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I found the Logic Games Bible and the Ultimate Setups Guide very helpful. I recommend buying both, and studying each thoroughly. Your approach is very straightforward and user friendly. The Logic Games section was intimidating to me at first, but following your methodical approach helped remove the sting. It makes all the difference to encounter a question type and think clearly, instead of panicing and tripping up, which is just what the test makers intend. I have taken a high-priced LSAT prep course, and their materials, classroom instruction, and even the one-on-one training could not help me with Games as well as your books could! I went from a 150 to a 164 in 5 months. Thanks so much. Keep it up!
Scott Miller
I cannot thank you enough. The Logic Games Bible helped me understand and attack the games section in a way I only dreamed of before. I took a prep course given by one of your competitors and it only confused me. Three days before the LSAT I received your book. I completed the book and feel I did well on the section.
Enrique Fernandez
The LSAT Logic Games Bible provides excellent preparation for the relevant section -- its use of actual LSAT questions, detailed set-up techniques and explanations, and coverage of every LSAT Logic Games question type is indispensable for any LSAT taker. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone studying for the LSAT.
Adil W. Ahmad
The Logic Games Bible was the single most effective tool I used to study for the games section. Everything was presented in a systematic way, which in turn helped me to think and perform in a systematic way during the actual exam. I highly recommend this book to all my friends taking the LSAT.
Prem Amarnani
The Logic Games Bible gave me the power to choose the law school I wanted to attend.
James Hannagan
The Logic Games Bible has an effective system for organizing and attacking the analytical reasoning section of the LSAT. Compared to various methods presented by Kaplan, this book goes above and beyond their lackluster examples and suggestions. After completing the book it was hard for me to try to think back to the way I attempted games before because the Logic Games Bible system is so efficient and sensible that it takes precedence over the inferior systems.
Ben Vassar
This book was truly excellent, and I would recommend it to others hoping to feel confident about the games section when they walk into the testing room. Before using this book, I could not finish the games section. Now, I rocked it. This book is a great complement to the Real LSATs" book because it has detailed explanations of real games. Also, the game strategies are dead on and way less confusing then some others. After using the book my practice scores were in the high 170s. If I get a score like that, the book will have been worth its weight in gold."
Mary Alice Teti
This book is without question the best source for instruction on logic games. After going through a number of other books, including the highly coveted Nova: Master the LSAT", I can say that the Logic Games Bible taught me the CORRECT method for solving logic games. How do I know this? Because I've tried both methods and the one in the Bible clearly works better for me. Also, the Bible tries to justify its method, so a student understands why he/she is using that method as opposed to merely dictating the method. This greatly helps students understand the process of solving a game, which is ultimately the key to having the confidence to tackle almost any game that may appear on test day. Furthermore, talk about clairvoyance, on page 170, there is a side note mentioning that although circular linearity games have appeared only once on a released LSAT in the last decade, these types of games are expected to appear again on future LSATs. The 4th game on the scored analytical reasoning section of the October 2003 LSAT was in fact a circular linearity game! The additional side notes about taking the LSAT are very useful and the detail analysis in Chapter 9 of the book is very impressive! I see that PowerScore really took the time to make the Logic Games Bible the best book on the market for games.
Jake Li
I scoured the internet and bookstores looking for anything that could help me with the LSAT games. Your book gave me the tools I needed to whiz through them. Other test takers that took extensive courses were panicked to see some different games on the test and your book predicted they would be there! I nailed the games section and would HIGHLY recommend this as a study tool.
Shawna - Florida State University
I have no question that I will score better on the LSAT after having studied the The Logic Games Bible.
Jerry Howe
This is the best source for Logic Game preparation that I have seen.
Derrick Smalls
Get the Logic Games Bible, you will do so much better on the games part of the LSAT! Thanks PowerScore!
Joyce White