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The following is a selection of just a few of the comments students have made about PowerScore Admissions Consulting:

I was initially hesitant about whether or not to spend such a large sum on a service such as this, but in retrospect I see it as an amazing and worthwhile investment! I can confidently see that this service improved my applications and I would highly recommend it to anyone! Worth every penny!

Michael Arterburn

My consultant helped me brainstorm ideas for personal statement, which might be a huge factor why I am admitted in my current law school. He also corrected my grammatical mistakes, and they were in an annoyingly large number as me being international. I wouldn't get so many offers without revision from PowerScore.

Weixin L.

My admissions consultant definitely helped take my application materials to the next level. He was able to give feedback and advice that my friends and family simply could not because they didn't know the ins and outs of the law school admissions process. He was also very patient, forthright yet kind with his advice. His reasoning was very clear to me. I think these qualities add a lot of value to this product.

Michael H.

The essay that my counselor helped me write got me admitted into my dream school!

Opeyemi A.

Without any family members or friends with much if any experience with the law school admissions process and average GPA and LSAT score, the personal statement evaluation and critique package helped me to better understand the proper structure of a personal statement and write one that helped me get into many top schools.

Danielle C.

I wanted to take this time to express my sincerest appreciation for your wisdom, knowledge, and expertise, and for helping me portray my story to the fullest of its potential. I was very fortunate to have you as a guider in my journey to construct powerful, moving statements, and it was without a doubt that you helped me to achieve this. I also wanted to thank you for the great service you provide and the lives that you have helped change through the art of writing. I hope you continue to inspire, educate, and help reshape people's future, just like how you helped rewrite mine.

Jordan H.

My admissions consultant has passion for what he does. He goes above and beyond to ensure that you understand the effect of your personal statement and other parts of your law school application. I was satisfied with his service and his dedication for his work.

Karen T.

PowerScore is an invaluable resource for anyone who's serious about getting into law school.
Tim Forsman
Tempe, AZ
The PowerScore program was incredibly effective. Teachers were engaging, fun, and exceptionally knowledgeable not just of the LSAT, but of the entire application process. Through PowerScore, I was able to gain confidence, drastically increase my score, and I am now looking forward to attending Harvard Law School. I would definitely recommend this program to everyone!
After purchasing materials from other companies, I've found PowerScore's materials to be the most comprehensive and applicable!
Corey Casbarro
New York, NY
My first score when I took my diagnostic test was 148, and after attending classes and writing multiple practice tests and doing the homework, I was consistently achieving over 160!
Vincent Chiu
Vancouver, BC
I recommend the class to anyone who is serious about improving their LSAT score!
Adrian Maceiras
Austin, TX
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