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I've been studying with the Powerecore bibles and have been overwhelmingly impressed with the books. Not only is the layout and presentation of information clear, but the tone is so supportive, and narrative of the authors is so reassuring--almost as though it's like a friend explaining the material to you.


I'm an LSAT instructor with another national prep company. I think the Logic Games Bible is a great resource for students focused on excelling on the section. In fact, it was the buzz amongst my students that led me to purchase the Logic Games Bible for review on my own time.

Jenny Steiger

I took a course from another company and found the PowerScore books to provide a far more practical strategy for the LSAT. I would recommend this book to anyone taking the test.

Jack Pratt

After reading the Logic Games Bible I could not only predict what a few of the questions from each game would ask, but I would know the answers before looking at the options. The set-up is the key to solving any game on the LSAT and these methods work.

Aimee Owen

Possibly the most thorough explanation of LSAT logic games available for self-study. Combined with the 10 Actual LSAT" series, a copy of "Ultimate Setup Guide," and needed hours of practice, this book can substantially improve a games section average score.

Matthew Dougherty

This book enabled me to go from getting 40% correct in the logic games section to getting 90-100% correct. This book is the best resource out there for preparation for the Logic Games section.

J. Johnston

The Logic Games Bible was a comprehensive guide to attacking the Games section of the LSAT. No other resource on the market is as well thought out in its methods or as effective in its teaching style. If you struggle with logic games, as I did, and you commit to learning the principles in the LGB, you will add serious points to your LSAT score.

Jonathan White

"This book is absolutely essential for anybody that is considering taking the LSAT! Not only does it provide extraordinary help with the logic games, it also gives good general pointers on all aspects of the test, including the logistics of LSAT test day. The book is an absolute bargain at twice the price!

Troy Bratton

I didn't realize how much I didn't know about the logic games section until I read the PowerScore Logic Games Bible. I learned how to find the tricks and inferences that gave me a clearer understanding of the patterns and solutions of even the most difficult logic games. Thanks, PowerScore!

Lynda Parks

What I liked most was that the Logic Games Bible gives the subtle details and strategies that a lot of people can't pick up on their own or that take a lot of practice to notice. These patterns and themes are the things that really enable you to do every game effectively.

Phil Fijalkovich

Wonderful! As I studied for the LSAT, I felt sorry for the people who did not yet know about this book.

James Bowman

I stumbled across this book while searching online for tools to help with studying for the LSAT. It is without a doubt the best book I've looked through and used while studying. The chapters were very easy to understand, and the lengthy explanations of correct and incorrect answers were very helpful. Even with the explanations, I could not understand the rationale described for one answer, so I took a chance and emailed PowerSource. I was amazed to receive a detailed reply in less than 24 hours that cleared up my confusion. I was so impressed with the teaching method in the book and with the improvement that I could see in my performance that I decided to take the weekend LSAT class, which was well worth the money and time invested...All in all, an excellent investment and an easy to understand method of learning that I know has helped me survive the LSAT.

Deborah Danton

I cannot thank you enough. The Logic Games Bible helped me understand and attack the games section in a way I only dreamed of before. I took a prep course given by one of your competitors and it only confused me. Three days before the LSAT I received your book. I completed the book and feel I did well on the section.

Enrique Fernandez

The Logic Games Bible was the single most effective tool I used to study for the games section. Everything was presented in a systematic way, which in turn helped me to think and perform in a systematic way during the actual exam. I highly recommend this book to all my friends taking the LSAT.

Prem Amarnani

The Logic Games Bible has an effective system for organizing and attacking the analytical reasoning section of the LSAT. Compared to various methods presented by Kaplan, this book goes above and beyond their lackluster examples and suggestions. After completing the book it was hard for me to try to think back to the way I attempted games before because the Logic Games Bible system is so efficient and sensible that it takes precedence over the inferior systems.

Ben Vassar

This book is without question the best source for instruction on logic games. After going through a number of other books, including the highly coveted Nova: Master the LSAT", I can say that the Logic Games Bible taught me the CORRECT method for solving logic games. How do I know this? Because I've tried both methods and the one in the Bible clearly works better for me. Also, the Bible tries to justify its method, so a student understands why he/she is using that method as opposed to merely dictating the method. This greatly helps students understand the process of solving a game, which is ultimately the key to having the confidence to tackle almost any game that may appear on test day. Furthermore, talk about clairvoyance, on page 170, there is a side note mentioning that although circular linearity games have appeared only once on a released LSAT in the last decade, these types of games are expected to appear again on future LSATs. The 4th game on the scored analytical reasoning section of the October 2003 LSAT was in fact a circular linearity game! The additional side notes about taking the LSAT are very useful and the detail analysis in Chapter 9 of the book is very impressive! I see that PowerScore really took the time to make the Logic Games Bible the best book on the market for games.

Jake Li

I had taken the LSAT previously without having the Logic Games Bible as a resource. My understanding of the games section increased tremendously. I used to hate the games, but on the actual exam that was the section I looked forward to the most. Thanks again PowerScore for providing such a clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly resource.

Russell Cohen

The PowerScore Logic Games Bible has proved invaluable in preparing for the LSAT. It has made the difference. Before studying this book I was barely able to finish one game in the allotted time. I am now able to complete 2.5 games consistently. I expect with continued practice to succeed well in this section of the LSAT test I'll soon be taking. I definitely recommend this book as an absolute must for anyone preparing for these exams. In addition your staff is a pleasure to deal with and your service is timely.

Paula Walker

The PowerScore Logic Games Bible taught me an entirely new approach to the games section of the LSAT--an approach that enabled me to complete the games section more quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Buy this book and use it over and over until it disintegrates in your hands--you will be so thankful you did!

Peter Whelan

It all just 'clicked' after completing the Logic Games Bible. I felt seriously discouraged by the test until I finished the LGB, and then it was all upwards from there. Thanks, PowerScore!

Mike - Georgetown University

Dear PowerScore, I have not seen one LSAT preparation tool which comes close to being as valuable as the Logic Games Bible. I raised my score by 12 points. Yes, 12 points! I attribute a good portion of that to the material covered in the Logic Games Bible. Your book helped me become competitive for the schools I've always wanted to attend. I would recommend it to ANYONE who is even thinking about taking the LSAT.

Aaron Murphy

My goal is to get a perfect score on the LSAT and I've been studying extensively with that goal in mind. I was able to crack Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension in that I could consistently complete sections without missing a question. I couldn't do that with the Logic Games section until this book. It was exactly what I needed to completely understand and master the Logic Games section. I highly recommend it.

F. J.

This is simply the best book out there. Forget prep courses. This book is a steal at $50 and is all you need.

Andrew Eberle

My average practice LSAT score jumped 10 points after working through the Logic Games Bible. I scored 93% percentile largely because of this book. This book is ESSENTIAL for LSAT preparation.

David Roth

If the confidence and skills that I have gained from using the Logic Games Bible are any indication of how well I will do on the LSAT, then I can't wait to take the test. I can only imagine what the new Logical Reasoning Bible will be like.

Chris Hardman

If logic games are your weak point this book will help you through that section on the LSAT, no question about it. It was the best study guide I bought and it was well worth the money.

Candie Hall

Prior to using the Bible, I had averaged 159 on three LSATs. After about two weeks using the Bible (and no other study guide), my scores jumped up to 165, and never again dropped below the mid 160's. I reliably missed less than 3 questions per logic games section. Thanks!

Reed Morgan

I found the Logic Games Bible and the Ultimate Setups Guide very helpful. I recommend buying both, and studying each thoroughly. Your approach is very straightforward and user friendly. The Logic Games section was intimidating to me at first, but following your methodical approach helped remove the sting. It makes all the difference to encounter a question type and think clearly, instead of panicing and tripping up, which is just what the test makers intend. I have taken a high-priced LSAT prep course, and their materials, classroom instruction, and even the one-on-one training could not help me with Games as well as your books could! I went from a 150 to a 164 in 5 months. Thanks so much. Keep it up!

Scott Miller

The LSAT Logic Games Bible provides excellent preparation for the relevant section -- its use of actual LSAT questions, detailed set-up techniques and explanations, and coverage of every LSAT Logic Games question type is indispensable for any LSAT taker. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone studying for the LSAT.

Adil W. Ahmad

The Logic Games Bible gave me the power to choose the law school I wanted to attend.

James Hannagan

This book was truly excellent, and I would recommend it to others hoping to feel confident about the games section when they walk into the testing room. Before using this book, I could not finish the games section. Now, I rocked it. This book is a great complement to the Real LSATs" book because it has detailed explanations of real games. Also, the game strategies are dead on and way less confusing then some others. After using the book my practice scores were in the high 170s. If I get a score like that, the book will have been worth its weight in gold."

Mary Alice Teti

I scoured the internet and bookstores looking for anything that could help me with the LSAT games. Your book gave me the tools I needed to whiz through them. Other test takers that took extensive courses were panicked to see some different games on the test and your book predicted they would be there! I nailed the games section and would HIGHLY recommend this as a study tool.

Shawna - Florida State University

This book is really a Bible with regard to the Logic Game Section of the LSAT. It is visual: you get what you see. It is concise: in few words, you get the right rules and practical skills. Finally, it is conversational exactly like the Bible. Prospective students should purchase this book and they will strongly agree with me on my free evaluation above.

Oscar T. Manata

Get the Logic Games Bible, you will do so much better on the games part of the LSAT! Thanks PowerScore!

Joyce White

Great book. Very comprehensive and helpful. I didn't make a single mistake in the logic games sections and I attribute that to the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible.

Amna Latif

Best book money can buy...I no longer feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the Logic Puzzle section of the LSAT. Thank you so much.

Tammy Bozeman

The Logic Games Bible was the most helpful book I used in understanding the Analytical section of the LSAT. The books examples are clear and precise. Of all the materials I purchased or looked at, the Games Bible was my favorite.

Jacey Clauson

The Logic Games Bible proved to be an excellent resource when attacking one of the most challenging sections of the LSAT. Through exposure to techniques that thoroughly cover every kind of question, my confidence has increased greatly. I especially liked the fact that the methods for each game did not seem like arbitrary shortcuts that one should memorize. The reasoning behind all of the techniques proved to be very sound, and thus easier to remember when applying them.

Nina Santiago

I found this book extremely useful, and actually fun to work through. I made the mistake of reading Princeton Review's LSAT book before I ever took a practice test and the games advice in there did me a great disservice. I was performing terribly on games and the Logic Games Bible helped me to strategize anew. I only wish I had read it first, and only it. Undoing bad thinking is far more difficult than starting on the right track. I probably would have had 5 more points on the LSAT had I used it first. It saved me some points in the end though.

Geena B.

I had been looking for a book with a systemic and thorough approach for a long time. This was exactly what I needed. Prior to the logic games bible I was completely lost in the games section of the LSAT. Now I own that section and my score on it accurately reflects my abilities and intelligence.

Valerie Sykes

This book dramatically improved my LSAT score. I tried other LSAT prep books before I found The Logic Games Bible, and none of them were anywhere near as helpful or comprehensive. This book not only improved my logic games ability, but boosted my confidence for taking the exam. If logic games are a problem area for you, this book is a sound investment.

Linda C. Bailey

After studying the Logic Games Bible, I went from scoring 50-60% on the games section to getting 80-90% of the questions correct. This book gave me the confidence to score at my full potential.

Andrea Walker

This book is, by far, the best prep book for the LSAT you can buy without taking a course.

Beth Walker

This book is a 'must-have' for students studying for the LSAT. All of the examples from the book were used in previously administered tests, which was a great asset.

Tina Hauck

I was hesitant to spend more money on LSAT books, but the Logic Games Bible is a must have! Not only does it break the games down for you, it also teaches how to do a master set-up. In addition, detailed explanations are given for all example games. The Logic Games Bible was a great purchase, and I highly recommend it.

Kristy Jackson

I had seen The PowerScore Logic Games Bible mentioned on several law student internet bulletin boards as being the absolute best resource for studying LSAT logic games. Knowing absolutely nothing about PowerScore, I ordered the book. I must say it was absolutely as good as advertised. It is an essential resource for anyone attempting serious preparation for the LSAT. It is simply that good.

Donald Hightower

I have found both the PowerScore's Logic Games Bible and The Ultimate Setups Guide to be a valuable source in understanding the logic portions of the LSAT exam. I think that I will have an extreme advantage over those test takers who have not utilized PowerScore's products and services.

Debi Retzloff

This book took the mystery out of the logic game section. It greatly improved my confidence on test day knowing I was well prepared for that section. I would recomend this book for anyone having a difficult time with logic games.

K. Scott Carter

I have no question that I will score better on the LSAT after having studied the The Logic Games Bible.

Jerry Howe

This was certainly the most effective presentation of logic games I have seen, hands down. It is way better than Kaplan, for instance.

Richard Preuhs

So far it has been a great help and I have used both the Logic Games Bible and the Ultimate Setups Guide.

Craig Rouben

Best prep available for the Logic Games section! You will better understand the material and ultimately score higher.

Sean Brodie

The book was awesome! I would highly recommend it to anyone studying for the LSAT. The use of real LSAT questions and techniques are extremely useful.

Diane J. Zelmer

I have purchased many of the books available like Petersons, Barrons, Arco etc. The Powerscore book was the only one that really helped me on the Logic Games section of the test. All the other books dealt with the subject on a superficial level. The fact that the book was organized around actual LSATs really make the book effective and relevant. I definitely recommend it.

Perry Zimmerman

I just wanted to tell you how helpful the LSAT Logic games Bible has been...It's easily the best printed resource I've seen. The first night I looked at it I was up reading until 5:00 a.m.!!!! As if it were a mystery or beach reading--I couldn't put it down!!

Caroline Herzfeld

I am not exaggerating when I say that the Bible really opened my eyes to the best plan of attack for the LSAT logic games. No kidding, it was like a shroud had been lifted off my eyes and I really started to understand the games in a whole new way. Now, when I take practice tests, the logic games don't intimidate me anymore. If anyone out there is struggling with logic games and is hesitant about shelling out $45 for the LSAT Logic Games Bible, I say to you now, IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Stacey Fabros

Dear PowerScore: I am writing to thank you for your excellent publication, the PowerScore LSAT Logic Games Bible. Today I retrieved my LSAT score for the February 9th test. I received a 173 (which put me in the 99th percentile). Before buying your book I took several previously administered LSATs at home, but had never managed to score above a 168. I had tried materials from both Kaplan and Princeton Review and thought I had exhausted my options (the cost of a full-scale course was beyond my means).However, surfing the web I found your book and it was the best purchase I have made. Your book was the only one written for students who wanted to go beyond general stategy to improve their scores at the high-end of the scale. Thank you.

Ella Campi

The Logic Games Bible is a great book for introducing you to tackling the LSAT logic games. I liked the methods they used a lot better than the methods used by other test prep companies because they're easy and quick to set up.

Courage O.

The book had a lot of good information and methods. The methods were superior to anything else I've been studying, and helped me to see that conventional LSAT tips can actually work against you. I liked the completeness of the book too, as it encompassed the entire spectrum of the logic games.

Robert Yocum

I found the The Logic Games Bible to be the most effective and informative LSAT prep publication that I purchased....and I purchased a lot of them. I have recommended it to everyone that I know who has plans to take the exam.

Ron Galloway

I believe it is essential reading prior to taking the LSAT.

W. E. Williams

The book provides keen insights into the LSAT structure. The material is presented in a clear, easy to understand format.

Larry E. Capps

Before reading the The Logic Games Bible I was apprehensive about what I might encounter in the LSAT format- now I'm ready for anything. This has raised my level of comfort and confidence at least five-fold- I've shared some of the insights with other friends and they look at me, like Where did you learn to do that?" Thank You Powerscore!"

Don Correia

There's no possible way I could have prepared as well for the logic games without this book.

Andrew Fossum

This is the best source for Logic Game preparation that I have seen.

Derrick Smalls

Comments from students who bought all three PowerScore LSAT Bibles

I loved the books. my baseline before i opened up a book was terrible! I didn't finish one section and missed almost every game... now I average 20/23 in the games and am scoring near 160+.. GREAT comprehensive book set! If you read them, and study hard you WILL do well on the LSAT.

Ora Lupear

I found the PowerScore materials to be far more superior and helpful than any other LSAT prep materials that I had tried previously.

John Orona

Compared to your competitors, your materials are a home run! I feel like I truly understand the LSAT now, instead of being set up to spend $2,000 + for a classroom experience like one of your competitors' does.

Thomas Nettleton