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Improved my understanding and overall comprehension of the LSAT material, which in turn improved my timing. I would highly recommend the PowerScore LSAT material to anyone.

Siyang Chen ,

After receiving my LSAT score yesterday, I just wanted to send an additional thanks to my instructors. I went from a cold 165 to 176 after the virtual course! Will certainly recommend to anyone taking the LSAT.

Lindsay Church

I am very impressed with the quality of this course. I did a lot of research in deciding which course to take for my LSAT preparation, and I am so grateful I chose PowerScore! I would recommend this course to anyone truly interested in working on the best LSAT score possible.

Ali Boyd

I began my test prep at the beginning of August, with PowerScore's online class. In December I wrote my first LSAT. I received my score yesterday: 175. I wanted to thank you guys at PowerScore for the help and material that was provided to me. Without a doubt, the most beneficial advice was the material that dealt with mental aspects of the test. I approached the test with a clear mind, and the mindset that this test was not the most important thing in the world. And, at the end of the day, it doesn't define who I am. People are dealing with much bigger/more important issues, than a test. Acknowledging this and approaching the test with this perspective was more beneficial than any technique for assumption questions or grouping games (and those were very helpful). So again, thank you (my course instructor) and the rest of the PowerScore team!! It's nice to have the LSAT out of the way.


The class and materials have been extremely helpful. I appreciate the approach of trying to help us think like the LSAT wants us to think. I believe that I am learning not only how to do well on the LSAT but also how to do well in Law School!

Danny Stockton

At first I was a bit hesitant about taking an online course because I feared not having that face-to-face interaction. But PowerScore's live online course was awesome! I felt like I was in a real classroom and every student question was answered quickly yet thoughtfully because they use two instructors, so the main instructor can cover the content and someone else is always available for questions from students. It's a great value and the course materials are invaluable!

Brittany Daniels

I had reservations about taking a course that was taught one-hundred percent online, but I couldn't be happier with my decision. I feel like I really got to know my instructors and classmates, and feel as if my instructors really took a personalized interest in my individual performance on the test. During our last session, we were given a pep talk that truly helped me overcome the last minute jitters that I had, and I knew that our instructor had not only enjoyed teaching our class, but had faith that we would do great on test day. Thank you PowerScore!

Ashley Taylor

I'm studying abroad right now and thought I wouldn't be able to take a class. After talking to PS reps, I enrolled in a virtual course and was able to prepare all the way from Finland. It was great!

Alycia StokesFinland

Yo, this course was IT. Like for real, if I had not taken this course, I would not be nearly as comfortable as I am now with all 3 sections of the LSAT. I have never taken a standardized test-prep course before (e.g., for SAT/ACT) so I had no idea what to expect or if it would even be helpful. At first, I was surprised we weren't able to speak out loud in class or have video on, but I realized that's definitely for the better. If we were able to speak in class, we would have never covered the amount of material we did. Having only the teacher allowed to speak is the correct approach, because the teacher is the expert and should be 100% leading the class unlike a college discussion seminar. Also, I am so relieved there wasn't the option to be on video, because I definitely attended the class in my pajamas eating multiple servings of cereal, so not having that option really took the pressure off. But wow, having a live teacher to answer your questions, even the stupid ones, made a huge difference. Jay turned Logic Games from the biggest mystery in the world into something that is actually fun. I really enjoyed the community built in class too--it didn't feel like I was "rivals" with my classmates in all vying for the best score or bragging about our results, but we ended up making a group chat and really supporting each other, sharing study tips, and wishing each other luck.


This course has given me the confidence to face down the LSAT with the widest possible tool set at my disposal. I have learned how to tackle problems that in the past gave me issues. I actually feel excited to take the LSAT now, instead of terrified, because I know what to do and how to defeat the test. Worth every penny spent and then some.

Bailey H.

My score improved 15 points from 145 diagnostic - 160 in two months. Exactly the kind of leap I was hoping to make in this timespan. The course instructor was engaging and the material teaches effectively.

Michael K.

This course was all that I expected and more! The flexibility of the Live Online LSAT course was perfect for the current day and age we live in, and allowed me to learn well from the convenience of my own home. The most impressive aspect was by far my instructor, whose in-depth knowledge and willingness to help made the course what it was.

Cecilee W.