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I took the live online accelerated course before I started studying independently for the LSAT. It was an invaluable tool that gave me an excellent overview of the test sections and allowed me to pinpoint where I needed to focus my studies.

Celeste Walker

I felt the teachers truly care about the success of the students and wanted each and every one of us to walk away from the course feeling confident about the LSAT! Great course! Definitely planning on referring this course to others!

Laura Hamilton

I think the fact that I had two moderators helped a lot. While one was teaching, another gave additional insight and focused on our simple questions' making the class go much more smooth. Being able to look back at recordings is incredibly helpful, especially when I missed a class!


All I can say is WOW. Pre-course, I was practice testing around 145. Post-course I am practice testing at 160. Of course, I've been studying on my own, but my instructor gave a remarkable amount of advice and restated concepts many times in order for our whole class to understand. I would absolutely recommend PowerScore's courses to any of my friends or family. I feel confident going into the LSAT in TWO days. THANK YOU POWERSCORE!!

Elizabeth Haynes

I really appreciated the time my online instructors to address any and all questions I had. They were very knowledgeable and I found this course extremely helpful. After this course I feel ready for the LSAT and confident in my ability to do well.

Lindsay Macmillan

Before this class, I was mortified to take the LSAT. I had no idea what to expect, and I knew I needed to do well to get into law school. The first day of this course definitely eased my worries. The instructors were both so friendly, helpful, descriptive, and made everything seem so simple. I now know how to study, what to study, and exactly how the test will be. I am so grateful to have been a part of this course, and I only hope I can show my appreciation by earning a nice score. Thank you for all of your help!

Michaela Tomchek

I took the online weekend course as a supplement to my own self-study and I am incredibly happy I did. It gave me insight and explanation to concepts that I would not have understood without the clear and concise manner of the instructor. The instructor was engaging and I thought the course book was key to my overall understanding as it had lessons and homework with an answer section. I highly recommend this course to those that just need a little more help or those just starting out in their studies to get them motivated to study the correct way right out of the gate.

Alicia Brenhaug

I honestly did not know what to expect from this course and was worried that my money was going to waste. However, I absolutely loved the structure of the course and how interactive it allowed you to be. The instructor was tremendous in that he was very knowledgable and provided helpful feedback. I feel more comfortable and confident with the LSAT test and questions. It was worth my time and money and I would recommend to anyone.


The instructor was very engaging and helpful. Regardless if you were in the beginning or advanced stages of preparing for the LSAT, questions were always welcomed to ensure clarity for all students. The instructor was always willing to stick around after our online session in case there were any additional questions and to provide any extra valuable tips. Overall, this course was a great experience and well worth it!

Vanessa C.

I learned so much in two weekends online than I did in a six week course I had taken previously in person!

Gisserlee C.

This was well worth the money! The instructors really break down the problems to help you understand how to attach each question. This was much more beneficial than trying to study on my own. I wish I would have done this before I took the LSAT the first time, maybe I wouldn't be having to take it again!

Kelley Parks

I improved a full 7 points after taking this course! It was also very convenient to take the course on a weekend since I was working full time and doing my masters program.

Shalisha Gibbs

Amazing course, with knowledgeable instructors, I will definately suggest this course to future Law school students! Class was not at all boring but fun to participate in as well.

Amanda Larsen

The first time to took the LSAT, I tried to study on my own. The results were not what I wanted. The second go around, I tried Powerscore. The results were much better! The instructor, materials, and online venues were great. All were easy to understand and very useful. I will recommend it to others.

Rachel Castrenze

While the online format may at first seem impersonal. The instructors do a wonderful job of engaging the students and can answer any question you have.  

Sean Deer

I would highly recommend the PowerScore Live Online Accelerated LSAT Course to anyone! I did self-study using the Bibles, and official tests for about 2 months and I did see some improvement in my score, but not enough to make me a competitive applicant to the schools that I was interested in. After taking this course, I improved by 11 points on the official test. I went from scoring roughly 17/23 on logic games, to consistently scoring 23/23 with leftover time to check my answers. My instructors were machines! They made logic games seem so simple, and without them I would have never improved by so much in this section. They took the time to answer all questions that students had and they always stayed after the class to go over any questions I had. BTW, I asked my instructor if he ever scored a 180 on a practice test and his response was, "many times'... That really blew my mind, and it made me realize that the LSAT is a 'learnable' test. Hearing this motivated me so much in my preparation, and I think that motivation was an essential aspect of my success with the LSAT.

Erin Evans

Overall, I really appreciate this lsat course. I can't find anything to complain about. The instructor was awesome, the lessons helped me tremendously, and the course material was more than enough and beneficial to my improvement on the lsat. I would recommend this course to anyone taking the lsat.

Zanah Ghalawanji

PowerScore presented materials in a clear and effective manner. The instructors ensured that everything was well understood before moving on. They presented the material in a great order and in a fun and interesting way which made the classes go by quickly and easily. I would highly recommend this class to anyone preparing for the LSAT. Having the lectures recorded and uploaded online is an asset for test preparation as if something was presented too quickly I can easily go back and review the material. I am so happy that I registered with PowerScore.

Emma Sproule

PowerScore was extremely helpful and the material was easy to follow and understand in comparison to another  LSAT Prep course I took, which I found to be difficult to follow and confusing at times. If you are shopping around for a LSAT prep course, dollar for dollar, this is the best! I highly recommend PowerScore.

Trudy Skinner

PowerScore provided me with a new perspective of the LSAT.  The instructors worked with me to not fear the LSAT but to understand it and conquer it.  The instructors were more than willing to answer any questions I had.  They provided great examples of how to view the questions - for example, in logical reasoning, they told us to view the argument as a house, and depending on the question type you either, put the roof on the house, try to tear down a wall, or try to support the house.  Great examples that gave me a better understanding of the test.  My only regret is that I didn't take the full length class offered by PowerScore.

Selena Flatt

The PowerScore Live Online Accelerated LSAT Course made a difference almost immediately. It helped me to breakdown the LSAT into an easier to understand test. I could see how questions fit together in a way that I had been unable to see before. The explanations in class along with instructors answering questions as they came to mind made all of the difference. The course may seem like a lot to sit through because it takes place over such a large block of time but it did not seem overwhelming while taking the course. The homework really connects all of the dots. Also knowing that any additional questions or concerns can and will be addressed by PowerScore adds to my confidence level. I also own the PowerScore Bibles and workbooks for each section of the test. I have tried many different books and I say with confidence that PowerScore is by far the most comprehensive and easiest to understand material out there for the LSAT. My score has improved thanks to determination and help from PowerScore!

Meagan Pickett

This course was a great investment. When I signed up to take this course, I had just received my disappointing score from my first attempt at the LSAT. I underestimated the test, and on test day, I was lacking in confidence, energy, and preparation. I feel much more confident in facing the test again thanks to my wonderful PowerScore instructors. My score has tremendously improved on practice tests I've taken since the course, and my speed and accuracy has greatly increased. I am so thankful for PowerScore and my instructors.

Hannah Roberts Richmond, VA

During the course I felt the veil being lifted and gained insight with clarity.

Lorraine Beraud

I thought it was a worthwhile class and I felt that I had a better understanding of how to approach the test. My instructor was often entertaining to listen to and did a good job of reducing anxiety and instilling confidence. I enjoyed the format much more than I had expected. It was great to get the information in the comfort of my own home and the four hour blocks gave me some time to review and do homework before succeeding sessions. All in all, I am glad I took the class.�

Lisa Wiggin

After taking the course, I felt like I had an edge on the competition. I learned effective strategies, got help with difficult concepts, and saw the kind of questions that I'd be presented with on the test.

Duncan Edgar

I thoroughly enjoyed my online course. I feel much more confident after completing this course!

Erin Niemeier

I took your Accelerated Course to prepare for the Feb. LSAT. Before that - I had actually taken Test Masters twice - so the concepts are nothing new. That being said, this course, the techniques, the available resources, etc. are infinitely more helpful (not to badmouth TM, but I spent $2000 and I still am not sure if I learned anything). The strategies are clearer and consistently yield correct answers when applied.

I also love the supplemental explanations to HW AND I really appreciate access to archived classes. The other company seemed so tight with info that if I missed a sentence from the instructor, there was nowhere to get what I missed. Another incredibly helpful tool is the explanation of many of the homework problems right in the back of the section. The recaps and 'Lsat scenarios' have taken my understanding to the next level. Awesome! Can't wait for June 6!

Craig Gildee

I cannot recommend the Live Online Accelerated Course highly enough. I had already read books by Kaplan, Nova, and even PowerScore's Logic Games Bible, but I learned powerful new strategies that will take me to the next level. The course material is the best out there, but really the instructor, is the key to this whole thing. He knows everything there is to know about the LSAT, and makes you feel confident in attacking and ultimately, mastering it. Amazing course, amazing instructor.

Brandon Annette

Every minute was used resourcefully. Even during the breaks, the instructors stayed online to answer any additional questions. I felt that both instructors were very knowledgeable and confident. I would certainly recommend PowerScore to even my closest friends and family.

Andrew Partridge

The instructor really made the concepts and appropriate methods utilized on the LSAT clear. I was concerned about the online format but was pleasantly satisfied with how clear it was to follow and how involved the instructors were online. It was a great alternative!

Debbie Miller

Being a non-native speaker of English, LSAT was more than a daunting task for me at the beginning. The 4- session weekend class, however, built up my confidence. I no longer fear that English will get into my way as long as I can master the logic and patterns behind the LSAT. It's amazing. Now I can carry on my test prep much more confidently and even more ambitiously! Thanks!

Sylvia Tsai

As I was unable to attend a live PowerScore course, my options were limited to the Live Online Weekend, or a live course with another company.  Although I was unsure how the effectiveness of an online course would compare to a live one, I had heard such positive feedback about PowerScore's methods so I signed up for the Live Online Weekend.  Not only was it a cost effective alternative to live, but I was also EXTREMELY impressed with the structure of the course, the skill and clarity of the instructor, and the sheer amount I learned in a short period of time!  PowerScore's strategies are as good as they get, and I would highly, highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their LSAT score.  Thanks PowerScore!!

Darcy M. British Columbia, Canada

Do not take the LSAT exam without taking the PowerScore online course! The instructors are unbelievable!  The best money spent for this course.

Latoya Dawson Porter

As an older, non-traditional student, I was looking for the best overall LSAT prep materials. I wanted easy to follow and a sound practical method of preparation. I found this with PowerScore. After this course I know what I need to focus on to score well and PowerScore has given me all the tools to achieve my goal.  Thanks PowerScore!

Henry Judy 

At first I was skeptical about doing a live online class, but I am very glad I did. My instructor was very helpful and informative. Though the Accelerated Course was brief, I feel like I gained some critical tools to tackle the LSAT. Overall, awesome experience. Fast, affordable and effective test prep is what I needed, and it is what I got.

Grant Miller

The course overall was very helpful for me a non-native speaker that is trying to get into law school. Thank you Power score team. Rafael Acosta Aranda

Portland, OR

My instructor was not only a great teacher, explaining all the ideas and concepts thoroughly, but he made the material fun and engaging.  On the whole, a great experience!

Emma Lord