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Yo, this course was IT. Like for real, if I had not taken this course, I would not be nearly as comfortable as I am now with all 3 sections of the LSAT. I have never taken a standardized test-prep course before (e.g., for SAT/ACT) so I had no idea what to expect or if it would even be helpful. At first, I was surprised we weren't able to speak out loud in class or have video on, but I realized that's definitely for the better. If we were able to speak in class, we would have never covered the amount of material we did. Having only the teacher allowed to speak is the correct approach, because the teacher is the expert and should be 100% leading the class unlike a college discussion seminar. Also, I am so relieved there wasn't the option to be on video, because I definitely attended the class in my pajamas eating multiple servings of cereal, so not having that option really took the pressure off. But wow, having a live teacher to answer your questions, even the stupid ones, made a huge difference. Jay turned Logic Games from the biggest mystery in the world into something that is actually fun. I really enjoyed the community built in class too--it didn't feel like I was "rivals" with my classmates in all vying for the best score or bragging about our results, but we ended up making a group chat and really supporting each other, sharing study tips, and wishing each other luck.


Class is very informative and entertaining. I look forward to it. I also love Powerscore's perspective on this test. I saw so many classes that advertised "get into a top school" or "crush the competition." Those just did not resonate with me. This test (and law school) is an intellectual challenge as much as it is a spiritual one and I appreciate the grounded mindset. It has helped me succeed even more. There's nothing to conquer other than your own best sore.


The PowerScore Live Online course was exactly what I needed to become immersed in the LSAT mentality and power through the test with confidence. The instructors were knowledgeable but, most importantly, they made the material come alive in a way that was fun and energizing. My score has already gone up 15 points and is still climbing as I prepare for my test. After the course, my admissions counselor helped me create a solid plan for my applications. I would highly recommend PowerScore to anyone pursuing law school.

Nicole L.

The thing I appreciated the most about the course was the sheer amount of additional material available to practice with. For the time and money, PowerScore compiles the most extensive and effective set of resources to master the LSAT.


I had taken a review class from a competitor before the PowerScore course for the same price. PowerScore has much, much more practice material available both in the course books themselves and online. PowerScore had easily accessible explanations for each question one could encounter. For the other course, I would finish all the homework for the week the day after the course, and spend the rest of the time re-doing the same pages that I had made copies of ahead of time. But in this course, not only was there plenty of material for each course, but there was enough so that if I was grasping a concept I could move on and leave some of the questions for review at a later time. PowerScore was geared towards gaining a higher score, and the methodologies laid out from the onset had those higher scores in mind. There was much more strategy revealed early on, and every little bit helps.

Christin L.

Not only did the course provide insight into how to attack all of the different question types and problems the LSAT throws at students, but it also provided me with the structure and motivation to get started on my LSAT preparation early and keep up with it even when life was busy. The constant motivation and feedback I gain from the course has, I believe, helped me significantly improve my performance and confidence going into test day.

Shelby R.

The PowerScore Live Online course was simply AWESOME!!! My instructors explained the material so clearly and made the LSAT much less intimidating and much more understandable. I love that PowerScore not only teaches very effective techniques in approaching and succeeding on each LSAT section, but that it also emphasizes the importance of having a positive test mentality! So happy that I took this course--definitely feel so much more confident that I will exceed above and beyond my expectations on the LSAT :-)

Rebekah M.

I thoroughly enjoyed learning and participating in this LSAT prep course. The presentation of the materials made it easy to grasp, as well as fun to learn. Unlike some other LSAT prep courses, I appreciated that PowerScore’s material did not have fluff in the material. The concepts were explained in a plain concise manner, which allowed for me not get distracted with pointless material or company jargon.

Katharine F.

I had previously taken a course with Test Masters and did 'horribly' on the first two tests. Within 3 weeks of taking the PowerScore course, I was up 10 points. I will 100% recommend PowerScore to anyone applying to law school!

Khrystina B.

I cannot speak enough about the effectiveness of the course. This course helped me build my knowledge and confidence towards attacking the LSAT. As a result, I saw a 10-point increase in my score! The instructors are brilliant! They are patient, focused and determined to see you succeed! The instructors have passion for teaching, and they have a vested interest in you.This course presents a very structured and logical approach to your success on the LSAT. Starting from the most important and fundamental concepts of the LSAT and ending with the less frequent concepts on the LSAT. In all, the concepts are ALL equally important the and this course covers them in detail. The course further enhances each on-line lesson by providing a set of practice problems that focus on the concepts that you learn from that class. As a professional, I needed flexibility and the on-line course gives you that! Its fast paced and the material is dense at times, but this is what it takes to go after your passions! I found that reading ahead and being engaged in the on-line chat made each course session fly by. I cannot stress the importance of staying engaged while taking the course. DO NOT be afraid to put in wrong responses. DO NOT be afraid to ask questions. In engineering we often use a phrase, "Make mistakes quickly and often". This is especially true at the beginning of your study program. By making mistakes through the online courses and homework packet, I learned what areas to focus on to do well on the LSAT. I needed to establish good habits and learn the techniques that will be required of me to perform well on the LSAT. This course helped me focus on my skills faster as well as learning better habits for attacking problems. After a while I found myself doing problems without thinking too much about them.

Alberto P.

This course exceeded my expectations. Class was not only informative, but entertaining because of my personable instructors. My confidence and skills grew quicker than I expected and it was a real joy seeing myself tackle questions that just weeks before caused problems for me! Cannot recommend this company enough.

Ryan J.

This course was all that I expected and more! The flexibility of the Live Online LSAT course was perfect for the current day and age we live in, and allowed me to learn well from the convenience of my own home. The most impressive aspect was by far my instructor, whose in-depth knowledge and willingness to help made the course what it was.

Cecilee W.