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PowerScore courses are comprised of students from many different types of schools. We have served students from both public and private high schools, as well as students who attend homeschool or independent programs.

Our average class size is between 12 and 16 students. We prefer to keep our classes small to maximize the amount of personal attention you receive and to encourage more student participation and peer interaction. National studies on classroom size show that larger classes can prevent higher-level thinking and cognitive discourse. Additionally, larger classes cause the teacher to spend more time on classroom management than on instruction. Smaller classes foster higher rates of retention, increase student-teacher contact, and promote greater teacher and student morale, which is why we limit enrollment in our SAT courses.

Custom courses are created for school personnel who have several students interested in SAT preparation. These courses can be open or private, and may have more students enrolled than our average courses if requested by the educational authority organizing the course. To learn how to coordinate a custom course, please visit our Custom Course webpage.

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