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This page provides a powerful set of free resources to help you prepare for the LSAT on your own schedule and at your own pace.

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Study Plans

Note: These study plans are updated regularly, and the assignments provided correspond with the latest editions of PowerScore's publications.

"I self-studied using PowerScore's 6 month LSAT study plan, including the PowerScore Bible Trilogy, the workbooks, and the training type books. This study plan allowed me to exceed my goal and tailor my studying to what I needed to focus on. I am very thankful to PowerScore and highly recommend their study plans as a way to greatly improve LSAT scores."

Rachel Bowanko

Each of the plans above lists a set of recommended study materials — from PowerScore publications and resources, to real practice LSATs from the test makers — followed by detailed weekly assignments to get you ready for test day. These materials and weekly assignments have been carefully constructed by test experts to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency, so be sure to follow the recommendations in your plan closely as you prepare.

In addition, you will find that each Study Plan provides links to other beneficial PowerScore content: our Free LSAT Webinars, Free LSAT Help Area, LSAT Forum, and our PodCast and Blog

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Taking a practice test is a great way to get familiar with the LSAT and establish a baseline score. There are a couple of options for your first test:

  • Take a digital test. Sign up for a free LSAC account and utilize the four free digital practice tests in the Official LawHub Advantage program.
  • Take a free paper test. While the LSAT is administered digitally in North America, it's still valuable to take paper practice tests if you have them. Use our virtual proctors below to time yourself.

A detailed analysis of your practice test results will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses (information you can then use to shape your studies). By creating a unique user account, you'll be able to track your performance on each section by question type, reasoning type, passage type, and time per question, both for individual tests and across your entire prep history.

After you've completed a practice test (any released test!), enter your answers into our Test Scoring System and view a detailed analysis of your score and performance. Please take full advantage of this remarkable free feature by creating your account today!

Note for Students Taking the New 4-Section LSAT:

To simulate the new 4-Section LSAT (3 scored sections + 1 experimental), use our LSAT Score Converter. Predict what your raw score would have been on the full test, then use the test's scoring scale to determine your final scaled score.

Tired of manually entering your results to get to the analytics? Consider purchasing our Digital LSAT Testing and Analytics Package. Combine your LawHub Advantage Subscription with our powerful analytics for the ultimate self-study testing program. Take full tests, practice individual timed sections, work on specific question types in drill sets, or review your performance with our powerful analytics engine.

Note: If you have purchased a Digital Testing and Analytics Package or are an existing PowerScore Course student, please access the Self-Study Site via your Student Portal.

Once you have your initial test results, look carefully at your test breakdown, piece by piece. No matter what your result, do not overemphasize the score itself. Your initial practice LSAT is only meant to get a feel for what the test is all about and establish a starting point, not predict where you'll end up. You can expect to significantly improve over time and we're here to help!

Consider the areas described below, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Your overall score. How did you do, and, if you have a target in mind, how far away from it are you?

  • Your success in each individual section. What's your best section? Your weakest section? Identifying your strengths and weaknesses will give you an initial focal point for your studies.

  • Your performance on individual concepts and question types. Within each section, what question types, passage types, or game types gave you the most difficulty?

Our Test Scoring platform will provide this information for you, which can then be used to more precisely focus your efforts when drawing up your study plans. Early on, worry less about your final score and instead aim to eliminate any weaknesses you see. For a great article on how to review your practice tests, check out this blog post.  

PowerScore gives away more free LSAT resources than any other LSAT company. Why do we do it? Because we know that the costs of LSAT prep can be intimidating, and we want to make sure students with all budget types and study preferences can find assistance no matter what. If you end up finding our free help useful, then you can always delve further into what we do with books, classes, or private tutoring. And if you don’t, that’s okay too! Maybe you’ll mention us to a friend. Let’s look at all the free LSAT help we offer (in addition to the Self Study site that you’re already using!).

  • Free Webinars— PowerScore regularly runs free LSAT webinars, and we cover important topics such as Conditional Reasoning, Causal Reasoning, Common Flaws, Basic Linear Games, Templates in Logic Games, and many more.
  • LSAT Discussion Forum— We have explanations for thousands of LSAT questions on our Forum. We also answer questions about LSAT methods, strategy, and preparation. If you want answers, this is the place to be!
  • LSAT Blog— We post articles about LSAT preparation and test mentality on our blog regularly. Plus discussions of changes to the LSAT and its policies, as well as law school admissions information. Equally valuable are the comments on each blog, where we offer our insights into specific questions from students.
  • The PowerScore LSAT PodCast — Join world-class LSAT experts Dave Killoran and Jon Denning as they make the LSAT feel fun. They cover developments in the LSAT world and dive deep into important LSAT and admissions topics.
  • PowerScore Free Help Area— Dozens of LSAT articles are available on our Free Help site. We cover everything from LSAT basics to specifics of each section.
  • Twitter — If you are looking for breaking LSAT news, follow our CEO and author of the LSAT Bibles, Dave Killoran. And follow our main company account for regular updates and special offers, PowerScore.

If you have any issues accessing PowerScore's Test Scoring System, please contact us at

We're here to help!

As you work through your self-study plan, remember that we are here for you.

Whether you're struggling with a specific concept or need personalized assistance for the entire test, our top-scoring LSAT tutors will help you achieve your goals.