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Yo, this course was IT. Like for real, if I had not taken this course, I would not be nearly as comfortable as I am now with all 3 sections of the LSAT. I have never taken a standardized test-prep course before (e.g., for SAT/ACT) so I had no idea what to expect or if it would even be helpful. At first, I was surprised we weren't able to speak out loud in class or have video on, but I realized that's definitely for the better. If we were able to speak in class, we would have never covered the amount of material we did. Having only the teacher allowed to speak is the correct approach, because the teacher is the expert and should be 100% leading the class unlike a college discussion seminar. Also, I am so relieved there wasn't the option to be on video, because I definitely attended the class in my pajamas eating multiple servings of cereal, so not having that option really took the pressure off. But wow, having a live teacher to answer your questions, even the stupid ones, made a huge difference. Jay turned Logic Games from the biggest mystery in the world into something that is actually fun. I really enjoyed the community built in class too--it didn't feel like I was "rivals" with my classmates in all vying for the best score or bragging about our results, but we ended up making a group chat and really supporting each other, sharing study tips, and wishing each other luck.


Class is very informative and entertaining. I look forward to it. I also love Powerscore's perspective on this test. I saw so many classes that advertised "get into a top school" or "crush the competition." Those just did not resonate with me. This test (and law school) is an intellectual challenge as much as it is a spiritual one and I appreciate the grounded mindset. It has helped me succeed even more. There's nothing to conquer other than your own best sore.


The PowerScore Live Online course was exactly what I needed to become immersed in the LSAT mentality and power through the test with confidence. The instructors were knowledgeable but, most importantly, they made the material come alive in a way that was fun and energizing. My score has already gone up 15 points and is still climbing as I prepare for my test. After the course, my admissions counselor helped me create a solid plan for my applications. I would highly recommend PowerScore to anyone pursuing law school.

Nicole L.

The thing I appreciated the most about the course was the sheer amount of additional material available to practice with. For the time and money, PowerScore compiles the most extensive and effective set of resources to master the LSAT.


I had taken a review class from a competitor before the PowerScore course for the same price. PowerScore has much, much more practice material available both in the course books themselves and online. PowerScore had easily accessible explanations for each question one could encounter. For the other course, I would finish all the homework for the week the day after the course, and spend the rest of the time re-doing the same pages that I had made copies of ahead of time. But in this course, not only was there plenty of material for each course, but there was enough so that if I was grasping a concept I could move on and leave some of the questions for review at a later time. PowerScore was geared towards gaining a higher score, and the methodologies laid out from the onset had those higher scores in mind. There was much more strategy revealed early on, and every little bit helps.

Christin L.

Not only did the course provide insight into how to attack all of the different question types and problems the LSAT throws at students, but it also provided me with the structure and motivation to get started on my LSAT preparation early and keep up with it even when life was busy. The constant motivation and feedback I gain from the course has, I believe, helped me significantly improve my performance and confidence going into test day.

Shelby R.

The PowerScore Live Online course was simply AWESOME!!! My instructors explained the material so clearly and made the LSAT much less intimidating and much more understandable. I love that PowerScore not only teaches very effective techniques in approaching and succeeding on each LSAT section, but that it also emphasizes the importance of having a positive test mentality! So happy that I took this course--definitely feel so much more confident that I will exceed above and beyond my expectations on the LSAT :-)

Rebekah M.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning and participating in this LSAT prep course. The presentation of the materials made it easy to grasp, as well as fun to learn. Unlike some other LSAT prep courses, I appreciated that PowerScore’s material did not have fluff in the material. The concepts were explained in a plain concise manner, which allowed for me not get distracted with pointless material or company jargon.

Katharine F.

I had previously taken a course with Test Masters and did 'horribly' on the first two tests. Within 3 weeks of taking the PowerScore course, I was up 10 points. I will 100% recommend PowerScore to anyone applying to law school!

Khrystina B.

I cannot speak enough about the effectiveness of the course. This course helped me build my knowledge and confidence towards attacking the LSAT. As a result, I saw a 10-point increase in my score!
  • The instructors are brilliant! They are patient, focused and determined to see you succeed! The instructors have passion for teaching, and they have a vested interest in you.
  • This course presents a very structured and logical approach to your success on the LSAT. Starting from the most important and fundamental concepts of the LSAT and ending with the less frequent concepts on the LSAT. In all, the concepts are ALL equally important the and this course covers them in detail. The course further enhances each on-line lesson by providing a set of practice problems that focus on the concepts that you learn from that class.
  • As a professional, I needed flexibility and the on-line course gives you that! Its fast paced and the material is dense at times, but this is what it takes to go after your passions! I found that reading ahead and being engaged in the on-line chat made each course session fly by. I cannot stress the importance of staying engaged while taking the course. DO NOT be afraid to put in wrong responses. DO NOT be afraid to ask questions.

In engineering we often use a phrase, "Make mistakes quickly and often". This is especially true at the beginning of your study program. By making mistakes through the online courses and homework packet, I learned what areas to focus on to do well on the LSAT. I needed to establish good habits and learn the techniques that will be required of me to perform well on the LSAT. This course helped me focus on my skills faster as well as learning better habits for attacking problems. After a while I found myself doing problems without thinking too much about them.

Alberto P.

This course exceeded my expectations. Class was not only informative, but entertaining because of my personable instructors. My confidence and skills grew quicker than I expected and it was a real joy seeing myself tackle questions that just weeks before caused problems for me! Cannot recommend this company enough.

Ryan J.

This course was all that I expected and more! The flexibility of the Live Online LSAT course was perfect for the current day and age we live in, and allowed me to learn well from the convenience of my own home. The most impressive aspect was by far my instructor, whose in-depth knowledge and willingness to help made the course what it was.

Cecilee W.

My score improved 15 points from 145 diagnostic - 160 in two months. Exactly the kind of leap I was hoping to make in this timespan. The course instructor was engaging and the material teaches effectively.

Michael K.

This course has given me the confidence to face down the LSAT with the widest possible tool set at my disposal. I have learned how to tackle problems that in the past gave me issues. I actually feel excited to take the LSAT now, instead of terrified, because I know what to do and how to defeat the test. Worth every penny spent and then some.

Bailey H.

This class made me feel so much more confident in my LSAT skills! I was plateauing for a while, and then suddenly my scores shot straight up from a 157 to a 171. This course will pay off if you put the work in.

Tannah O.

The wealth of material and resource this class provides along with the incredibly helpful and talented instructors helped me go from a 164 to 174 in 10 weeks. I am so glad that I took this course.

Anna G.

This course was extremely beneficial. There is so much information provided with not only the courses, but the books, homework, blog posts and clinics, just to name a few. All of the instructors were very friendly and knowledgeable. This course made studying much more bearable than doing it alone. Thank you for all the support and encouragement, I highly recommend this course to anyone planning on taking the LSAT.

Carrie S.

PowerScore has helped me with my mindset focus on the exam, which I was not able to find anywhere else.

Karlye S.

This class not only helped me achieve a better score, but also made me feel at ease about taking the test in general. The instructor helped me feel confident about test day, and cleared up any horrifying rumors we heard from other people or online about the test.

Kayla Merkel

I am already up 10 points from the first practice tests and know with continued practice that I can gain at least 10 more by test day. Thank you for all the available resources!

Teresa D KurynKohler

The magnitude of information, resources, platforms, practice questions and official tests certainly facilitate a very effective approach to a focused LSAT preparation. I am certain that had I only self studied, I would not have approached LSAT prep with this much structure and completeness. Overall, excellent course. I'm hoping that this course coupled with my dedication and discipline to work on my own, will show its value when I sit the exam in September.

Rajiv Sagewan

My initial lsat score was 143. After finishing 3 months online full length course, my June LSAT score is 154.

Jongwon Lee

Loved having someone who we could talk to behind the scenes to answer our personal questions and to go over things that we didn't understand in class. Instructors were always willing to help and it was great knowing that they were there to help with new concepts and theories that were vital to do well on the test. Loved the course and would strongly recommend it for future students. The online student center was also a tool to have along with the virtual modules. Thank you Powerscore.

Samir Parmar

In terms of both the content and the instructors, my experience was fantastic. I was initially worried in taking the online-only course that I wouldn't have the chance to get personalized attention from the instructors, but that was not the case at all. Both instructors would stay behind after class ended to field questions and were incredibly helpful in pointing out drills and blog posts that were targeted to my specific concerns and "problem areas." I can't say enough how gratifying it is to receive such personalized attention and responses, and it made me feel like my instructors actually cared about seeing me improve. I haven't yet taken the LSAT, but measuring my performance from my first 'diagnostic' practice test to the one I took today, I have gained 15 points, which is more than I thought would have been possible. I feel much more prepared for the LSAT, and it's really due to the instructors' willingness to help me.

Cameron Stanley

I learned so much from this course, and I would recommend this course to everyone. I previously used Kaplan for LSAT prep, but this course excels in every area. My instructor presented the material in a way that was fresh and interesting, allowing us to maintain focus throughout the course and gain confidence in our test prep. I cannot express how much I learned from this course. I feel infinitely more prepared now than after than after my use of Kaplan. Thank you again!!

Lindsay Rich

This class was amazing! I never expected to get out of an LSAT course what I got out of this one. It is comprehensive, yet to the point, and the instructors are incredibly friendly and helpful. My score has improved more than I could have ever hoped for and I'm incredibly grateful for everything Powerscore has done for me. I'll be recommending this course to my younger friends planning on taking the LSAT. And, truly, thank you so much.

Shannon Golden

I am genuinely impressed with this course so far- its structure and the wealth of study materials provided. Most importantly, I am completely blown by the quality of the instruction. Truly impressive. I just was not expecting this type of engaging instruction. My instructor is an incredibly clever, knowledgeable and sharp instructor who does an excellent job at making the material digestible. He seems quite charming and has a natural ability to teach. The methods weve been taught to attack the questions have been paying off. I was able to tell from the first 5 minutes of the course that these people had a solid command of the LSAT and logic theory, in addition to being capable teachers. I am highly pleased with this course thus far and I cant even think of any improvements needed. I will be recommending it to others for sure.

Mary Miller

This class is excellent. My instructor works at a great pace, is supportive, and displays the concepts in a way I can understand. Before, when I studied on my own in preparation for the December test, I lacked structure and the ability to identify weakness', thus I did horribly. Through PS and this course my focus is where it's needed and I'm steadily improving. Now, on top of actually learning the material I'm having fun. This is the way it's suppose to be. My only regret is that I wish I were smarter so I could get even more out it.

Paul Pfeiffer

I took the Kaplan online course before taking the Live Online course with PowerScore. I would highly recommend PowerScore's course and my test scores show why. I jumped up almost twenty points. The way PowerScore operates its online course as an actual classroom helps tremendously and having real people there to ask questions is definitely worth it. I'm part of the prelaw society at my school and rest assured I will be recommending PowerScore to them.

Sarah Park

Taking this Live Online course made it possible for me to have an internship, go to school, and have a focused LSAT preparation that I could attend no matter where I was located. I highly recommend it to any college students that want to get high levels of both convenience and value from their LSAT course.

Ellen Ring

The course is well structured, we were encouraged to do our best, it was especially inspirational and the feedback we received from the instructors was exemplary. I started thinking that I wanted to obtain a 160 but now I'm working towards the high 170s—this is how good the course was to me.

Wangeci Warui

I'm studying abroad right now and thought I wouldn't be able to take a class. After talking to PS reps, I enrolled in a virtual course and was able to prepare all the way from Finland. It was great!

Alycia Stokes Finland

I had reservations about taking a course that was taught one-hundred percent online, but I couldn't be happier with my decision. I feel like I really got to know my instructors and classmates, and feel as if my instructors really took a personalized interest in my individual performance on the test. During our last session, we were given a pep talk that truly helped me overcome the last minute jitters that I had, and I knew that our instructor had not only enjoyed teaching our class, but had faith that we would do great on test day. Thank you PowerScore!

Ashley Taylor

This course seriously helped me understand so much more than Princeton Review ever hoped to - I wouldn't normally spend $1000 on anything, BUT with the fantastic (if very rigorous) sessions, I felt much more confident when taking the LSAT!

Kenneth V. Farino Jr.

I have no complaints about my Live Online course. I feel like I learn an overwhelming amount in each session. Each lesson not only analyzes the various questions on the LSAT, but literally breaks them down into a manageable format. The practice/homework material is endless. You definitely get what you pay for. My instructor is great. He's easy to listen to, extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and answers questions promptly. I have no doubt in my mind that I will be prepared for the LSAT on test day.

Kayla Grant

I am so glad I decided to take a PowerScore Live Online course. It is so convenient, and I feel so confident about the LSAT now that I've been prepped via PowerScore's methods. The course is thorough, and my instructor "knows his stuff" and is so willing to stop and help when we're struggling. I could not have made a better choice in terms of which LSAT prep class to choose.

Angela Cotta

This score helped me solidify my understanding of the concepts crucial to doing well on the LSAT. I started out at a 150 before the class, but after applying the skills learned in the Live Online class, my score jumped over 20 points on the final practice test. I would recommend this class to anyone!

Rick Ingram

This course was truly amazing and most importantly, helpful. Considering I live in a remote location and am employed full time this was the only option. Initially I was hesitant, because I considered myself a face-to-face kind of learner, but I am so happy I gave this course a try. I learned something new in every lesson and feel more prepared then ever. I thank my instructors so much for their time and patience.

Maritza Sanchez

I am so happy that I signed up for this Live Online Course. I had bought the LSAT Bibles about two years to study for the exam gradually over time, and especially during the past summer before I planned to take the LSAT. During the summer, however, I realized that I had so much on my mind and was always so tired after work that I could not commit to an effective self-study plan. So I signed up for the December LSAT (I had planned to take the October LSAT), and for the PowerScore Virtual Course last minute to get effective preparation for that test. I am so glad I did, as I have learned a lot, built confidence, and know that I will do well on my upcoming LSAT.

Abiodun Azeez

I took the LSAT once before and just didn't know how to study. I ended up with a 152, but I knew I could do better if I just had the right tools. PowerScore provided me with them. I am registered to take the LSAT again in October and am regularly scoring around 165 on my practice tests, something I never thought could be possible. My PowerScore experience has not only unraveled many of the complex strategies needed to tackle the LSAT, but has truly put me in a positive frame of mind regarding the test — I'm actually looking forward to it now! The fee for the course was the best investment I've ever made.

Kaitlin Ring

The Live Online course has exceeded my expectations. At first I was hesitant to take a course online because I wanted an interactive environment and was worried that I wouldn't get the same amount of personal attention as in a traditional classroom. Fortunately this class is extremely well designed. The ability to chat within the class or privately to instructors is very efficient and keeps the class moving while still allowing time for thorough explanation. The instructor is personable and his quips keep the class moving while he systematically and thoroughly answers the questions. The structure of the course allows for the information to be processed and emphasizes patterns and relationships in questions and answer choices.

Morgan Everhart

If you're serious about law school, the LSAT is nothing to take lightly. Even if you don't think you need a course, if you can afford it, take one anyways!!! PowerScore has so far improved my score by about seven points, and if nothing else it provides structured practice and knowledgeable instructors that can help you work through difficult material. One thing that I really enjoyed about the PowerScore course is that it focused on understanding the majority of the concepts rather than trying to get the majority of a class to a specific score range, which means that it can help both the very highest and very lowest scorers. It also provides enough work outside of the lessons that you could put in several extra hours of practice there as well. Highly recommended!

Alexandra Gabriel

The Live Online LSAT course was great. At first I was apprehensive about taking the course online, but it turned out to be a great class and it was much better than driving to a class (which for me was an hour away). The instructors were very good at taking the time to answer all questions and make sure that the student understood the answer. Thanks for the course and having great instructors.

Chad Kramer

The PowerScore Live Online course was extremely effective in covering a substantial amount of material in a short time. The course provides practically an unlimited amount of practice work and supplemental instruction, and effectively covers all aspects of the LSAT. The instructors were engaging and entertaining, and always willing to respond to personal requests or to further explain concepts. The strategies and instruction provided throughout the virtual course have significantly improved my score and bolstered my confidence heading into the test day.

Samuel Jones

When I began exploring study guides and courses for LSAT preparation I found many glazed over, or did not explain fully, areas I believed might be critical to success on the test. My education is in a non-liberal arts field. Logic and other kinds of reasoning were unfamiliar to me except in the context of everyday use of the English language. Through comparing the materials of several courses I discovered that the PowerScore test prep materials not only explained concepts thoroughly, they offered me many opportunities to practice them on real LSAT test questions. This became invaluable to my understanding of how both the concepts and various LSAT question types worked in practice. It also gave me a real understanding as to how I might perform on the LSAT on test day. Through taking a virtual LSAT course and doing the homework I have gained confidence I will score well on the LSAT when I take it in the upcoming weeks. During the course I found being able to ask specific questions of the instructors saved me time and clarified misunderstandings easily. As a result my overall score on practice tests has continued to improve. I highly recommend the PowerScore study materials and Virtual course.

Dorothy Bass

Overall I'm really glad I took the course. It deepened my understanding of all the material significantly. For my first practice tests (before class began) I was scoring in the high 150s. I'm now consistently scoring in the low 170s. I'm positive I couldn't have increased my score so much had I not taken the course and, looking over some of the material offered by other courses, it seems that PowerScore has some of the best methods for attacking the questions on the LSAT and getting the best score possible. My instructors were able to explain all those tactics in careful, complete terms and always made sure to take the time to be as thorough as possible. The class dynamic was very comfortable thanks to the instructors who were friendly and personable. Although the price seemed a little high at first, I can say with total confidence that, after finishing the course, it was actually a really great deal. There's so much material offered and my score has risen so much as a result of the class that it was absolutely money well spent.

Dashiell Farewell

I was nervous about taking an online LSAT class, but I am very happy I chose the Live Online Option. It gives me the flexibility I need and the instructors are amazing and enthusiastic. I find myself actually ENJOYING studying for the LSAT — a huge feat! Thank you for offering this course. It's definitely worth every penny.

Heidi Nielson

Great course so far! Thank you so much. I previously took Kaplan, which does not even compare to the preparation PowerScore is providing. The best part so far is learning how to think like the test writers and using that to my advantage when approaching certain aspects of the test.

Lauren Randle

I have taken an LSAT course through Kaplan and PowerScore. This PowerScore course was so much more direct and practical in the methods they it taught. Everything was so much more focused on moving efficiently and accurately through the questions on the test, and not on abstract theory. Even the materials were very practically organized in the order that I would be needing them. There was no flipping through several different 12 lb. books to find the materials I would need for one class. Thanks PowerScore, I feel a lot better about the LSAT this time around.

Kim Perez

At first I was a bit hesitant about taking an online course because I feared not having that face-to-face interaction. But PowerScore's live online course was awesome! I felt like I was in a real classroom and every student question was answered quickly yet thoughtfully because they use two instructors, so the main instructor can cover the content and someone else is always available for questions from students. It's a great value and the course materials are invaluable!

Brittany Daniels

The class and materials have been extremely helpful. I appreciate the approach of trying to help us think like the LSAT wants us to think. I believe that I am learning not only how to do well on the LSAT but also how to do well in Law School!

Danny Stockton

I began my test prep at the beginning of August, with PowerScore's online class. In December I wrote my first LSAT. I received my score yesterday: 175. I wanted to thank you guys at PowerScore for the help and material that was provided to me. Without a doubt, the most beneficial advice was the material that dealt with mental aspects of the test. I approached the test with a clear mind, and the mindset that this test was not the most important thing in the world. And, at the end of the day, it doesn't define who I am. People are dealing with much bigger/more important issues, than a test. Acknowledging this and approaching the test with this perspective was more beneficial than any technique for assumption questions or grouping games (and those were very helpful ). So again, thank you (my course instructor) and the rest of the PowerScore team!! It's nice to have the LSAT out of the way.


I am very impressed with the quality of this course. I did a lot of research in deciding which course to take for my LSAT preparation, and I am so grateful I chose PowerScore! I would recommend this course to anyone truly interested in working on the best LSAT score possible.

Ali Boyd

After receiving my LSAT score yesterday, I just wanted to send an additional thanks to my instructors. I went from a cold 165 to 176 after the virtual course! Will certainly recommend to anyone taking the LSAT.

Lindsay Church

Improved my understanding and overall comprehension of the LSAT material, which in turn improved my timing. I would highly recommend the PowerScore LSAT material to anyone.

Siyang Chen Canada

I would DEFINITELY recommend the PowerScore course to anyone taking the LSAT. It prepares you just enough, in just the right amount of time, to reach your maximum potential on the LSAT. Instructors are very helpful, constantly asking the class if they have any questions not only on the LSAT, but on course material, homework, law school applications, and law school in general. It was great for me to have that resource, especially since I don't know anyone else attending law school. I searched all of the LSAT Prep forums, and consistently saw that PowerScore had the highest ratings. Forums don't lie- real students who have taken PowerScore agree that it is extremely helpful in learning how to conquer this test. The lessons and homework were extremely helpful, but even more important were the practice tests and passages about mental preparation. PowerScore was right- believing in yourself is the only way you will be able to master the test, and the course gave me the confidence to do just that. Thank you!

Hali Kerr

I got more out of the weekend course than I did studying alone for 4 months!!!

Melanie Evans

Unparalleled approach to LSAT preparation. The organization of the course is concise and never leaves students guessing. It greatly increased my confidence and skill in a short period of time.

T.J. Hales

PowerScore's Virtual LSAT prep course greatly prepared me. I didn't have much confidence regarding the LSAT until I took the PowerScore course.

Angela Cotta

The PowerScore LSAT course is about changing your way of thinking. It's about getting you to think like a lawyer, getting you to think the way the test wants you to think. No tricks, no gimmicks, just understanding the test.

Danny Stockton

The Instructors in this course were knowledgeable, helpful, and really cared about helping us get the most we could out of the course. I would encourage anyone to take the Virtual course. Having one instructor talking and another in the chat window to answer questions DURING class helped immensely. I went from a 163 on my first practice test to a 177 on my last 2 practice tests. I feel very confident about the LSAT I took even though I haven't received my score yet.

Timothy Garcia

My instructor made the test doable, he helped me to gain confidence so that I was not scared and on test day. I felt more confident than the rest of the class. I think that it was worth every penny that I paid!

Jenn Greene

I had my doubts about taking an online prep course. But my instructors made every effort possible to ensure that we all understood the material and were prepared to take the LSAT. I learned more from them over the course of a summer than I could have ever hoped to learn studying on my own.

Kierra Jones

This course was a life saver!!!! From beginning to end I was constantly learning new ways to combat the LSAT and succeed for the upcoming October test. My instructors were so helpful not only with the course materials but also gave my class tips on the admissions process. I have plenty of homework and practice tests to keep me busy until test day. Finding PowerScore was a gem.

Melanie Evans

My instructors were amazing! They were both incredibly friendly and encouraging to their students, and were always willing to offer guidance when needed. I'd recommend taking them (and this course, for that matter) a thousand times over; they really made a huge difference in my level of comfort surrounding the LSAT.

Rachel Green

The teachers are prepared, responsive to the needs of their students, and seem genuinely interested in helping students improve their score. I really enjoyed taking this class.

Emily Pehrsson

Best thing I could have possibly done to prepare for the LSAT.

Jewell Battle

After I did some research online looking for the best LSAT preparation course, it seemed clear that PowerScore would be a wise choice. Let me tell you, it was! I couldn't be happier with my decision. The live online course was awesome because I could listen and participate in the comfort of my own home. Even if I was unable to attend a course, the entirety of that missed lesson was recorded and available to me at any time. The large amount of supplemental homework and virtual modules coupled with live instruction ensured that I would have more than enough study hours to prepare for my LSAT. Without a doubt this course helped me immensely in my LSAT preparation.

Taylor Brennan

My instructors presented the material effectively, and they explained challenging ideas and themes in a way that I could understand, which is very important when you're preparing for a test that is filled with tricky language! Besides going over LSAT questions, my instructors also provided helpful insight about how to study, what to expect on test day, and how to approach the LSAT with a positive mindset. Thank you PowerScore!

Sarah Roark

I am a Power Score convert. I was initially hesitant to the idea of an online course, but I was very impressed with the quality and curriculum of Power Score. As a student, I appreciated the structure of the content and the teaching model.

Ali Boyd

Powerscore will give you the tools you need to increase your projected LSAT score dramatically.

Edward Dolan

I had no idea where to start when it came to preparing for the LSAT. After this course I feel ready to dominate the LSAT.

Lacey Brewster

I tried first to study on my own but after not getting where I wanted with my score, I enrolled in the LIVE online LSTAT course because I did not want to travel from work two or three times per week. I'm glad I took the chance since the instructor was extremely clear and engaging. Thank you PowerScore!

Romina F.

Without PowerScore I would not have been ready for my LSAT retake in such a short amount of time. I was able to improve my score by 14 points thanks to the instructors and content. If you are looking for a preparation course that attacks learning from all areas possible, with top notch forums that answer question and concerns at all points of your journey to the LSAT, and become a Logic Games Expert, this is the tool for you!

Dymond Hayes

I did my research to find the best prep course and I could not be more impressed. It is absolutely worth the investment. The instruction and resources are amazing. Thank you PowerScore!

Ali Boyd

Attending Power Score course was like someone just turned the lights on the dark LSAT alley!

Sarah Rozek

This class was a life saver. From diagnostic to my last practice test, I raised my score 13 points! And it just keeps going up. I can't thank Powerscore enough! I feel incredibly confident that I'll nail the test—which is something I definitely couldn't say before this class!

Kyla Miller

I was hesitant to take an online course because I've never been in one before, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how much I've been learning. I previously used the Powerscore bibles (all three) but hearing things explained by very intelligent and responsive instructors have made a huge difference.

Naomi You

PowerScore's LSAT prep class offered brilliantly designed lesson plans, exceptional material, and encouraging and patient instructors. This class has given me the focus and confidence that I need to attack the LSAT.

Kirsten Marsh

The materials are comprehensive - and the classes do fly by - it's just the right amount of time with the break. Noteworthy is the value of the assistant moderators - they are super helpful. The structure of the class is also nice in that questions are posed in writing and can be posed privately. Thank you for the aggressive approach to learning the skills need to tackle the LSAT.

Keri Albright

Great instruction. I started with a fairly strong score (low to mid 160's), and my instructors have helped to push my practice tests up about 10 points on average to the low to mid 170's. They were FANTASTIC!

Michael Kimok

I was encouraged to take the Powerscore in class course by a few friends who did the same and have had great success. The course has really allowed me to boost my confidence and I'm looking forward to reaching my goal on the June LSAT. Our instructor is valuable and will go beyond the necessary steps to insure that his students achieve success.

Kevin Smith

Let's get one thing straight, right from the start; I LOVE the live online course! I admit, I was hesitant before I began the online course a few weeks ago. I was originally signed up to take the live in-person course in June, but it was cancelled due to lack of enrollment (don't worry, I've never blamed PowerScore for this. Not your fault if people don't yet know how awesome you guys are ;) ). Thus, I was left with studying on my own, or taking the online course. I am very, very happy with my decision.

My instructor is easily one of the most thorough, patient instructors that I've ever had for any course, college or otherwise. He is articulate, and, at least as far as I'm concerned, rarely needs to repeat himself due to being initially unclear. His sense of humor and slow, methodical delivery are an ideal combination for making an LSAT course worthwhile, educational, and interesting. The ability to listen to/watch the recorded sessions is potentially the most invaluable aspect of the PowerScore online course. You guys clearly understand that people are busy with life, but still have long-term goals to accomplish (i.e. doing well on the LSAT and going to law school). The recorded sessions are a brilliant solution when life gets in the way.

I could go on all day, but you guys are too busy for that, and you've probably heard all of this already anyway. In sum, I'll direct anyone and everyone that I know towards PowerScore for LSAT prep. I can tell already, at halfway through the online course, that my second time taking the LSAT (september 2014) is going to be a vast improvement over my first crack at it. Thank you, PowerScore!

Ben Lucareli

I had doubts an online course would be right for me, but this class was amazing. As someone who works full time the online course was a perfect way to learn the skills to attack this test. The course forced me to study and do the homework in a way I was not doing studying on my own. This class is actually worth the money. Thank you!

Clara von Loebenstein

The Live Online LSAT Course provided a completely new perspective and approach for me in my LSAT preparation. The instructors are so helpful and break down the test at such an understandable level. I already see the improvement in my practicing and am now excited to take the test. I could not be more thankful for this course!

Ashlee Newman

The course adequately prepared me to score over a 170 on every practice test I've taken. It was completely worth the value and I feel fully confident in my ability to do well come September as long as I stick with it.

Marc Baliatico

Before the Full Length Online course provided by PowerScore, I had been studying on my own, and it was immensely difficult to gauge my true understanding of the areas provided on the LSAT. Not only did this course provide me with the proper guidance, motivation and instruction needed to tackle each type of question presented by the LSAT, but it also gave me a new sense of confidence, in conjunction with a plethora of online source materials to continue practicing for test day way after the last online class with my instructors.

Tayla Fauntleroy

My older brother used PowerScore online to study for his LSAT, last year, and highly recommended it to me when I was weighing my options. My younger brother will be taking the LSAT in 2015 and I will also be passing my recommendation of PowerScore onto him. Everything I could have asked for in an LSAT class was present in this course. There were no disadvantages to taking the course online either!

Lauren Fazzino

Powerscore is a great company to use for LSAT Preparation. I originally took the Weekend Course a couple years ago just to see what all they offered and this time I took the full length online course (because of my work schedule) and it did not disappoint. Although the class is online, it was extremely helpful and valuable. The instructors were very well versed with the LSAT and all components to successfully completing the test as well as being funny so that although you're staring at a computer screen for hours, it's not boring or horrible. I definitely enjoyed my time in the class and I am slightly bummed it's over, but the best part is the Online Student Center. There are so many other ways to get help and study for the test in addition to the courses offered. I also want to add that the techniques/tricks that Powerscore instructors teach are extremely useful for the test. Since I have taken the online course, my score has easily went up at least 10 points consistently which is a MAJOR bump up with this test. All in all, if you are considering prep courses, Powerscore is definitely the one to choose. They will not disappoint.

Dorise Sheppard

The organization of your syllabus and materials give me confidence to tackle all the LSAT questions I have come across so far. The structure of the lessons does not make the material too overwhelming and gives adequate attention to the important section of the test. Thank you! Great Investment which will pay off!

Kevin Williams

I took an online course through Blueprint prior to taking the September LSAT. After receiving a disappointing score I decided to retest and enrolled in a Powerscore live online course. It was truly the best choice I have ever made. The concepts are so much easier to understand, and my score is already up an average of six points per test. Thank you so much to my instructors, and everyone that took so much time and effort to prepare the Powerscore materials. I feel confident that I am going to nail the December LSAT.

Melissa Green

I went from a 139 to a 154, only seven weeks into the course! I am so grateful for PowerScore!

Skylar Nwanonyiri

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an extra edge on the LSAT. I came in with a cold score of 160 and just got my score back today. 173. Unreal, a 13 point increase from one class a week for twelve weeks. Thank you so much!

Michael Reardon

I have really enjoyed the Live Online class so far. I feel that I have learned new techniques that will help my score to improve. I have gained a greater understanding as to what the LSAT authors are truly asking, what I should be looking for in the problems and how to approach each type of problem. The class has contributed to my confidence level increasing.

In addition to the Live Online class I am grateful for all of the extra tools offered in the student center. Altogether I would give Power Score a 10 out 10. I found PowerScore through online reviews and I will also be happy to post a favorable online review because for the LSAT it's so important to get proper guidance and there are too many snakes out there who claim to offer a lot and do not deliver at all.

Tamara Maddox

Powerscore genuinely 'teaches' you the LSAT and does so in the right way, making you really enjoy the learning process for what otherwise can be quite a nightmarish exam.

Abhinavkumar Gupta Mumbai Online

The instructor and other moderator are extremely thorough and are sure to answer all questions. They are flexible to review or mold the lesson according to the students needs. Additionally, I feel there is ample supplement material that can be very helpful when utilized. I was very nervous about switching to the online class, but the "live" part has made a huge difference and I am actually enjoying myself! Thank you!

Ashley F.

This course is phenomenal! I learned so much and was able to better grasp the LSAT sections. One of the best investments I've made, hands down!

Brittany Fletcher

The entire class was extremely helpful and beneficial. I feel very prepared for my upcoming LSAT exam. Both of my instructors were fabulous! So thorough and so wonderfully helpful. Any questions I had they answered and provided additional feedback and assistance. Thank you so much for this wonderful course!

Janee LeFrere

The Live Online class truly helped me improve on my LSAT skills. Not only do you feel as if you are in a real classroom, but I can also go back and access all of my lessons to brush up on strategies and tools to help me understand the material even better. Both instructors were very knowledgeable about the workings of the test and how to tackle some of the hardest concepts.

Katherine L. Mallon

Nothing I could have done on my own compared to the help I received from the Powerscore program and instructors. They were incredible. Thank you.

Doran Holm

My initial LSAT attempt was insufficient to gain admission to my law school of choice. I enrolled in a LSAT Live Online course that concluded in August. This course and its instructors were the difference maker - my October LSAT score improved to a level where I have received admission to my target law school and will begin classes early next year. I wanted to express my appreciation because I feel that this course was material to my acceptance: the course structure/content and commitment of both instructors helped me to be more confident and capable on the LSAT - my percentile increased more than 30 percentile points from my initial LSAT administration and PowerScore played a significant role. You can count on me being sure to share my positive experiences with others looking for outstanding test preparation. Thank you!

David R. Eskew

I've taken another LSAT Prep Course in the past but Powerscore gave me a totally new and better approach! My instructor and second chairs were very knowledgeable as well. I'm doing the homework and going through every detailed explained answer choices along with Practice tests and online tools. I feel extremely motivated and I'm confident that by test day I'll be ready to achieve the score I desire.

Reneta Moraes Brazil

I went into this class expecting to just learn the basics, but it's actually been really fun. It's such a positive and supportive environment, and I can't say enough good things. When I take practice tests, my anxiety has decreased so much. The instructors are so willing to help you and just support and encourage you. I had a question about a specific game on a practice test I had taken on my own, outside of class, and one of the instructors went and looked up the specific game and showed me how he would have diagrammed it and what inferences to draw. The instructors go above and beyond.

Lindsay Waterman

Excellent course! Was nervous about the course being online, but the "live" part help tremendously! Both instructors were attentive and thorough in answering questions and presenting material. Thank you!!!

Ashley Franden

The PowerScore Live Online Course was the perfect combination of speed and clarity. The class was comprehensive in that included many types of problems, yet it maintained a steady pace so that I did not lose focus. Thanks!

Sarah Greenberg

Absolutely loving the PowerScore Live Online course so far. There are still half the sessions left in the course and I am already up 8 points from my original score! Feeling like I can achieve my dream score on test day is something I never thought I would feel this far out. The classes are engaging and informative all with the convenience of not having to leave my home. With the amount of helpful material on the online student center I have what feels like endless amounts of prep right at my fingertips. I would recommend this course to anyone!

Alyssa Holland

Truly an amazing course. My diagnostic score has improved from 152 to 163. Material is easy to understand and very applicable.

Quinn Kahsay

I can't believe how zen I felt on test day, it was all thanks to the amazing Powerscore Live Online Course! The insane amount of materials and insight from my instructors made me as prepared as possible and I would recommend the course to all.

Alyssa Holland

This class has been remarkable. I was not able to attend live but always did the recordings within a day or two once I was able to get started. Despite not being live, the course was so well thought out, the instructor so prepared and Powerscore so familiar with how folks approach this endeavor that it was almost like our instructor was, at times, speaking directly to me. Achieving that level of personal feel through an archived recording is wildly impressive. I have some experience with another prep program and would, without hesitation or reservation, recommend Powerscore. Well done to everyone involved. Thank you for an incredibly valuable course.

Dustin Weber

I previously took a prep course through another company and struggled through the December LSAT only to get a very low score. After taking the online course things that didn't make sense have started to actually become clear to me! The instructors were able to explain things in a way that I was able to understand. I feel much more confident taking on the June LSAT.

Rebecca France

I was initially skeptical of the online format—I wasn't sure that it would be able to offer each student enough individualized attention or afford them enough opportunity to participate or ask questions. However, the way that the course is structured with the first chair/second chair team—the first chair responsible for the lecture and fostering group interaction, while the second chair stays available to answer private questions from any student at any time—wholly addresses this issue. It essentially offers you the benefit of both a classroom lecture and a private tutor, all from the convenience of your own room or office. Moreover, the ability to go back and watch past lessons allows a student to use class time to focus on getting their individual questions answered, rather than needing to attend each class or pay attention every second to avoid missing content. Because of this course, I definitely felt that I gained a much better understanding of the test—not only how approach each question type, but also each answer choice and understanding why it was right or wrong.

Sarah Du

PowerScore truly prepares you for all aspect of the LSAT exam. Follow their plan, do all of the homework, participate in class, and your score should equal your effort. Coming from having a background in teaching adult learners, I find PowerScore's program to be among the best. The website offers a tremendous amount of outside learning material. I highly recommend this program.

Mark Wilson

I really enjoy the format, schedule, pace, and additional education materials. Before taking the PowerScore course, I had taken other LSAT courses, both online and in person. After completing the courses, I simply did not feel quite prepared to take the LSAT. However, I now feel thoroughly prepared to not only take the LSAT but to excel. The material and the instructor are forces to be reckoned with. Thank you PowerScore!

Jeanette Moody

The instructors were absolutely fantastic, but I honestly think the structure that the course provided and the materials developed by Powerscore are what sincerely boosted my score from a 159 on a previous administration to a 171 on test day in February. I could not be more thankful for the course. It will likely get me a large part of my admission to a top law school.

Kelly Halom

I was nervous about taking an online class because I was concerned I wouldn't be able to ask questions, but having so many knowleadgable people JUST working the chat and answering questions is great. All the responses are quick and thorough, and all the moderators are super encouraging and so nice! The instructor teaching the class is also really nice and answers questions, and tries to talk to us in an engaging way. I definitely get the vibe that he genuinely wants us to learn and cares that we do well on the test, and isn't just robotically speaking information over a computer. His attitude towards us is itself encouraging and motivating.

Erin Ryan

I would highly recommend this class. Before taking this class I knew nothing about the LSAT. I am not a very good test taker and I usually consider myself an average student but this class helped put me in the top 10% of LSAT students. I took the online version but it felt like I was there in person. The instructors were always making sure the class was following along and that our questions were being answered. They made sure that we understood each lesson before they moved onto something new, They also made the class entertaining which is a hard thing to do with such a dry subject as the LSAT.

Maggie Hoffman

When I deciding to prep for the LSAT, I knew that I would need structure and a course whose methods were easy to understand. I tried other books and courses, but then I purchased the Powerscore bibles and everything was so much clearer! I decided to take the Live Online course and loved every minute! Studying for the LSAT can be exhausting, but with Powerscore I actually had fun! The instructors are extremely helpful and the Online Student Center is an invaluable resource.

Erica Safran

I didn't even know how to approach studying for the LSAT and tackling the problems. I know that this course helped me reach my potential with the LSAT and gave me the score that I needed.

Hunter Glenn

I didn't expect to get any individualized attention through the online course, but I think I got more than I would have with a live one! The second instructor who is there to answer your private questions functions like a tutor. I found that she was very helpful, thorough, and didn't stop going through explanations until I "got it."

Kim Johnson

Only had a month to study after graduation and prior to the LSAT. This course really broke down the test in a way that I could quickly pick up the strategies, types of scenarios, and problems that I needed to have to effectively and efficiently attack each problem. Coming from Engineering School, I knew Reading Comprehension was definitely going to be my weakest link. I came out of this course, loving Reading Comprehension and now have great confidence in answering the majority of the questions in this section correctly.


My instructor was awesome and this course made me feel like a lot of the question and structures that I found so overwhelming before this course are nothing to worry about. I would never have believed I could be so confident in my abilities going into the test as I feel now!

Kathleen Landis

The quality of the PowerScore course puts it in a class of its own. Having tried three others, no other even compares. I probably wouldn't have ended up taking the LSAT if it hadn't been for PowerScore bringing me up 18 points in practice.

Abigail Warner

The PowerScore online course was perfect for my schedule, and I loved being able to watch recorded sessions over to make sure I had the material down. The class has immensely helped in my preparation for the LSAT and through the class I know I will be beyond ready to take the test.

Chelsea Harrison

After taking the LSAT once, I needed a course that would help me understand the test on a fundamental level. PowerScore gave me the tools I needed to analyze each question at its core and answer with efficiency and accuracy. The course instructors answer every student's concerns and give great insider tips on how to improve timing and completion of each section. Overall I would definitely recommend this course.

Alyssa Miller

The class prepared me much better than a combination of Kaplan, Princeton Review and Mcgraw Hill study books. This test was seemed much easier than the October test, so I am hoping that if it was indeed easier for everyone, then the tricks I learned in this class are going to help me edge out the competition.

Kevin Misener

I heard PowerScore through a friend's recommendation and I am really happy that I listened. PowerScore not only helped me understand concepts that I thought were impossible to figure out but the instructors also made me feel confident that I am capable of doing the LSATs.

I really enjoy the fact that I'm taking it Live Online rather than in person because I don't feel intimidated to ask questions and I also love the fact that there's a database in which I can go back and review each lesson.

This course is like a breath of fresh air and I am really excited to continue working with PowerScore.

Stephanie Tran

The materials and lessons are so well planned out it makes learning so much easier. I love my two instructors they are extremely helpful and very confident and what they do. I also love that they add to the program. For example, they share with us some of their testing strategies to give us more variety when preparing for this exam. I would recommend this course to everyone interested in preparing for the LSAT. I understand why all the reviews online are so great for this program and company.

Nicole Kurtanich

The course itself is just the beginning of the outstanding materials offered. All of the online support, the additional online instructor, the bevy of practice tests, the forums - all add immeasurably. I'd heard good word of mouth on PowerScore and my experience was even better than I expected.

Meredith Kadlec

The entire course was excellent. With a summer internship, I was looking for an LSAT prep program that was convenient but still thorough. Powerscore certainly delivered on both counts. The instructor was engaging, helpfully breaking down sample LSAT questions and explaining how to correctly answer them.

Alexander Bohn

I was extremely pleased with the Powerscore Live Online LSAT Course and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to prepare for this challenging test. When I initially took my diagnostic in February of 2013, I was scoring in the mid 140's, which needless to say was very frustrating. However, the Powerscore Live Online LSAT Course gave me direction and an abundance of prep materials that allowed me to focus my studies. My instructor was fantastic and used a combination of experience, time tested methods, and humor to make an extremely dry and intimidating subject (the LSAT) manageable and at times, even fun. I work about 60 hours a week, so it was important that I had an effective study plan that maximized my limited time. After completing the Powerscore Live Online LSAT Course and a dedicated self-study regimen, I took the June 2013 LSAT and got a 158. I know that many Powerscore students score much higher than this, but I was extremely pleased with the results and this score drastically exceeded my expectations. I just want to thank you again for putting together such a comprehensive course and it was worth every penny. Well done.

Steven Palmer

I've taken the LSAT once before and I had no idea about half of the things that my instructor has taught me in class so far! I'm having such a positive experience so far and am BEYOND happy! So worth the money and time!

Roshni Patidar

I am an RN and work full time in a trauma pedi ICU, I am also in graduate school (MSN). The convenience of the online course has been very valuable to me as I am able to review the courses. I still have a lot of reviewing to do at this point because of work and school, but am confident that I'll be ready for the October LSAT because of this course!

Debbie Slack

Overall, I really enjoyed the course and it was well worth the money. I took the Kaplan course, and I would recommend Powerscore over Kaplan any day. Powerscore's class is much more practical, and the instructors break down the material in a logical sense. I cannot explain how grateful I am to powerscore and the instructor.

Alyssa S

I cannot speak highly enough about Powerscore! HIghly knowledgeable staff who go above beyond the call of duty in providing assistance! Invaluable materials at your disposal! If you are serious about receiving a high LSAT score then I would certainly recommend you take the Powerscore class, utilize their study materials, and take advantage of their discussion forums!

Amina Kator Mubarez

After taking the PowerScore LSAT Online course I felt more comfortable with the material in all sections, my scores exponentially improved along with my confidence. If you put in the right amount of effort both during and outside the class, the tools are provided for success.

Carina Rogers

PowerScore was great! The emphasis they placed on helping you feel comfortable with your abilities, and helping you deal with the stress of the preparation and the test itself was amazing. They were the reason I was calm on test day.


The PowerScore LSAT Course helped me understand the LSAT in ways i could have not done myself. The course is great in addressing the needs of the students. In addition, the course material was plentiful.

Benjamin Nguyen

The online course was great because I was able to access it anytime. I work full time and during 1 or 2 classes I was just too tired to stay awake and was able to go back and look at the materials. The online student center and forum are awesome as well. Anyone who doesn't do well (better) on the LSAT after taking this course and following the recommendations can only blame themselves.

Amanda Taylor

The Powerscore Live Online Course was an overall great experience. The not only try to prepare you academically, but they prepare you mentally.

Melissa Haluska

I took the October LSAT after self-studying with the Powerscore LSAT Bibles and received a 157, so I decided to invest in the online course. I found it to be a great review of the bibles and found the additional advice given by the instructors very valuable. For example, the key insight at the beginning of the course about paying attention to the strength and validity of language helped me to better understand the LR section. All of my questions were answered completely and in many cases the instructors pointed me to additional resources. In particular, the multiple drills and practice questions in the homework really helped me solidify important concepts. In addition to watching all lectures and completing most of the homework, I took eight practice tests during the course, and my scores were as follows: 162, 164, 165, 162, 170, 167, 168, 165. At the beginning of the course my practice test scores were in the low 160s, by the end I was scoring consistently in the upper 160s. My increase in score is attributable to my vast improvement in the logic games section and moderate improvement in the logical reasoning section. When I took the LSAT a second time in December, I felt extremely confident about my performance, especially in the logic games section, my former weakness. Thanks for all of your help!

Dana Ziegler

Taking this course was the best decision I could have made. I can't emphasize enough how much the instructors care and how hard they work to explain things that not everyone understands. The prep books were thorough and had more than enough problems to satisfy hours a day of studying. I was able to ask questions and not feel shy or insecure about it. Part of that was the class' structure (being an online vs. in person class) but it was mostly because of the instructors.They were fantastic about answering every question and making me feel prepared for the LSATs.

Kimberly Sharpe

I would recommend the LSAT PowerScore course to anyone. Before I took the course, the LSAT seemed like an insurmountable obstacle. However, after three months of learning the PowerScore methods in the 12-week Live Online Course, I feel more than confident in my ability to excel on the LSAT and get my desired score. In three months, I was able to increase my score by 15 points and over the next couple of months, I hope to increase that even further to 20+ points! Thank you PowerScore for helping me understand the LSAT! Nadia Anguiano-Wehde
The Powerscore LSAT courses are priceless!! Thank you for all your invaluable support.

Wangeci Warui

The fact that all of the classes were archived made the class well worth the price, as I postponed my initial plan of taking the test in October after falling behind in my studies. After aiming for December, I began a set study routine, following the classes, doing the HW, and using the online student center. I scored a 163 on the LSAT, after a score in the low 150s on my diagnostic test. This course has everything you need-every question, every test, every explanation-the value of it can not be overstated. My instructor's sense of humor and teaching style-it made the three hour lectures not just bearable, but enjoyable. After looking at reviews of other preparation companies, I decided to choose PowerScore, and I'm extremely happy with my decision. Thank you and I will definitely recommend your company to everyone I meet who is planning to take the LSAT.

James Joyce

I was worried that the online experience wouldn't provide me the mindset I needed to study. I was wrong. The online course is fantastic. I feel confident and empowered! The teachers are wonderful. Thanks PowerScore!

Madeline Flores

I've been studying for the LSAT for seven months now. I spent the first half of my study time enrolled in a course done by another company. That course was so terrible that after the third class, I ended up buying the three Powerscore Bibles and teaching myself that way. When the first course was over, I immediately enrolled in the Powerscore Live Online class. The class was excellent. My score has jumped NINE POINTS! I feel as though I am very prepared for the February LSAT. My instructors were excellent and the class was advanced.

Kristen Erwin

I am so glad I took this course. I'm the kind of person that doesn't have the discipline to study by myself completely, so I really needed the structure of this course to help me. My instructors explained everything so well, in creative ways that really made the material easier. They always stayed after the scheduled time to answer any questions we had. I'm really happy with my score—I got 169, ten points higher than what I had gotten on practice exams before the course! Thank you!

Pamela Yaacoub

PowerScore was a great investment. I feel really confident about writing the LSAT next weekend. I feel as though the instructors took a genuine interest in mine and other students' success. The materials provided by PowerScore are excellent, and give students the most comprehensive toolbox with which to tackle the LSAT. Thank you!

Faye Williams

It was a very comprehensive course that really helped me learn a ton of useful tools in a matter of weeks. I feel a lot more confident with PowerScore's helpful tactics and strategies to attack the questions.

Rebecca Liebowitz

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is looking for an extra edge on the LSAT. I came in with a cold score of 160 and just got my score back today. 173. Unreal, a 13 point increase from one class a week for twelve weeks. Thank you so much!

Michael Reardon

I am continually impressed with the Live Online LSAT Course. It is clear that the creators of the course and the instructors have given us every possible opportunity to excel in the LSAT by the vast amount of help and material that is available to us. Although my goal was to finish 100% of the supplemental virtual classes, homework, and practice tests in the online student center, I am only able to complete 80% of the material so far. This speaks both to the volume of material that is provided and the in-depth focus that is involved in each virtual instruction lesson and question analysis, as I feel that even 80% completion is giving me sufficient knowledge of the material. The instructors are incredibly helpful and ensure that every question is answered. Their explanations are clear and very thorough and always clear up any doubts I have. I look forward to LSAT classes every week and I am having an unexpectedly enjoyable time with these classes!

Anusree Garg

I would absolutely recommend this course. I scored a 165 on my first LSAT, and after taking this course jumped to a 174. The instructors were organized, clearly presented material, and were always willing to stay after class and answer questions. This course was excellent!

Christine La Rochelle

I was frightened of the LSAT. I felt overwhelmed and I had a bad attitude about my abilities. I am now looking forward to test day. I have a positive view of what I can accomplish. When I went to check the schedule for the LSAT in my area, all I could say is "You did not think you could make this far". This has been more than just a LSAT training course, it has been a course in life skills. This course teaches far beyond the LSAT. The tools, skills, methods of argument, and logic I have learned are skills I will carry with me for the rest of my life with pride. Thank You to my instructors and everyone at PowerScore for everything you have taught me in this course. I wish I could stay forever. Thank You For Everything

Robert Neil

This course is well worth the investment, both in time & money.

Kristi Adams

The Virtual Full-Length Course greatly exceeded my expectations for an online class. The platform was excellent for delivering the material and the books accompanying the classes were perfectly designed to maximize the learning process. Both of my professors were very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the course. It truly prepared me for the LSAT and I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you need the flexibility.

Timothy Cavazos

I love the Live Online LSAT Course! The instructor was not only helpful, knowledgeable, but also very easy going. They make the class interesting and kept everyone engaged. The class environment was wonderful! I still keep in touch with most of my classmates for separate study review sessions and we discuss everything that's related to law school. I will definitely recommend this class to my friends who are interested in prepping for the LSAT.

Linh Le

I can't imagine a better course. It gave me everything a class would have but in the convenience of my home. I'm taking the LSAT in a month, and have already increased 7 points. I've still got a month, I'm getting that 170!

Tim Knudsen

The PowerScore class was excellent and (my instructors) were great instructors. The class was well organized, kept me dedicated and provided everything I needed to know for my upcoming test. The online format was a lifesaver; allowing me to take classes at home in New York and also provided the flexibility I needed to watch a class I missed because of work. I would recommend this class to anyone.

Russell Hansen

My instructors were fun and well prepared to teach this course. The tools they provided me with broke the LSAT down into organized and manageable pieces, and have provided me with the confidence needed to conquer the LSAT. My score has already improved by 9 points. The amount and type of resources included with the Virtual Course are invaluable. Being able to access the material at any time for such a long period of time is extremely convenient. I will not regret this investment.

Geanette Corbray

Prior to taking this course I was overwhelmed with the amount of material I was expected to learn for the LSAT. The structure and organization of the LSAT Virtual course has provided me with several tools to approach the various LSAT concepts. Furthermore, these tools have provided me with the confidence necessary to tackle the test. I have already seen great improvements in the logical reasoning and games sections and we're only halfway through. This class has actually made me look forward to preparing for the LSAT instead of dreading it. I really do get excited to go to class most nights.

Geanette Corbray

I have to say that the elluminate platform is absolutely fantastic and adds for uninterrupted learning. You feel like you are the only one in the class. In addition to the great class material, and the structure of the course our instructors are fantastic. They find ways to relate the LSAT to us in a very comprehensive, clear and teachable way. They also always make it a point to explain how learning to take the test will actually benefit you in your legal career. A definite plus when you are trucking through all the homework you guys give us ;) My rate is an A++. Thanks PowerScore.

Andrea Gallego

At first I was hesitant to enroll in a LSAT preparation course. Not only is it costly, but you have to put your faith in the program that you choose will be the most beneficial route. Without a doubt the virtual Power Score LSAT course was worth every penny. I walked into this test with full confidence. My major problem was needing more time to read and answer all the questions within the time frame, but after taking the Power Score prep course I was able to get through the entire sections!

Megan Thompson

Fantastic course!! It was more than worth the time and money and I have been recommending this company to everyone I know thinking of taking a LSAT course. It was very comprehensive, but also detailed without being overly redundant. I truly felt like I learned "tricks" and tools to tackle difficult problems, but more importantly how to not fall for the tricks of the test. I really do not know what more the course could have taught me! I feel overall PowerScore taught you everything you would need to know and the rest is up to you as a test taker to utilize the materials. I did feel like there was more than plenty of additional support and resources, which was almost a little overwhelming at times. I was worried that I did not have time to do everything and hoped that I was not missing some great supplemental insights! 100% happy and keep up the great work.

Sarah Dunsmore

I was initially apprehensive about the limitations of a virtual course, but signed up due to my limited scheduled and was amazed by the amount I got out of it. Aside from hundreds of pages of resources, in depth lessons, you also get private questions answered individually by the instructor so all your concerns can get addressed before the test. Despite being virtual, it's a very individual environment where you will get a lot of attention from the instructors and can get more out of it than other prep courses or studying books on your own.

Vivian Chen

The course is amazing. I really don't feel like I'm missing anything by not being in an actual classroom, and my instructors are amazing teachers. They are both so enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable, and entertaining, it makes it a pleasure to go through what could otherwise be relatively boring subject matter. Plus, the PowerScore tactics are SO helpful!

Emily Nestor

Thoroughly enjoyed this class. I decided to take the Feb 2011 LSAT and use the extra time to review the course modules and exams in preparation. Wasn't sure what to expect from the virtual class, but was amazed at the ease of use and the small number of students - really allowed for individual support - more so than probably a live in person class. Really was great. Highly recommend the PowerScore Virtual class! Thanks.

Christopher Lagoe

The structure and materials for this course were superb. With proper study and devotion, it can make a huge difference. I raised my score by 10 points!

Carol Thetford

I love the virtual classes!!! They are so informative and I feel like I'm learning so much. Studying at times gets overwhelming as I think of the test being right around the corner, so it's really beneficial to listen to archive classes to get more insight on questions or concepts that I find to be problematic. I love how entertaining, informative, and interactive the virtual classes have been. Upon enrolling, I was expecting an instructor whose delivery would be reminiscent of the monotone actor from the "Dry Eyes" commercials, but instead my instructor is well spoken, passionate, and energetic with a voice that bears a striking resemblance to Seth Rogen. I swear I feel like Seth Rogen is teaching My LSAT Prep class and he's awesome!

In addition to having an EXCELLENT instructor, I love the way I've been able to remember techniques to eliminate answers based upon the simplistic methods I've learned in class. The more lessons and drills I have had the opportunity to read and practice at home, the more confident I am becoming. It is my goal to have a grasp on every question, section, game, etc. that could possibly be thrown at me on February 12th. I applaud PowerScore for having such a well put together course that is giving me the confidence that I will do well on my upcoming test.

Syreeta Wigginton

I absolutely love PowerScore. I'm about 6 weeks into my virtual course and I can feel my self improving every week. I took Kaplan last summer TWICE! What a waste of money. They didn't teach me nearly as much as you have in 5 weeks alone. The techniques are so simple and easy to grasp, I really appreciate the way the textbook is set up because it allows me to practice a specific skills for an entire week. I regret not taking PowerScore last year only because it was an online course but it turns out I'm enjoying the virtual course better than an actual class. This allows me to work at my own pace and not get bogged down by a physical class. I took a practice test 3 weeks into my course and I had a 10 point increase from my actual LSAT which I took last December. That alone is proof that your prep material really is as good as everyone says.

Alina Khan

I have done very well on standardized tests in the past (1550 on SAT, 35 on ACT...etc) because I was able to understand how the test was constructed, that it was a test of patterns, similarity. When I took the LSAT the first time, my world was rocked, I had no idea how to look at the LSAT, I could find no logical was a whole new experience. My instructors are awesome. They are teaching how to find logical patterns, where they exist and where patterns of "tricks" could exist. This test seems to be unraveling before my eyes. I'm becoming more confident each day and with each homework problem. I'm sooo grateful I found this program. The money spent is worth it!

Brittany Moffitt

In comparison with the other prep course I wasted my money on, PowerScore is infinitely better. In a much shorter amount of time I learned a great deal basically starting from scratch again. My instructors presented the information in an interesting and engaging way that helped me tremendously. I feel completely prepared for the LSAT and the PowerScore Online Student Center is also second to none. I will recommend this company to anyone in the future that I know plans on taking the LSAT. Thank you so much for getting me prepared!

Steven Beck

WOW!!! I'm thoroughly impressed. I'm not a traditional student......going to law school for me is something I have always wanted to do and I feel can make a significant contribution as lawyer or as a social advocate. With that said, I have done plenty of research into which prep courses offer what, and which courses yield the best results. Hands Down, Power Score had the most positive ratings. I did think about the guy that offers a class, the guy that scored a perfect score, like 11 or 12 times in a row on the LSAT...but, decided to go with my initial choice..."PowerScore" and I'm happy I did!!!!

I was impressed as I said from the start, the materials that I received, the communication, the level of technology used, the intellect of my instructor, the thoroughness of each lesson. Additionally, each day, I utilize the supplemental study materials online. When I need more understanding, I listen to the recorded lessons of the other instructors to see if I missed something from another perspective. At mid-point, I can confidently say, I'm feeling good right now about the test in Feb.

You guys are EXCELLENT!!! I appreciate everything!!! Thanks,

Susan March

"Powerscore's virtual course helped familiarize me with the question types presented on the LSAT in a concentrated and effective manner. The materials and homework provided are unmatched by other prep companies - there was always plenty to keep my busy. Besides, with Ron G. as the VC's course instructor, there isn't any room for miscomprehension. Thank you powerscore for more than a 20 point increase from my initial score! "

Stefan R.

"I am thoroughly impressed and pleased with the services provided by PowerScore. I decided to take the Virtual Course and only after one class, I felt that I gained more than I ever did in a single month studying on my own. Even though the course is virtual, it is set up in such a way that it nearly mimics an actual classroom. The instructors are knowledgeable, kind, and extremely patient. They show you exactly how to attack each question and present proven methods to answer each question. I have taken other courses and used many other studying aids, but they just don't provide the same innovative methods. Powerscore does not just provide courses, but immense amounts of materials that will help potential students get into law school."

Maha M.

"The Virtual course structure was better than I ever imagined providing a structure that, in my opinion, is more beneficial than face to face instruction. Jon and Ron are top notch and explained every detail in a way that makes you "just get it". The confidence and tools I gained in this class helped me dominate the test. My practice LSAT scores increased in excess of 15 points from the start of class through the finish. I would highly recommend this class to anyone considering taking the LSAT. Logic games scared me to death before the class and I quickly became proficient at all game types! Thanks again!"

Brandon T.

"The Live Online LSAT Course was incredible. I have learned the skills necessary to master this test from the comfort of my own home. It was absolutely worth every penny. I have improved my score dramatically and I'm confident going into the test now."

Shelly M.

"FANTASTIC EXPLANATIONS!!! This course helps understand the questions and how to get right answers...Also, I love the virtual environment...I haven't been able to make the "actual" class times, but I have "watched" the archived sessions and that is just as good."

Raeann S.

"You guys are amazing! If anyone I know is going to take the LSAT...I'll only recommend the PowerScore Virtual Course to them!"

Vimal K.

The wealth of materials and tests from this course was extremely useful for improving my score, which went up about 10 points in the practice tests.

Jane Cho

The best test prep course I've ever taken. The virtual class was one of the best investments I've ever made; it let me take classes whenever and wherever, and allowed me to go back and review class materials at any point. The instructors were great at teaching the core concepts, and the homework was excellent practice—better than any practice test—because it helped me learn the material rather than just practice making the same mistakes. Definitely take this class!

Kamaldeep Kaur

This course has helped me gain the confidence that I needed for the LSAT. Instead of the LSAT being a dreadful event, I am actually looking forward to taking it in Feb. Our instructors have been very good about making sure that the class understood the points at hand. I would, and have, recommend this course to future LSAT takers.

Justin White

Thanks to the wonderful powerscore material and masterful instruction by my instructor Brian I was finally able to boost my LSAT score by more than 8 points from my previous LSAT. I am thankful for my 159 after two other failed attempts at the LSAT and being constantly frustrated by other prep companies. You guys are truly the best and I appreciate being able to enroll in one of your classes. I would recommend your company to ANYONE attempting to take the LSAT for now on.

Justin W. Dixon

This is by far the best form of LSAT preparation. It's very comprehensive and prepares you to tackle any question the LSAT can throw at you without much trouble. Take this class if you are serious about raising your LSAT score.

Cameron Pardon

If you are willing to apply yourself, the Powerscore class is definitely worth the money. The material is structured to help you study and learn as much as possible. I scored a 157 on my first PT and now average between 165-170. P.S. Do your homework!

Michael Giordano

Wow. I had enrolled in an LSAT study class and I was incredibly unhappy with that class. I bit the bullet and spent the money, taking a chance based on the wonderful things I had heard about Powerscore. It was totally worth the investment! The virtual class worked beautifully with my demanding work schedule and the instructor was wonderful at explaining LSAT concepts in a way that I found genuinely helpful.


I have always been a strong student...with a 3.92 undergrad GPA. However, I have been out of an educational environment for several years. "Several" heck, I'm over 50 years old. Not only do I now want to attend law school, I don't want to pay for it at this point in life. I am certain, after having taken your virtual full length course, I now have a strong chance of achieving that goal. I also know it would have been impossible without this help. I am impressed and grateful for this course. Well worth every cent.

Kathleen Miller Cook

The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, engaging, and helpful. I am extemely satisfied with this course and would highly recommend it to anyone taking the LSATs. This is a must for the serious law school applicant.

Alice Clewell

This class fully prepared me for the LSAT. I put off taking the LSAT for two years, because I was unsure how to study on my own. Now I can't imagine how I ever would have survived the LSAT without this class.

Rachel Martin

This class was incredible. Having taken another prep course, I saw a dramatic difference in the methods taught by PowerScore. This class helped me improve my score six points, and is helping to solidify my acceptance into the school of my choice.

Lauren Marshall

My first score on a practice LSAT was in the 78th percentile. In just one short month, my score has risen to an average high 160s (todays practice under strict, no break conditions was scored at 167). I am confident that when I take the LSAT in a couple days I have a good chance of scoring in the high 160's and maybe even a 170. I did not think it was possible to improve so much in such a short time. Thank you PowerScore.

Daniel Woofter

The Powerscore course is leaps and bounds ahead of other competitor courses, such as Princeton Review and Kaplan in terms of the structure of the coursework, the material presented, the knowledge level of the LSAT structure and how the test makers test and the economical value—second to none! I had initially desired to take the TestMasters course (out of California). But, I am 110% pleased that I opted to take this course instead! The way the material is presented and applied has given me a growing confidence that I had never dreamed I could have preparing for the LSATs. Now, it's just a matter of taking full advantage of all the materials offered through this course in preparation for the exam. Thanks so much!

Jacqueline Tran

"With my busy schedule, the Live Online LSAT Course was very advantageous. I work full-time and I can not always commit to the allotted class time. Being able to refer back to the sessions in my free time was wonderful, not only to listen to the parts I had missed but to the parts I felt I needed further clarification on. I would strongly recommend this class to anybody."

Stephanie F.

"So far my score has improved by 11 points. I feel like the homework is really helpful at reinforcing what we've learned in class. I also like all the practice LSATs available to us."

Lauren B.

"The instructor team, Ron and Jon, is amazing. Instructors make all the difference in any course, but particularly in a virtual course. Ron is extremely easy to listen to and follow. In addition to possessing all the qualities checked above, Ron G has a highly effective speaking voice and a personality that shines through. Jon jumps in and lends support at every appropriate opportunity. Together, they complement each other well and have mastered the Elluminate platform which is a great medium.

I previously attended the in-class Kaplan Extreme program, and aside from the additional mastery and pacing sessions, proctored tests and access to a study facility, all of which I found beneficial, the LSAT methods and lessons themselves could not compare to PowerScore. I have already highly recommended the virtual program to many students."

Corlee Z.

"Great course, excellent materials, and exceptional instructor. PowerScore is definitely a cut above the rest."

Steven A.

"The Virtual LSAT class was awesome! I would recommend this course for anyone who wants to improve their score."

Timothy C.

"I think this class is a amazing and would recommend it for everyone."

Deena T.

"I was a little hesitant about taking the Live Online LSAT Course but I am CERTAIN that I am learning as much by this method as I would be learning in a real classroom setting. The platform is impressive, the material is an excellent tool for preparation, and while the instructor doesn't actually "know" me or anyone in the class, it is clear he cares about the students, and that he designs thorough lesson plans to help the students succeed."

Kristina N.

"Kelsey is a really great instructor. In another LSAT prep course I took I had difficulty understanding what my instructor was trying to teach me. Kelsey is really wonderful at simplifying the questions and explanations making it easier for me to understand...I can honestly say that I have really enjoyed preparing for the LSAT (if such a thing were possible!) with PowerScore."

Reina S.

"Ron is amazingly patient and genuinely dedicated to his task as an LSAT instructor. Not only is he very well versed in the workings of the LSAT, but he also takes the time to provide positive feedback during the class drills as well as encourage the students to use their intuitive prowess to their maximum potential. Teaching a virtual class is extremely difficult as it is removed from the traditional settings and framework of what a class would be, yet, Ron seamlessly conveys the instruction in a very engaging and functional way. I wouldn't have this class taught any other way."

Rohit K.

"The instructors were great—they answered all of my questions and I would never be able to score as highly on the LSAT without their help. I recommend using PowerScore to anyone who wants to take a class before the LSAT!"

Jamie U.

"The virtual course has exceeded my expectations on all fronts. I am very pleased. Thank you!"

Lauren H.

"PowerScore virtual course boosted my confidence level in LSAT by miles, and much of this is credited to your fabulous instructors - Ron and Jason, who made studying for LSAT fun and interesting. The quality of both the course materials and the stellar instructors made getting up at an ungodly hour for this class simply effortless - I am just deeply grateful that international students are finally given a chance to take full-length classes from the comfort of their homes. Thanks PowerScore!"

Alex L.

"I was really impressed with the online class. It was so nice to be able to do it at home and not have to trudge off somewhere after work for 3 hours and then drive home. I think the level of instruction is definitely comparable to a face-to-face class."

Bethany N.

"My instructor is awesome and I love the PowerScore methods. I've already recommended the course to my friends."

Heather P.

To take the words out of my instructors' mouths, this course helped me DOMINATE the exam. I felt significantly more confident, focused, and prepared for the exam than I did when I studied on my own...It's great to get home from work, put on my pajamas, curl up in front of the computer, and not have to drive home after class! I miss LSAT class now, and I wish I could still have it. Thanks!!

Kristin L.

"Great course. Worth more than twice the price."

Brad M.

"The course itself is just phenomenal...I am learning so much about the LSAT and the preparation needed to achieve high success on it. Jon is an intelligent, personable guy who really cares for the students and loves the material. The communication between student and instructor is excellent and very prompt. This has been a great investment."

Robert L.

"This class is the most helpful study tool out there. It was so convenient and practical. I loved the interaction and personal attention. Awesome materials and PLENTY to keep me busy and practicing up to test time!"

Mariah R.

"The technology as well as the detailed instruction was very intuitive and rewarding. I especially liked the archived classes. It was like having my own transcription service."

Dan Y.