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The PowerScore LSAT prep course is the BEST prep course out there! The authors have done a really good job of interrogating the LSAT material and organizing it in such a way that is clean and polished for the student to understand. The tutorials also help you understand the material better and motivate you. The instructor that I had was brilliant, he really knew his material and delivered in an elegant manner. My instructor was always willing to help us. Keep in mind, the course does go quickly and be prepared for a lot of homework in a limited amount of time. Overall, I loved this course!
Kathy Mojsovski ,
Richmond Hill
Powerscore is hands-down the best test prep company around. I went up 10 points in one month!! I can't thank you guys enough!
Anthony Castellano ,
Hofstra University
The LSAT is a very daunting test. However, once you take this course, you will feel confident and at ease knowing you are prepared and you can do it. My course instructor went above and beyond. He was there to mentor, instruct and really empower me to be a great test taker, and student. PowerScore has really great explanations of problem sets, and is where I would point anyone to who needed help and guidance. The courses themselves are really at your own pace. They have chosen a great instructor who knew how to reach each student. I believe in PowerScore and the UW class so much, and hope more students get to experience it, just as I did. It's phenomenal, and will light a spark in you. Powerscore, thank you.
Melissa Espinoza ,
Seattle, WA
The full length course was paramount to my understanding of how the LSAT is designed and therefore how one should approach the test. The instructor was passionate about helping the students learn the material and offered alternative methods of attacking different problem types. I was very pleased with the course and would highly recommend the course to anyone serious about taking the LSAT.
Ian Fraser-Corp
The class, instructor, and my fellow students truly empowered me to believe in myself, and be more confident in my abilities to tackle challenging concepts and questions, and prepare for the LSAT. I will definitely recommend the instructor and the class to my friends and peers.
Pearl Morvarid Zare ,
Powerscore not only provided me with a comprehensive understanding of how the LSAT works and tricks for solving the problems, but also helped me to develop a strong personal strategy for attacking the test and achieving the score I desired.
Katherine Peluso ,
New York, NY
My instructor was excellent, the materials were great, and I feel more confident about the LSAT. I would definitely recommend it!
Evie O. Atlanta, GA
There is no doubt in my mind that Powerscore will be responsible for me obtaining a great score on the LSAT.
Jeffrey Keating
My instructor was incredible - encouraging; patient, and kind. She took the time to chat with me outside of class; her encouraging words was the confidence boost I needed and entirely changed my perspective on conquering the LSAT. This was something she definitely did not have to do, looking forward to rest of the course and what I can learn. Also in regards to Powerscore materials - I LOVE the emphasis on positive mindset and performance psychology. That initial virtual module on test mentality inspired me to seek out additional performance psychology/positive mindset impact resources. And it is 100% true.
Cristina Orozco ,
The PowerScore full length course helped me understand the different elements of the lsat in a classroom that fostered discussion and critical thinking. The instructor not only was knowledgeable but also FUN! It was an excellent learning experience!
Fida Khalil ,
Chicago, IL
My instructor put the extra effort and made sure we understood why a question was wrong and so we would not make the same mistake twice. Her instruction was clear and concise. She made logic games much easier to complete and her in class challenges helped with our time management. Overall the course was extremely useful and provided great insight into the LSAT as well as helped enhance my learning for it. I would definitely recommend this course to any future LSAT takers as I promise you will leave with feeling more comfortable and more ready than before.
Katrina Thandi ,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This class was absolutely amazing. I came into it knowing nothing about the LSAT and how to prepare for it and left with a wealth of knowledge that stemmed far past just taking the LSAT. My instructor made this class a fantastic experience. Not only did he provide comprehensive knowledge on LSAT strategies, but he also provided knowledge of working in the field of law. He gave us tips for applying to law school, where to work after graduating with a J. D. , and how to approach the test in a calm and collected manner. Additionally, he made the class infinitely more entertaining with several fun facts to go along with the questions as well as insights into subjects far ranging from just law. I have and will continue to recommend friends and family considering an LSAT prep course to go to PowerScore
Andres Vera ,
Greenbelt, MD