The PowerScore LSAT course was truly a blessing. I was seaching the web, found the course and thought, "I'll give it a try". I am so glad I did. I am more focused and wiser. I now have the skills to dissect and solve any given problem at a speed never dreamed possible. Thank you for giving me the motivation and courage to take the LSAT. Again, Thanks

Desiree' Alexander
Washington, D. C.

"I liked PowerScore because it is a test prep company that has it's priorities in the right place. My teacher was excellent and thoroughly understood how to teach the material well. The material, class work, and homework was practical and helpful. "

Leslie Lott
Detroit, MI

"I thought the course provided me with insights and strategies to improve my score and reach my goal of 165 or above. When I first took a practice LSAT I got a 149, and by the time I finished my full length course I was hitting 165. Our instructor was definitely intelligent and had the experience necessary to teach the course. I found his explanations helpful and useful. "

Ryan Kerian
New Brunswick, NJ

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about maximizing their potential on the LSAT. My instructor and the students in my class made this course fun and helped me to remain focused. I especially appreciated the supplemental information on the website, such as the logic games answers for all of the tests in the supplement. This is a well thought out course that went beyond my initial expectations. "

Jodi Bart
Austin, TX

"The PowerScore full-length LSAT course was well organized and very well presented. I found the ample supply of homework exercises and solutions to be invaluable to the in-class course materials. My instructor was excellent and presented difficult ideas clearly and effectively. Overall, the class was excellent. "

Brian Wong
Palo Alto, CA

"Having taken the PowerScore LSAT prep course was an excellent advantage on test-day. I feel like I understood what was going on in the test-writer's minds when creating certain problems. The course was an overall effective and strategic way to plan for the LSAT. . . All in all, I am extremely happy that I took this class - no other prep in my area even compares. "

Matthew Guanci
Boston, MA

"I really thought that the New Brunswick class was a great setting because the class was smaller, which allowed for better interaction, which was great. Overall, excellent course and excellent preparation materials and resources for students. I would highly recommend PowerScore over any other prep course I have seen or taken. "

Raxann A. Chin
New Brunswick, NJ

"Having taken a Kaplan class previously, I must say that the PowerScore in-class time is much more direct, focused and thorough than that other company. The length and intensity of the class really prepares you for all the concepts you'll face on the test, and the homework -- all two to three hours of it per night -- really drills home the material. Also, I like the way the class is set up, and the fact that it stresses concepts that can be used in the various sections of the LSAT. I found that Kaplan stressed the distinctness of each section to a fault, and PowerScore does a much better job of teaching you ideas you can use for anything you might face. Additionally, my instructor is extraordinarily thorough and patient. Plus, he really knows his stuff; another thing I can't say for Kaplan. "

Lou Mandarini
Boston, MA

"So far, I am very satisfied with the Powerscore course. It is dramatically better than the course offered by Princeton Review (which I took last summer). The PowerScore instructor is mature, knowledgeable and is able to convey the lessons in a meaningful way. This was not always the case with my Princeton instructor. Mainly though, the PowerScore approach to studying for the LSAT is far superior. The suggestions for approaching test questions focuses on improving understanding as well as improving speed. Many of the suggestions offered by Princeton Review were just too time consuming. I would highly recommend PowerScore to other potential law students. "

Kirsten Waerstad
Boston, MA

"I have no clue what it is about standardized tests--especially the LSAT--that scares me to death. PowerScore has definitely helped me overcome this fear. I am now more comfortable with the LSAT test and do not fear the test as much as I did before the course. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually look forward to taking the LSAT. "

Chelsey Selby
Athens, GA

"I feel confident that I am much better prepared for the LSAT than most of the others who did not take the PowerScore course. Our instructor was a lot of fun and very funny. She was always upbeat and willing to give extra help to those who needed it and she seemed prepared for every class and knew the material well. She was a great person to get to know! The study materials we were given were also very thorough. I am positive that I will earn a higher score than I would have had I not taken the PowerScore course. "

Kelly Hansen
Minneapolis, MN

"My instructor Greg at Boston College was great and I would strongly recommend PowerScore in the future to others. Thank You!"

Margaret Pappas
Boston, MA

"PowerScore is the best value out there. The professor along with the material made the course one of a kind! I will recommend this course to anyone even thinking about taking the LSAT.

Lazaro Mederos
Miami, FL

"Just a quick note to let you know that the training I received from the class was invaluable. When I finished taking the real LSAT, I left the classroom with confidence that I had reached my goal. I felt totally prepared. Thanks."

Toni Rufo
Philadelphia, PA

"PowerScore's LSAT preparation classes helped me raise my score significantly. The materials were well organized and the instructor effectively presented the information. The strategies and techniques demonstrated during the course increased my confidence level and accuracy while allowing me to answer the questions more quickly. Overall, I was very pleased with the course and I would recommend it to anyone preparing for the LSAT. "

Leland Cogliani
Washington, D. C.

"I regret not learning about your program before I took Kaplan. The materials are put together in a clear and consise manner. Our instructor was funny, insightful and to the point and because of his great score he inspired me to work harder to achieve my goals. Because of your methodology, every evening I was very excited to do the challenges and home work. Thank you, PowerScore. "

Keane Cort
New York City, NY

"PowerScore taught me to understand the LSAT. When I first started working through the games and questions I felt like I was trying to decode ancient symbols. 64 hours later, I feel like I could write one of the tests myself!"

Bridget Seamon
Baltimore, MD

"This course is definately far better than PR or Kaplan. But the 80 hours is no joke. Be prepared to live in an LSAT closet for about 8 weeks. "

Daniel M. Coyle
Boston, MA

"I would first like to say that your material compared to the rest is absolutely better in preparation. Also, you give no false guarantees or pseudo-promises of an increased score. I think it's an excellent marketing technique because it is more realistic, even though I know now that taking a PowerScore course and or materials would increase one's score more than those that are actually "guaranteed. " Mike was a wonderful teacher and was very concerned about each students' progress and troubles. I could not have asked for a better instructor and course to help me prepare for the LSAT. Thank you!"

Sheila Singh
Austin, TX

"Jeremy was a great instructor. I went from scoring a 156 on the first practice test to a 167 on the real thing. I went from being at the 71st percentile to the 96th percentile. I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to do well on the LSAT. "

Jeffrey Richter
Dallas, TX

"I never would have felt as confident on the day of the test if I hadn't taken the PowerScore course. The hours in class prepared me physically as well as mentally to successfully complete that race against the clock known as the LSAT. My instructor was also very knowledgeble of the subject matter. We learned a lot from him. Thanks, Powerscore! I couldn't have done it without you!"

Natasha Todman
Baltimore, MD

"Dear Vicki: I mean this in the most sincere way. You know, when the course location was changed and I didn't like it, I spoke my mind. So you know, what I am about to say is the true way I feel. Knowing what I know now, about the course, I would travel anywhere to take this course. The structure, material, presentation etc, is by far the best and most challenging to prepare any student for the LSAT. I would not only like to thank you Vicki, but your entire staff on putting out a product truly worthy of its cause. "

J. M.
Long Island, NY

"PowerScore LSAT Test preparation is your BEST means of learning how to get the score you want on the LSAT. "

Neal Byrd
Atlanta, GA

"As someone who has taught (high school, undergraduate, and graduate school), worked as a professional developer, and designed both curricula and standardized assessments, I am acutely aware of how courses are structured. The PowerScore LSAT class was both planned with the needs of adult learners in mind and delivered from materials that allowed me to integrate new concepts within earlier ones. At the end of the 12-week course, I felt both prepared and confident to meet my goal on the LSAT. "

Frank Horstman
Baltimore, MD

"After practicing on my own using other self-help books only to become even more discouraged about the test I searched the web and found PowerScore. After taking the full length course I felt extremely confident that I would do well on the LSAT because I had actually seen through the practice tests that the tips given by PowerScore really work and do more than just familiarize you with the LSAT like other materials. The combination of class instruction and practice work that PowerScore has created make this course well worth the money. "

C. S.
Washington, DC

"My LSAT instructor was amazing. He taught the class material and answered questions very well and was understanding and patient with all of the students. I really appreciated the fact that he shared his own personal experience about the recent LSAT he had taken. Also by the end of the course, he felt like an instructor but also like a friend. "

Irina Dosoretz
Atlanta, GA

"I was extremely pleased with the course and I felt that it gave me the tools necessary to significantly improve my score. The support and motivation that I received from my instructor was invaluable and I would highly recommend the course to anyone taking the LSAT. "

Robyn Gould
Los Angeles, CA

"PowerScore's Full-length LSAT course is an excellent experience! I would strongly recommend this course to anyone considering the LSAT. The course really broke down the elements in the LSAT and forced the students to understand each and every type of question. Our instructor was incredibly helpful in making this test seem less formidable!"

Anne Khatcheressian
Tysons Corner, VA

"I attended the PowerScore full-length course. The course was very intensive, extensive, and the instructor very helpful. The workload was very challenging but gave excellent practice. The material was presented thoroughly and answered many of the questions I had at the beginning of the course. I was impressed with the manner in which the material was presented and would highly recommend it for anyone looking for help in the LSAT. "

Alvin Wong
Toronto, Canada

"I took the full-length PowerScore LSAT course after being incredibly impressed with the material, structure, and instructor for the PowerScore LSAT weekend course. Once again, I cannot express how happy I was with the material and the instructor in the full-length course. John is an OUTSTANDING instructor, combining a through understanding of the material with a much appreciated sense of humor. He engaged all participants and made sure everyone was clear on the material before he moved on, frequently asking and answering questions to clarify points. He inspires his students to achieve their personal best and motivates them to work on any shortcomings. I have nothing but high praise for my instructor and the PowerScore material. "

Bill Primavera
New York City, NY

"On the first practice test, I got a 154. Three months later, on the real test, I got a 170. Much of that improvement was in the games section. I barely could get through three of the games when I started the course (and was routinely frustrated); on the June test, I got every question right except one. While the PowerScore strategies were extremely helpful, I can't stress enough the importance of practicing them often on the homework. The more practice games you do, the easier (and more enjoyable) the section becomes. "

Judy H.
Washington, DC

"PowerScore gave me the tools I need to be successful on the LSAT. This class along with hard work will make the difference between me being average and great. "

Jerad English
Evanston, IL

"The instructor and the simulated practice tests are what really stood out in this course. I am also completely satisfied with the preparation theory PowerScore uses. I was very calm during the LSAT, and I felt in complete control the whole time. I went from a 156 to a 169. "

Eric H.
Dallas, TX

"I think it was a great course, it went beyond what I had expected from it. The instructor took interest in everyone's weak points and really worked and helped everyone, even beyond his working time. I went up 15 points from my first test. I recommend this course to anyone looking for some serious improvement. "

Salman Ahmed
New Brunswick, NJ

"Without a doubt I recommend PowerScore's LSAT prep to anybody who wants to get into law school. I went up 15 points from the first practice test to the actual test. I definitely would not have had the motiviation to study on my own and improve my score this much without this class. "

Christina Demakopoulos
Washington, DC

"I would say this is a great course for learning about the LSAT. The teachers were very helpful and were often willing to stay beyond the time that the course was scheduled to end. "

Michael Castelli
Hartford, CT

"Mark, our instructor was very patient as well as being extremely knowledgeable. From the first practice test to the last one, I went up 19 points. "

Felicia Farace
Berkeley, CA

"I feel very lucky for taking this course and not having spent my money on other more 'popular' LSAT prep programs. It was very organized and my instructor was one of the best teachers I have ever had. Thank you!"

Ana Lopez
Miami, FL

"Before taking the course, I was comfortable with most of the material on the LSAT, and was able to score very well on practice tests (high 160's). The PowerScore course helped me learn to tackle the most difficult LSAT questions quickly and efficiently. Thanks to this targeted practice, and the extra confidence that gave me on test day, I was able to achieve a really excellent score (high 170's) on the real thing. "

Cynthia Robertson
Tysons Corner, VA

"This class was superb. Well worth every penny. As opposed to other LSAT classes the PowerScore test taking techniques were indispensable. The material was extensive and the two months were enough to help master them. "

Job Joseph
Houston, TX

"I took the course in Brooklyn after a former PowerScore student recommended it to me. I found that it greatly helped me prepare for the exam. The material was well organized but it wouldn't have been much help if it wasn't for my instructor. I am extremely greatful for him and could not have hoped for a better teacher. "

Anna Nechayev
Brooklyn, NY

"I am a procrastinator and lack motivation for studying, so, the full-length LSAT course really helped aid me with my studies and it gave me direction on how to study. I would highly recommend this course for those who need some extra insight and incentive for studying. "

Anika Guerrero
Houston, TX

"I had such a great experience taking the LSAT course with PowerScore. My instructor knows the test so well and his experience was invaluable. I am shooting for a score in the mid to high 170's and without him, I believe it would have been impossible. What I was most concerned about was taking a course that was not really suited to the obsessive compulsive, hungry, war-ready mindset of high scorer. Alas, I was not disappointed with my instructor or the class we had. He really encouraged me to keep working harder and harder and offered personal advice from his own experiences as a top LSAT scorer. He is such a great teacher and brought humor and fun to the class. What I found most impressive was his ability to break logic problems down in a way that was clear and easily understood. He didn't hold anything back. He took the daunting task of studying for the LSAT and made it actually enjoyable. When I first thought about taking a course, I arrogantly thought that I wouldn't learn anything from it; I already test well and studied logic and philosophical argumentation through college. When I got a disappointing score after studying on my own, I realized that simply to be competitive at the top 5 or 10 law schools, you must take a course. I did a little research and found the Powerscore Logic Games Bible. It quickly blew every other test prep book out of the water! My decision was made and there is no question in my mind that PowerScore is the best course out there. You guys are great!"

R. Enriquez
New York City, NY

"I could not be happier with the services provided by PowerScore. I had an awesome instructor who really went the extra mile to ensure that the entire class stayed up to pace. I am so glad that I chose this course to take out all of the ones that are available. PowerScore is the least expensive course that I found in my search but the value of the course is unbelievable. Patrick went out of his to help me prepare for the LSAT and I really got the feeling that he truly cares about the people that he is teaching. It was nice to feel that I had someone rooting for me the Saturday that I took the test. I am so pleased that I made the right choice!"

Hayley Yaun
Atlanta, GA

"Excellent and clearly analytical approach to the material. The course and concepts are well-structured and well-developed. Our instructor, Jonathan, was top-notch and was extremely competent. Especially provided prescient insights regarding the mental framework needed to 'attack' the test. "

Patrick Remillard
New Brunswick, NJ

"The instructor was great. The course is full of material that will help you to score better on the LSAT. The LSAT is a beast; powerscore helps you to tame that beast. "

David Reid
Provo, UT

"I had a wonderful experience taking the full length LSAT class. Just from talking to friends and reviewing other material, I know I made the right choice choosing PowerScore. I hope that you take my tone and attitude very positively. I can sincerely say that I would recommend this class to ANYONE thinking of taking the LSAT. For me with an engineering background with very few classes in philosophy and English, I would have been in trouble had I not gone through a rigorous class such as PowerScore's. I could see from the first homework assignment that a great deal of time, research, and money has gone into shaping this class. Thank You. "

Trey Rainwater
Atlanta, GA

"PowerScore did an excellent job preparing me for the LSAT. I was hesitant to enroll with a company that I did not hear much about, but I am very satisfied with my decision. The books, instructors, and hotline all provide a comprehensive package when preparing for such an important exam. The course helped me greatly and I am already recommending the course to many of my friends. Thanks PowerScore and I hope the secret of this company keeps spreading rapidly. "

Miten Shah
Cornell University

"I took the Princeton Review before the first time I took the LSAT, I hated the course and the instructor was not qualified to teach the course; needless to say I did not score high enough to get into the schools of my choice. After taking PowerScore I am confident that I learned the skills to improve my score. The methods taught allowed me to better understand the test and its components. My instructor was awesome, very intelligent and always took the time to answer questions or spend more time on an unclear concept. I would highly recommend this class to anyone preparing for the LSAT. Don't be fooled by the Princeton Review, the company only sells itself by their name. "

Sandra Urban
Philadelphia, PA

"This class was great. I had previously taken an LSAT course with another test group, but didn't improve because I couldn't dedicate much time to it. But with PowerScore, even when I was doing my homework, I felt compelled to do better and it really showed. The instructor was the best part. She was patient, yet demanding, and never failed to fully explain the answers to a question. It is good to know that amidst all the other courses out there with their incessant publicity, but lack of interest in the ultimate performance of their students, there can be such a course found such as PowerScore. Thank you for all your help and thank you as well to the people on the phones at PowerScore, who are always reachable!"

Jennifer Keser
Wellesley College

"The homework helped reinforce what I learned in class & gave me a chance to do as many practice problems as I wanted. Talking to friends who took other prep classes, I feel that I was prepared much better for the test than they were. I am very glad I took PowerScore. My instructor was great! Her instruction was very clear and easy to understand. She made sure everyone understood what was going on in class & really wanted us to improve. "

Alexa Goransson
Washington, DC

"My teacher was the best LSAT teacher out there! I have strongly recommended this course to all my friends who need to prepare for the LSAT. My score increased from a 151 to a 162 by the end of the course. Overall this was a great learning experience well worth the price. Thank you!"

Sabine Michel
Miami, FL

"When beginning my LSAT test prep, I purchased a book from another well-known company (Kaplan) and to my dismay, it was not very helpful. I found out about PowerScore through the internet. Initially I was very nervous about signing up because it almost sounded too good to be true. Because PowerScore does not have the expensive overhead in each city (as do the other companies), student tuition is spent on extra hours of instruction. I liked the materials because they were actually from the makers of the test. The homework hotline was a very informative and valuable resource. I am so glad I trusted my instincts and chose the better value and quality course. "

Robin DiBartolomeo
Washington, D. C.

"I was initially scared about taking my LSAT preparation through a course that I had never heard of. I wanted to make sure that I received the best preparation possible and had decided to use the Princeton Review or Kaplan but am glad that I did not. PowerScore deserves to be the leading LSAT preparation course in the industry. The fact that it is a small, growing company allows students to receive superior service and instruction from instructors who have mastered and really understand the LSAT. I would recommend it to anyone. "

Scott Loughlin
Harvard Law School

"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and gave 110% in teaching the class. "

Chad Davis
Boston, MA

"My instructor was excellent--active, involved and aware of the various levels and difficulties of each student. "

John McDonald
Baltimore, MD

"The course helped me better understand the LSAT and how to approach taking the test. The day of the test I felt more confident and ready to attack. My instructor was the best! Not only had he been there and done that, he gave us practical approaches and advice on dealing with the test questions. And on top of that he had a great sense of humor! Thank you, PowerScore, I could not have done it without you!"

Cassandra Whitmore
Irvine, CA

"I thought that the course was great and incredibly helpful. On my first practice test, I received a 150 and on the actual LSAT, I received a 161. My class was very small and I thought that the intimate atmosphere and the amount of individual attention was excellent. "

Sarah Dionisopoulos
Madison, WI

"The instructor was amazing. She went beyond teaching the materials and was willing to do anything that could make this whole process easier. She was an actual attorney that went through the rigorous admissions process not too long ago and served as a valuable resource. I went into the test confident - and for the LSAT that is enough said. I also improved my score by at least 10 points. I would recommend the class to anyone I know who plans on taking the LSAT. "

Frank Cush
Washington, DC

The course aided in my understanding of what to expect on the LSAT. . . there were no surprises when I went to take the test! I liked having actual questions from actual tests. The instructor spent as much time as necessary on any material that we did not understand, and was always available for questions. I would definitely recommend this course to others preparing for the LSAT. We had a small class, enabling each of us to receive as much one on one aid as we needed. And having class for 8 hours a week guarantees at least 8 hours of studying per week. You guys did an excellent job. Thanks for your help!

Alissa L. Van Horn
St. Joseph's University

From the Powerscore LSAT course I gained a deeper understanding of the LSAT. I was extremely impressed with the volume of material with which I was presented. I believe the course not only prepared me for the types of questions, but for the apprehension of taking the LSAT. After seeing LSAT problems for 2 months straight I fully knew what to expect on the actual test. Although I was anxious the day of the test I believe this course alleviated any doubts I had about what I was to encounter on the LSAT. I encourage anyone who is going to take the LSAT to take a prep course and to practice as much as possible. Thank you.

Amy McCullough
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

After having taken Princeton Review my score only improved by 3 points. After taking Powerscore my LSAT improved by more than 12 points!

Jennifer S.

I don't think I've ever given a rating of 100 on any survey. But this course was a great value, it was professionally organized, documented, and presented. I know it helped me better understand what to expect when I took the LSAT. I only wish I had done ALL the homework and sample tests given.

Terry Garman
Georgetown University

"The strengths of the course were a top-notch instructor and excellently prepared lessons and homeworks taken from real tests. . . I improved from a 146 on the first practice test to a 167 on the October LSAT. It is only Nov. 20 and I have already been admitted early action to Georgetown, and await more good news!"

James (last name withheld by request)
Columbia University

"This course was great because it devoted so much time to the test itself. It gave us so many examples of REAL tests used in the past, so when I went in to take the real thing I was comfortable with the format completely. The methods used were helpful, of course, but the real strength is the repetition of content, in my mind. . . I would recommend this class to anyone who needs to get into the LSAT frame of mind. "

Andrew Muehlbauer
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The volume and quality of materials was fantastic! I really felt like I had a good grasp of the test by working through all the homework problems and class work. I felt like the instructors had a really strong grasp of the LSAT concepts and they were pretty effective in delivering the course material. "

Sumana Kanubaddi
University of Chicago

"My instructor did an outstanding job and was very knowledgeable of the strategies, difficulties that students will face etc. She has a nice demeanor and is a very natural teacher. . . I thought the stategies were great and I know that my score improved greatly as a result. I am very happy that I took the course and probably without it, I would be hard pressed to be admitted to the law school that I would like to attend. Thank you very much!"

Matt Outlaw
University of Michigan

"The course is structured in such a way that I steadily got more and more familiar with the contents of the exam and as I got more familiar, I got more comfortable. Of course, all the preparation in the world can't really get rid of the test-day jitters, but at least I went in knowing that I'd studied hard and that I had some powerful tools for attacking the test. I went from a 151 (52nd percentile) on the first practice test to a 169 (98th percentile) on the actual exam. "

Susannah Cox
Barnard College

"I was extremely pleased with the course, and specifically, the job done by my instructor. The intellectual rigor of the class far exceeded the Princeton Review. The homework assignments were very thorough and clearly articulated key concepts. I would recommend this course to anyone taking the LSAT. While other courses emphasize gimmicks, this course teaches the logical principles tested on the exam. "

Atman Trivedi
Stanford University

"When I took the first PowerScore practice test, I scored a 135. I said to my instructor 'Am I this dumb?' 'No,' he answered, 'you are just unfamiliar with the test. ' I scored a 164 on the actual LSAT exam. That was how powerful the PowerScore instructor was. Besides knowing the LSAT inside and out and giving fabulous lectures, he knew the students well and how each progressed through the preparatory lessons. I fully recommend PowerScore if you plan to take the LSAT. You would not run a marathon unless you were prepared, would you?"

Benjamin Kent
University of Minnesota

"Taking advice from a student that can compare PowerScore to other courses, such as Princeton Review, which is the course that I previously took, I can honestly tell you that Powerscore is worth the very little extra it costs in comparison. . . I am extremely grateful for having taken the course and hope that you might consider it highly. "

Daniel Renart
George Washington University

"The instructor for my section was absolutely phenomenal. She obviously understood the LSAT and helped everyone to understand it better. In addition, because of the extensive time I spent on homework and practice tests, I felt relaxed going in and remained calm throughout the duration of the test. "

Elizabeth Mesplou
University of Oregon

"I cannot imagine not having taken this course. My instructor was a genius--he was not only able to answer our questions but he could tell us why we were thinking one way and how to start thinking another way. And even if I wasn't going to law school I feel as though I got an incredible education out of this course, along with a 15 point increase. "

Michelle Hayes
Macalester College

"This course is a must for anyone who is interested in taking the LSAT. Friends of mine have taken Kaplan and didn't have nearly as many class hours and their instructors weren't nearly as prepared. "

Jeff Sorem
Yale University

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! If it weren't for PowerScore I could never have done so well. I am so happy I took your course--it was more than worth the cost and time. I really appreciate everything you taught me and thank you for boosting my confidence. I couldn't have done it without you! Thanks again!"

Amy Kohanek
St. Cloud State University

"I had very little confidence in my ability to perform well on the LSAT, owing to my dislike of standardized tests. But PowerScore changed that. With each homework assignment and practice exam, my ability to rationalize and react to real LSAT questions increased and my level of confidence rose as well. I raised my LSAT score far beyond my original expectations to a 164. My instructor was unmatched, and took a genuine personal interest in my success. "

Steve Coon
University of Minnesota

"After thoroughly checking out all of the test prep companies, PowerScore was the obvious choice. Once I was in class, the content of the course and the level of instruction greatly exceeded even my own high expectations. I went from a 143 on my first test all the way up to a 159 on my last test. I can't tell you how grateful I am. Without the help of PowerScore there is no way I'd be going to law school. I'd recommend this course to anyone thinking about the LSAT. Thanks again. "

Alfred Peterson
University of Alaska

"I currently have opportunities at the best schools: I got into NYU, Columbia, Duke, Emory, Georgetown. I got a huge scholarship at Duke. . . I will tell everyone I know who even thinks about taking an LSAT prep course about the excellent experience I have had with PowerScore. Thanks again. "

Anika Rennie
University of Maryland

"I thought the PowerScore class was very effective and useful. I increased my score by more than 10 points since I started (going from below 160 to 168). The class was well organized and having material from real, previously administered LSATs was extremely valuable. I would recommend this class to anyone thinking of taking the LSAT. "

Renae Bailey
Northwestern University

"The PowerScore LSAT Course was one of the most positive experiences in my academic career. . . I can say without a doubt that my LSAT score was substantially higher than what it would have been had I not taken the course. Thank you, PowerScore!"

Mark Gaughan
University of Minnesota

"Once again, I want to thank you for all the help you provided. I have sent my LSAT score with this letter so that you can confirm the success of your program. After taking my first practice LSAT, I became worried I would not be able to get into any good law schools let alone one of my choice. My PowerScore instructor explained to me that with hard work and the course material I would be able to improve my score dramatically. I didn't believe him but I still made the effort. Two months and a fifteen-point increase later (initial practice LSAT score 149, actual LSAT score 164) I realized the truth of his words. PowerScore is a first-rate program. A prospective law student would be a fool not to take the course. I imagine the only reason why law school-bound students take other courses is due to ignorance. While I was taking the course, I guarded the PowerScore name like a secret that I would not tell the enemy. I didn't want other students to take the course and get the results I was getting. That would skew the LSAT scores and make it harder for me to enter law school. Now that my law school journey is complete, I feel that it is my duty to tell everyone about this excellent course and put the other programs out of business. Price-wise and time-wise, PowerScore is a steal compared to its competitors. If the class was the only service provided by PowerScore, then I would have rated the program as only the best in its class. However, the supplementary services (personal statement assistance, telephone problem solving service, and general question assistance) make PowerScore a one-of-a-kind business where the customer is treated like a king. Like a king. Thank you so much PowerScore. "

Peer Segelke
Washington and Lee University

"I think that anyone who is SERIOUS about getting into law school should invest in an LSAT preparation course. After all, this test is one of the major factors determining your acceptance into a law school. In choosing PowerScore, I made a great investment in my future. My instructor was very patient and clear and he taught me what I needed to know in order to do well on the LSAT. Not only was the instruction excellent and enthusiastic, there were outstanding resources outside of the classroom--an LSAT hotline, mounds of homework, and supplemental exercises (not to mention four practice LSAT exams). With the help of my instructor at PowerScore, I improved 12 points on the LSAT. Without PowerScore, I wouldn't have been able to do that and I probably wouldn't be getting into any law schools in the near future!"

Shelly Hilliker
University of St. Thomas

"PowerScore took the mystery out of the LSAT. By breaking down the questions into different categories the course exposed the techniques used by the testmakers. My instructor did a great job keeping the class interesting while exposing the trends in LSAT questions. He was also willing to give me any personal attention I needed to get the best score possible. I wish some of my U of M profs cared about my success as much my PowerScore instructor did!"

Pat Markey
University of Minnesota

"The course was clear and effective. I had previously taken Kaplan and was not impressed. PowerScore was definitely worth the time and money. I recommend this course to all those that plan to take the LSAT. The homework and practice exams really emphasize key strategies needed to be successful. "

Elizabeth Player
University of Delaware

"PowerScore is the most comprehensive course offered as a mode of LSAT Preparation. . . my instructor was articulate and very knowledgeable and I credit PowerScore with a significant improvement from my first practice test to my actual LSAT score. "

Erika Lazar
Brown University

"The PowerScore full length course helped me to understand what the LSAT was about. I didn't just learn tricks or secrets, I learned to understand each individual section of the test and the best way to attack it. My instructor clearly new the material he was teaching and presented it effectively. On test day I knew what I had to do and having PowerScore behind me eliminated almost all of my jitters. "

Jale Lowery
Sonoma State University

"My teacher did an EXCELLENT job. I am extremely thankful that I decided to take the course through PowerScore. "

Kathleen Harrison
University of Maryland

"It would have been impossible to have reached the level of understanding that I had attained by the completion of my course had I not taken the course. No studying on one's own would have ever produced this level of understanding and guaranteed this amount of quality study time. By the time I took the LSAT, my brain was fully immersed in the LSAT and my thoughts were all of how to correctly and quickly answer the questions. My instructor provided a level of comfort in our classes that allowed for us all to truly benefit from the classroom experience. I am very glad that I made the decision to take this course and that I went with PowerScore over the larger more commercial groups. I don't think that I would have had quite the same results with them as I did with PowerScore. "

Kristi Reeve
University of Texas-Austin

"I really felt the full-length course was worth the money. It really helped me get in the mindset for answering the questions and it helped me develop the pattern of thinking that was necessary in order to be competitive. The course was well structured and the course materialswere invaluable. It was great to take tests throughout the entirety of the course and get a feel for my progress as I went through the course. It really was a good experience, and I valued the test taking skills and advice I received from the instructor. "

Leota Tennant
University of Virginia

"We had a wonderful instructor. She made the class fun and she knew her stuff. "

Marsha Kraycir
Eastern Michigan University

"I took Princeton Review's course prior to the February exam this year. I ended up going down in my score when I actually took the exam compared to my first test. That course was very preliminary and didn't fully explain many of the games sections. PowerScore was great because they focused on the entire exam, and attempted to help us maximize in all areas. I believe that the course is worth it for the games help alone!"

Shanti Mulpuru
Washington, DC

"The instructor was very helpful. He explained everything thoroughly, always made himself accessible, and would take extra time to go over materials at the students' request. "

Mary Ann Call
Ohio University

"Your course was Excellent! Our instructor was quickly able to identify the errors in our logic and steer us in the right direction. I was very impressed with the instructor's understanding of the subject material. Powerscore was vital to my success on the test! Thank you!"

Eileen M

"I thought this course was an excellent value for the money - it was cheaper than most other courses, yet offered more classroom time and instructional materials. . . I had a great instructor, and I would definitely recommend this course to my friends or other prospective law school applicants. Thanks!"

Claire Peterson
University of Notre Dame

"This course really helped me get familiar with the test and some tricks and strategies for how to approach the questions. Thanks to Julia, the best instructor, I was able to receive outside help and get in a few laughs during the class. She really helped the class improve their test scores. "

Cheryl Alterman
University of Michigan

"Before I took the course I had no real idea of what to expect, the PowerScore course gave me the needed practice for, and insight to, the LSAT. My greatest help came from the four full-length, timed, actual LSATs that were administered through PowerScore. "

Beau J Ferguson
University of Texas-Arlington

"I found the preparation materials provided by PowerScore to be particularly helpful. I had tried studying with other books and prep materials, but the question styles were not the same as the style of the real LSAT questions that PowerScore uses. Studying with real questions makes me feel better prepared to take this test. I also liked the PowerScore course because it wasn't just a bunch of lectures, we had actual discussions about the questions and answers, etc. which is far more helpful than being talked at. "

Amanda Thompson
Macalester College

"Using the hotline was most beneficial to me. Having an instructor on hand to give a detailed explanation of the question is invaluable when preparing for this test. If I had to wait until class to be given further instruction, I probably would have forgotten to ask my question. "

Jessica Gary
Washington, DC

"To ace the LSAT you have to understand the LSAT, and to accomplish that the Powerscore program was indispensable. It really made a huge difference in an absolutely critical test. "

Adam Cook
University of Dallas

"By taking the PowerScore course, I was able to break down the LSAT and see what were my strengths and weaknesses. There was a lot of material each week which was very helpful. Also, my instructor was a great teacher--he made the class fun. "

Rachel Horne
University of Wisconsin-Madison

"The class was fantastic. I really want to thank my instructor for helping me so much. I went from a 159 on my first test to a 169 on the actual LSAT which was 6 points higher than I had hoped for. Excellent job! I've already referred a couple of people to your program. "

Richard Hoopis
Emory University

"The volume and quality of materials was fantastic! I really felt like I had a good grasp of the test by working through all the homework problems and class work. I felt like the instructors had a really strong grasp of the LSAT concepts and they were pretty effective in delivering the course material. "

Sumana Kanubaddi
University of Chicago

"Insightful and comprehensive. A cut above. "

Trevor Sutton
Stanford University

"I found the course very helpful, especially since aside from the great amount of material we worked through every week and the detailed discussions we had about individual test questions, the environment was also very friendly and a lot of fun, making the course something to look forward to rather than dread. Thanks!"

Eva Hampl
Washington, DC

"Understanding what you are up against with the LSAT is an important part of mastering the test. Going through the course broke down the major components so that on test day they were recognizable pieces of a larger puzzle. I especially appreciated the full-length practice exams which helped build test endurance. I would highly recommend this course. "

Kari Buhmiller
University of Montana

"I was very impressed with PowerScore. The course covered critical, core concepts necessary to understand the LSAT. Through the lessons and the homework I was able to understand what the questions were really looking for and how best to attack the LSAT. I definitely credit this course for improving my LSAT score 15 points. Thanks to the course, the law schools which were once my 'dream schools' are now within reach. "

Ryan Matsuno
George Washington University

"I had a great instructor who presented everything in a manner I could understand. I felt I got an incredible amount out of the class, and it helped me raise my score 15 points. I would suggest everyone take this course. "

Miles Hoffman
George Washington University

PowerScore is a great course! The number of hours and homework will definitely help anyone. I have improved my skills and understanding. Although it is solely up to an individual to get the result he/she wants, PowerScore contributes to a personal success without a doubt. I was very pleased with the instructor. She was very professional and knowledgeable. The concepts were explained in details and reiterated many times for successful memorization. All herein mentioned makes PowerScore a great course! I recommend PowerScore to all my friends. "

Anya Kucheryavenko
Goshen College

"My experiences in Boston were excellent and PowerScore greatly improved my score. I ended up going up 15 points which was quite amazing and I owe it all to PowerScore. "

Bill Rock
Harvard University

"THANK YOU, POWERSCORE!!! Excellent class, excellent value, excellent instructor. . . thank you, again!"

Caitlin DeLaney
Hollins University, B. A.
University of Florida, M. A.

I strongly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the LSAT. After the many hours spent in class and doing the homework, I felt very prepared for the exam. The instructor knows the teaching material very well and was always available to answer questions or concerns. Power Score was recommended to me by a friend and I truly thank her for that.

Evangelia Katsari
Georgetown University

"This was an incredible course. I have no complaints. I think it was the sheer volume of problems that helped more than anything else. The proctored exams definitely prepared me for the actual test day. My instructor was wonderful also. I must say, it was a great course. "

Julian K. Petty
Howard University

"The class was really really good. My score improved dramatically and I wasn't even up-to-date with my homework! The logic reasoning was my weakness but now it is getting better. . . My instructor was great--he knew how to teach! He was the best. I took another prep course but I wasn't satisfied. This class blew away the competition. Thanx, PowerScore. "

Sun Young Ro
John Jay College

PowerScore is an invaluable resource for anyone who's serious about getting into law school.
Tim Forsman
Tempe, AZ
The PowerScore program was incredibly effective. Teachers were engaging, fun, and exceptionally knowledgeable not just of the LSAT, but of the entire application process. Through PowerScore, I was able to gain confidence, drastically increase my score, and I am now looking forward to attending Harvard Law School. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone!
After purchasing materials from other companies, I've found PowerScore's materials to be the most comprehensive and applicable!
Corey Casbarro
New York, NY
My first score when I took my diagnostic test was 148, and after attending classes and writing multiple practice tests and doing the homework, I was consistently achieving over 160!
Vincent Chiu
Vancouver, BC
I recommend the class to anyone who is serious about improving their LSAT score!
Adrian Maceiras
Austin, TX
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