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PowerScore Instructor Training

PowerScore instructors are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds and include practicing attorneys, ex-attorneys, and law students. Although all PowerScore instructors have scored 170 or higher, receiving this score is simply a prerequisite for gaining an interview. We select instructors for their friendliness and enthusiasm, their ability to communicate ideas, and their passion for teaching. In short, we want teachers who love to teach the LSAT and who enjoy the process of helping students achieve their law school goals. Our competitors with lower instructor standards often claim that teachers with high scores do not necessarily make the best instructors. We couldn't agree more, and that is why we do not hire many of the qualified applicants we interview. We also look for people who can patiently, effectively, and humorously explain the ideas of our course, people who can interact well with others in a classroom setting, and those who truly enjoy leading a group. Finding instructors like this is not easy, and that's why we offer one of the highest starting salaries in the industry. In addition, we put our instructors through a rigorous training program before they ever set foot in a real class.

Our extensive training program features live, written, video, and online components. Each new instructor is paired with one of our most experienced instructors to guide them through the process. Instructors receive comprehensive Lecture Notes, Annotated Teacher's Copies, online teaching supplements, a video lecture series of over 20 hours, lengthy one-on-one sessions with other instructors, and they also often attend live classes. We feel that our "cross-training" methods produce far more capable and knowledgeable instructors than any other program, especially those that provide only a couple of days of training with an instructor, with no other means of support. Our training program also has the benefit of allowing recurrent training, and thus, whether an instructor is teaching their first or twenty-first course, they can go back and review the training information as needed. Other programs, especially those with little written support, do not allow instructors to effectively "re-train."

We expend a tremendous amount of time and energy training our instructors because they are the conduit for all the institutional knowledge we possess about the LSAT. We recognize that the instructor will have a tremendous effect on the class and we take instructor preparation very seriously. Every day students come to our instructors and say, "I want to score in the 170s." With our hiring standards and extensive training, our instructors can confidently say, "All right, here's what it takes and here's how you can do it."