The PowerScore Full-Length SAT Course - $595

Are you stressed about taking the SAT? You're not alone! For most students, taking the SAT is a grueling exercise in stamina and critical thinking.

That's where PowerScore can help. We are here to teach you the concepts and skills you need to feel confident on test day as well as help you increase your endurance and resilience by proctoring full-length practice exams.

When you sign up for a PowerScore Full-Length SAT Course,
here's what you'll get:

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40 hours of live classroom time

The Full-Length SAT Course is divided into eight comprehensive lessons for a total of 24 hours of teacher-led instruction. Additionally, we offer four practice test sessions, so you have the opportunity to practice for 16 hours with official College Board practice tests. Read More

Each lesson in the PowerScore SAT course is three hours long (including a short break), much like the introductory courses you will encounter in college. But unlike Humanities 101 or Intro to Calculus, our lessons include review games and entertaining anecdotes to help you remember how to handle fractional exponents and dangling modifiers. We infuse a little bit of fun into each lesson to help students look forward to coming to class and help them remember the important concepts covered in each lesson.

All of the lessons include a supplemental homework assignment. You didn't think it was all fun and games, did you? It's important to practice the concepts taught in class, so we include homework using real questions from The Official SAT Study Guide. The more exposure you have to real test questions, the better you will do on test day. For more information about what we cover in class and in the homework, take a look at our Full-Length SAT Course Syllabus.

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Four real, proctored practice tests

PowerScore uses real practice tests from The Official SAT Study Guide and a trained test proctor to make sure you get the most authentic testing experience possible. It's important to mimic true testing conditions so that your practice test scores are accurate indicators of how you'll perform when it really matters Read More

Sure, it's easier to take simulated practice tests at your kitchen table. But let's examine why PowerScore insists on the real deal in real conditions. First, simulated tests are written by some test prep companies to ensure that you attain their score increase guarantee—and more importantly, to boost their deceptively high statistics when advertising courses. With these companies, the first practice test will surely be harder than the last one, so that your meteoric score increase will maintain or increase their averages. But guess what happens when you get your official score report back? It's nowhere near your final practice test results. We only use official standardized SATs released by the makers of the test to ensure that your practice test scores accurately predict your ultimate score.

We also offer live, proctored practice tests in a classroom setting to accurately reflect testing conditions. With breaks and instructions, the test is over four hours long. When was the last time you sat that long at a desk with a single task? We give you four opportunities to acclimate to the pressures of a test center and the length of the test so that by the time you take your real SAT, the experience is completely familiar and unlikely to jeopardize your performance. Of course, if you have to miss a class, Mom can still proctor for you at the kitchen table (or you can use our virtual proctor tool). Either way, you'll be taking an official SAT, not a simulated one.

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A 200 point score increase guarantee

That's how sure we are that our class is the best—if you do not improve by 200 points on your official exam, you can take the class again for free. You are guaranteed to excel! Read More

Of course, you must attend all lessons, take all practice tests, and complete the required homework. As much as we wish we could wave a magic wand and impart lasting knowledge to all of our students, it's just not that easy. Mastering the SAT requires persistence and hard work; perfect attendance and completed homework proves that you are as dedicated to score improvement as we are.

Additionally, if you manage to attain a perfect score on a College Board-administered SAT, we'll award you for your hard work with a $1000 scholarship!

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Dynamic 95th percentile instructors

Our instructors are literally SAT masters: they have scored higher than 95% of other test takers on officially administered exams! They know how to rock this test and they are passionate about sharing the secrets of the SAT with you. Read More

But fear not—our instructors aren't just smart; a 95th percentile score may get them an interview with PowerScore, but we only hire the most energetic and enthusiastic candidates who demonstrate exemplary teaching ability. In addition, our teachers complete an extensive training program before ever entering the classroom, so you can be sure that your instructor understands the SAT and enjoys imparting knowledge to high school students.

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The best books in the business

All course materials are included with your enrollment—that means you'll receive a meticulously designed course book and a personal copy of The Official SAT Study Guide. The PowerScore SAT Full-Length Course book was designed by the same curriculum developer who authored the PowerScore SAT Bible Trilogy, selected by as the "Best SAT Prep books on the market." Read More

The PowerScore Full-Length SAT Course contains two books: our Course Book, which contains information and strategies that correlate with all eight lessons, and The Official SAT Study Guide, which include classroom practice tests and homework problems. In all, you'll receive over 1500 pages of material in book form (and hundreds more pages of resources in the Online Student Center, outlined below).

To keep classes interesting, each lesson in the Course Book is divided into two subject areas. The instructor will guide you through a new concept, such as Symbolic Functions in Math or Vocabulary in Context in Reading, and then allow you time to complete an accompanying problem set to help you apply what you've learned.

The Official SAT Study Guide is the only book available with real test questions so it is the single most important prep book for any student who is serious about preparing for the SAT. It includes ten practice tests, four of which will be given in class under timed conditions. The remaining six tests will be used as homework and as post-course practice tests.

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Access to an extensive Online Student Center

Do you want to eat, breathe, and live the SAT to ensure your dominance on test day? Or are you just trying to make sure that your out of class studies are as efficient as possible? The Online Student Center is for you. This online cache of supplemental materials contains everything from test scoring templates to quizzes to flash cards, and access to this website is exclusive to our Full-Length SAT Course students. Read More

Upon the completion of your first practice test, visit the Online Student Center, where you will enter your test results in order to receive a detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. In this online reserve, you can also collect homework assignments, complete review quizzes, print supplemental handouts, proctor a test, peruse parent resources, and much more! The Online Student Center serves both the student who wants to prepare beyond the course books and the student who wants to use quick and easy tools to aid their preparation.

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Expert assistance outside of the classroom

All Full-Length students have access to our Email Assistance Program, so you will never have to wait until your next class to get your homework questions answered. Read More

If you have a question about any of the material from the lessons, practice tests, or online supplements, simply send us an email and one of our senior instructors will help you deconstruct the problem. We'll also be happy to help with general questions regarding colleges and the admissions process. Assistance that's convenient and practical—it's another component that makes PowerScore the ideal choice for SAT Preparation!

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"My instructor was great! She really made a difference in my understanding and she sincerely cared about the students. I definitely feel a lot more prepared!"
Tyler Williams
Hilton Head, SC
"PowerScore gives students effective tips and shortcuts towards answering the SAT math problems with basic logic that some of my school textbooks did not even show me! "
Destiny Jackson
SAT Full-Length Course Student
"The instructor made class fun and I looked forward to going to classes. Small class size made a more comfortable learning atmosphere!"
Alison H.
Los Angeles, CA
"I would highly recommend this course to any fellow students. It wasn't even hard to pay attention, slightly entertaining, and full of learning."
Nate E.
Los Angeles, CA
"I believe that this class has helped me so much, making me understand what and how to study, and showing me new techniques to help. I would highly recommend this program and I highly enjoyed the class myself."
Taylor F.
San Francisco, CA
"The course definitely familiarized me with the SAT, and I felt a million times more confident going into the SAT with Powerscore's training than I did going into previous SAT tests that I had not prepared for!"
Karina S.
New York, NY
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