Working with George was the secret weapon I needed to elevate my LSAT score and boost my confidence. George is truly a wealth of knowledge, and he knows the PowerScore material like the back of his hand. There was no question he couldn't answer and no shortage of support when I needed it. I am incredibly happy with my PowerScore experience, and I am grateful to George for his patience, expertise, and tutoring approach.


Jay was a great LSAT tutor and he really helped me master the foundations of the test! Working with him to break down challenging questions and discuss in-depth why exactly correct answers are correct and incorrect answers are incorrect was especially valuable. Ultimately, with Jay's help and lots of hard work, I improved over 20 points from my cold diagnostic and scored a 175+ on the real exam!

Tutoring Student
Accepted to Yale

My PowerScore experience far exceeded my expectations. Working with George gave me the confidence I needed to stay motivated throughout my 5 months of LSAT studying. The LSAT felt like a foreign language in the beginning, but George gave me tools, tricks, and techniques to feel "fluent in LSAT" by the end. His patience and wisdom were reassuring, and I loved the way he was able to think of additional example scenarios for any type of question on the spot. He always made sure to mention Star Wars during a sample question each session because I told him I was a big fan at our first meeting. George responded quickly and kept me calm as the nerves and doubts would come and go during our time together. I cannot thank him enough for getting me through it all. I have already recommended PowerScore to three friends who are about to start their LSAT preparation. This program was worth every dollar and I never would have been half as prepared for test day without it. My score improved 27 points from my first ever practice exam. I am so grateful I found PowerScore and as a result have merit scholarship opportunities from multiple schools. This program is OUTSTANDING!!!

Gilly K.

Tutoring took me from the low- to mid-150s on practice tests to 165 on test day, all within my final month of prep. We didn't just cover the question types; we covered mindset, proper self-care in the final days leading up to test day, and other such essential elements apart from the actual test material. It all combined to help me push through the frustrating plateau of underwhelming practice test scores and cross the finish line strong.

Dylan D.

PowerScore shifted my approach to the LSAT from one of fear and dread to one of confidence and even a little excitement. They helped me build a solid base with the fundamentals so that any challenges I encountered on test day did not shake me. Not only did it help my score but also my confidence because my instructors and tutors were so very kind and encouraging. Highly recommend!"

Natalie S.

PowerScore gave me the tools to break the plateau I had reached in my practice test scores and score above my target score.

Maya B.

My tutor helped me raise my average score by 6-8 points. I couldn't have performed as well as I did without him. Working with an expert allowed me to take the test with confidence. I couldn't ask for more!

Amit J.

I loved working with Rachel W. She made me feel heard and successful while also pushing me to be better. It was just what I needed. I just wish I started with her.

Madison C.

Kelsey's concrete but widely applicable help allowed me to move from the mid-160s to 170, and I'll be attending my first choice law school in the fall! She's wonderful and I really feel like she's a major part of the reason I got into UCLA Law.

Micah S.

Investing in a PowerScore tutor was the best decision I could have made! My LSAT prep prior to my PowerScore included an online self-paced course with another company and a private local tutor. Before working with my PowerScore tutor, George, I'd taken the LSAT twice, scoring a 156 and 159, respectively. I was on the fence about whether to spend more money on my LSAT prep but decided that if I wanted to be competitive for my dream school I needed to raise my score a few points. After working with George, I scored a 166! Immediately, George was able to diagnose the areas that I needed to focus on and was honest and realistic about what it would take to reach to break the 160's. I highly recommend PowerScore and if I could do it over again, I would have used PowerScore from the very beginning!

Alicia C

My tutor was helpful, proactive, insightful, and personable.

Holly O.

My PowerScore Tutor helped me see the LSAT in a new way which gave me a different perspective on certain questions. It was through this that I was able to conquer the logical reasoning section and get a better score!

Beth R.

I am wholeheartedly thankful for PowerScore's staff and your courses. I would without a doubt recommend PowerScore to anyone who is looking for an LSAT test prep company. I climbed 16 points in my score thanks to Jon, Jay, and everyone at PowerScore! I am very grateful for the effort that was put into building the courses and the care tutors show to make sure students learn and keep improving.

Eddy K. M.
Mexico City, Mexico

In just 5 hours of tutoring with Nick Pavich, I was able to achieve the highest score I had been receiving on my practice tests on test day. Prior to tutoring I had plateaued in my improvement and Nick's assistance was crucial in receiving that bump to my scores.

Leila W

100% Amazing Experience. Jon not only cared about me as a test taker but me as a person as well. He was incredibly helpful teaching me all the ins and outs of every facet of the LSAT. What I appreciated most, however, was how he seemed to care about one thing above all else: my LSAT success. He didn't care if we had gone over time or if I needed multiple explanations on a topic. He simply wanted me to succeed. Jon was an absolutely awesome tutor and I would recommend him to everyone preparing for the LSAT.

Dylan Schepers

When I first started tutoring I was scoring around 144 on practice tests and on my first LSAT test I received a 143. After only two tutoring sessions with Nick, I was able to raise my score 7 points and I received a 150 on the January LSAT. I believe without his help I wouldn't be able to make such a drastic improvement. He was very thorough with his explanations. Thank you for giving me such a great tutor!

Paloma Elyse

Nick went above and beyond to assure that was familiar and comfortable with the test before taking it. He made himself available 24/7, and there were no bad questions. He was approachable and personable, making the process even more enjoyable. He still checks in on me to this day, even though I have completed my studies. Nick has been nothing short of amazing!

Tayler Gill

Keith's advice on the LSAT has helped me in ways I cannot describe. From helping me dissect the hardest logic games to teaching me how to deal with test day jitters, Keith's approach to tutoring is something I believe to be invaluable. With his help, I made almost a 10 point jump to get a 172. Whether you are an individual wanting to make huge strides in your score or are a test taker wanting to get those few extra points to break above a 170, I wholeheartedly recommend Keith to get you there.

Zachary Cookston

I had worked on my own with little to no improvement. Once I started working with Jeremy my skills and confidence began to improve. He went above and beyond my expectations as a tutor. He understood my strengths and weaknesses in a way I was not able to evaluate on my own. He was always quick to respond to emails, had a flexible schedule, and was 100% invested in my success.

Briana Mittleman

I would have never thought to take the course of action on my own that my tutor designed for me. He identified weaknesses that I was not even aware of in a very short amount of time and focused attention mainly on those areas. Scheduling was a breeze and flexible, and overall was well worth my investment. 8 point increase!

Brian T.

Adam was great. While studying for the LSAT, I had few people with whom I could discuss the LSAT in detail, and it was really refreshing to be able to talk with someone who was similarly enthused about the cleverness of the test. At the time I sought out private tutoring, I was already pretty burned out from self- studying. Adam not only helped me whittle down my focus to problem areas, he helped me reignite a nerdy excitement for the challenges the LSAT provides.

AK Shee

My tutor was fantastic! He explained each question/ answer with clarity and took the time to ensure I understood each concept well. He created a customized schedule for me and devoted appropriate time to each section. I don't believe I would've done as well on the LSAT without his assistance. I highly recommend him as a tutor for anyone studying for the LSAT!!!!

Andrei Bucur

My score jumped over 15 points ! The test became something to look forward to taking with confidence.

Alexandra Kaufman

My tutor is everything a student could ever want from an LSAT instructor. He knows the material inside and out and can answer even the toughest questions. He understood my strengths and helped me address my weaknesses in a way that was constructive, encouraging, and positive. I wanted to work with a tutor who wouldn't let me settle for a score, no matter what. Even when I began to score consistently in the low 170s on my practice tests, he worked with me to improve the remaining weak spots in my test performance. I came away from the experience feeling so grateful for his guidance and confident that I had the best LSAT instruction available


Powerscore tutoring helped me talk through many of the concepts I learned in the three bibles. The opportunity to receive feedback from a Powerscore tutor was an invaluable resource in my LSAT preparation. I would recommend personal tutoring to anyone looking to perfect their understanding of the material presented in the Powerscore Bibles.

Sacha Urbach

I was able to improve my score by over 20 points. The one on one tutoring was fantastic and gave me the confidence to approach the LSAT in a logical and clear way. I would strongly recommend PowerScore to anyone considering LSAT prep.

James Lockett

PowerScore definitely helped me feel prepared and confident for a test that is known for intimidating students. Combining personal tutoring with the online course was the best decision I could've made. My tutor was able to help me raise my practice test scores more than 10 points!

Christina Gatte

It's simple: PowerScore gets you accepted, and gets you scholarship money. Period. I increased my score by 15 points. I have a future now.

Reed Alexander

My tutor not only helped me understand the skills of the test, but also helped me adapt my studying to my own test needs and busy schedule, and helped me gain the confidence necessary to tackle the test.

Jassen Lu

"PowerScore's LSAT study tools are considerably under the radar, but by far the best find when considering quality, price, and (free) online resources. Not only did the actual material prove to be the best out there, but by providing payment plans as an option for private tutoring, PowerScore gave me an opportunity to increase my score that a lot of other companies don't. "

Mindy Farmer

"My tutor was fantastically patient and capable of understanding the gaps in knowledge that occasioned many of the issues I was confronting. She was ALWAYS there for me, and ALWAYS approached our classes in an optimistic manner- so much so that I think I performed well on the test because I never felt alone. We were a team and she was as invested in my success as I was. I could literally go on for another ten pages singing her praises. But, I do not want to risk diluting the substance of my comment. Overall, she is a wonderful person with an exemplary character. I never saw her because we interacted online, but I nevertheless think of her as a friend - and a close one at that."

W. AlBassam

"I'm so thankful for this program! It changed my life and bumped my score by 9 points. I know I'll be able to achieve my goals because I invested in Powerscore and because my tutor invested in me."

Kevin Simpson

"My tutor significantly increased my understanding of not only small-scale tips and tricks to improve on section scores, but also the overall structure/function of the LSAT- so as to fundamentally change my approach towards attacking the test questions.

At first I felt overwhelmed by how fast he spoke, but this was quickly quelled by his valuable insights into how I should improve my LSAT abilities. On top of that, the quick-paced ten hours of tutoring helped me stay engaged and focused, going through as much material as we could in the most efficient manner."

Will Thompson

“My problem was never that I didn't take the LSAT seriously. I couldn't afford most of the courses out there, so I bought a book that looked reliable and studied on my own. When I got my score back, I was hysterical. I couldn't believe that I had done so poorly. I called PowerScore the next day and set up some tutoring sessions. I had only 1 month to study for the next LSAT. I worked one-on-one with a trained professional that knew every game inside and out. He broke down every part and explained each one step-by-step. The previous book that I had purchased didn't even have the most basic steps for LSAT preparation! My instructor made everything easy to understand and really helped bring back the confidence that I had lost after the first test. With only 1 month of preparation, I increased my score by 9 points thanks to the people at PowerScore.”

Rebecca Tavares

“I began my studies for the LSAT already doing quite well, but I knew that in order to jump from good scores to great ones, I would need a little help. One-on-one tutoring was the perfect option for me because I didn't have to sit in a classroom full of students at varying skill levels. The individual attention I received ensured that I got every single question answered thoroughly and that I did not have to waste time on concepts I had already mastered. Through the tutoring program, I was able to increase my score from 159 to 170 on test day.”

Danielle Hesse

“The personal tutoring course was a great fit for me because of my working schedule and because of the focused attention I was given to my weak areas. I liked having lessons personalized to my weaknesses. It is definitely worth it!”

Sophia Chen

“Best decision I ever made I would not have gotten the score I did without Powerscore.”

Lauren Lyons

“There's a lot you can accomplish for standardized tests by simply studying and drilling yourself on the material. But having someone you can go to once or twice a week, or more, is a factor which can multiply your score tenfold. In my case, my tutor was an indispensable part of my success on the LSAT—I tell everyone, and anyone, I meet that I could not have achieved what I did without him. Before our first meeting, I was scoring 153. My final score on the LSAT was 170. I have recently accepted an offer to my dream law school, and I owe this, in no small part, to my tutor for his support, and Powerscore for matching us as tutor and student. I cannot sing his praises enough, and would recommend this service to anyone looking to take a graduate school entry exam.”

Xander Tapling

“I took advantage of the private in-person tutoring after I had taken the full-length LSAT course with Powerscore, but not before I switched temporarily to Testmasters just to try one session to see if I could learn anything I hadn't learned from Powerscore or learn a better approach. I was so unimpressed with the instruction and the lack of materials and organization that I quickly switched back to Powerscore. So glad I did! My tutor was far more organized, knowledgeable, and respectful than Testmasters'. I was able to hone in the games and gain a better understanding. Plus the hourly rate was so much better for repeat students. Thank you Powerscore. You run an impressive program through and through, and the materials are just awesome.”

Craig Orbelian