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PowerScore News and Press Releases

May 2019 PowerScore's David Killoran is featured in a
Indiana Lawyer article: Finding the Best Law School Fit
January 2018 PowerScore's David Killoran is featured in a
U.S. News article: Law School Applications Increased This Year
April 2017 PowerScore's David Killoran is featured in a
U.S. News article: Law School Recommendations That Matter
May 2014 PowerScore Announces the Revised LSAT
Reading Comprehension Bible for 2014.
January 2014 PowerScore's David Killoran is featured in a
U.S. News article about evaluating your needs and goals
when preparing to take graduate school-level standardized tests.
November 2013 PowerScore Test Preparation Releases
"The PowerScore GRE Quantitative Reasoning Bible"
August 2013 PowerScore Test Preparation Launches
New LSAT e-Pub Download Store
June 2013 PowerScore Announces the
Revised LSAT Logic Games Bible
October 2012  Two New Publications Join a Formidable
Lineup of Best-Selling Publications
August 2012  PowerScore Introduces Its New
Live Online Weekend GRE Course
July 2011  PowerScore, the Leader in LSAT Preparation,
Acquires LawSchoolInteractive.com
June 2011  PowerScore Partners with
The Center for College and Career Services in Roanoke, VA
to Offer Local Students Summer SAT Prep Course
June 2011  PowerScore Helps Students Prepare
for the New Revised GRE Coming in August 2011
December 2010  PowerScore Releases the
LSAT Logical Reasoning Bible Workbook
December 2010  PowerScore Releases
LSAT Game Type Training II


October 2009  Accepted.com Interviews our CEO, Dave Killoran
September 2009
Test Prep About.com
About.com features a "PowerScore Profile" article
and interviews one of our LSAT Course Developers, Jon Denning.
September 2009  Dave Killoran, PowerScore CEO,is interviewed for the
"Clear Admit Guide to GMAT Test Preparation Companies"
August 2009
PreLaw Magazine
PreLaw Magazine interviewed our CEO
for an article about lower-cost LSAT preparation

Published Articles

April 2012
4 Seasons Until College – A Timeline for Juniors
(Published  by NextStepU.com on April 13, 2012)

Have you ever wished for a simple to-do list that laid out exactly what you needed to do to make applying and getting in to college easier? Well, wish no more: Here's your season-by-season guide, starting with the summer before senior year.

January/February 2012
Credit smarts: Preparing your finances for life
during (and after!) college
November/December 2011
Community service and volunteerism:
How helping others can help you
September/October 2011
Parents have a say, too:
When deciding on a School,
reach out to those who know you best
September 2010
Applying Ahead of the Crowd
(published on NextStepU.com on September 3, 2010)

What does it mean to apply to college early? This article explains the difference between early action and early decision programs that many colleges have in place for applicants.

June 2010
"What To Do When You Can't Find A Job"
(published on CollegeNews.com on June 24, 2010)

This article gives some simple steps you can follow to keep your job hunt fresh and increase your chances of finding employment in a tough economy.

June 2010 CollegeNews "Getting a Great Letter of Recommendation"
(published on CollegeNews.com on June 16, 2010)

Getting an effective letter of recommendation is essential to college, law school, and business school applications; this article presents a step-by-step approach on how to obtain this important document.

November 2009  "Which Undergrad Major is Most Prefered by the Top MBA Programs?"
(published on BeatTheGMAT.com on November 20, 2009)

A brief study on which college majors are most beneficial for business school applicants.

October 2009  "The Rankings Game"
(published on BeatTheGMAT.com October 2, 2009)

This article discusses the ins and out of what business school rankings are and what they mean as applicants search for the right business school.