How to Become a Top Competitor

The SAT: A Coachable Test

Whoever said "Winning isn't everything" wasn't trying to get into Harvard! A winning SAT score is one of the most important components of your college application. Luckily, the SAT is a coachable test, meaning that with repeated practice and exposure, students can increase their confidence, their speed, and ultimately their score.

Because the SAT is a reasoning test, there are many tips, tricks, and patterns that PowerScore can teach you in order to “beat the test.” The makers of the SAT continually return to certain concepts and skills, such as hidden triangles in geometry questions, which when recognized, can be solved in a matter of seconds rather than the several minutes it would take using standard formulas and traditional problem-solving techniques. Every second counts when the game clock is counting down to your college education! PowerScore has analyzed the tests and discovered the prevalent patterns; when you join the PowerScore team, we coach you to see these patterns and adjust your test strategy accordingly to win the game.

Just as an athlete must practice and train for a top performance on game day, you must study and drill for a top score on the SAT. We are so sure you can conquer the test using our methods and material, our courses come with a score increase guarantee! Take a PowerScore SAT Course today, and earn a victory over the SAT on test day.

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