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LSAT Frequently Asked Questions

There is no set time that it takes to prepare for the LSAT. It depends on many factors, such as how much time you have to dedicate to studying, how quickly you are able to absorb the material, your strengths and weaknesses, and your target score.

Our LSAT Live Online and In Person Courses traditionally range from about 1-3 months long. We also offer a self-paced On Demand Course, and there is a 3-month study plan included with that course, although students are encouraged to amend the plan to fit their needs. These courses are designed to be comprehensive and fully prepare you for the LSAT.

We offer several versions of our LSAT Course so that students can find an option that fits best with their study preferences!

  • The In Person LSAT Course offers face-to-face instruction, which is great for students who need a classroom environment.
  • The Live Online LSAT Course is taught online, but the course is still held live, in real time. This is great for students who need a live course, but prefer the flexibility of being able to take the class from the comfort of their own home. The live lessons are also recorded for later review.
  • Our On Demand LSAT Course is a pre-recorded course. This course is best for students who need a flexible schedule, as the pre-recorded lectures allow students to view the classes at their own convenience.

There is no official deadline to sign up for our courses, but classes do close due to size limitations. We recommend that students enroll at least two weeks in advance of the course start.

Yes, payment must be made in full to be considered enrolled in the course. Unlike some other courses, there is no additional materials fee for any of our courses. The course tuition that you pay includes all materials.

PowerScore does offer financing (payment plans) with Affirm* for our In Person and Live Online courses through our e-commerce check-out online. This payment option is available to our US customers, and will allow our customers to split the price of their purchase into fixed payment amounts that fit their monthly budget. Customers will have the option to pick from 3, 6, and 12 month plans to finance their purchase. If you are interested in financing your purchase with Affirm, just select Affirm at checkout where you will then be redirected to the Affirm website.

For students outside the US, in certain situations we can arrange extended payment plans for those In Person or Live Online Course students who need more time to complete their payment. For more information, please call our offices at 800-545-1750.

*Subject to credit check and approval. Down payment may be required. For purchases under $395, limited payment options are available. Estimated payment amount excludes taxes and shipping fees. Affirm loans are made by Cross River Bank, a New Jersey State Chartered Commercial Bank, Member FDIC. See for details.

An initial $350 enrollment fee is required for the first 30 days of access, then $195 every 30 days thereafter. Students may cancel their subscription at any time by calling us at 1-800-545-1750 Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, Saturday 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. EST, or by emailing us at

First, we don’t expressly prohibit potential students from auditing our classes. We’re just far stricter about it than our competitors seem to be, and for good reason (in our opinion, at least).

Our main priority is the student experience, so we take that into account before we ever start thinking “sales.” What that means is that we’re particularly wary of any potential disruptions or distractions in the classroom…basically anything that could detract from the central purpose of why we’re holding the class in the first place, which is to benefit those enrolled.

When someone signs up with us their classroom time is for learning and growth, start to finish. They’re not a part of a PowerScore marketing opportunity or demo reel. In short, we run courses for the people in that course, not to boost enrollment in future courses. So as soon as you open the doors to non-students, you create an environment with a huge potential to negatively impact our customers: the enrolled students have all taken the course from the beginning together and met the instructor at Lesson 1, whereas many sit-ins have not; the students all have course materials and have been prepped for the class experience via their Online Student Center, while the un-enrolled do/have not; auditing attendees often have questions (understandably) that require the instructor’s time and attention, resources we prefer to devote to our customers; other, logistical issues must also be taken into account like room size and instructor notifications and the like that distract from our principle devotion of assisting our students in need.

So it is a risk that we’re cautious about taking: the opportunity for greater sales vs the possibility of undermining our student’s well-being is a situation where the latter concern ALWAYS wins out.
That said, we also appreciate the value of “try before you buy,” so under the right circumstances we’ll allow prospective students to sit in on classes and get a feel for that experience. We approach it with care, but aren’t opposed in principle. Ideally though potential students can get a tremendous sense of our methodology and the classroom setting by other, more accessible means: we publish the most popular books on the market (the LSAT Bibles) at an extremely fair price allowing people to see the system our courses are built around with little barrier to entry, we make chapters of those books available online for free, and we even offer the majority of Lesson 1 from our Live Online Course as a free video to preview how the course functions: LSAT Course | Lesson 1 Preview (Pt.1).

We also have an entire Free Help Area available on our site that includes tons of lessons and content, we operate daily on our Forum and our Blog so people get a clear sense of how we approach the test and our customer base in general, and anyone curious to learn more can call us up at 800-545-1750 and ask to speak with an instructor to get their questions answered and concerns addressed one on one.

So there’s an unparalleled amount of access and transparency available, all while still ensuring that our students don’t in any way become victimized by self-serving attempts at selling future seats.

The PowerScore Course Book and the accompanying Online Student Center (used in our In Person, Live Online, and On Demand courses) are specially designed to accompany the lessons. The course material is exclusive and provided only to students who enroll in our course and is not for sale separately.

The PowerScore LSAT Bibles are written as all-in-one self-study tools that contain strategies and application advice for every concept tested on the LSAT (collectively as a Trilogy for the whole test, or singularly by section). And they’re designed accordingly: they play the role of instructor, meaning the text is meant to guide readers from the fundamentals to the most advanced ideas, demonstrating step-by-step how and why everything works the way it does and how the right techniques can be best utilized to improve performance and maximize scores. So for students looking to study on their own, whether start to finish or as an entry point before moving into a classroom or tutoring sessions, those books are unparalleled.

Our course materials are built around the same techniques and methodologies that have made the Bibles the most popular and successful books on the market, but adjusted somewhat to account for the fact that they’ll be accompanied by personal/live instruction. So there’s more room within the course book for the instructor to expand upon the information, supplement it with additional thoughts and examples and anecdotes, and constantly tailor it to the audience being taught. It’s a much more personalized and adaptive format, in other words.

The course book and the accompanying course Online Student Center also have many more drills and official PrepTest questions—in both the lessons and particularly the homework—to foster and reinforce perfect application of the approaches outlined.

In short, the Bibles are an amazing tool for teaching yourself how to beat this test, whereas the course book is the ideal resource for an expert to teach you how to beat this test (and coupled with personal instruction provide a more powerful and individualized experience). That’s why we don’t use the Bibles in our courses, or sell the course book for self-study.

Yes. All students in a PowerScore LSAT Course have access to our Online Student Center. The Online Student Center contains digital LSAT practice tests accompanied by detailed score reports and performance feedback, supplemental online videos, extensive homework and homework explanations, and more.

As of 6/30/20, all students will need to purchase LSAC’s “Official LSAT Prep Plus” program on a $99/year subscription basis to access their database of practice tests. Students can also receive these tests by enrolling in one of our LSAT courses or tutoring packages that has the Official LSAT Prep Plus yearly access built in to the enrollment. If you’d like to take a free test, you can currently take two practice LSATs by creating an LSAC account and utilizing their free Official LSAT Prep program. Once you finish either of those tests, we’re here to help you get a better feel for your performance beyond just the raw score. Upon completion you can enter your answers on our free self-study site and our LSAT scoring interface will provide a detailed analysis of your results and help you identify your strengths and weaknesses; information you can then use to shape your studies. When taking the digital test, be sure to follow the guidelines rigidly, and put in your best effort!

When our course was originally designed, we listed the essential concepts that needed to be taught in order to provide the best possible LSAT preparation. Then we constructed a course schedule that allowed us to cover each of these concepts thoroughly. For example, most companies spend approximately 7-10 hours covering the Analytical Reasoning section of the LSAT. At PowerScore we spend over 20 hours on the Analytical Reasoning section. Think of it this way: the LSAT is one of the most important tests you will ever take in your life. How well you score on the LSAT will strongly impact your choice of law schools, and ultimately your future earning power. Do you really want to take a class where they have to rush through the topics and maybe leave out key concepts?


Why should we, or you, settle for less? The LSAT is one of the most intellectually demanding standardized tests ever developed. Our instructors, all of whom have scored 170 or higher, have proven that they fully understand the test themselves, and thus are able to focus more on teaching and answering questions since they don't have to struggle to understand the concepts that appear on the LSAT. Instructor candidates with lower scores usually received those scores because they couldn't fully grasp and apply all of the techniques that effectively attack the LSAT. If they couldn't properly use and apply the ideas themselves, it's generally going to be more difficult for them to pass along those same ideas to their students. Also, many of our students want to score in the 160s and 170s on the LSAT. If their instructor has only been able to manage a 160 or 165 on the test, how much confidence do you think that instructor would inspire in his or her students? When a student comes to one of our instructors and says, "I want to score in the 170s," our instructors can say, "All right, here's what it takes, and here's how I did it." Our competitors with lower instructor standards often claim that teachers with high scores don't necessarily make the best instructors. We couldn't agree more, and that's why we don't hire many of the qualified applicants we interview. When selecting instructors, we look for people who can patiently and effectively explain the ideas of our course, people who can interact well with others in a classroom setting, and those who truly enjoy teaching. Finding instructors like this isn't easy, and that's why we offer one of the highest starting salaries in the industry. In addition, we put our instructors through a rigorous training program before they ever set foot in a real class. At PowerScore we demand the best and we expect our students to do the same.

We offer ongoing discounts on our LSAT courses for members of the Military or members of the Pre-Law Society. If you qualify for either discount, please email with your proof of membership, and call us at 800-545-1750 to complete your enrollment.

Here are some quick ways to tell if the book you are using is useless, out of date, or written by someone without a true understanding of the LSAT:

The payment for our LSAT In Person and LSAT Live Online courses is refundable minus a $350 course deposit if you notify us at least ten (10) business days prior to the start of your course, and you have not yet activated your Online Student Center account.

The LSAT On Demand Course is completely non-refundable and non-returnable upon purchase. All payments made during the subscription period are nonrefundable.

Yes. If you need to begin classes at one location and finish at another location, you can transfer between courses, as long as that course is running concurrently. All that we require is adequate notice of your transfer so that we can make sure there is space for you in the new class and notify our instructors.

For the On Demand course, you will have access while the subscription is valid.
For all other courses, you will have access for 120 days following your course start date. After that point, you can call PowerScore at (800) 545-1750 to pay a fee to receive access for an additional 90-day period.

If classes are available, you can repeat our In Person or Live Online Course for the returning student rate of $795 per repeat, which is used to cover the LSAC Question Licensing Fee and the cost of material reproduction. This rate is available for up to 2 repeat courses within 2 years of your original course, and includes a fresh copy of the course materials. Please note that our repeat policy differs from others in that we allow you to repeat our full course, not a shorter refresher course. Also, unlike other courses, we do not require that you attend every class in order to be eligible to repeat the course at the reduced rate.

The LSAT Live Online, In Person, and On Demand courses are comprehensive, and will fully prepare you for the exam. Thus, purchasing additional prep materials and pre-course studying are not required!

However, many of our students do begin by reviewing the PowerScore LSAT Bibles before they take a course, and then use the course to reinforce those concepts.

You might find this blog post about studying on your own before class useful: Should I Study On My Own Before Starting an LSAT Course?

For students looking for expert, comprehensive assistance as they apply to law school, we offer our comprehensive Law School admissions consulting programs. Our law school consultants provide help for our students in all areas of the application process, and continually counsel students on such issues as writing the application essays, getting recommendations, and deciding which law schools to apply to and attend. We extend these services to all of our students both past and present and, in fact, most students take advantage of our help after their LSAT course ends. In addition, if you are a current or former PowerScore student, you will get 10% off admissions consulting services.