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This book enabled me to go from getting 40% correct in the logic games section to getting 90-100% correct. This book is the best resource out there for preparation for the Logic Games section.
J. Johnston
My goal is to get a perfect score on the LSAT and I've been studying extensively with that goal in mind. I was able to crack Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension in that I could consistently complete sections without missing a question. I couldn't do that with the Logic Games section until this book. It was exactly what I needed to completely understand and master the Logic Games section. I highly recommend it.
F. J.
The Logic Games Bible was a comprehensive guide to attacking the Games section of the LSAT. No other resource on the market is as well thought out in its methods or as effective in its teaching style. If you struggle with logic games, as I did, and you commit to learning the principles in the LGB, you will add serious points to your LSAT score.
Jonathan White
This is simply the best book out there. Forget prep courses. This book is a steal at $50 and is all you need.
Andrew Eberle
"This book is absolutely essential for anybody that is considering taking the LSAT! Not only does it provide extraordinary help with the logic games, it also gives good general pointers on all aspects of the test, including the logistics of LSAT test day. The book is an absolute bargain at twice the price!
Troy Bratton
My average practice LSAT score jumped 10 points after working through the Logic Games Bible. I scored 93% percentile largely because of this book. This book is ESSENTIAL for LSAT preparation.
David Roth
I didn't realize how much I didn't know about the logic games section until I read the PowerScore Logic Games Bible. I learned how to find the tricks and inferences that gave me a clearer understanding of the patterns and solutions of even the most difficult logic games. Thanks, PowerScore!
Lynda Parks
If the confidence and skills that I have gained from using the Logic Games Bible are any indication of how well I will do on the LSAT, then I can't wait to take the test. I can only imagine what the new Logical Reasoning Bible will be like.
Chris Hardman
What I liked most was that the Logic Games Bible gives the subtle details and strategies that a lot of people can't pick up on their own or that take a lot of practice to notice. These patterns and themes are the things that really enable you to do every game effectively.
Phil Fijalkovich
If logic games are your weak point this book will help you through that section on the LSAT, no question about it. It was the best study guide I bought and it was well worth the money.
Candie Hall
Wonderful! As I studied for the LSAT, I felt sorry for the people who did not yet know about this book.
James Bowman
Prior to using the Bible, I had averaged 159 on three LSATs. After about two weeks using the Bible (and no other study guide), my scores jumped up to 165, and never again dropped below the mid 160's. I reliably missed less than 3 questions per logic games section. Thanks!
Reed Morgan