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LSAT Podcast Episode 109: LSAT-Optional Proposal - Has the ABA Lost Its Mind?

A surprising new policy has just been proposed by the ABA that would make the LSAT (and all other entrance exams) optional for law schools, paving the way for a future where applicants no longer need test scores for admission. In episode 109, Dave and Jon break down these developments, exploring where things stand, what’s likely to follow, and what it all means for applicants going forward!


0:00 – Intro

5:51 – This Week in the LSAT World (sign up for our free LSAT webinars at

The ABA LSAT-Optional Proposal

12:39 – What happened?

16:10 – What does the recommendation say?

18:00 – What are the next steps?

20:42 – What happens if the House or council approves the proposal?

28:26 – What do you think schools will do if they have a choice?

41:00 – What other considerations are there?

56:52 – What does LSAC say?

1:02:38 – Summary

1:04:16 – Outro