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"Powerscore has not only given me confidence while completing the logical reason sections of the LSAT but also the necessary skill set to attack each question effectively. I had take another, very expensive ($2,000), prep course with almost no change in my logical reasoning score. On average I would get 15 out of 25 questions correct in this section. After taking this well priced and quick online course, I am now averaging 22 out of 25 questions correct in just a matter of three weeks! My only regret is that I had not taken this course before my October LSAT, I probably wouldn't need to retake it in December if I had done so. "
Radha Desai
"The Advanced LSAT Logical Reasoning course was extremely helpful for better understanding the techniques presented in the PowerScore in-class courses. The course provided help on solving the hardest Logical Reasoning questions and both instructors were enthusiastic, encouraging, and supportive. "
J. Chan
"The bibles are the best study material anyone could have! I mastered logic games in a week, and with the help of the advanced logical reasoning course I understood logical reasoning ten times better!"
Jessica Delgado